What if restrictions on Western food are more than just a post-imperial temper tantrum?
Policy makers should think twice about an increase in the GST that only partly funds a company tax cut.
If a snap election were held tomorrow, what would our top politicians campaign about?
North Dakota is the first state in the US that will allow its police to fly drones equipped with tasers and other 'non-lethal weapons.'
As the United States reels from a mass shooting played out on live television, the balance between censorship and sensationalism in reporting has never been more...
The real 'American exceptionalism' is not that it has had so many mass shootings, but rather that it has done so little about them, writes Peter Squires.
In less than a decade, Copenhagen expects to become the first carbon-neutral city on the planet.
If you are introducing two people without using a double opt-in intro, you have a high likelihood of being a terrible person. Yup–I said it.
In an interview with the New York Times Sunday Book Review this week, children’s author R.L. Stine joked that he never reads nonfiction: “I hate anything real.”
Treasurer Joe Hockey and Labor senator Katy Gallagher will join a new cross-party push for a republic. But Hockey's move will only highlight a split among...
The dignity of people - regardless of their sexuality - is paramount. Just don't try and confuse it with same-sex marriage, okay?
Ever since Rupert Murdoch decided to enter the television game in the early 1980s, his newspapers have waged continuous war on public service broadcasters, and on...
Which countries are going to be the most affected by China's slowdown?
If you find yourself stuck inside a black hole, Stephen Hawking says not to panic: You may die, but all traces of your existence may not be lost forever.
In the name of science, there are currently three women and 10 men living on the edge of the world.

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Australia will not meet its emissions reduction targets, an international group of researchers says.
Words such as "manspreading" and "hangry" have made it into Oxford Dictionary's online version, reflecting current trends in the usage of language.
A Sydney bar has come under fire after hiring naked women to lie on tables as fruit platters and hand feed guests.
The Victorian Premier has taken aim at the NSW Government after its Education Minister banned the showing of a documentary on gay parenting.

Newborn US twin panda dies

One of two panda cubs born at Washington's National Zoo at the weekend has died.
The rate of vaccination for the human papillomavirus among 15-year-old girls is increasing nationally, but is still stubbornly low in South Australia, Tasmania...