A closer look begs some deep questions about the very nature of the selfie.

Google to take on internet pirates

Google is set to charge sites for increased prominence in search results in an effort to tackle the multi-billion dollar piracy problem.
Positive thinking can hinder more than it helps by zapping people's motivation to work toward their goals.
The cognitive benefits of multilingualism.
Birds do it, bees do it and now Australian scientists have discovered where 'it' all started.
Two new studies suggest that extraordinary adventures are overrated—unless you have them with someone else.
Research suggests that a person's consumption of the beverage is determined in part by his or her DNA—and that its benefits could extend beyond a caffeine buzz.
Would you erase memories if you could?
Our toleration of asshole behavior must end, and it’s such an integral part of nerd culture that nuking the entire thing from orbit is the only way to be sure.

Where the dead become diamonds

A Swiss company wants to change the way people mourn by transforming the remains of their loved ones into gems.
Just when you thought you knew all the consequences of the Ebola pandemic, here’s another one: it could affect the supply of chocolate.
How to conquer “decision fatigue".
When a company has $US60 billion in the bank and is making $16 billion a quarter, there’s really nothing left for it to do but strap a camera on a camel and send...
This researcher says we should think of death as a "potentially reversible process" rather than a "specific moment" in time.
To outsiders, it used to seem as though running a startup was just a matter of hanging out with your friends while raising tons of venture capital funding.

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Australian authorities are failing domestic violence victims and forcing them to shoulder responsibility in policing perpetrators, advocates say.
Yes, the introvert can be a great leader.
It’s the silent hell that kills one woman every week and injures hundreds of thousands more across all communities. SBS World News dissects domestic violence and...

What is Diwali?

More and more Australians are embracing Diwali -- the Hindi festival of light. It's a time for reflecting and cleansing, and can involve spring cleaning, shopping...
Toys'R'Us was embroiled in controversy Tuesday after a Florida woman complained about the kids' store selling dolls of fictional drug dealer Walter White and...

3D printer makes man's heel

Doctors have used a 3D printer to help save a Melbourne man from losing his leg to cancer.