Proposed laws requiring covert footage of animal cruelty to be handed promptly to authorities would make in-depth investigations much harder.
While most people argued back and forth about the colour of a dress, and which Lama wore it better, the Federal Government was given the green light to pass...
How can we restore trust in our food system?
The ALP might be ahead in the polls, but almost all of that is due to Tony Abbott and his office acting as though they are still in opposition.

Refrigerators of the world

Under the pale moon, for so many years many of us have wondered: What do other people have in their fridges? This week, Sweden showed us.
Mobile shouldn’t escape the net of net neutrality.
Canberra, thanks to politics being its main industry and the politicians being non-residents, is the quintessential fishbowl. When a leadership change is...
Most parents whose children are un- or under-vaccinated need more support to help protect their child: a carrot rather than stick approach, writes Kristine...
How useful is ABS data in relation to cultural policy?
In the end, we need to be able to analyse whether these changes will help us identify the number of foreign investors breaking the rules.
It’s worked before, in animals.
Isn't it time we gave this inky invertebrate another chance?
The ongoing controversy surrounding the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and its president, Gillian Triggs, has involved claim and counter-claim of bias,...
Getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging, especially as we age.
Joko Widodo’s claim that 'there shouldn’t be any intervention towards the death penalty because it is our sovereign right to exercise our law' would not have been...

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Headphones, nightclubs and sports matches could lead to more than one billion young people lose their hearing, an international health group says.
A cultural shift that’s seeing younger Asians aspiring to be like sun-bronzed Aussies has sparked fears that 'dangerous' tanning behaviours could increase their...
The local public house has been a British tradition for centuries, but a seemingly unquenchable thirst for residential and retail redevelopment is forcing 29...
The missing British schoolgirls feared en route to Syria have been spotted on CCTV footage from a bus station in Istanbul.
The best Spock scene ever.
Facebook’s culture of the like is actively making it harder to express negative thoughts and feelings.
Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi has reopened the national museum and said artefacts stolen by IS will be tracked down.