“Some people might call this crazy. I prefer to think of it as badass.”
What makes people jealous changes as they get older, but being envious of others never goes away, a study has found.
A list of responses to get you through the pain of the family dinner inquisition - with the help of Adele, Justin and Selena, and The Golden Girls.
Why we should articulate gratefulness, even if we don’t really feel it. And it's not just about self-improvement.
Every year the United Nations holds a climate change summit. This year’s summit is in Paris from November 30 to December 11.
The hard facts of escalating global emissions have turned the moral claims and the geopolitics of global warming upside down.
People’s musical preferences are linked to three broad thinking styles, new research shows.
The People's Climate March plans to use people power to take the climate change message to the nation's political leaders - one step at a time.
I'm a smoker and I want to quit. So you might think I’d welcome Bill Shorten’s tough-love tax hike. I don't. I’m tired of being a political football, writes Ian...
Do you always manage to pick up a bug of some sort while you're on your much-awaited holiday? This could be the reason why.
Dozens of schools around the US are opting to ditch the traditional school structure altogether to motivate teens in new ways — and it seems to be working.
The tone coming from the Prime Minister's office has changed dramatically since Malcolm Turnbull took control, writes Catherine McGrath.
The aspiring President is welcome at my house. Because in our house at Thanksgiving, we welcome everyone, writes Steve LeVine.
Australia is getting left behind by a world ready to move beyond coal.
All those mundane, everyday-moment photos that you posted on Facebook years ago are appearing all over again - and they're delightful, writes Melissa Dahl.

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Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has banned female genital mutilation with immediate effect, but campaigners said a law is needed to "save countless lives" in the West...
How have temperatures changed in your city over the decades? Interactive charts document the mean monthly minimum and maximum temperatures for the last 70 years.
An Australian man styling himself as Phuc Dat Bich has revealed his name was a hoax that fooled media organisations around the world after being contacted by SBS.
Campaigners have called for a dramatic reduction in domestic-violence deaths and injuries on White Ribbon Day, as 78 women have died from violence this year alone.
The war is Syria has left towns and cities in ruins and the cost of the damage continues to rise with no end in sight as the conflict drags on into a fifth year.
Humans can change their environment like no other animal on this planet, and these interactive pictures show how quickly change can happen.
Celebrated mountaineer Tim Jarvis has tackled some of Earth's most hostile environments.