The British government says a hoax caller was put through to the prime minister's phone and spoke to David Cameron.
Scottish tennis star Andy Murray has revealed he may not wear any underwear under his kilt at his upcoming wedding.
A water shortage has forced some Brazilian residents to dice with crocodiles in order to stay clean and hydrated.
A woman from Ohio in the US has been arrested after going on a glitter-rampage, trashing her boss's desk and ruining office property.

Pope upsets German rabbit breeders

The president of a German rabbit breeding group has taken issue with the Pope over his comment that Catholics don't have to 'breed like rabbits'.

Boy invoiced for party no-show

The parents of a British five-year-old boy have been left shocked after being sent an 'invoice' and threatened with legal action, after missing his friend's...
A Chinese newspaper issued an apology for sneaking into a morgue and taking photos of a popular singer after she died from breast cancer at a hospital in Shenzhen.
Two drivers in Sydney have had their licences stolen by a man pretending to be a police officer who pulled them over and breath tested them.
Nicholas Brannon arrived this season as the latest college intern in the Cincinnati Bengals' athletic training department. He left indicted by the grand jury,...
A Costa Rican woman has managed to steal a TV under her skirt undetected.
A Los Angeles artist is offering to tattoo anyone's name on her body for a mere $12.
US health officials say more cases of measles have been confirmed connected to visits to Disney theme parks in California.
A vegetable producer will give away 200 tonnes of spuds after breaching WA's potato laws by growing too much, and says the industry must be deregulated.
A labrador is a local celebrity in the US city of Seattle as she rides the bus by herself to her favourite dog park if her owner is too slow getting ready.
Mahinda Rajapaksa's defeat in the Sri Lankan presidential election has put another person out of work: the astrologer who advised him to call snap polls.

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