Yalda joined Dateline in 2008 reporting from Afghanistan, where she was smuggled from as a baby to escape invasion.

Former Dateline presenter and video journalist Yalda Hakim came to Australia after her father smuggled his young family out of Afghanistan on horseback to escape the Soviet invasion.

It was 1983 and Yalda was just six-months-old. The emotional return to Yalda's Kabul was the subject of her first report for Dateline in 2008.

She went on to report from across the world for Dateline and SBS's World News Australia, winning the United Nations Media Peace Prize for best Australian Television News Coverage in 2009. She was also a finalist for the Young Australian Journalist of the Year Award.

Yalda's 2010 profile of Iran's Maestro, anti-government campaigner Mohammad Shajarian, became one of the most watched stories on the Dateline website.

The interview was conducted in Farsi, which is one of the six languages Yalda can speak, along with Urdu, Hindi, Dari and Pashto.


Yalda left Dateline in 2012 to take up a new role as presenter and correspondent with BBC World News in London.