SBS World News presenter Janice Petersen took a DNA test and the results opened up a whole world of family history.
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How the UK voted for Brexit and decided to leave the European Union.
Soon you’ll never see surge pricing on Uber again. The operant word here, to be clear, is 'see'.
Australia's youth unemployment policy needs to reflect that of Nordic countries, writes University of Melbourne's Shirley Jackson.
Shed a few tears over the World Cup or the Olympic Games? You're not alone.
There are now 441 threatened animal species and 1263 threatened plants on our national list - but no one's talking about it this election.
No matter what argument is being put out, it is the ones that target our human selfishness that always wins, writes Amy McPherson.
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Strong successful women are laudable but their presence doesn’t prove that the Liberals are a party of equality.
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It might be more convenient, but it's also more fraught.
With Medicare in the spotlight ahead of the July 2 election, what is the long-term solution to its sustainability?
On average, Gen Ys are $50,000 short of the deposit they expect they'll need to buy their first home.
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Do you know more about mid-90s pop music than you do about international relations? It's cool, we've got you.
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You all don't know what it's like, being male middle class and white.
Labor frontbencher Penny Wong has made an impassioned plea for the marriage equality plebiscite to be dumped to protect same-sex people from abuse.
Voting rights should extend to all community members because they are members of the community.

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A Greek-Australian hip-hop star has teamed up with Sydney University students to present a re-imagining of Homer's 'The Odyssey'.
Katanning is an Australian regional town where the migrant population has not only boosted the economy, but it’s also created a sense of harmony that locals say...
SBS World News presenter Janice Petersen took a DNA test and the results opened up a whole world of family history.
The future of an entire South Australian town remains in doubt following a mine closure, and a mass exodus. Could a proposal from Traditional Owners help it...

The making of Eddie Jones

WATCH: One-on-one interview with the coach of England's rugby team, Eddie Jones, on racism and rising to the top.
Fairfax journalist Caroline Wilson has hit back at The Footy Show's Sam Newman after his inflammatory comments on Thursday night.
A Swedish footballer has been left red faced after he was red carded for farting during a football match.