Many Christians in Lebanon fear they face the same fate as the Christians in Iraq who were forced from their homes by the Islamic State. But for some, that threat...
We hear dramatic stories of refugee escapes from North Korea, yet it’s one of the least fearsome natural borders one can imagine.
These facilities were built like aristocratic mansions, with high walls, gatehouses, elaborate entries, and sometimes turrets, as a way of enticing wealthy patients.
A small new study posits that the threshold for recognizing something as "alive" lowers when someone is isolated.
A recent study says yes, but other research is less certain.
A supermassive black hole has been found in an ultracompact dwarf galaxy – the smallest galaxy known to contain such a massive black hole.
The language of Team Australia reflects the Abbott government’s pivot from domestic to foreign policy.
All too often the matter of Australian Aboriginal identity is decided superficially – by looking at a person’s face and general appearance.
How much of the ‘new’ politics of president-elect Joko Widodo will get through Indonesia’s transfer of power, asks Hamish McDonald.
I recently found myself at a bookshop at Sydney’s domestic airport with less than ten minutes until my plane boarded. Scanning around frantically for something to...
It's time for big sport to step up and show the world that women are talented athletes in their own right.
A “yes” vote to Scottish independence on September 18 would mean a great many things for Scotland, and also for England. But what would it mean for Australian...
The Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry report into the Government’s legislation enacting some of its toughest budget measures shows just how driven by...
There is no conclusive evidence that shifting responsibility from government to parents will help push Victoria into the top tier of education systems.

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As polls open in Scotland's referendum of Independence, we take a look at what a 'yes' or 'no' vote means for the future of Scotland.
The Wellington Phoenix won the dreaded A-League wooden spoon two seasons ago and missed it by one place last season. But the New Zealand outfit is ready to launch...
The seven young Iranians filmed dancing in Tehran have been given a suspended sentence of 91 lashes each and prison time.
All too often the matter of Australian Aboriginal identity is decided superficially – by looking at a person’s face and general appearance.
A Pakistani politician who boarded a flight more than one hour late has felt the wrath of fellow passengers.
Diet sodas and those packets of artificial sweetener you put in your coffee may not be as benign as we thought, a new study suggests.
Buffy wrapped-up, Catwoman bombed, and Wonder Woman hasn't been seen since the 70s. Things have been conspicuously man-heavy in the superhero realm lately. But if...