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After the third and final Presidential Debate, it's time to write an obituary. Alex McKinnon counts the ways he can't come back from this.
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Trump tanking at the polls could not only be disastrous for his campaign, but for the aspirations of thousands of other Republican candidates running this...
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As footballer Riki Stephens lies in a coma after taking an unknown drug, Dr David Caldicott speaks about the importance of pill testing to keep drug users safe.
Tackling gun violence takes evidence-based, cohesive, and collaborative efforts that adopt a whole-of-community perspective. It needs long-term thinking and...
South Australia was the first state to allow all women to vote, to give Aboriginal people control of their land, and to decriminalise homosexuality. So why isn't...
Nauru is more than just a processing centre for asylum seekers - the island has a rich history, writes Stephen Gale.
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If Clinton does become the first female President-elect on November 8, it will have been millions of women across the country who brought her over the line.
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The plebiscite might not happen, but passing marriage equality through this parliament is still possible, writes Alex McKinnon.
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If Trump doesn't win, some of his supporters are openly talking about a violent rebellion.
Australia, particularly the northern states, is likely to see more tropical cyclones this summer, the Bureau of Meteorology says.
Are we that arrogant to say the national anthem is more important than a people’s welfare, asks Osamah Sami.
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This week some former backbenchers failed in their attempt to claim retirement benefits like a lifelong gold travel pass were unlawfully siezed by the government.
To the surprise of many, Bob Dylan has become the first singer-songwriter to win the Nobel prize in literature.
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Beyond culture wars: Trump's rhetoric might be deeply regressive, but his politics have more in common with Sanders than you would think.
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Mental illness won't go away once we address stigma - we need to address the symptoms, writes Ben Pobjie.

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A recent study discovered only one electorate where the majority of constituents were opposed to same sex marriage: Maranoa. Patrick Abboud headed there to ask locals:...
For decades, gay bashers operated with impunity. Sometimes, they killed their victims. The police often didn’t care. Sometimes, they were said to be doing the...
A local artist's attempt at restoring a statue of baby Jesus at a church in Canada has been met with shock and amusement, with some comparing it to a cake left in...
The New York Times has branded the government’s offshore detention border protection measures a “ruthlessly efficient policy” of cruel and indefinite detention.
The finalists for the 61st annual Walkley Awards have been announced with teams from SBS up for gongs in two artistic categories.
The federal government cannot say how much it cost to send nearly 50 staff to a Paris conference on saving money.
A Pakistani tea merchant with velvet eyes saw his life changed this week when his portrait spread around the internet, sparking ardent debates on class,...