The government played a very small target strategy ahead of the election - but the media is to blame, apparently.
The recent furore about the Facebook Messenger app has unearthed an interesting question: how far are we willing to allow our privacy to be pushed for our social...
Welfare is never as good as having a job, and currently the Disability Support Pension does not do enough to ensure that people with disabilities who can work are...
Hey dads, put down that briefcase and pick up a Swiffer — that is, if you want your daughter to be an auto mechanic or a police officer.
It's a relatively new invention—is it time to shave another day off?
Stretching from north Africa to east Asia, many Muslims are engaged in a life-and-death tussle with extremists who are bent on extinguishing the diversity of...
We need to start thinking about an acceptable – and perhaps more importantly, workable – legal framework to cover the resort to and conduct of cyber-warfare.
While employers may like (and in some instances actively encourage) workaholism, in the long run it is not good for business and can lead to significant health...
Tim Blair's take on Lakemba disappointed me, but it was the vitriolic and irrational comments it elicited that disturbed me the most, writes Robert Furolo.
European governments pay millions of dollars in ransoms to free their hostages. The White House needs to decide whether it’s willing to sacrifice principle for...
The eyes are a window to the ego.
The cacophony of voices in the surrogacy debate is silenced only with recognition that the individual without choices and with rights is the child.
Why do we find symmetrical faces more attractive? New research says symmetry isn't an indicator of better genes.
If you want this job, help me find applicants as good as you.
Shampoo may be on its way out.

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He is "Jailer John" to his prisoners but "Jihadi John" to London's tabloid newspapers, and right now, he might just be the most wanted man in the world.
The government played a very small target strategy ahead of the election - but the media is to blame, apparently.
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It’s a favourite trope of opponents of clean energy to tell Australians that shifting to clean energy will cost them money.
A Chinese artist has captured worldwide attention with body paintings that defy reality.
Religious leaders across Australia have issued a message of love to Muslims, in response to a recent headline in the News Limited press misquoting former army...
An unconscious koala has had a lucky escape after firefighters caught it in a blanket when it fell out of a tree before wildlife rescuers gave lifesaving mouth-to...
An Eritrean refugee living in Melbourne has spoken to SBS in graphic detail about being kidnapped and held captive in Egypt by Bedouin tribesmen who demanded...