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No matter how hard we try, we can't make our pets live as long as we do. Owners may need to start asking themselves how much is too much.
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For many people living with this common disease, the most debilitating symptoms are shame and isolation.
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A century on, we're still paying the price.
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Greater “work for the dole” and work search requirements also have far-reaching implications for employers and organisations who host “work for the dole” programs.

Comment: I hope your steak gores you

American Bill Hillmann, co-author of a popular bull run guide, was recently gored in Pamplona. The public's response shows just how much perspective has been lost...
Whether you’ve been banging your head against the wall for days or just woke up to a problem this morning, the desire for a creative boost is a powerful one. Here...
Tracking devices used in thousands of common websites without people's knowledge raises new concerns about online piracy.
Contrary to the common misconception, there is no universal sign language. According to a recent estimate, there are 138 variations of sign language in the world...
There is still a prevailing view that “there are too many students”. This idea needs to be challenged because it is the opposite of what we should be encouraging.
As Joko Widodo soaks up the glory of becoming Indonesia’s seventh President, spare a thought for those who aspire to similar lofty heights, only to come crashing...
In the latest episode in the long-running saga that is the phone hacking affair, Dan Evans, a former journalist at the News of the World and Sunday Mirror, has...
Your local park is likely playing a vital role in your city’s health, and probably your own too.
History and recent events suggest that justice under international law is elusive and difficult to deliver.
Trying to understand why Syrian deaths no longer seem to matter.
The world is transfixed by the conflict in Gaza, as the death tolls of both Palestinians and Israelis killed in the fighting continue to rise. It has animated...

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Almost 100 hundred people have been killed in a week as rival militia groups struggle for power in Libya.
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BeyondBlue has launched a campaign highlighting the psychological effects of 'subtle racism' as new research shows one in five non-Indigenous Australians say they...
The 2014 Commonwealth Games takes place in Glasgow from 23 July - 3 August 2014.
In the wake of the tragic loss of MH17, governments and airline companies are seriously reconsidering the safety of flight paths across the globe.
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A 90-year-old grandmother in the US has finally realised her goal of skydiving after decades of dreaming. stature
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A mooted $3.5 million artwork that will rise over Sydney's main street is dividing opinion.

Correction: World News July 2, 2014

On the 2 July, SBS World News inaccurately referred to the deceased British Television personality, Jimmy Savile, as a convicted paedophile.