“Let me tell you one thing. In the world we live in, 98 percent of what gets built and designed today is pure shit.”
A beauty contest of a different kind took place in China.
The threat of living under ISIS rule is all too real for people in Baghdad. But the cast of a popular Iraqi television program is using humour to dispel some of...
Toys'R'Us was embroiled in controversy Tuesday after a Florida woman complained about the kids' store selling dolls of fictional drug dealer Walter White and...
US firefighters rescued a woman from a chimney after she became stuck while allegedly breaking into the home of a man she met online, reports said Monday.
Prepare to be terrified in one minute flat.
Birds do it, bees do it and now Australian scientists have discovered where 'it' all started.
A Canadian man has claimed to have found a mouse at the bottom of his McDonald's coffee.
US President Barack Obama said his card was declined at a New York restaurant he patronised while visiting the United Nations.
A UK family were shocked to get a text from their dead granny who had been buried with her phone; the phone company had reassigned the number.
A Japanese artist has created an online comic tackling the effects of sexism on men and women which has quickly gone viral.
Would you erase memories if you could?
Incredible footage of a squid attacking a Greenpeace submarine has been posted online.
A Spanish comedy club only wants you to pay for the parts that get you laughing.
It was dubbed the legroom wars and now a Haitian man risks up to 20 years in a US prison for losing his cool when a passenger reclined a seat on a flight from...

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Members of the public around the world now have the chance to bankroll young scientists carrying out cutting-edge research, thanks to a new crowd funding platform...
Another case of a child being removed from home has emerged in New South Wales. NITV News reporter Tara Callinan spoke with a man who had his granddaughter taken...
Mosques across Australia have opened their doors to the public in an effort to help diffuse community tensions.
Tens of thousands of Italians took to the streets of Rome Saturday for a demo organised by Italy's largest trade union to protest Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's...
Jack Bruce, the composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, has died of liver disease, aged 71.
The final social media postings of the teenage gunman in Friday's US school shooting had offered a chilling forewarning of the carnage he was preparing to unleash...