As mourners continue to leave flowers and condolences near the scene of Sydney's fatal siege, the NSW government is looking at ways to retain the tributes.
NSW police and Australian Federal Police are currently conducting raids in Sydney.
As the nation comes to grips with the fatal Sydney siege, there are still many unanswered questions about why the gunman was on bail and not on a watchlist.
A large Victorian security company has had its licence suspended after it used unlicensed security guards.
WA's Cat Haven is in crisis, with more than 320 cats on site and another 550 in foster care that will go back to the shelter soon.
A woman at the centre of incest and child-neglect allegations has lost an appeal against her jail sentence.

Man of many faces: Man Haron Monis

The bizarre and troubling life of Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Manis.
New defence equipment acquisition is running later than ever, with cumulative slippage of almost 93 years for the top 30 projects.
Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says 31 babies born to asylum seekers can stay in Australia.
A Defence inquiry has found a helicopter crashed in Afghanistan not because of enemy fire but the crew's response to pitch disturbances.
Dozens of babies born to asylum seekers will not be sent to Nauru as part of a deal between the government and Senator Ricky Muir.
The federal health department is set to begin a debate over the merits and perils of e-cigarettes.
"Love you mum. Love Sasha": The touching note has stood out among the thousands of tributes to siege victim Katrina Dawson at Martin Place.
Calls to relax gun laws in the wake of the deadly siege in Sydney have been criticised by politicians past and present.
Commissioner Andrew Scipione said NSW police had asked the DPP to try to have gunman Man Monis's bail refused at his last court appearance.

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The Church of England on Wednesday named vicar Libby Lane as its first woman bishop, following a historic change in its rules.
A European Union court has overturned a decision to include Palestinian group Hamas on the European Union's terrorist list.
An annual report on environmental conditions in the Arctic region has raised concerns about record high temperatures in Alaska.
A fascinating new study mapped the flow of information online, and it turns out Spanish makes way more global sense.
The debate surrounding pornography is complex - but a recent UK ban on depictions of female pleasure and dominance is a worrying new low.
The US has announced a thaw in relations with Cuba, saying it would work to re-establish diplomatic ties with Havana and ease trade and travel sanctions.
Sony has cancelled plans to release its comedy The Interview, after terrorism threats from anonymous hackers.