Around 1500 homes from a peak of 3000 remain without power after wild winds hit Victoria - the third severe weather warning in as many weeks.
A 13-year-old student remains in a critical condition one day after she fell down an embankment on a school camp in Victoria's Grampians.
Queensland's opposition is calling on the government to explain why more than 100 train services were cancelled due to a lack of drivers.
The Greens have renewed calls for an investigation into the death of an indigenous man in prison in Adelaide.
Some of the nation's top fashion designers are being celebrated at the Adelaide Fashion Festival this week, and several Indigenous artists are among them.
Health authorities have issued a Territory-wide measles alert after a woman with the highly infectious disease visited Darwin for five days last week.
New research has found melatonin to be an effective therapy to help teenagers who struggle to fall asleep at night.
Gable Tostee's lawyer Nick Dore says he's unsure if his client will sell his side of the story.
Malcolm Turnbull says former prime minister Tony Abbott's 2015 decision for a temporary import ban on rapid-fire shotguns wasn't taken to cabinet.

Sydney Opera House to turn gold

The Sydney Opera House will be illuminated in gold for a night to mark the Hindu Festival of Lights.

Two children dead in Perth home

The grandmother of two children found dead in an apparent murder-suicide attempt involving their father has urged people with depression to get help.
Family First has been given a reprieve from paying back a loan from Bob Day, as the retiring senator seeks to deal with his housing company's liquidation.
A clean-up operation is underway after more than 10 tonnes of illegal building material thought to contain asbestos was dumped in Sydney's west.
To the end of September the federal budget deficit was $22.97 billion, $1.87 billion less than estimated at the time of the May budget.

Gun amnesty to roll out in 2017

Unregistered guns will be able to be handed in without prosecution under an amnesty in mid-2017.

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