Police say it's unclear what caused a baby boy's death in Wagga Wagga but a man has been arrested over the incident.

Australia eyes Hong Kong trade deal

Trade Minister Steve Ciobo is taking the first steps towards a free trade agreement with Hong Kong, calling for public submissions.
Former RAAF flight sergeant Wendy Walker is proud of her 16 years service but often doesn't feel "worthy" to march with other veterans in Anzac Day parades.
The horrible fate of 18 Aussie diggers is never far from the mind of Korean war veteran Vic Dey when he lines up to march on Anzac Day.
Proud to be "still kicking" at 97, WWII veteran Jim Moir is among thousands of veterans preparing to take part in Anzac Day marches across the country.
The annual Anzac Day parades are drawing larger numbers of Vietnam veterans but for many the occasion brings back mixed memories.

Commonwealth Games tickets go live

Applications for the ticket lottery for seats at next year's Commonwealth Games have gone live, with not even the premier technically guaranteed a spot.
The Queensland treasurer says Cyclone Debbie and the flooding it caused is estimated to have caused damage worth $1.5 billion.
Employment Minster Michaelia Cash says the welfare system is there as a safety net, not something to fund people's lifestyles.
Labor and The Greens have dropped a percentage point each, while Coalition support remains steady.
Samuel Johnson believes he took home the Gold Logie award because of his Facebook fame.
A 50-year-old woman remains missing a week after she vanished from a rural property in the NSW Southern Tablelands.
A 12-year-old boy who managed to drive 1300km across NSW before being pulled over was involved in a bingle at some stage during his road trip.
The Turnbull government's commitment to give almost $56 million to community and indigenous legal services over the next three years has been welcomed by Labor.
Universities Australia says the higher education sector and students have done more than their share of wearing federal budget cuts over the past six years.

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Hundreds of the minority group now call the regional NSW city of Wagga Wagga home.