A dolphin leaped onto a boat in the United States, crashing into a woman and breaking both her ankles.
A woman fought off bees, started a fire and survived on apples - all after giving birth in a lonely stretch of Northern California forest.
It took hours of pushing and persuading, but police finally managed to rescue a hog from a basement.
A blind Jack Russell is looking for a home along with his best mate and 'guide-dog' after the pair were abandoned three weeks ago.
Pepper, the 'emotional robot', sold out within a minute of going on sale.
A North Korean pharmaceutical company has trumped global science, claiming it has invented a vaccine for MERS.
A London bakery has asked cake enthusiasts around the world to stop making orders, after a photo of their Lego wedding cake went viral online.
Female scientists have posted tongue-in-cheek pictures of themselves at work, using the hashtag #distractinglysexy to mock Tim Hunt's comments that mixed-gender...
If you think there's more to Eurovision than stage shows and pop songs, the University of Melbourne has just the course for you.
While the ingenious idea of a toilet in an elevator may seem particularly Japanese, people get stuck in elevators everywhere. Perhaps this will soon be coming to...
LONDON, June 3 (Reuters) - The BBC apologised on Wednesday after a journalist erroneously posted a Twitter message saying Britain's Queen Elizabeth had been taken...

How to attend your own funeral

Funerals can be a painful experience for mourners, but one 3D projection company is trying to lighten the mood - offering a service for the recently departed to...
A lamb at a farm in Canada has found a new mother in the family dog, after being rejected by its mother.
A specific text message, containing certain characters, has reportedly caused some iPhones to crash.
The dress code for the immigration department now specifies that it's inappropriate for staff to wear onesies and ugg boots to work.

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In the three months since Cyclone Pam cut a swathe through much of Vanuatu, the focus has been on recovery and re-buliding. In Port Vila, the emphasis is on...
Treasurer Joe Hockey’s suggestion that people should “get a good job that pays good money” in order to buy their first home, sparked a debate about housing...
I’ve just spent what for some Americans is three-month’s salary to see the Grateful Dead, and I’m feeling a little guilty.
A new study offers yet another compelling reason to drink tea: bone health.