Pulling children away from technology can be a daily battle for some parents. So when Steve Pack's sister asked for help to reduce her kids' screen time, it sparked the idea of KoalaSafe.


The Australian virtual reality market is a relatively small one, but internationally, it's taking off - and, it's competitive. And one Australian company has launched its technology into the stratosphere. Their virtual reality game is now being used to train NASA astronauts.


When S1T2 founders Tash Tan and Chris Panzetta first met at university it was dislike at first sight but they found a common interest using new and emerging technologies to tell stories in a creative way.


In April, global e-commerce giant Amazon announced it would soon be opening its retail operations in Australia, putting many local businesses on edge... but Booktopia is making the necessary preparations to ensure its future.

Holiday Rental

After selling their real estate agency, Martin Blencowe and Rebecca Cribbin were looking for a new challenge. That's when they noticed a gap in the holiday rental management market.

Grants of Australia

Thirty years ago Michael and Michelle Aronson realised there was a need for healthy pleasant tasting fluoride free toothpaste. So they developed their own, which turned into the respected "Grants Of Australia" brand.

Since then their daughter Tammy joined the business, and has continued the family tradition of producing affordable natural products.

Soleful Shoes

Unable to find shoes that fit them, Pradhima Shyamsunder and Kuppal Palaniappan decided to take matters into their own hands.


First, there was Airbnb, then Uber and Airtasker... Now Youcamp is the latest addition to the sharing economy.

But this was no deliberate attempt at hitting the tech jackpot... In fact, the founders consider themselves accidental entrepreneurs.


Have you ever lost a pair of sunglasses? Allen Liao's product aims to stop that. Using Apple's beacon technology, his sunnies let you know when they've been left behind.


Appscore grew from 5 to 50 employees in under two years, their team built Victoria's most downloaded transport app - Tram Tracker.

The Party People

When the party people started 30 years ago, there weren't many similar businesses. Planning parties and running costume stores and while starting a new venture in a new industry is a risk for this family - it was a risk that worked.

One Education

Rungan Srikhahnta's social enteprise - providing laptops to school kids was on the verge of falling apart just a few months ago. The Sri Lankan refugee had to make a desperate call to his manufactrer to strike a one-off deal to save his business.

Pablo & Rusty's

From the Arabian coffee houses of the 16th century to the ubiquity of chains like Starbucks the coffee business has been around a long time. But new technologies are continuing to change the industry.

Tiny Beans

Online baby journal, Tinybeans, is hoping to lure 30 million new users in the next five years. But the founders of the ambitious private social network say they've had to overcome more hurdles to do business in Australia compared to the US.