Bruce Jenner’s recent coming out as a trans woman in a US television interview allows us to shine a spotlight on the Australian media’s representation of trans...
Country music singer Beccy Cole says revealing her true self finally set her free.
Time and time again, scientifically 'proven' diets have proved false and foolish.
An amendment to the Child Labour Prohibition Act proposed by the Narendra Modi-led government is about to undo years of hard-won progress in the area of child...

How filthy is your beard?

A cost-benefit analysis of manliness and microbiology.
Productivity loss from heat was a major cost to the Australian economy in 2014, writes Stephen Garnett.
Has Tesla finally plucked out the long-standing thorn in the side of renewable energy – the need for cost-effective ways to store electricity?
A reduced sense of taste in the air makes meals less enjoyable, and innovation is wanting as food has been phased out as an essential part of the airline experience.
School refusal is a psychological problem, not truancy.
Rather than being harmed, children could actually benefit from apps and games on mobile devices.
Political and policy debate of the last 12 months has been dominated by the budget’s sorry legacy. But in time it could be seen as a watershed year. How so? The...
The creatures appear to be desperately in need of food.
It's possible to get a higher salary without taking anyone captive.
Investing in the improvement of ART success is a an effective way of increasing our birth rates, which we know also increases our economic health and improves the...

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Country music singer Beccy Cole says revealing her true self finally set her free.
A German men's magazine is printing an entire issue using HIV-infected blood in a quest to educate the public and eliminate misconceptions about HIV and AIDS.
Security cameras have captured the journey of an unusual visitor to Hamilton Base Hospital in western Victoria.
Vinka Barunga is a proud Worora woman, determined to be the first Aboriginal doctor in her community – but definitely not the last.
'Charlotte Elizabeth Diana: a name to honour the women in William's life,' says The Times.
Out of nearly 1000 successful applicants for its new Indigenous funding model, fewer than 500 organisations are actually Indigenous, according to a report from...