Domestic violence is violence.
Holiday food is notoriously caloric - but you're allowed to splurge once in a while.
The fortunes of One Nation highlight the problems of populist parties.
Tis the season to over-eat, waste food or both.
Although Christmas is big business for some, for others it never really happens because they’re stuck at work.
In the US, mothers now spend more time on activities like TV and the computer than on housework, playing with kids, and exercising combined.

Comment: Against 'garbage'

It's a crutch word—so, in 2015, let’s take it out.
The big winner is the highly ambitious Scott Morrison who gets the expanded portfolio of social services, which has had child care added.
Working as an Apple salesperson is a lot like being a therapist.
At the Victorian election held on the 29 November, Labor won a comfortable majority in the lower house. However, it was a different story in the upper house.
Thousands of miles away from the North Pole, a 'Christmas Village' in China's Zhejiang province is filled with 'red factories' that produce Christmas products for...
If you were following politics over the last few election cycles, you were most likely getting some of your information from satire.
It is very difficult to be the best parent that you can when you are also struggling with mental illness. But it need not be this way, writes Sam Cartwright-Hatton.
Is 'The Interview' a good movie? We may never know. After the theft by North Korean hackers of vast quantities of confidential emails, pay information and...

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The annual "People Are Awesome" video has been released, celebrating human physical ability and ambition.
British music legend Joe Cocker has died at the age of 70 after a battle with lung cancer.
Last week's siege in Sydney has reignited debate over gun control laws. Take a look at the recent history of Australia's other sieges and massacres, and the...
A seal found in a muddy field has been taken to a wildlife hospital "exhausted" after being rescued.
Australia head coach Ange Postecoglou has named his 23-player squad for the AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015 which will be held from 9 to 31 January - with seven A...
For the second year in a row SBS's own Nick Vindin will be reporting and competing in the world renowned Sydney to Hobart Yacht race - bringing viewers as close...
Tony Abbott - federal minister for housewives