Would you sign your dog up for the gym? Pet owners in the US now have the chance after a new 'dog gym' opened in the state of Virginia.
A 90-year-old grandmother in the US has finally realised her goal of skydiving after decades of dreaming. stature
It may look silly but one woman's travelling cat circus is actually helping to spread an important message.
Surgeons in Mumbai have removed 232 teeth from the mouth of an Indian teenager in what they believe may be a world-record operation, the hospital said Thursday.
A tree planted in a Los Angeles park in memory of the late George Harrison of the Beatles has been killed by beetles, a city councilor said Tuesday.
A US man’s life changed when he took home a feathered friend and formed an inseparable bond.
Finding love is all about the bulge for Jacqui Lambie. In terms of the back pocket and the front pouch, the Palmer United Party senator is looking for a...
A monkey from a travelling circus in Sydney is safe and sound after a short-lived bid for freedom, owners say.
Japanese police Friday raided the apartment of a provincial politician who became an Internet sensation after he was filmed crying like a toddler when confronted...
An attempt to kill a spider with a lighter and spray paint has resulted in a US man almost burning down his home.
An Istanbul bus driver was sacked Wednesday after video footage showed him immersed in a book while travelling at high speed on a busy street in the Turkish...
German police are hunting for thieves who made off with 10 truckloads of beer while the country was distracted by World Cup football fever.
A British woman holds the record for failing the practical element of her driving test. She finally passed on her 24th attempt.
In a country known for its high-tech 'smart loos', a Japanese exhibition dedicated to what gets flushed down them and featuring a giant toilet slide is making a...
Clive Palmer isn't the first person to walk out midway through a TV interview, nor will he be the last. After the Palmer United Party leader made an abrupt exit...

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SBS journalist Nick Lazaredes says he 'hit the ground' after gunfire erupted around him at the 'highly volatile' MH17 crash site in Ukraine.
People from an isolated Amazonian community have emerged from the Amazon rainforest and made contact with the outside world in a video released by Brazil's...
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