The families of three Aboriginal children murdered in Bowraville 24 years ago could finally see their killer brought to justice, after a parliamentary committee...
An Indigenous man who was the victim of a schoolyard fire attack 18 years ago has moved to Brisbane from Cairns to embark on a new chapter of his life.
Climate change campaigners violated a sacred Aboriginal site when they committed the ultimate photo-bomb; hanging a banner from one of the Three Sisters in the...
An inquiry into the death of a 39-year-old Aboriginal man has called upon the government to stop incarcerating people for victimless driving offences.
High-profile Australians convicted of drink-driving in Sydney’s Northern suburbs are escaping jail, while those from rural areas are being imprisoned at much...
A recent study shows Indigenous Australians, particularly those in remote communities, are dependent on Facebook.
Indigenous leaders and community elders have launched a new video campaign, urging the government to fulfil Bob Hawke's 26-year-old promise of a land rights...
Billionaire, Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest will tackle Indigenous disadvantage through his latest welfare proposal.
Olympic gold medallist, Cathy Freeman has joined a campaign to reduce the rates of diabetes among Australians.
The Wagana Aboriginal Dance troupe has been invited to share a glimpse of culture at this year's Commonwealth Games in Scotland.
Traditional owners have united in opposition to a radioactive waste site at Muckaty Station, 120 kilometres north of Tennant Creek.
Traditional owners of Stradbroke Island off Brisbane are heading to the High Court tomorrow to stop sand mining on the land.
An award-winning professor has voiced concerns as suicide rates among Indigenous children reach alarming levels.
Tent Embassy protesters have pitched their sticks in Mick Mundine's backyard in opposition to his Pemulwuy Project.
Australia’s leading Indigenous performing arts organisation has launched an intensive youth programs in New South Wales and Queensland.