Yes, the introvert can be a great leader.
The groundswell of political nostalgia in response to Gough Whitlam’s passing is profound - but also a necessary mythology out of step with contemporary politics.
A closer look begs some deep questions about the very nature of the selfie.
In a deregulated market will universities compete solely on price, or will they find other means to attract students?
Children who do more physical activity are likely to improve their health and it might also help them improve their school grades.
Former prime minister Gough Whitlam has died at the age of 98.
A poll finds that people in the Middle East see religious and ethnic hatred as their biggest threat; Europeans and Americans are more concerned about inequality.
Most of what we taste we actually smell.
In 2012, the UK’s Sunday Times reported that actor Bruce Willis was going to sue Apple because he was not legally allowed to bequeath his iTunes collection of...
The need to accurately identify people is important for security (and for not embarrassing yourself by hugging strangers).
As soon as women announce 'I’m having a baby!', the congratulations are quickly followed by long lists of dos and don'ts about food.

KPIs for your life

Anyone who’s worked in a big organisation will know about KPIs – key performance indicators. So, what if you could pick some KPIs to measure how your life was...
Positive thinking can hinder more than it helps by zapping people's motivation to work toward their goals.
The cognitive benefits of multilingualism.
In the absence of better laws, perpetrators are largely getting away with so-called 'revenge porn'.

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Australian authorities are failing domestic violence victims and forcing them to shoulder responsibility in policing perpetrators, advocates say.
Yes, the introvert can be a great leader.
It’s the silent hell that kills one woman every week and injures hundreds of thousands more across all communities. SBS World News dissects domestic violence and...

What is Diwali?

More and more Australians are embracing Diwali -- the Hindi festival of light. It's a time for reflecting and cleansing, and can involve spring cleaning, shopping...
Toys'R'Us was embroiled in controversy Tuesday after a Florida woman complained about the kids' store selling dolls of fictional drug dealer Walter White and...

3D printer makes man's heel

Doctors have used a 3D printer to help save a Melbourne man from losing his leg to cancer.