Protesters will rally in Sydney on Sunday to march on parliament in opposition to NSW Premier Mike Baird's contentious lockout and development policies.
Cowards with covered faces who went to a Melbourne rally looking to start a fight won't be allowed to get away with their criminal behaviour, police say.
Greens leader Richard Di Natale will launch the party's Queensland election campaign in Brisbane on Sunday.
The Turnbull government has pledged an extra $60 million to combat child obesity if re-elected.
The Queensland Teachers Union says solutions to quelling unrest in Aurukun must come "from the community".
Bill Shorten will announce $21 million for the ABC to increase TV coverage of women's sport if Labor wins on July 2.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have had the weekend to prepare for the first full-on leader's debate.
Another man has been detained following a mass brawl at a Sydney train station last month, bringing the number of people arrested to 18.
The prime minister has been put on the spot in front of a crowd of thousands over an election commitment from his opponent.
A woman has sustained serious burns to her arms, legs and upper body after she was set alight in the Brisbane suburb of Marsden on Friday.
Former Glee star Mark Salling, who was arrested last December, has now been charged with two child porn offences.

Turnbull unfazed by poor polling

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is claiming the underdog status, while Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is smiling through another poor poll.

Whittington feels deserted by Nine

The Nine Network has not contacted Adam Whittington's family despite the fact he remains in a Beirut prison over the botched 60 Minutes kidnapping.
Sydney lights and music festival Vivid has kicked off, with thousands taking in several colourful attractions around the city.

Racism the top issue of day 20

Both leaders pointed to the need to stamp out racism in Australia, but the unity in this area is delicate.

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