The Melbourne shopping centre hit by a plane in a crash that killed all five men on board will reopen on Friday with a memorial site for the victims.
The Victorian government wants to know how the nation's energy market operator deals with extreme weather events.

Calls to review Victorian MP perks

After another parliamentary privileges scandal, there are calls for Victoria's MP allowance rules to be reviewed.
The teachers union has released stories of how extra money has helped disadvantaged schools around the country as it steps up a campaign for further increases.
Plans are reportedly under way for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump to meet in New York in May.
Back pain has been linked to a 13 per cent increased chance of dying among people aged 70 or over, according to a University of Sydney study.
The unions' complaint over the use of taxpayer money to promote privatising Western Power prompted the WA treasurer to deride them.
The upcoming Queensland election could be contested using new electoral boundaries, which have had drafts released a day early.
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been mobbed by Jewish primary school students during a visit to Moriah College in Sydney.
Health Minister Greg Hunt insists a new cervical cancer test replacing the pap smear will save more lives as a 70,000-strong petition demands it be scrapped.
Former Treasury secretary Ken Henry has hit out at the state of Australian politics, saying any good ideas are killed within 24 hours.
The federal health department is set to shed 250 jobs but the secretary insists there will be no impact to frontline services.
Younger workers have expressed outrage over the move to cut penalty rates, saying it could be the difference between having a roof over their heads or not.

Bishop off to UK and Ireland

Fresh from talks at the White House, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is now turning her attention to the United Kingdom.
About 90 people were made redundant at the Australian Federal Police in 2015/16, costing almost $18 million in payouts.

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