Mathias Cormann has not given up on the government's omnibus bill even though there is strong opposition to it, including from the Nick Xenophon Team.
Police are hunting for three men seen carrying accelerant at the scene of an arson attack on a Melbourne Islamic centre.

Four charged after Sydney bar fight

Four people have been charged after two bar staff were injured in a fight in Sydney's inner west.
The annual Razzie awards for the worst films of 2016 have been named, with a documentary criticising Hillary Clinton tied with a Batman versus Superman movie.
Police believe a 21-year-old man is connected to the stabbing of a Good Samaritan in Melbourne.
Two Victorian Labor MPs have been forced to resign for their 'appalling behaviour' in claiming allowances, prompting an overhaul of the system.
Indonesian President Joko Widodo's Australian visit has delivered a restoration of defence co-operation after a spat over apparently offensive material.
The six directors nominated for best foreign language film have released a joint statement two days out from Hollywood's biggest night.
The RSL's NSW council has agreed to stand aside, a month after the league's national body charged nine councillors over an alleged financial cover-up.
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has held his first official meeting, with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, after arriving in Sydney.
More than 1000 people affected by the Bourke Street incident have called the Victorian Emergency helpline for assistance, mostly over mental health issues.

A Hayes wins Blue Diamond again

The Hayes racing dynasty's dominance of Victoria's premier race for two-year-olds has continued.
Visiting Indonesian President Joko Widodo has attended a trade meeting in Sydney on his whirlwind tour.
Australian artist Max Angus, best known for his watercolour Tasmanian landscapes, has died aged 102.
Professor Shaun Brennecke will speak about a 'promising' blood test to predict preeclampsia at a pathology conference in Sydney on Sunday.

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