Australia's car manufacturing industry has come to an end after almost a century of operation.
Assaults on West Australian sex workers have risen in recent years, Curtin University research suggests, fuelling calls for decriminalisation.
A fishing vessel which capsized and sank off the central Queensland coast with six crewmen on board has been found.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says same-sex marriage will be legalised by Christmas if a majority of Australians give the federal government a resounding 'Yes'...
As Victoria's parliament debates a bill to legalise assisted dying, here's a snapshot of countries in which the practice is allowed.
A free meningococcal vaccine will be offered to remote West Australian communities after an outbreak of a potentially deadly strain in central Australia.
An ambitious renewable energy target of 40 per cent by 2025 has been given a green light by Victoria's parliament.
While Aboriginal Australians are improving smoking rates they still lag their non-indigenous peers, and remote communities are being left behind completely.
Esma Voloder, the first Muslim woman to win Miss Australia is on her way to China to compete in Miss World.
Many countries have legalised euthanasia or physician-assisted deaths, including Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and some states in the United States.
The Greens have vowed to introduce a new voluntary euthanasia bill to the South Australian parliament next year.
Victoria's lower house has passed controversial assisted dying laws and the reaction has been as divided as the debate in parliament.
Properties in Tasmania's northeast remain at risk from an out-of-control bushfire, but the emergency warning has been downgraded to watch and act.
Many factors were involved in Holden's decision to end car production in Adelaide, but the company must take some of the blame.
A new study shows men' who have had oral sex with multiple partners are at a much higher risk of developing head and neck cancer.

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EXCLUSIVE: Since 2011 a syphilis epidemic has swept across northern Australia, spreading across multiple states and hitting Indigenous communities hard. Figures...
As Australia decides whether to legalise same-sex marriage, the US version of events tells us what could happen next.
Bung never made it to school on 2 June, 2011. To this day her family are no closer to finding out what happened to their smart and music-loving 13-year-old.
When Holden closes at Elizabeth on October 20, so too will the era of car manufacturing in Australia. The industry was a huge employer of post-war European...
Pollution was linked to nine million deaths worldwide with air pollution the biggest contributor, according to a new report.
The Australian teacher shot dead in Nairobi is remembered fondly by many, including SBS staff member Simon Vandore.
The dream of homeownership is slipping further away for younger generations, the latest report card on Australia's wellbeing confirms.