Spit your gum on the floor and the world will know you did it.
Sales of India pale ales are out of control, even by craft beer’s already astounding growth standards.
Mad Men, the history-making TV drama about advertising, is a wrap - but is destined to resonate with audiences for years to come.
For fans of Eurovision, the singing contest is more than just a quirky show. So stop being a stick in the mud and get on board.
There's a sense that people who want to be child-free are somehow draft-dodging the duty of parenthood – we’ve done it and suffered, so why haven’t you?
No amount of yoga will save us from the effects of overwork, writes Zoë Krupka.
The United States has released a document that seeks all the information al-Qaeda wants to know from prospective jihadists.
The executions of Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran must reinforce the Australian government's opposition to the death penalty, and lead to an overhaul...
Only a modest referendum proposal will have the prospect of being carried, of being workable and of being sufficiently certain in its future application, writes...
How can so many people complain so much about 'trashy' reality shows – yet still watch them?
Reports that a cybersecurity expert successfully hacked into an aeroplane’s control system from a passenger seat raises many worrying questions for the airline...

Comment: Don't waste the homelands

Community opposition to a national radioactive waste dump has enjoyed a strong grassroots movement for decades. Now, the latest battle is in Western Australia.
Same-sex relationships are not here to be fetishized or to be used as clickbait.

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Protesters have placed their mark on footpaths around Australia to vent their anger over funding cuts to the nation's peak arts body, the Australia Council.
Coding could be on the national school curriculum if Labor gets its way. It might sound futuristic, but everyday Australian children are already making computer...
What started as four friends in a pub one year ago has grown to a nationwide action involving more than 10,000 people galvanised by social media.
US President Barack Obama —the self-confident, self-contained, coolly rational president—has his own anxieties about the Iran nuclear talks. He talks with The...
Paleo, raw, no-sugar, gluten-free? Take your pick from any number of restrictive diets. But some experts say this obsession with healthy eating is anything but...
No amount of yoga will save us from the effects of overwork, writes Zoë Krupka.
We all know what it's like when someone is talking too close to you and you can feel their breath on your cheek. It's unnerving, uncomfortable and it’s all down...