Who owns a story? When an author writes a book, are the words on the page the definitive version of the plot and characters?
Does singing in a group provide specific and tangible benefits, or is it merely a curious ability that provides entertainment through creative expression?
The festive season music charts are some of the most competitive of the year, and so Christmas is all about singles.
Research shows that in communities where the tsunami cost lives, fertility increased by almost three-quarters of a child in the five years afterwards.
As we seek ways to replace, or at least complement GDP as a measure of national success, we risk falling into old traps.
Santa’s Arctic Workshop (SAW) has deployed a multinational panopticon surveillance programme, according to leaked documents being called “the Snowman Files”.
Could cameras ever reduce police violence?
Domestic violence is violence.
Holiday food is notoriously caloric - but you're allowed to splurge once in a while.
The fortunes of One Nation highlight the problems of populist parties.
Tis the season to over-eat, waste food or both.
Although Christmas is big business for some, for others it never really happens because they’re stuck at work.
In the US, mothers now spend more time on activities like TV and the computer than on housework, playing with kids, and exercising combined.

Comment: Against 'garbage'

It's a crutch word—so, in 2015, let’s take it out.

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Adam Tooze's study of the two world wars traces a new history of the 20th century.
Here’s what to call your bro when you’re in the southwestern US.
Amazed onlookers watched in awe and snapped pictures of a monkey appear to resuscitate a fellow primate shocked by high-tension wires at a train station.