A beggar arrested in Iran Wednesday had millions of rials (thousands of dollars) in his pockets and a great deal more in two bank accounts, an official said.
Wikipedia has launched a fundraising initiative -- dubbed WikiCheese -- to photograph France's bewildering varieties of cheese.
Siberian air passengers had to get out and push their plane in temperatures of minus 52 degrees Celsius after its chassis froze, Russian prosecutors said.
To boldly go where no tandoori lamb chop has gone before.
Dylan and his band on Sunday afternoon performed at Philadelphia's Academy of Music to just one lucky fan.
A woman has fallen into a three-metre sinkhole in a Melbourne backyard.
A US man has confirmed his status as the top competitive eater in the world by consuming 4.24kg of turkey in 10 minutes.
A watercolour painted by a young Adolf Hitler a century ago has gone under the hammer for $194,990.

Put down that toilet spray

A US company is selling a smell-free battery-operated toilet seat includes a fan that sucks in air, pushing it through an odour-eating carbon filter.
A golden retriever has shot to worldwide fame after a hilariously bad attempt at an agility contest.
Public transport powered by human waste and sewage could be the next big trend in sustainable energy. For real.
A California church is keeping up with its fast-paced followers by offering prayers to commuters on the roads.
A Brazilian artist is blazing his way through the art world with weed paintings created by blowing cannabis smoke.
Japan is taking a novel approach to entice young people to join its Defence force, with a recruitment drive showing its service men and women in ‘sexy or cute’...

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The battle of the year as rival network personalities engage in an inner-city brawl that makes Ron Burgandy’s scuffle in Anchorman seem trivial.
An Australian family Friday spoke of their shock after a man jumped out of bushes and drove off in a hearse carrying the body of a relative just before his funeral.
Cricket fans have been taking to social media to mark the passing of Phillip Hughes in a heart-warming and six-hitting way.

Vale Phillip Hughes, 1988 - 2014

Family, friends, team mates and fans are in mourning after the passing of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes.
Video bloggers – known as 'vloggers' – must make it clear to their audiences when they are promoting products, a British advertising standards body has ruled.
This could be the moment all Australian adults are allowed to have their relationships recognised, Australian Marriage Equality believes.
They're called "man's best friend" for a reason.