Peter Costello has warned Australia's luck is running out, but Australia's current treasurer Joe Hockey still thinks the glass is half full.
Tony Abbott has ducked a question about whether it was appropriate for New South Wales Police in riot gear to forcibly remove multiple Aboriginal children from a...
A man who allegedly fired shots at police during a chase remains on the run in a bushfire zone in central Queensland.
Labor MP Matt Thistlethwaite has been in Fiji during the country's first election since 2006, and says things have gone "remarkably smoothly".
Lawyers for the Victorian government have told a court contracts for the East West Link could be signed as soon as next week.
Treasurer Joe Hockey says this weekend's G20 meeting will work on an agreement to catch multinational tax dodgers.
A woman who hurled abuse at a 77-year-old man on a Gold Coast bus has been punished with a two-month suspended sentence.
The coalition is seeking to open talks with Labor on the renewable energy target following a review by businessman Dick Warburton.
A Melbourne plumber said union "animals" would kill him unless he hiked his prices on a building project, a developer told the unions royal commission.
A pioneering program in Denmark is offering support to young people returning from war zones in the Middle East.
Federal authorities have suspended a Sydney-based money transfer business suspected of helping to finance terrorism.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has reviewed the performance of his frontbench after the first year in government.
The family of a schoolgirl mowed down by a car in Sydney's south say they want justice over the tragedy.
As Tony Abbott prepares to farewell military personnel to the Middle East, Iraq has warned that Syria must be part of the plan to destroy Islamic State.
Devastated father John O'Brien has said goodbye to his wife and son, who were killed when a Rozelle shop exploded and destroyed their home.

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A pioneering program in Denmark is providing support to young people returning from Middle Eastern war zones. But could it work in Australia?
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