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Among the many recommendations of the Review of the Australian Curriculum is the view that the curriculum should place “more emphasis on morals, values and spirituality”.

I found Sugar Man

Once described as the greatest protest songwriter that most people have never heard of, Rodriguez has always had a special place in Australia’s heart. SBS’ Janice...
A voter in the United States has warned President Barack Obama to stay away from his girlfriend at a polling booth in the state of Illinois.

What is Diwali?

More and more Australians are embracing Diwali -- the Hindi festival of light. It's a time for reflecting and cleansing, and can involve spring cleaning, shopping...
Australian authorities are failing domestic violence victims and forcing them to shoulder responsibility in policing perpetrators, advocates say.
NSW Police has joined forces with the Ethnic Relations Commission to help international students in the state from experiencing isolation.
Yes, the introvert can be a great leader.