News reports are focusing on the Germanwings pilot's possible depression, following a familiar script in the wake of mass killings. But the evidence shows...
Ovarian cancer is much rarer than breast cancer. So those of us who work in the field actually hope there’s no 'Jolie effect' in this instance because it’s likely...
Angelina Jolie, in publicly airing the details of a surgery that forced her into early menopause, is taking an activist approach to oversharing.
Ever wondered why stepping on Lego hurts so much, when children can go unphased? Here's the answer.
The federal government has pledged $30 million over three years in the Indo-Pacific region for research on the growing threat of drug resistant tuberculosis and...
Experts have warned that a particularly bad strain of flu that hit the northern hemisphere could be coming to Australia.
Pushing late into the night is a health and productivity killer.
Primary schools across the Australia have begun teaching students how to computer code.
You might want to think twice before piling up on birthday gifts for the young one this year.
An international scientific team that includes Australians believes it could be on the verge of a breakthrough in development of an Ebola vaccine.
A new independent statutory office for enhancing online safety for children looks set to be introduced soon.
Scientists at a British museum have worked out the living weight of one of its most prized dinosaurs, a stegosaurus.
A piece of jawbone with teeth attached, uncovered in Ethiopia, is the earliest known fossil of the genus Homo, to which humans belong, researchers say.

Penis sizes ranked in new study

Is your penis normal? For everyone who has ever wondered, UK researchers have found an answer to average penis size after analysing 20 studies of more than 15,500...
It’s worked before, in animals.

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While the news coming out of forests is often dominated by deforestation and habitat loss, research published in Nature Climate Change shows that the world has...
Australia won't be officially represented in Yerevan next month at the centenary commemorations of the mass killings of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks.
This week, teenagers open up about life at Holroyd High, a western Sydney school giving kids from all backgrounds a second chance.
David Beckham has rekindled his bromance with English comedian Jame Corden to shoot a spoof underwear commercial.
Successive governments have largely ignored the issue, vainly hoping that strengthening either Medicare, or private health insurance, will be enough to solve the...
An email revealing the passport numbers and visa details of 31 world leaders attending the G20 summit was accidentally sent to the wrong person.