The US system is democracy in action with many flaws, writes Brendon O'Connor.
Prime Minister Turnbull’s commitment to the world’s refugees is backed by positive outcomes from community programs in Australia, writes Violet Roumeliotis.
The Australian plebiscite on same-sex marriage is an attack on minority rights, writes Graeme Reid, of Human Rights Watch.
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When I was two years old, my parents told me I had been cursed by a witch. I’m lucky I didn’t die while trying to hide my seizures from them. Tune in to Inner...
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Elise on her experience behind the scenes of The Feed's special investigation, Inner Demons: Suburban Exorcists. Watch the special investigation.
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If you have trouble understanding why British Colonial Co is offensive, remember the response when a tragic moment of white history was commodified, writes Alex...
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The New York Times responds to a candidate who breaks all the rules by discarding some of its own.
If advanced age is understood as a barrier to effective governance as a politician, why has there been less concern and speculation about the impairments that...
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Peter Dutton has claimed Australia has a 'good story to tell' about refugees. So here's Mark Humphries to tell it.
Tom Lawrence's father worked on the documentary ‘Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation’. Now Tom wants to help Australia break up with poker machines for good, by speaking...
Despite a large proportion of South Sudanese having professional qualifications, many of them are struggling to find jobs in Australia’s Capital Territory and...
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The Australian Renewable Energy Agency will be gutted by a funding cut of $500 million. But it's at odds with the government’s claims to be innovative and support...
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Lionel Shriver lambasted the concept of cultural appropriation at the Brisbane Writers' Festival, but missed the point, writes Shakira Hussein.

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When the head of the NT Labor Party disappeared overnight to help Kurds fighting IS in Syria, it was big news. When he returned alive three months later, Australian...
As world leaders agree to develop a more humanitarian response to the refugee crisis, France's Calais migrant camp swells to around 10,000 people. SBS Senior...
A global study of more than 60,000 injured cyclists found helmets reduce the chances of serious head injury in a crash by up to 70 per cent.
A portrait of defence lawyer and Sudanese refugee Deng Adut by Sydney artist Nick Stathopoulos has taken out this year's Archibald Prize People's Choice award.
A study into the DNA of Aboriginal Australians has shed new light on when their ancestors left Africa and revealed extensive genetic diversity between west and...
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Masturbation, tarot cards, Harry Potter - according to some, they open the door for Satan. Meet the people performing exorcisms to get the demons out.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shared the Australian migration story and urged leaders to build more community support at the UN refugee summit.