A skydiver has escaped death after having a seizure during a 12,000 foot jump.
Residents in the Dutch town of Purmerend have come under attack from a European eagle owl in recent weeks, with some requiring treatment in hospital.
Two escaped llamas led authorities in Phoenix on a long chase as audiences nationwide were captivated by live video of their escapades filmed from television news...
It’s worked before, in animals.
Pop queen Madonna has stolen the show at the 2015 Brit Awards falling off the stage during a performance after a major wardrobe malfunction.
Israel's mayor of Jerusalem and his security guard wrestled a Palestinian attacker to the ground near city hall on Sunday after an ultra-Orthodox Jew was stabbed...
The discovery of an old box full of manuscripts has led to the coming release of Dr. Seuss' latest tale 'What Pet Should I Get?'
More than 600 people in the small Japanese city of Iiyama have raced to complete a whopping 1585 snowmen in an hour, to claim a new world record.
An art gallery in Britain has issued an odd challenge to visitors to its gallery to spot a fake artwork planted in the gallery.
Romania's foreign ministry apologised on Friday after its embassy in Paris sent out invitations for a reception and accidentally attached a spreadsheet with...
Jeremy Meeks' mugshot inspired fundraising efforts and Facebook groups after his piercing eyes and defiant glare sent the Internet into a frenzy last year.
A restaurant featuring the culinary delights of the hit book series and TV show 'Game of Thrones' is set to open in London, but fans will have to be quick to...
US Republican Senator Rand Paul has told TV anchor Kelly Evans to shush and 'calm down' after she questioned his stance on vaccines and the efficacy of corporate...
Hundreds have gathered in the US state of Pennsylvania for the annual Groundhog Day tradition.

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