The beauty of building children into leaders is that it’s the little things we do every day that mold them into the people they’ll become, writes Travis Bradberry.
Wondering why the viral questions used in school exams are so hard?
Given that we have the means to distinguish between happiness and contentment, we can examine how they differ and, in so doing, identify an alternative to the...
Senator David Leyonhjelm has said he is not taking sides in the debate, saying only that anthropologists disagree.
How can doctors, drug companies, and governments prevent a future where people die of minor infections?
The debate over gay marriage frequently turns to concerns about the emotional well-being of children raised by same-sex parents, but science tells us the fears...
Absent the political will to prevent it, the least we can do is to start planning for it.
The goal is to create the first high-resolution map of where all the plastic floats in the Pacific Ocean, a fundamental step toward cleaning it up.
It is ultimately a statement about power.
Universal sperm banking will face fundamental challenges at both a practical and ethical level, writes Nathan Emmerich.

Is the 'nanny state' so bad?

With the announcement of a parliamentary inquiry looking at whether Australian laws restrict personal choice, it is worth considering whether restricting some...
As conspiracy theories infest the internet in the wake of the latest mass shooting in the United States, it is important to remember they are not simply harmless...
Getting high on learning.
It's time for a more sober, genuinely bi-partisan and far-sighted approach to national security.
Some researchers believe that the microbiome may play a role in regulating how people think and feel.

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The Pink Sari campaign in NSW aims to encourage women from migrant communities to get screened for breast cancer, and organisers hope its success will inspire other...
In recent years Melbourne has received a flood of new arrivals who've sought help from family and friends to find work.
There’s no doubt fasting during the month of Ramadan is hard, but there are concerns some people may be over-rewarding themselves for their religious sacrifice,...
The robotic infant car seat that could solve a frustrating problem for parents everywhere. If it works.
Life coaching is an unregulated industry in Australia, meaning anyone can claim to be an expert and charge whatever fees they like. Should we be concerned?
How many votes would be needed for a marriage equality bill to be passed? Where does your local MP stand? Find out with our interactive tool.
Anti-smoking campaigners hope those who cease smoking during Ramadan may be encouraged to kick the habit for good.