A 36-year-old man died at a skydiving event east of Perth after his parachute collided with another competitor's and became entangled.
The prime minister says the travel allowance system which gives MPs more than $200 a night in Canberra is fair because everyone gets the same amount.
Three shipbuilders in the running for the Future Frigates project are set to receive a final outline of Defence's requirements by the end of next week.
The Aboriginal Legal Service has been knocked back from attending a Senate hearing to discuss changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

Checkup Medical Column for March 24

Surgery may not provide any extra benefits to patients with tennis elbow, a study has found.
Malcolm Turnbull says there's no reason why Sussan Ley couldn't return to the federal frontbench, after she had to resign over an entitlements scandal.
Latrobe City Council says it will need funding support to cope with the economic dent caused by the Hazelwood power plant's pending closure.
One of the nation's peak business groups has urged the Turnbull government to stick to its 10-year company tax plan.
The prime minister says he has already told Pauline Hanson a ban on Muslims would be seen as doing what the terrorists want.
The cost of maintaining Australia's oldest coal-fired power station would run into 'many millions of dollars', Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says.
US scientists say they have evidence that random, unpredictable DNA copying "mistakes" account for nearly two-thirds of the cell mutations that cause cancer.
Australian scientists hope they might soon be able to repair the damaged DNA of astronauts and children with cancer using a compound found in fruit and vege.
The federal government will be overhauling childcare subsidies from mid-2018 after its package passed parliament.
One million Australian families are expected to be better off after a major overhaul of the childcare system passed the Senate, but not everyone is happy.
The Bureau of Meteorology has widened its cyclone watch area to include parts of central Queensland.

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SBS World News Presenter Anton Enus shares his experience of being diagnosed with bowel cancer.
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has taken to social media to once again call for the Muslim faith to be banned in Australia.
Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has shared her own personal experiences living on welfare in an emotional attack on the government.
Peter Dutton claims he has stopped granting 457 visas in areas of high youth unemployment. But he hasn't.
A three-year pilot program which offers support to refugees is helping people move off Centrelink payments and even start their own businesses.
More migrants are coming to Australia from countries where Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is practiced, and Australian service providers are often unsure of how...
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Comedian Benjamin Law has taken to Twitter to write about his personal experiences with racism following the proposed changes to 18c.