The rout in Queensland is shocking news for Tony Abbott. It will terrify federal backbenchers and further destabilise his leadership.
Queensland has a long history with uranium mining, and politicians would do well to heed it well for the betterment of the country.
Why is one of Australia’s best-known contemporary artists associating himself with the cause of two convicted drug smugglers?
Some free advice to the government, the media, and conservative commentators: own your mistakes.
If Tony Abbott were risk averse, he wouldn’t have scheduled a National Press Club appearance for Monday. Or perhaps it was just another Abbott blind spot.
With oil prices on the decline, and analysts predicting record profits for the 2014/15 financial year, Qantas and Virgin Australia are under increasing pressure...
What are the people, places and issues to watch on the Queensland election night and beyond?
This is what realpolitik looks like on the Internet.
My mother and father have long made it clear what their wishes are for when their times come — except for when it comes to their online footprints.
For once, a celebrity says sorry in a way that could make the world a little bit better.
A 71-year-old man from California talks about what it's like to live seven decades with what he calls xenomelia.
Who's up for some "little pinpricks of sharp acidity"?

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Australia completed a dream run at the AFC Asian Cup by overcoming Korea Republic 2-1 after extra-time in the final at Stadium Australia on Saturday night to be...
Crowed House star Neil Finn is unhappy with companies using his music when putting people on hold.

The myth of the gay community

With marriage equality imminent, few social issues affect the entire group equally.
The latest version of the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb combines two things many of us find daunting - if not terrifying - heights and singing in public.
Korean Air chief Cho Yang-Ho has appeared in court and apologised for his daughter who caused a now notorious "nut rage" incident on a taxiing plane.
Nepalese law prohibits marriage before age 18, but the practice remains common in the poor, predominantly Hindu communities along the border with northern India.