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When everyone else is rushing to leave, these are the people who enter the conflict zone, determined to help those left behind.
The 16-year-old victim of anti-Muslim abuse gave an emotional thank-you to the three men who had their throats slashed after stepping in to defend her.
One expert said at this point, the withdrawal may be the most honest outcome.
The video featuring Emirati pop star Hussain al-Jassmi has registered over two million views on Zain's YouTube page and more than 4,000 shares on Facebook.
Members of the exclusive society - which only accepts people with high IQs - were faced with police officers after a drunken hotel brawl.
Hundreds of locals queued at tattoo parlours with lines stretching around city blocks as tattoo artists scrambled to ink as many customers as possible.
As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan begins, SBS World News explains why Muslims celebrate it and what the associated Eid al-Fitr is all about.