Imagine a car that can be made, while you wait, in under two hours. The creators of a world first 3D printed car hope to be able to do this in the not-to-distant...
The city of Chongqing in China has reportedly set up the country's first sidewalk for 'mobile phone addicts', with a lane specifically dedicated to those glued to...
The Ebola scare on the Gold Coast shows Australia is well prepared to manage a potential case of the deadly virus, experts say.
The history and psychology of hold music.
Experts say any changes to cannabis legislation to allow for medical use needs to be considered very carefully, as a new study links daily cannabis use by...
Apple gets more than half its revenue from iPhone sales, which makes Tuesday a big day for the company.
A group of young Chileans have created what they claim is the world's first 'unstealable' bike.
Here are some tips for spending those precious 48 hours in a way that boosts energy, helps you tap into your creative synapses, and prepare for a productive week...
Twitter has begun testing "buy buttons" that let people make purchases directly from marketing posts fired off at the globally popular one-to-many messaging service.

Evil not so banal, says new probe

What prompts ordinary people to commit acts of evil?
New Zealanders keen to view hacked photos of naked celebrities are being blamed for a nationwide Internet meltdown involving the country's main provider.
Delegates from more than 100 nations have been attending the United Nations 'Small Island Developing States Conference' in Samoa.
Five reasons why celebrities and civilians should never trust Apple with nude photos, or any data at all.
The ethics of looking away
Dick Warburton says his personal views sceptical of climate change had no bearing on his review of the renewable energy target scheme.

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An angry member of the public has posted photographs to Reddit of a note allegedly left by a Sydney motorist who crashed into a parked car saying: 'I am Asian and can...
I recently found myself at a bookshop at Sydney’s domestic airport with less than ten minutes until my plane boarded. Scanning around frantically for something to...
A pioneering program in Denmark is providing support to young people returning from Middle Eastern war zones. But could it work in Australia?
Researchers at MIT have created a robotic cheetah capable of running at 16 kilometres an hour and jumping over obstacles.
Fans of Bollywood star Deepika Padukone have vowed to boycott India's biggest newspaper after it published a photo and report dedicated to her cleavage.
Hundreds of families across Australia break the law every day by using medical marijuana. Today, new laws which allow medical cannabis trials will be introduced...