Farming cattle in northern Australia can be tough, especially in times of drought, but producers are increasingly turning to digital technologies to help them...
Turns out, the reasons people love and hate their work are largely the same across sectors.
As the host of the G20, Australia is in a position to lead the way. However, it sent out all the wrong signals by allowing Rupert Murdoch to lecture the world’s...
At some stage, you will die. You may not know the time, date or circumstance of your death, but you do know it’s inevitable. Contemplating this fact can be...

Comment: The government next door

Urbanisation in China has created a new middle class with unprecedented opportunities to create their own wealth. But, that doesn’t mean the Communist regime has...
The report on the 2014 Scanlon Foundation Mapping Social Cohesion surveys, released on Wednesday, finds both continuity and change.
In four years, Australia moved from having the 19th-lowest rank to the seventh-lowest rate of child poverty but has not done as well in terms of youth...
There are a couple of things you might have learnt in science class that aren't quite right.
Delaying diagnosis out of ill-perceived and outdated concepts is unethical and simply no longer an option.
It is Enid Blyton’s turn to be rediscovered as a fantasy writer and to be enjoyed again by parents and a new generation of children.
I mean, what better way to celebrate Halloween than with racist, sexist and dehumanising costumes, right?

Comment: How to handle toxic people

90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress - including neutralising toxic people.
It remains to be seen whether Rousseff can pull together a country whose politics and society are increasingly divided.
Twitter is a magnet for trolling, especially in the battle over #Gamergate.

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Forty years ago today Muhammad Ali defeated George Foreman and reclaimed the heavyweight boxing crown in the bout dubbed 'Rumble in the Jungle.'
A London skatepark is to become the first in Europe to get a heritage listing, a positive step in the push for the sport to become more mainstream.
Turns out, the reasons people love and hate their work are largely the same across sectors.
Child refugees on Nauru say they fear for their lives after claiming to have been beaten and threatened with death in recent days.
Stopping the spread of Ebola means treating the virus at its source, and Australia must be a part of that relief effort.
Ten Australian charities have been awarded more than $3 million in grants from technology giant, Google.

Julie Bishop and the f-word

Julie Bishop’s dirty f-word isn’t what you think.