A Japanese official says opposition to Japan's whaling program is a kind of "eco-imperialism".
They're called "man's best friend" for a reason.
It appears that cup colour plays a big part in the way coffee drinkers perceive the taste of their morning cuppa.
Countering the claim that texting is ruining spines.
Every ten minutes in Australia someone has a heart attack.
The pain might not match what women endure during childbirth, but it at least offers a taste.
The race to be ready for the launch of the world's first commercial flights from Spaceport America came undone when Virgin Galactic's spaceship broke up over the...
The joys of unfalsifiability.
Public transport powered by human waste and sewage could be the next big trend in sustainable energy. For real.
They were also likely to pay for sex while holidaying in sex tourism hotspots, and had higher rates of sexually transmitted infections.
These are the prime "what am I doing with my life?" years.
Triclosan now seems to cause liver damage, too.
A passionate kiss lasting more than 10 seconds can transfer as many as 80 million bacteria to the other person, according to a study.
What the ages of Nobel Prize winners tell us about creativity

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It was a week of barnacles, budget cuts and overall disunity in parliament, but at least it started with some bipartisan love.
Whenever a government looks like it is about to sink a few things always happen - have they begun for Abbott?
The battle of the year as rival network personalities engage in an inner-city brawl that makes Ron Burgandy’s scuffle in Anchorman seem trivial.
An Australian family Friday spoke of their shock after a man jumped out of bushes and drove off in a hearse carrying the body of a relative just before his funeral.
Cricket fans have been taking to social media to mark the passing of Phillip Hughes in a heart-warming and six-hitting way.
Video bloggers – known as 'vloggers' – must make it clear to their audiences when they are promoting products, a British advertising standards body has ruled.
This could be the moment all Australian adults are allowed to have their relationships recognised, Australian Marriage Equality believes.