Australia has given same-sex marriage a resounding Yes but some electorates with high immigrant populations voted No.
Australians have voted in favour of same-sex marriage, but changing the definition in the 1961 Marriage Act is only just the start.
The UN Human Rights Committee says Australia must stop rejecting refugees and change its migration laws in a scathing review of the country's human rights record....
A study has found overseas migrants more readily trust websites and social media for news compared with those born in Australia.
New research shows opportunities improve over time but mostly in low-skilled occupations.
Nearly all 742 residents are intending to remain at the PNG detention centre, established in 2001.
Research reveals the most common form of sexual harassment women face at work, and how they are dealing with it.
The Australian teacher shot dead in Nairobi is remembered fondly by many, including SBS staff member Simon Vandore.
Are you complicit if you witness sexual harassment but do nothing?
Actress Kristen Stewart reminds us that it's not just big name Hollywood stars who have to deal with workplace harassment.
Did you know women aged over 40 are drinking more? Test your knowledge of women and alcohol ahead of our episode, Wine O’Clock:
De facto couples still often have to go to great lengths to prove their relationship, unlike married couples. Here's what the law says.
These UK researchers believe abstinence is the key during pregnancy.
Study finds alcohol industry appears to extensively misrepresent evidence about the alcohol-related risk of cancer.
In a surprising twist new data shows alcohol and drug use is decreasing among younger people but increasing dramatically in the 50+ age group.

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A loaf of bread containing about 70 dried house crickets will go on sale in Finland on Friday.
A woman who was helped by a homeless man has set up a GoFundMe page to help him find a home so far gathering over $US60,000 ($AU78,000) in donations.
Two Broome men say they went into “full survival mode” during an ordeal that saw their ute bogged in croc-infested waters.
A move by Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri to suspend his surprise resignation is a move closer to easing political tensions inside the country, a Middle East...
EXCLUSIVE: News of Robert Mugabe's resignation was especially sweet for opposition activist Sekai Holland, who was almost beaten to death at the hands of his regime.
Experts say Australia's first foreign policy white paper in 14 years realistically sets out global challenges and opportunities.