Thrill seeker Dean Potter has released a short documentary film about his dog Whisper, the world’s first wingsuit base-jumping dog. But not everyone is happy...
A guard at Buckingham Palace in London has been left red-faced after he slipped and fell in front of hundreds of tourists.
A British journalist has attempted to live-blog a press conference that was given in a language he didn't understand.
Beer lovers can now enjoy an out-of-this world experience, all thanks to some passionate brewers who believe the sky is not the limit.
A mountain lion hiding in a crawl space under a Los Angeles house has left its urban refuge, wildlife officials said on Tuesday.
IBM's Watson is the author of a newly released cookbook.
An Alaska Airlines flight bound for Los Angeles was forced to return to Seattle, after discovering a ramp agent was trapped in the cargo hold.
A chimpanzee in a Netherlands zoo has once again shown chimps are intelligent, attacking a drone that was filming it before dismantling the device.
A maths problem for Singapore school students has gone viral after a TV presenter posted it on his Facebook page. Can you work it out?
This version of Monty Python's Galaxy Song is likely to be one of the best covers you'll ever hear.
The ethical question we need to ask is: why would we ever want to bring back dinosaurs to today’s world? Would they have any purpose, or just be odd curiosities?
Police have charged a woman who accidentally dropped her two-year-old son into a cheetah pit at a US zoo.
Hillary Clinton's campaign roll-out on social media set Twitter abuzz, but part of the discussion quickly veered away from the candidate herself to her new logo,...
Film locations for fantasy drama Game of Thrones have become the travel destination dreams of many Aussie fans, with flight searches surging last season.
Russia's state media bureau, Roskomnadzor, has announced a ban of internet memes that do not accurately portray public figures.

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Even for a company that's trying to produce driverless cars and "solve" mortality, getting employees to overcome their own biases is a challenge.
A Muslim couple who were verbally abused on a Sydney train want their abuser charged after video footage capturing the racist tirade went viral.
Greece's government is releasing detainees from immigration centres and allowing them to move freely around the country.
The new Star Wars trailer has premiered at the annual 'Star Wars Celebration' fan convention near Los Angeles.
After getting a patent for giving robots personalities last month, Google now wants to unleash an army of robots on the world.
Women fleeing abusive partners may have wait until next year before getting access to a scheme recognising ...
Wondering why the state leaders have been going tit-for-tat over the Goods and Services Tax this week? It’s a billion dollar debate that’s set to dominate...