WA Labor wants an alert system in place for people to be able to see in real time where there is pollution in beaches and rivers.
Up to 15 Liberal MPs are on track to lose their seats thanks largely to an unpopular Baird government plan to privatise the state's electricity assets.

CSG not a focus for farmers in NSW

Land clearing, health and infrastructure were bigger concerns for farmers across NSW than coal mining and CSG, the peak farmers' lobby says.
After achieving a high watermark in the 2011 election, the NSW Nationals were under no illusions about their chances at Saturday's general poll.
Senior Labor figures insist they achieved their target in the NSW election, closing the gap with the government to set up a close 2019 election.
A driver was lucky to escape unscathed when the car he was driving crashed into the garage at an Essendon home on Sunday.

Key quotes from NSW election

Key players in the NSW election have weighed in following Mike Baird's re-election as premier this weekend.

State of the new NSW parliament

How the NSW parliament is likely to look after the March 28 state election.
Now that he's won the NSW election, Premier Mike Baird has a job to get on with and some challenges to face.
The political celebrations and commiserations are already winding up, but the results for a handful of NSW seats may not be known for days.
Thousands marched in Melbourne, calling for the government to close detention centres on Manus and Nauru Islands.
Queensland's Labor government has been in talks with Katter's Australian Party about securing support in parliament, Robbie Katter says.
If results continue to fall their way, the NSW Greens might have to do something they don't want to do. Choose a leader.
Aboriginal people suffer from disproportionately higher rates of STIs, but linking cases in children to abuse is misleading, an annual report indicates.
The stony hills of Gallipoli only hint at the terrible tragedies that occured there 100 years ago but a new exhibition delves into those stories.

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