Australian scientists have found where intact HIV hides in the body, which could help lead to a cure for the deadly disease.
Queensland's emergency services will combine at a state-of-the-art nerve centre to deliver the safety and security operations for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
An updated free trade deal between Australia and Singapore has cleared parliament.
An Australian researcher has worked out how to help people tap into and potentially control their dreams.
The military has stringent health criteria for recruitment which is why the number of sex-change cases in its ranks are actually below the national average.
An inquiry into errors by sacked forensic biologist Laurance Webb has concluded it does not throw into doubt WA criminal convictions.
More abuse and neglect has been reported in facilities that care for vulnerable Victorians, a report reveals.
Carmen Reed has been caring for her parents since she was 12 years old. It is a job the grandmother of seven is still doing.
The NT chief minister wants to rip up current liquor laws and start from scratch, saying he'll support almost all the recommendations from a sweeping review.
Senate delays vote on setting up inquiry into allegations made by whistleblowers about rigging machines, drug accusations at Melbourne casino.
Ten people died following a fatal thunderstorm asthma event in Victoria and a coroner will investigate their deaths.
Doctors' groups have raised concerns about unqualified practitioners following a spate of botched procedures recently.
Researchers in the US say they now have a better understanding of the origins of ovarian cancer, which they hope will lead to better detection and prevention.
Business groups are putting pressure on the federal parliament to back a cut in the corporate tax to 25 per cent for all firms.
Labor MP Ed Husic has called for the government to release its report on the death of a young work for the dole participant.

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