Dick Warburton says his personal views sceptical of climate change had no bearing on his review of the renewable energy target scheme.
People do it. So do chimpanzees, bonobos and baboons. Even dogs do it: They yawn when someone near them yawns. But why? Scientists believe it’s a sign that these...
The tricky psychiatric diagnosis is getting a lot of attention, which is exactly what it wants.
As NASA’s New Horizons mission heads to Pluto, scientists could get an idea of what to expect by studying Triton, Neptune’s strange icy moon.
With another showdown looming at September’s International Whaling Commission meet, is it déjà vu all over again for Japanese whaling watchers?
If you thought trying to get a groggy teenager out of bed in time for school each morning was your own private struggle, you thought wrong.
Chinese authorities says the country’s extensive terrestrial surveillance network helps to deter crime and maintain “social stability,” though critics say it...
Researchers have identified a new culprit in the epidemic of childhood obesity: parents who can’t even tell that their pudgy kids are overweight.
Today the pendulum of science defends breakfast skippers.
'If you were born before 1985, then you know what life is like both with the internet and without. You are making the pilgrimage from Before to After.'
Who knew that having sex on the beach — or other far-flung tourist destinations — could be so complicated?

Comment: Always talk to strangers

People who know and trust their neighbors are less likely to have heart attacks. New research builds on the understated health benefits of a sense of belonging...
The World Well-Being Project uses Facebook updates to correlate language with personality traits.
Via the ice bucket challenge, celebrities and the general public have fun and receive publicity; at the same time, millions of dollars are raised for a good cause...

US launches high-res photo satellite

The US has launched a satellite to take high resolution images of Earth, capable of capturing images of objects as small as half a metre across.

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Does surrogacy reduce women to breeders and children to objects that can be exchanged? Some people are calling for commercial surrogacy to be banned.

Explainer: what is casual racism?

Everyday racism is so commonplace that it’s often normalised and infused into daily conversations through jokes and stereotypes or through unconscious body...
Yeon-mi Park took a long and heartbreaking journey to escape North Korea. Now she's a celebrity in Seoul speaking out against the Kim dynasty's regime.
Around 150,000 Nepalese people struggle to see, but a dedicated doctor has made it his life’s work to give them back the gift of sight, reports Dateline's Yaara...

Japan's real life Batman

Gotham City may have Batman, but Chiba City in Japan's south-east is now boasting its own equivalent.

Comment: My surrogacy journey

The decision to become a surrogate mother is never an easy one. After having two children of her own 'Lisa' was an altruistic surrogate for friends who were...