A major review of homeopathy in Australia could lead to stricter industry regulation and changes to private health insurance coverage.
A handful of Australian businesses are now accepting the digital currency bitcoin in exchange for goods and services. Will the launch of Australia’s first bitcoin...

Combatting carp in Murray-Darling

Researchers in NSW are embarking on a project designed to limit carp numbers in the upper Murrumbidgee River.
A corner of the Cholistan desert in Pakistan's Punjab province is about to be turned into one of the world's largest solar power parks.
Conflict between humans and elephants is intensifying on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.  
A new study has found climate change could make fish do strange things.
A new oral antiviral drug may be a future tool in the global fight against measles, according to a new international study.
New research suggests the beard styles embraced by hipster culture are likely to grow less attractive as they become more popular, writes Rob Brooks.
What is the deadly Ebola virus and is Australia at risk of an outbreak? 
In a new study, researchers have pinpointed exactly when benign bacteria turn into flesh-eating bacteria. So could this knowledge help predict future epidemics?
Heartbleed, the bug that has preoccupied thousands of websites and millions of users over the past week, may well have been the biggest security flaw in internet...
Australia tends to follow rather than lead in security issues. But is it time for Australians to take their own rights seriously?
Scientists have successfully implanted laboratory-grown vaginal organs into four teenagers who had underdeveloped or absent vaginas.
Scientists say governments should review use of the common anti-flu medication Tamiflu after a new report questioned the efficacy of the drug.
The sudden death of a previously healthy young individual is a rare but tragic event. Every year about one in 100,000 people aged between one and 35 dies suddenly...
Two Sydney doctors have invested in a state-of-the-art robot that takes some of the risk out of spinal surgery and improves recovery time.
There's a call to revise treatment guidelines for box jellyfish stings after new research that shows vinegar can release more venom in victims.
European environmentalists are campaigning to prevent the damming of the continent's few remaining wild rivers.
Debate over safari-style hunting of crocodiles in Australia's Top End is back in the spotlight.
A headband containing electrodes takes the edge off migraines before they develop into acute blinding pain.
A bacteria which causes bladder and blood infections could evolve and become resistant to almost all antibiotics, Queensland researchers say.
This month marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery of HIV, which affects over 25,000 people in Australia.
The World Health Organisation says it’s particularly concerned about the increasing global consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks, including soft drinks and sports...
Climate change is already having a major impact on the planet, with impacts forecast to worsen significantly, according to the latest summary of peer-reviewed...
A landmark United Nations report says soaring carbon emissions will intensify the risks of conflict, hunger, floods and migration this century.
Australian researchers are among 250 scientists in 20 countries who have successfully mapped human gene activity. But what are the implications of this new research?
The number of Australians expected to suffer from arthritis would reach seven million by 2050, unless the federal government takes preventative measures, a group...
The only camera to return from NASA's moon missions in 1969-1972 has been sold at an auction in Vienna for $A842,431.
Environmentalists have welcomed federal government plans to appoint a Threatened Species Commissioner.

Humans blamed for loss of NZ bird

A new study has highlighted the impact of human involvement in the disappearance of New Zealand's iconic megaherbivore, the moa.  

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Almost 100 years after the Anzac landing at Gallipoli, Anzac Day has become one of the country's most important commemorative occasions. Check out services and...
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There's fresh hope for Australians who suffer from hearing loss.

Escaping the memory of war

To mark this year’s Anzac Day, SBS reporter Sylvia Varnham O'Regan reflects on the life of her grandfather, Harry, and how the struggles he faced after coming...
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has confirmed objects that washed up on a WA beach are not from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
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The Serbian Ambassador to Australia has spoken out against the commemoration of the foundation date of a pro-Nazi Croatian government, following a controversial...
Qantas has pulled the plug on an Anzac Day promotion offering discount wine and bonus frequent flyer points after social media users accused the campaign of being...
The newest item on Cuba's list of dwindling commodities is condoms.