The Australian Greens want the 50 per cent discount on capital gains tax to end, saving $74 billion over 10 years.
There are fears the Papua New Guinea government is headed for a serious financial crisis, with the opposition calling for urgent cost-cutting measures.
The so-called effects test is logical, the former chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Professor Allan Fels believes.
The head of the National Mental Health Commission, Professor Allan Fels, says change in the area is as significant as tax reform.
A Victorian couple have returned home from holiday to find their pet deer has had its head cut off by suspected trophy hunters.
Compensation claims by special school staff are on the rise while public school staff claims have fallen, a Victorian government report has revealed.
A receipt released to media has cast doubt on whether runaway groom Murat Shomshe got married.
A motorist who escaped a drink-drive charge has to go back to court after High Court judges ruled his breathalyser reading should not have been excluded.
The South Australian government has launched an inquiry into a chemotherapy bungle where some cancer patients were given incorrect doses.
Widows who lost their husbands to asbestos-related illnesses fear compensation and services could be wound back along with the Dust Diseases Board.
Moving an outpatient clinic to Melbourne University could make way for a $2 billion refurbishment of Melbourne's oldest public hospital.
An Adelaide boy has become the first in Australia to undergo a transplant to prevent him developing diabetes.
A royal commission has heard the Jehovah's Witness church may have misunderstood its obligations to report child abuse. abuse complaints to police.
Environmentalists say a court has overturned approval of the Carmichael mega-mine in Queensland, but bureaucrats say it's a technical hitch.
The Federal court has overturned approval for the Carmichael coal mine, which is under construction in Queensland by Indian conglomerate Adani Mining.

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