Put down that toilet spray

A US company is selling a smell-free battery-operated toilet seat includes a fan that sucks in air, pushing it through an odour-eating carbon filter.
A golden retriever has shot to worldwide fame after a hilariously bad attempt at an agility contest.
Public transport powered by human waste and sewage could be the next big trend in sustainable energy. For real.
A California church is keeping up with its fast-paced followers by offering prayers to commuters on the roads.
A Brazilian artist is blazing his way through the art world with weed paintings created by blowing cannabis smoke.
Japan is taking a novel approach to entice young people to join its Defence force, with a recruitment drive showing its service men and women in ‘sexy or cute’...

Cat cafes take off in Japan

The cat cafe didn't originate in Japan, but it's taken hold in a country where many houses are too small to keep a pet.
Diagrams showing the inner workings of the penis and vagina have instead been replaced by pictures of fluffy ducklings and cute polar bears.
They’re emotionally unavailable and known for their chilly independence—traits that at most qualify felines for the role of 'man’s best frenemy.'
Police and firefighters were desperately hunting for a tiger on the loose near Paris Thursday after a local resident spotted the fearsome animal in a car park and...
No decision fatigue here.
A massive mammal has been named World's Tallest Cow by the Guiness Book of Records.
Ever wanted to drown out the sound of politicians with the hilarious one-liners of Jerry Seinfeld? Well a new video posted to YouTube does just that and the...
According to the preview for 'Eaten Alive', naturalist and wildlife film-maker Paul Rosolie will don a “custom-built snake-proof suit” and “enter the belly” of a...

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I worked out of what might be the best-designed office space in America. Here's what it taught me about productivity, concentration, and happiness at work.
The father of teenager, Michael Brown has appealed for calm ahead of a US grand jury decision against the officer.
Two Perth men are hoping to be selected to take part in a proposed one-way trip to Mars in 2024.
A Russian tourist has been fined 20,000 euros ($A30,000) for engraving a big letter 'K' on a wall of the ...
The forgotten birth language of adoptees can apparently leave its traces in the brain, many years after the adoption has taken place.
A golden retriever has shot to worldwide fame after a hilariously bad attempt at an agility contest.
It started with a tweet, but the spat between Jacqui Lambie and Clive Palmer was close to breaking point this week.