Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the search for missing MH370 airline will go on while there are reasonable leads.

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Tuesday 7 Jul 2015
'When your four-year-old screams at you in a rage "bring my Daddy back now", how do you respond?', Perth mother Danica Weeks writes about her struggle to explain what happened to husband Paul on flight MH370.
Staring into his eyes full of anger and sadness as your heart breaks, the only words I can conjure up are “I’m sorry darling I can’t”.And I can’t promise him I can, if only to relieve a small portion of his heartbreak, as I’ve tried everything to...
Sunday 8 Mar 2015
An interim report on flight MH370's disappearance a year ago has been handed down in Malaysia.
A report on missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 reveals the battery on its underwater locator beacon had expired a year before, but has found no red flags relating to the crew or aircraft to shed light on the disappearance.The lengthy report was...
Thursday 5 Mar 2015
Tony Abbott has marked the anniversary of the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in a speech to parliament.
Tony Abbott can't promise the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will maintain its intensity of the past year.But the prime minister has promised the families of seven Australians lost on the flight the Australian-led search mission...
Sunday 1 Mar 2015
Aircraft flying over the oceans around Australia and South East Asia are to be more closely tracked, in a move to try and avoid a repeat of the MH370 disappearance nearly a year ago.
Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss today announced that Australian, Indonesian and Malaysian air traffic controllers will jointly trial the tracking of long haul flights at least every 15 minutes and in real time if there’s cause for concern.“This...
Friday 20 Feb 2015
Grieving Chinese relatives of MH370 passengers have blasted Malaysia Airlines, detailing a long list of complaints and traumas they say they've suffered as a result of the flight's mysterious disappearance 11 months ago.
The 21 family members arrived in Malaysia last week from China to demand authorities cancel a declaration that the plane's 239 passengers and crew were presumed dead, and voiced discontent over the airline's responses to questions they submitted...
Friday 30 Jan 2015

Search for MH370 to go on: Aust govt

Australian authorities say the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet will go on as Malaysia declares its disappearance "an accident".
The Australian government says it remains committed to finding Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.The Joint Agency Coordination Centre has reassured relatives of passengers on the missing jet the search remains a priority with the Malaysian government...
The Malaysian government has formally declared missing flight MH370 an accident, opening the door for compensation payments to victims' families.
Malaysia has formally declared missing flight MH370 an "accident" and its passengers and crew presumed dead, a step that opens the door for compensation payments but which was met with scepticism by distraught relatives."It is therefore, with the...
Wednesday 14 Jan 2015

Fourth ship joins search for MH370

The Fugro Supporter will become the fourth ship to join the search for MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean.
A fourth ship will join the underwater search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.The Joint Agency Co-ordination Centre said Fugro Supporter would join fellow ships Fugro Equator and Fugro Discovery in the Indian Ocean search zone later this...