The Australian teacher shot dead in Nairobi is remembered fondly by many, including SBS staff member Simon Vandore.
Actress Kristen Stewart reminds us that it's not just big name Hollywood stars who have to deal with workplace harassment.
Did you know women aged over 40 are drinking more? Test your knowledge of women and alcohol ahead of our episode, Wine O’Clock:
These UK researchers believe abstinence is the key during pregnancy.
Study finds alcohol industry appears to extensively misrepresent evidence about the alcohol-related risk of cancer.
In a surprising twist new data shows alcohol and drug use is decreasing among younger people but increasing dramatically in the 50+ age group.
Young people are living with their parents longer. And at least 40 per cent of those lucky enough to own their own home are suffering greater mortgage stress...
Even when egg cartons are legally accurate, the government definition of 'free range' might not mean what you think it does.
Population growth has profound impacts on Australian life, and sorting myths from facts can be difficult. This article is part of our series, "Is Australia Full?"...
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The topic of animals in sport is a heated one. But Scott Bennetts thinks his sport should be loved by animal lovers.
There are a number of factors in the design of the 24-storey tower block that may have contributed to the speed and scale of the blaze.
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Sarah Houbolt reckons ‘The more we share our stories on TV, the more we can learn about how people with disability invent new ways of doing things’.
If we want doctors to listen, be empathetic, solve complex problems and maybe even save the health system money, there needs to be a serious investment in...
Around 100 Australians are fighting with IS in the Middle East, and around 40 have already returned.

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EXCLUSIVE: Since 2011 a syphilis epidemic has swept across northern Australia, spreading across multiple states and hitting Indigenous communities hard. Figures...
If North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un should suddenly not show up for work, don't ask US spy chief Mike Pompeo about it.
The Sydney Thunder cricket franchise launches its first ever international women's hit-out, aiming to attract more multicultural female participants to the game.
As Australia decides whether to legalise same-sex marriage, the US version of events tells us what could happen next.
Esma Voloder, the first Muslim woman to win Miss Australia is on her way to China to compete in Miss World.
Bung never made it to school on 2 June, 2011. To this day her family are no closer to finding out what happened to their smart and music-loving 13-year-old.
When Holden closes at Elizabeth on October 20, so too will the era of car manufacturing in Australia. The industry was a huge employer of post-war European...