If the next NSW government really wants to help more people in the state own a home for the first time, there are two options they could consider.
Unions are shaping up for the biggest fight in a generation.
There can’t be too many people in Australia who don’t recognise that the health of the Australian economy is increasingly determined in China, writes Mark Beeson.
It's vital that the South Australian royal commission into uranium mining does not become a taxpayer-funded nuclear industry promotional platform.
It's bad: women's wages are between two and 10 years behind their male counterparts, depending on the industry. But when you throw sexual orientation into the mix...
We need to think more innovatively about how we respond to the hidden epidemic of domestic violence. Technology – specifically, the internet and smartphone apps –...
Strap yourselves in for a wild ride.
Women are turning their backs on a career in IT despite a looming digital skills shortage.
With many companies operating in a more global world than ever before, the idea of encouraging cultural fluency is taking hold.
We know so much more about autism now but the idea that all people with autism are disordered, impaired, or somehow 'lesser' is one that still needs to be...
World leaders have condemned the killing of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. But after the shock and horror of his death subsides, a question remains.
Good income support policy is that which recognises that one size does not fit all.
Proposed laws requiring covert footage of animal cruelty to be handed promptly to authorities would make in-depth investigations much harder.
Australia is in the midst of a structural economic change with the mining boom coming to an end as investment in the sector falls. Tourism has been promoted by...
While most people argued back and forth about the colour of a dress, and which Lama wore it better, the Federal Government was given the green light to pass...

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New app to combat family violence

Rosie Batty wants domestic violence victims to know help is at - and literally in their – hand.
Canada's central bank is urging citizens to stop defacing their $5 notes in a tribute to deceased actor Leonard Nimoy.
A 31-storey portrait of Indigenous leader William Barak has been unveiled in Melbourne.
SBS has announced Guy Sebastian will be Australia’s first ever contestant at the Eurovision song contest.
Australian health experts have welcomed new World Health Organisation guidelines aimed at tackling the consumption of "hidden" sugar in food and drinks.
A piece of jawbone with teeth attached, uncovered in Ethiopia, is the earliest known fossil of the genus Homo, to which humans belong, researchers say.
Afghanistan’s crickets fans have come together in celebration of how far their team has come making it to the ICC World Cup.