A top defence expert believes there are merits in Australia offering training to Filippino soldiers to fight Islamic State militants.
A Sky News ReachTel poll has found drug testing of welfare recipients is popular, but Labor still leads the government.
A much sought after stonefish has been located in a Gold Coast lake and will now be sent to a north Queensland university for anti-venom development.
A new book examining Tony Abbott's legacy as a conservative leader includes an essay written by the former prime minister.
Queensland opposition leader Tim Nicholls has lambasted the government for making a political point with the parents of murder victim Timothy Pullen.
Australia has imposed more sanctions against people and groups it says is connected to Syria's chemical weapons program.
Voters may be despairing about the state of Australia's political leadership but history shows there's some room to be optimistic.
Singer Paulini Curuenavuli says she will return to Sydney to face allegations she bribed a NSW bureaucrat over a driver's licence.
As the deadline looms for Australians to update their voting details ahead of September's same-sex marriage postal survey, advocates aim for record enrolments.
Former treasury ministers Wayne Swan and the UK's Ed Balls have been touring Australia, describing their experiences during the GFC and the lessons learned.
Authorities have confirmed an Australian man has been found dead in India.
Hundreds of truckies have surrounded a Sydney Aldi store to protest against pressures from supermarkets they say lead to dangerous driving practices.
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has called on the LNP to release a statutory declaration ruling out a deal with One Nation.
A Victorian developer has drawn inspiration from Game of Thrones, naming more than a dozen streets at a residential community after the popular TV series.
The prime minister says Labor leader Bill Shorten is "creating a big issue" by not disclosing his citizenship paperwork.

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For a young American rapper whose debut single was called 'Unorthodox,' Joey Bada$$ isn't one to accept conventional wisdom.
A Victorian developer has drawn inspiration from Game of Thrones, naming more than a dozen streets at a residential community after the popular TV series.
A social media campaign demanding that Afghan men refer to their wives by their own name in public is gaining traction in the deeply patriarchal country.
Australians living or travelling overseas have been encouraged to ask a 'trusted person' back home to open their same-sex marriage ballot letter from the ABS and...
Debate is growing across the country about scrapping Australia Day celebrations on January 26 as a sign of respect for Indigenous Australians.
South Africa's first online auction of rhino horn opened Wednesday, despite conservation groups protesting that the legal, domestic sale would encourage poachers.
For months Asia’s two biggest powers have been locked in a stand-off which threatens to tip over into all out war. The border dispute between India and China is...