An Alaskan TV reporter has quit her job on live television, leaving her colleagues stunned.
After 44 hours of waiting in line for the iPhone 6, a man in England is hoping to bring happiness to his estranged wife.
A Swedish man charged with rape has been acquitted because he suffers from sexsomnia.
Bolivian President Evo Morales is slated to win next year's election to serve a third term until 2020 but he's already thinking about life after retiring from...
A furniture retailer has mistakenly emailed customers to announce it has launched 'in a new country,' in an apparent bungle over the result of Scotland's...
Thousands of people have gathered in Bangkok in an attempt to break the world record for mass hula hooping.
A baby fox has lingered for a few pats and an affectionate lick to say "thank you" for being rescued from a tin can.
Imagine a car that can be made, while you wait, in under two hours. The creators of a world first 3D printed car hope to be able to do this in the not-to-distant...
Competitors have travelled from across the globe to compete in the British Beard and Moustache Championships.
The city of Chongqing in China has reportedly set up the country's first sidewalk for 'mobile phone addicts', with a lane specifically dedicated to those glued to...
Kanye West's Friday concert in Sydney is making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Hornets sabotage Czech race

Hornets have attacked and stung 30 runners taking part in an orienteering race in the Czech Republic, with four people taken to hospital.

Tallest dog in the world dies

Zeus, the Great Dane who in 2012 earned the Guinness World Record as tallest dog in the world, has died at age five.
Burger King in Japan is taking black food to another level.
A sixth-grade teacher at a Washington, D.C., middle school is in deep water after assigning students to make comparisons between former president George W. Bush...

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Uruguay’s leader José Mujica must be one of the world’s most unusual presidents – he gives away 90% of his salary to charity and chooses to live a very basic lifestyle.
The parents of Reeva Steenkamp say they’ve been left exhausted by what they’ve been through over the last year and a half, but they still don’t think that justice...
Controversy has ensued after a British YouTube celebrity posted a prank video of him sexually harassing women.
An Alaskan TV reporter has quit her job on live television, leaving her colleagues stunned.
Health services and community members are raising the alarm over high rates of methamphetamine use in the Kimberley region, with reports of teenagers as young as...
Biotechnology company CSL sources over one million eggs each week to keep Australia stocked with vaccine to combat the potential threat of an influenza pandemic.
It was the wink that won the headlines, but will Tony Abbott’s infamous reaction to a phone sex worker take out the top award at this year’s Ernies?