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SBS World News' Kelsey Munro takes a look at what Australian citizens can do that permanent residents can't.
Payment revealed by WA Attorney general does not prevent family from pursuing further legal action against the government over Ms Dhu's death in custody.
The AFL showed its support for marriage equality by changing its logo as Australians take part in the government's postal survey about whether same-sex marriage...
Barnaby Joyce has fired a warning shot after Tony Abbott indicated he could cross the floor if the Turnbull government goes ahead with a clean energy target.
Proposed changes to Australia's citizenship laws have angered many community groups, while the government believes the bill adds value to the term 'citizen'.
Here's the full transcript of US President Donald Trump's speech to the UN on September 19, 2017.
The woman at the centre of a same-sex marriage furore has spoken out after she was fired from her job as a children's party entertainer in Canberra when she...