Polls open on Saturday for Papua New Guinea's national election, with the incumbent leader Peter O'Neill tipped to retain power.
A witness who in 2013 told NSW Police about a spate of gay hate bashings in Sydney's north in the late 1980s has since changed some of his evidence.
Australia should be firm and assertive in the South China Sea, says former CIA director David Petraeus.
Independent schools were on Friday celebrating the passage of the government's Gonski school funding reforms, while the Catholic sector counted the costs.
A Liberal delegate has told the party's federal conference people with low IQ "don't all vote for Labor".
A new Finance Department report shows Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young claimed over $2400 in taxpayer expenses to travel to Byron Bay in 2016.
Temporary barricades have been installed to prevent vehicles entering Sydney's Martin Place amid an ongoing review of public security.
The WA Health Department says the recent meningococcal diagnosis for a baby and young adult should be a timely reminder about the risk in winter and spring.
WA treasurer Ben Wyatt says a $169 increase to electricity for all households is to ensure all residents are paying their share of being connected to the grid.
It's time for Australian football codes to cut their ties with gambling firms, says senator Nick Xenophon.
CFMEU Victorian secretary John Setka says his comments about ABCC employees had been taken out of context, but he is sorry if anyone felt threatened.
Combating cyber crime is a top priority for the Australian government after the country's near miss during the WannaCry ransomware attack.
Women have been reminded to take caution when using pain relief in pregnancy, with new research suggesting prenatal paracetamol use may impact masculinity.
In an effort to reduce childhood obesity in NSW, the government has started an initiative where doctors will weigh children during regular check ups.
Queensland education minister Kate Jones says they're yet to make a decision on whether to fund Safe Schools past October, when federal funding runs out.

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