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Diwali, one of the most popular Hindu festivals, is synonymous with lights, fireworks and feasts. But for many, the festival of lights also has an ugly side.
Police have staged a re-enactment of the killing of an Australian businessman, organised by his Indonesian wife.
Police in Bali say the body of Australian resident Robert Kelvin Ellis has been found dumped in a rice field after a violent killing.
A young footballer has died in India's north-east after damaging his spinal cord while doing a somersault to celebrate a goal.
A poll finds that people in the Middle East see religious and ethnic hatred as their biggest threat; Europeans and Americans are more concerned about inequality.

HK govt, protest leaders begin talks

Hong Kong government officials and pro-democracy protest leaders have begun talks in a bid to end weeks of rallies.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has returned home confident of new relationship between Australia and Indonesia after a meeting with new Indonesian president Joko...


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A three-month-old baby died and six people were injured when a Palestinian man drove his car into pedestrians in Jerusalem.
Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm has slammed the latest Islamic State video, calling people who join the jihadist group ‘clowns’ and ‘d---heads’.
The United States military is trying to determine if an air-drop of weapons meant for Kurdish fighters in Syria is now in the hands of Islamic State militants.
The threat of living under ISIS rule is all too real for people in Baghdad. But the cast of a popular Iraqi television program is using humour to dispel some of...
A Cairo court has set an appeal hearing date in January next year for jailed Australian journalist Peter Greste and two Al-Jazeera colleagues.
Seven members of an al-Qaeda inspired jihadist group have been sentenced to death in Egypt for carrying out deadly attacks on the army, officials say.


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Ukraine continues to be troubled by its ongoing gas payment dispute with Russia, as it prepares for the upcoming winter.
The National Institutes of Health announced Wednesday that human testing has begun on a second experimental Ebola vaccine, VSV-ZEBOV.
A court in Stockholm is expected to rule on Friday on an appeal by Julian Assange's lawyers against the arrest warrant hanging over him.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
People often make sweeping judgments of others based on their facial features, deciding whether they are competent or trustworthy, a study says.
Visitors to Belgrade Zoo have seen for the first time a pair of white lion cubs.
Doctors in Spain say a nurse who was the first person to catch Ebola outside Africa has been cured of the deadly virus.


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Ebola: How you can help

The current Ebola crisis is the worst in recorded history. To date there have been close to 10,000 recorded cases of Ebola, nearly 5000 of them fatal. Almost 4,000...
With experts warning the rate of Ebola infections could reach 10,000 a week by early December, researchers are scrambling to beat the virus.
Oscar Pistorius has spent his first night in jail in a single cell in the hospital wing of a prison in the capital, Pretoria.
The global head of the Red Cross says Ebola could be contained in four to six months if measures are taken, including good isolation and treatment.
The five-year jail sentence handed to Oscar Pistorius for killing his girlfriend fits the crime of culpable homicide, legal experts say.
A poll finds that people in the Middle East see religious and ethnic hatred as their biggest threat; Europeans and Americans are more concerned about inequality.
Oscar Pistorius has been taken to the prison where he will being serving his five-year sentence for shooting dead his girlfriend.

North America

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the country won't be intimidated after two separate attacks on soldiers in a week.
Google has developed an app called Inbox that can sort electronic receipts and bank statements into bundles so they can be quickly fetched.
A bundle of ammunition and weapons dropped over the Syrian border town of Kobane likely ended up in jihadists' hands, the US military says.

Obama condemns Canada shooting

US President Barack Obama has expressed solidarity with the Canadian people after a gunman shot dead a soldier near Ontario's parliament building.
Australian judge Michael Kirby has urged the United Nations to seek war crimes prosecutions of North Korea's regime despite Pyongyang's "charm offensive".
US health authorities say people entering from the Ebola-hit nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone will undergo "active monitoring" for 21 days.

Soldier killed in Canada shooting

A gunman, identified as 32-year-old Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, has been shot dead in Canada's parliament after he killed a soldier before storming the building.

South America

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A poll finds that people in the Middle East see religious and ethnic hatred as their biggest threat; Europeans and Americans are more concerned about inequality.
State governor Angel Aguirre says some bodies recovered from clandestine graves in southern Mexico don't match the profiles of 43 missing students.
Eleven people are dead and 13 injured after they were struck by lighting in the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern Colombia.
Mexican authorities will "shine light on the criminal events in the Iguala area" as well as contribute to the search for missing students, officials say.
Brazil's incumbent president Dilma Rousseff faces a run off vote against centre right candidate Aecio Neves.
With nearly all ballots counted in Brazil's presidential election, incumbent Dilma Rousseff has 41 per cent of the vote and Aecio Neves 34 per cent.
At least 30 people have been killed in traffic accidents across Peru including 18 on board a bus which overturned after the driver lost control.