Now you can have your Big Mac and wear it too.
A bus in Brazil has been swallowed by a sinkhole before being washed away by the river below. Luckily, all the passengers escaped unharmed.
Frtiz is really good at not being so good.
British police said on Monday they were hunting for thieves who broke into an apartment in northwest England and stole 38 Royal Python snakes.
Education minister Christopher Pyne may have become Hollywood's newest villain thanks to a Star Wars spoof video that cast him as one of Darth Vader's henchmen.
The BBC is under pressure to replace suspended Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson with another famous presenter – Alan Partridge.
Polish border guards were surprised when a woman emerged from a suitcase as her husband tried to smuggle her into the EU.
A local Victorian man has filmed two angry koalas sumo wrestling each other, an aggressive behaviour not normally associated with these marsupials.
A fully-clothed dog walking on its two hind legs has been causing heads to turn recently in southwest China's Sichuan Province.
A fish and chip shop owner says he won't be taking his 'Bali Nine' burger off the menu, but he might modify its name to limit any offence it might cause.
If you're a math enthusiast, maybe you'll be celebrating when the calendar and the clock align to show the first 10 digits of pi.
Police are searching for a knife wielding pirate who tried to force his way onto a Gold Coast film set.
Two Pakistani teenagers have shot to fame after their rendition of Justin Bieber's song 'Baby' went viral.
A bus driver tasked with taking 50 Belgian tourists to a French ski resort got his GPS directions wrong, and made a 1200km detour.
Canada's central bank is urging citizens to stop defacing their $5 notes in a tribute to deceased actor Leonard Nimoy.

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Now you can have your Big Mac and wear it too.
Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is being farewelled at a state funeral in Melbourne.
Ovarian cancer is much rarer than breast cancer. So those of us who work in the field actually hope there’s no 'Jolie effect' in this instance because it’s likely...