The dress code for the immigration department now specifies that it's inappropriate for staff to wear onesies and ugg boots to work.
From Drew Barrymore flashing her breasts to Justin Bieber mentioning the 'sixteenth chapel,' David Letterman has had many memorable moments on his talk show. Here...
The shoe scandal was immediately dubbed 'Flatgate.'
The pet dogs of US actor Johnny Depp could be seized or euthanised by Department of Agriculture officials after the Hollywood star reportedly failed to declare...
A staffer for Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul has come up with a novel way to fend off opposition observers on his boss's campaign trail, giving one...
Leading online resource announced the newest words to be added to its annals revealing our fascination with the internet’s dark side
Employees at a Florida pizza restaurant have been praised for helping rescue a customer who wrote a message in her online order that she was being held hostage.
Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling has posted a video clip of himself finally eating cereal in memory of meme creator Ryan McHenry, who died from cancer on the weekend.
Nunchi, in Korean, is the art of listening and gauging another’s mood. Here are some more words we think might be useful at work, at home, and everywhere else.
Security cameras have captured the journey of an unusual visitor to Hamilton Base Hospital in western Victoria.

How filthy is your beard?

A cost-benefit analysis of manliness and microbiology.
A mysterious artist who calls himself 'Wansky' has been spray-painting penises around potholes to attract attention from his local council.
A New Zealand man is alleged to have extracted four women's teeth with pliers and attempted to remove the teeth of one woman during sex.
The Chinese government is working with police to crack down on so-called 'funeral strippers' that are hired by families to attract large crowds.
New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key has publicly apologised to an Auckland waitress for persistently pulling her ponytail while visiting her cafe.

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On this National Day of Healing 2015, let’s recognise that the starting point of 'sorry' is to have empathy – a virtue that is vital for Australians to reach...

Abbott downplays tampon tax pledge

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has hosed down promises to push the states to make tampons and other sanitary products could soon be exempt from the Goods and Services...
Academics and educators have called on governments and institutions to focus attention on preserving Indigenous languages.
As people in Western Australia struggle for more information about plans to close up to 150 remote communities across the state, Living Black reporter Craig...
Guy Sebastian’s catchy Eurovision song 'Tonight Again' is making waves on European charts, following his stand-out performance in Vienna.
Morrissey is playing four shows at the Sydney Opera House during Vivid 2015, but fans will need to be vegetarian during his performances.

Blog: The Emerald isle turns into a rainbow nation

How did one of the most Catholic countries in the world become the first to vote for same sex marriage?