A police inquiry has been launched into a German store's sale of mugs that inadvertently featured an image of Hitler on them.
Liang Kegang, who recently sold a jar of clean air from Provence for $904, is one of several artists protesting at China's air quality.
In what the German press has dubbed the “Peniskuchen-Affäre,” the General Secretary of Germany's far-right National Democratic Party has stepped down after he was...
Former US president George W. Bush said relations with Vladimir Putin became "increasingly tense" during his White House years, as he unveiled his portraits of...

US restaurant chain 'bans' Putin

A New York-based food chain has banned Russia's Vladimir Putin from its restaurants, saying he'll be welcome back when he stops "picking on people".
You can't always believe what you read online, especially if it's April Fools Day. We've scoured the web for some of the best jokes creating buzz this morning.
In Denmark, a travel company is 'prescribing' romantic holidays, launching a 'baby-making holiday' competition to boost the country's low birth rate.
A 10-shilling note dating back to the 1800s has sold for a record AUD$334,000 at a Sydney auction.
Pakistani readers of the International New York Times were met with a half-empty front page on Sunday, after a cover story on Osama Bin Laden was removed.
A gang of thieves spent months digging a tunnel under a Tesco grocery and petrol station to steal almost $150,000 dollars from an ATM.
Courtney Love's social media musings about the fate of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has spawned a slew of parodies.
Video showing a man nearly being killed as he ignores numerous railway warning signs has been released in the US in an effort to raise public awareness.

'Superman with a GoPro' goes viral

A point-of-view fan video of Superman taking to the skies, fighting crime and saving damsels in distress has quickly gone viral on YouTube.

Courtney Love 'finds' missing plane

Social media users have been left scratching their heads after grunge rocker Courtney Love took to Facebook to point out what she claims is evidence of missing...
A Facebook user posing as Prince Harry has conned an Austrian floor layer out of 30,000 euros by hiring him to help renovate Buckingham Palace.
A tiny Hong Kong shop measuring just 12 square metres has sold for more than $US23 million ($A25.56 million).
Mick Jagger says the Chinese censors banned the Rolling Stones' classic hit Honky Tonk Women when the band played in Shanghai.
The Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro plans to ban procedures such as tail docking and removal of cat claws, as well as ear cropping for dogs.
A Cardiff man is thought to be one of the first trauma patients in the world to have a procedure in which 3D printing was used at every stage.
Graffiti has plagued the Great Wall for decades but at the Mutianyu section, northeast of Beijing, authorities have set up a free graffiti zone.
Melbourne's Yarra river has drawn the weird and wonderful, for the annual Birdman Rally.
Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres takes a star-studded selfie and breaks Twitter.
Funeral home workers were about to prepare a corpse when they noticed it moving inside its body bag.

Pill could help humans live longer

A pill to help humans live longer, healthier lives may be in the pipeline following successful tests of the new drug on mice.
Call off the search - the North Queensland town of Bowen's famous Big Mango has been found, and it was all a ruse.
Cast and crew of popular South Korean variety show Running Man have touched down in Australia to film a Down Under special.
It's not every day a giant mango goes missing, but that's exactly what happened to a a 10 metre high replica of the fruit in the Queensland town of Bowen.
A pair of Russian daredevil climbers ascended to the top of the world's second tallest building in China's commercial hub Shanghai, posting a stomach-turning...

Penguin falls in love with zookeeper

A female penguin has fallen in love with her zookeeper, proving love isn't always black and white.
'Sesame Street Fighter' takes the popular children's television show and combines it with the classic beat-em-up arcade game to produce a humorous way to test...

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A poster in a London barber, which pokes fun at Kim Jong Un's undercut hairstyle with the slogan "Bad Hair Day?", has attracted the ire of Pyongyang.
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A new study has found climate change could make fish do strange things.
A custom made, one-handed guitar is helping a former Vietnamese refugee with a traumatic brain injury reconnect with his music and there are hopes the design...
Wine, sport and spoons were among the gifts declared by members of the NSW Parliament throughout 2010 and 2011, but a $3000 bottle of Grange made no appearance.
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In the nearly two years since Google began testing its augmented-reality eyewear, public reaction has progressed from "that's amazing" to "those look stupid" to ...
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It's a well known fact that the fashion industry is very competitive and it turns out it's even harder if you're an indigenous model - but there's a growing push...