Babies are born communicating. Their cries and coos speak volumes. However, much-anticipated first words do not appear until 12 months later. So, what should...
If left unchecked, Ebola poses just as big a threat to Australia’s national interests as Islamic extremists – both are conceivably just a plane ride away.
Sure, some militants’ views give their co-religionists a bad reputation. More progressive Muslims, though, are busy interpreting Islamic law in a manner more in...
When Joe Hockey recently repeated his view that the wind turbines around Lake George in the ACT were ‘appalling’, he was expressing a personal bias rather...
Meet the highly unusual company behind Sriracha.
It's time for some united global action.
We should be concerned about our children’s diets. In 2011, nearly 10% of four to five-year-olds in the UK were classified as obese.
The proposed ban, if passed, would force women to make unenviable choice. Obey the law and deny their faith. Obey their faith and risk criminal charges.
Dim lighting and ambient noise may lead to more out-of-the-box ideas.
If we could go back 100 years in a time machine, what would kids be like? They’d be shorter, leaner, probably dirtier and less well-fed — but would they be fitter?
Secessionist leaders from Italy to Spain to Belgium closely analysed the independence campaign in Scotland and are already breaking down the polling numbers and...
Five of the Syria's six World Heritage sites have "significant damage" and some buildings have been "reduced to rubble," according to a report issued this week.
The largest report ever on the topic finds that half of patients who are accidentally aware during surgery suffer long-term psychological effects.
The disturbing implications of a long-standing expectation.
The popular website Seeking Arrangement sets up "mutually beneficial relationships" between wealthy older men and young female students. What the site doesn’t...

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Uruguay’s leader José Mujica must be one of the world’s most unusual presidents – he gives away 90% of his salary to charity and chooses to live a very basic lifestyle.
An Alaskan TV reporter has quit her job on live television, leaving her colleagues stunned.
Health services and community members are raising the alarm over high rates of methamphetamine use in the Kimberley region, with reports of teenagers as young as...
Biotechnology company CSL sources over one million eggs each week to keep Australia stocked with vaccine to combat the potential threat of an influenza pandemic.
It was the wink that won the headlines, but will Tony Abbott’s infamous reaction to a phone sex worker take out the top award at this year’s Ernies?
The FBI says its investigation into alleged computer theft is continuing after more nude celebrity photos were released online.
Mass rallies have been held in cities around the world to build pressure for action on climate change ahead of a major United Nations climate summit in New York.