"A version of Australian history where each new group that arrives in Australia simply 'joins the party' is simply something I just can't swallow."

Why are most people right handed?

The answer may be in the mouth of our ancestors.
While the wearing of school uniforms has a long history across Australia, we are only just starting to talk about the expectations around what girls wear to school.
The Australian citizenship test is again in the spotlight. But if we want to build a more cohesive society, we should encourage more people to become citizens,...
When people try to tell us an airport at Badgerys Creek is going to be the 'best thing ever', we have every right to fact-check and ask for guarantees, writes...
Being able to switch between multiple web pages and successfully find what you want all comes down to how good your working memory is, writes Peggy Alexopoulou.
Climate change and ecological degradation may be contributing to a situation where zoonosis – the movement of a disease from a vertebrate animal to a human host –...
The prescriptivist stranglehold on grammar isn't just restrictive, it's often just plain wrong, writes Misty Adoniou.
Frank Sinatra had some frank words for a young, fame-weary George Michael back in 1990: “Loosen up. Swing, man.”
Gender-neutral pedagogy is the latest trend in trying to remove gender bias in education, along with other initiatives such as single-sex schooling.
Australian government agency funding of a South African coal mine would be a human rights disaster, writes Archie Law.
McDonald's and KFC restaurants have come and gone, but this suburb in north-western Sydney has lived through the highs and lows of globalisation, writes Justin Li.
"Trump has embraced pseudoscience and its tactics, and will be bringing it to the White House."
China has lodged a protest after US President-elect Donald Trump received a call from Taiwan's president. The issue has a complex history and may disrupt relations.
Excusing and perpetuating gender stereotypes, discrimination and enforcing gender roles all contribute to valuing women and girls less than men, writes Sarah...

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An Israeli satirist living in Berlin has created a work which juxtaposes Holocaust memorial selfies with images of the actual Holocaust.
A five-year-old boy has been banned from wearing his traditional head-wear at a Melbourne school, because it doesn't conform with the uniform protocol.
A chance encounter on a Swedish ski field was the beginning of an amazing story of friendship and family.
Saroo Brierley - whose life story is now a Hollywood film - used his vivid memories of India to help find his way home. And his recollection of his first day in...
Campaign Edge, the agency behind a campaign to return the image of two girls wearing hijabs to billboards in Victoria, says it aims to roll out the project across...
With bitter partisan divisions, public Twitter stoushes and several breaks with tradition – Trump’s inauguration may be a prelude of his presidency to come.
'I owe it to my children to fight for the Australia I love, and that's the Australia that gives people a fair go.'