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An English language program run out of a western Sydney high school is proving to be very effective for young refugees settling in the area.
Students of the University of Melbourne and Monash University returned to classes this week to find racist posters around the campus.
Meet Aragog, the ‘dinner plate’ sized spider found lurking outside a south east Queensland home.
A Sydney florist who had a broken bottle held to his throat moments before his attacker was shot dead says he is happy to be alive.
A small green sponge discovered in dark, icy waters of the Pacific off Alaska could be the first effective weapon against pancreatic cancer, say researchers.
It won’t be long before Australian students will be following in the footsteps of Canadian coding prodigy Tanmay Bakshay.
SBS World News takes a look at a community that has almost doubled in the last five years according to the latest census data released in June this year.