Country of Origin Labelling

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has introduced new labelling rules that food businesses will need to adopt by July 2018.


After scaling the heights of the mining industry in Western Australia, a career in fashion wasn't the most obvious choice for Amanda Healy. But that's exactly what she did, throwing herself into a world of scarves and pocket squares.

A Wicked Scrub

After decades of service in the HR industry working with some of the biggest corporate giants, Gauri Maini gave it all up to become a soap maker.

Men With Vans

When two businesses in two states realised they shared one very similar name, both turned to innovation to survive.

Holiday Rental

After selling their real estate agency, Martin Blencowe and Rebecca Cribbin were looking for a new challenge. That's when they noticed a gap in the holiday rental management market.

French Class

When Australia's economy took a hit under the global financial crisis, Martine Baboin thought her small French tutoring business would also suffer.

However, on the contrary, she received an influx of enrollments from people who wanted to experience France without all the expenses.

Archie Rose and Ironbark Distillery

Australia's lucrative alcohol industry is a tough market to crack for small start-ups. But the stakes are even higher when it comes to spirits, with heavy taxes crippling chances to succeed.


Sparrow Flights

Arranging to fly from A to B should take less than a minute. That's the thinking behind mobile app Sparrow Flights - a startup which hopes to revolutionise the travel experience.

Hornsby Beekeeping

Do it yourself hobbies - like home brew craft beer and co-op chutney - are turning into successful business ideas. Atif jamil has tapped into the trend - with his buzzing beekeeping supplies business.

Muscle Garden

Refugee Kay Nyenuh arrived from Liberia six years ago and moved to the Queensland town of Mackay just as the mining boom was ending. So his business idea, Muscle Garden - had to be recession proof.

Aura Beauty

Threading is a technique where antibacterial cotton is used to remove facial hair and shape eyebrows. It's been used in Iran for centuries - and while it's relatively new here - one small business owner was convinced it would work.

Trade Fair

Owning a small business can be isolating at times, but it doesn't have to be that way. A trade show is for goods and services in a specific industry to exhibit to other businesses and a great way to mingle with other entrepreneurs and spruik your ideas.

Hopper Kade

In just one year, Sri Lankan food business Hopper Kade has transformed from a market stall to a sit down eatery. But it hasn't been easy, owner Ruvanie De Zoysa has had to convince members of the Sri Lankan community and others to try her take on traditional food.

Kallico Catering

When was the last time you tasted a crocodile damper ball or had a bite of kangaroo? One catering company's bush tucker menu is taking off... And helping to spread awareness about the traditions of australia's first people.


Space2b is an open social design store established to empower refugee and new arrival communities to create their own work, to become financially independent.


Good accounting software can help enormously by tracking unpaid invoices and reminding you to chase up payments.

It's something Clinton Cowin knows all too well, and it's why the plumber started his small business Tradiepad.

Quercus & Co.

It's said that passion is an essential ingredient for any small business owner. Five years ago, Adam Jones took the plunge and started his own design company, Quercus & Co.  His wallpaper and prints are now featured in homes and hotels across the world.

Voula's Greek Cafe

Nick and voula have centred their small business on a life-long marriage of food, family and partnership. Working side-by-side for the last 27 years, their latest venture pays homage to their cultural heritage.

AllGrid Energy

Indigenous owned and operated business AllGrid Energy provides solar power to remote communities.


Humanihut is a business born out of crisis. Founder Neale Sutton is a former soldier and humanitarian, whose work on the frontlines of disasters inspired a potentially life-changing invention.


One small business that's benefited from government support is WipeHero. It recently won a hundred thousand dollar grant from the new south wales government to help with research and development and marketing. Founders Reza Keshavarzi and Farid Mirmohseni say it was a turning point for their business.


When you're starting out, keeping costs low is often a priority. To do that, many small businesses opt to go online. While that can be great for overheads, it can create another challenge - raising enough brand awareness. In that case, a pop-up location can do the trick.


The fast-moving consumer goods industry is notoriously difficult for small businesses to crack. So how did Nexba's young founders land their drinks on the shelves of Australia's largest retailers?

Chimu Adventures

How did two broke backpackers turn 40 thousand dollars into 40 million? Chimu Adventures founders say their narrow focus gives them wide appeal.

Ladies Running Errands

Move over Uber and Airtasker - Ladies Running Errands helps busy Sydneysiders, get around and get errands done.

Cypress Valley Gourmet Kitchen

Ann Vicary's small business certainly isn't on the tourist track. In fact, you'll need a four-wheel-drive to get into Cypress Valley Farm but, isolation hasn't stopped her business from thriving. She just had to find the right partner.

Koala Mattress

Two young men from Byron Bay made headlines when their start up cracked the million dollar mark - in under three months. Koala Mattress is now poised for global expansion, by cracking the Asian market in 2017.

Randall Organic Rice

When it comes to growing your business, exporting is one way to go. But for independent rice growers in New South Wales, that option isn't available to them, because of regulations is the sector which mean SunRice has the sole license to export.

Barossa Valley Cheese Co.

There are 150 wineries in the Barossa Valley - Victoria McClurg's would have been one more, but she did something different.

Hijab House

This mode of fashion is referred to as modest womens' clothing, but the profit potential for retailers is far from conservative.

Jewel Fine Foods

What happens when you expand your successful business, only to have that opportunity collapse? Telstra Medium Business of the Year winner, Jewel Fine Foods, was on the brink of closure when they were awarded the contract of a lifetime, but expansion came with major challenges.

Community Pod

For most of us, a daily coffee or two is a necessity but, how about turning that cup of Joe into some good? Community Pod is a social enterprise that gives back to the community and the environment. 

Cornersmith Cafe

As the Cornersmith Cafe and picklery grows, husband and wife founders Alex Elliott-Howery and James Grant are intent on preserving their message.

Small Business Soloutions

Xero’s Rod Drury talks about solutions for small businesses.

Sydney English Academy

Mick Edwards and Sam Milton set out to give migrants the real Aussie experience while teaching them English in their Manly classrooms. The husband and wife created a warm, friendly and personal feeling in the school to their boutique school with the the beach at its doorstep.

Dolly's Bootcamp

Dolly's Bootcamp was designed as a place for women to exercise more comfortably. Today, 90 per cent of its clients are Muslim women.

Jessica's Suitcase

Jessica Rudd is more than a lawyer, writer and daughter of former PM Kevin Rudd; she's now an entrepreneur.

Pokemon Go

In 2016, Pokemon made a sudden and dramatic return to public consciousness, well after its '90's heyday and small businesses are cashing in.

About xero

Hear Xero’s Rod Drury talk about the reason why he started the company.