As soon as women announce 'I’m having a baby!', the congratulations are quickly followed by long lists of dos and don'ts about food.

KPIs for your life

Anyone who’s worked in a big organisation will know about KPIs – key performance indicators. So, what if you could pick some KPIs to measure how your life was...
Positive thinking can hinder more than it helps by zapping people's motivation to work toward their goals.
The cognitive benefits of multilingualism.
In the absence of better laws, perpetrators are largely getting away with so-called 'revenge porn'.
Indonesia’s president-elect Joko Widodo, popularly known as Jokowi, was sworn into office today in a divisive political environment.
The fight over democracy in Hong Kong is quietly shifting to another battleground: the city’s deeply divided legislature.
Almost five months after taking office, prime minister Narendra Modi has made two key appointments in his team at India’s finance ministry.
Germans and Brits are chatterboxes most likely to strike up conversations with strangers. Americans are the most likely to focus on work.
If you’re a comic book fan, you’re going to enjoy the next decade.
Acceptance to Oxford University requires superb exam scores, an inspired personal statement, and outstanding teacher recommendations. Even if you get all those,...
If I knew exactly what Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, planned to do with his ever-expanding retail empire, I wouldn't be writing this column right now.

Comment: Who owns the moon?

Without proper regulation, the moon risks becoming an extra-planetary Wild West.
They're not even pretending anymore.
Victoria has expunged the criminal records of those convicted of consensual gay sex. So will other states follow? Not Queensland, by the looks of things.

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Is Australia right to send troops to Iraq to fight IS? Iraq war veterans and widows question whether their previous sacrifices were worth it.
Welcome to the SBS News Morning Wrap. Here's a look at the top stories that caught our eye this Tuesday October 21, 2014.
NZ league bosses furious about Australia's disrespectful haka response in junior game.
Birds do it, bees do it and now Australian scientists have discovered where 'it' all started.
At least 63 people have been arrested at a popular pumpkin festival in the US state of New Hampshire after clashes with police.
As soon as women announce 'I’m having a baby!', the congratulations are quickly followed by long lists of dos and don'ts about food.
The cognitive benefits of multilingualism.