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Senators start school

The new senators arrive in Canberra eager to learn.
A new report from Screen Australia confirms that the Australian television industry has a diversity problem. But what is the way forward?
Rio was the first summer Olympic host city since Barcelona 1992 not to host a four-year Cultural Olympiad. Has anyone noticed?
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Move over, Mathias Cormann - Mark Humphries can make nursery rhymes too.
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The already-delayed plebiscite on same-sex marriage will likely be held in mid-February next year.
Seven of Australia’s eight states and territories require surgery to change the sex marker on a birth certificate. But those laws could soon change, much to the...
Bushfires in Australia can have a devastating impact on an environment and destroy homes and lives, so any effort to prevent them is a welcome move, writes Philip...
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Giles' scandal-plagued NT government is likely to lose in a landslide election this Saturday. Is the territory's form of government inherently unworkable?
Survivors of genocide, such as Yazidi refugees, require a combination of symbolic recognition, accountability for perpetrators, and practical programs to help...
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Could an another inquiry find evidence more damning than we already have? Alex McKinnon questions.
‘Winning Edge’ was designed to up Australia's Olympic medal count. But the elite sport funding approach gives only lip service to the challenges we face in health...
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Taking naked photos - either for sending privately, social media, or oneself, can be fun, sexy, liberating and radical act, writes Amy Gray.
The COAG Energy Council meeting should be used to come up with a plan for Australia to move away from coal to renewable energy, writes Hannah Aulby.
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The revelations this week of yet another vile website where men and boys trade in the non-consensual images of women and girls has police and many in the broader...

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An Australian-led study shows human activity began inducing climate change much earlier than previously thought.
Why Screen Australia’s report is so important.
Australian Jody Cleaver has been deported from the UK after immigration officials detained her on the grounds she intended to work there.
A new survey from the Scanlon Foundation reveals many immigrants face barriers breaking into the workforce and paying bills.
More than 300 of Australia's Olympians have returned home to an official welcome but the biggest hugs have come from their families.
Is Australian law doing enough to stop companies profiting off the sale of fake Indigenous arts and crafts coming from China and Bali?
A major national survey of Australian born and immigrants has found most think Australia is a good place to live and have a strong sense of belonging, but there...