Evan Williams has 20 years experience covering the world's most troubled regions.

Evan Williams is a TV news and current affairs reporter, presenter and producer with 20 years experience covering some of the world's most difficult countries, including Burma, Zimbabwe, West Papua, Iraq, the Middle East, South East and Central Asia.

He reported and filmed most of the key footage for 'Burma's Secret War', a one-hour documentary for Channel 4's flagship current affairs program Dispatches (UK) and PBS Frontline World (US).

It required a six-week trek with ethnic rebels through Burma's jungle and a month undercover in Burma, the later of which he conducted with Uproar Productions Director Sarah Macdonald.

He is now based in London as an independent TV journalist and documentary filmmaker working regularly as a reporter for Channel 4's weekly international current affairs program Unreported World while working up longer projects with Uproar Productions partner Sarah Macdonald and others.

Before moving to London, he spent six years as a Sydney-based Senior Reporter on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's flagship international current affairs program Foreign Correspondent, producing 5-45 minute TV stories on trouble spots and human stories from across the globe.

Previous to that, he spent more than five years as the ABC's South East Asia Correspondent, based in Bangkok, covering more than 10 countries in the region for radio then TV news and current affairs, with the main focus on TV.

During that time he covered many breaking stories often with exclusive or unique access to aspects of: the then release of Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, the end of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the UN election in Cambodia, Islamic insurgency in South East Asia, the end of Suharto in Indonesia and the illegal imprisonment of Malaysian deputy leader Anwar Ibrahim among many others.

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