There's fresh concern about funding on South Australia's APY Aboriginal lands.
There's concern proposed changes to the ASIO Act are not accompanied by adequate public interest protections. 

Australian woman killed in Nepal

An Australian woman has died after an avalanche swept through Everest base camp.
There's evidence that some international students in Australia might be missing out on important information about sexual health.
The Greens have laid out their post-2020 carbon emissions reduction targets and they're more ambitious than the goals of the government's advisory body.
Tax experts are urging an explanation from the Abbott government on how it sees a variety of government reviews fitting together.

Jakarta refused Anzac Day request

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is disappointed Indonesia gave the Bali Nine duo their 72-hour notice of their executions on Anzac Day.

Plibersek preferred Labor leader

A new poll shows Labor deputy Tanya Plibersek has the edge over Bill Shorten as preferred Labor leader.
Gina Rinehart's estranged daughter Bianca says she didn't understand the true ramifications of signing a family deed and now believes it was to "silence us".
Emergency workers in NSW are trying to clear the backlog of jobs before predicted storms arrive later in the week.

Do Not Call numbers now permanent

Numbers listed on the Do Not Call register will now remain on there permanently instead of expiring after eight years.
Four-year-old Brisbane boy Quaden Bayles' biggest challenge to date has been slowly losing the use of his arms and legs as a result of building pressure on his...
Ex-Victorian Education Department financial management general manager Nino Napoli has been the first scalp claimed by anti-corruption hearings in Melbourne.
Former Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has postponed a visit to Perth ahead of the imminent executions of two Australian drug smugglers.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott will meet with French President Francois Hollande in Paris to discuss the Bali executions and submarines.

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