US firefighters rescued a woman from a chimney after she became stuck while allegedly breaking into the home of a man she met online, reports said Monday.
Prepare to be terrified in one minute flat.
Birds do it, bees do it and now Australian scientists have discovered where 'it' all started.
A Canadian man has claimed to have found a mouse at the bottom of his McDonald's coffee.
US President Barack Obama said his card was declined at a New York restaurant he patronised while visiting the United Nations.
A UK family were shocked to get a text from their dead granny who had been buried with her phone; the phone company had reassigned the number.
A Japanese artist has created an online comic tackling the effects of sexism on men and women which has quickly gone viral.
Would you erase memories if you could?
Incredible footage of a squid attacking a Greenpeace submarine has been posted online.
A Spanish comedy club only wants you to pay for the parts that get you laughing.
It was dubbed the legroom wars and now a Haitian man risks up to 20 years in a US prison for losing his cool when a passenger reclined a seat on a flight from...
Archaeologists in Arizona say they have discovered an ancient village comprised of between 50 and 70 "pit houses".

Thank fruit flies for beer's smell

Beer's enticing yeasty smell evolved to attract fruit flies, not people, in a unique symbiotic relationship.
What is it about toothpaste that transforms the sweet taste of orange juice into something so atrociously bitter?
Just let him have the necklace!

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3D printer makes man's heel

Doctors have used a 3D printer to help save a Melbourne man from losing his leg to cancer.
The European commissioner says the United Kingdom's calls for a cap on immigration would be an historic mistake that would go against the European Union's...
A young footballer has died in India's north-east after damaging his spinal cord while doing a somersault to celebrate a goal.
Dr Michelle Johnston, Emergency Doctor with Royal Perth Hospital, told Insight there is no doubt that she and her staff are seeing more women in the Emergency...
Giving her first speech in 13 years and joining Twitter, Monica Lewinsky told a packed auditorium that she became one of the earliest victims of cyber-bullying...