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Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australia is "increasingly focused" on the Indian Ocean region for its strategic and economic prosperity.
The photographer who took the famous photo of an Afghan woman with piercing green eyes has vowed to help her after she was arrested in Pakistan.
Militants linked to Islamic State jihadists abducted and killed around 30 civilians, including children, in central Afghanistan, officials said Wednesday, raising...
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he is pursuing an independent foreign policy.
Convincing North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons is a 'lost cause' America's top intelligence official said, causing concern in the State Department and ally...
The danger of returning fighters from Syria and Iraq, as well as the ongoing dispute in the South China Sea has dominated Julie Bishop's talks in Jakarta.
The prosecution has described her as vengeful and narcissistic but Jessica Kumala Wongso, on trial for murder in Indonesia, says she has been vilified.


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The bitter fight for Mosul has entered its tenth day, as Iraqi and coalition forces look to take back the city from Islamic State.
Angry protests have erupted in Afghanistan after dozens of civilians were kidnapped and shot by gunmen.
Air strikes on Syria's rebel-held Idlib province hit a school and the surrounding area on Wednesday, killing at least 35 civilians including many children, a...
UN human rights staff have received reports of atrocities being committed by Islamic State as Iraqi government forces close in on Mosul.
The World Heritage Committee has approved a resolution that ignores Jewish ties to the Temple Mount.
An Israeli teen has been shot on the border with Egypt.

Russia extends Aleppo strikes pause

The Russian Defence Ministry says it has not launched any air strikes on Aleppo in the last seven days


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France's infamous 'Jungle' was cleared of thousands of migrants in a massive operation wrapped up, but aid groups said dozens of unaccompanied children were not...
Eurovision legends ABBA are teaming up with Universal Music for a new digital venture in 2018.

Cholesterol test for one-year-olds

An international study has found that for every 1,000 people screened, four children and four parents are identified as being at risk for early heart disease.
Three quakes in Italy, which struck about two hours apart from each other, have caused the collapse of several old buildings.

2016 now deadliest year in Med: UN

2016 will be the deadliest year recorded for migrants trying to cross from north Africa to reach Europe, the UN says.

Calais migrant camp declared empty

French authorities have declared they have cleared out the migrant camp known as 'the jungle" after most of its thousands of residents were driven off on buses.
A woman who claimed she was a cousin of victim in last year's Germanwings crash has been convicted of fraud by a German court.


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Islamic State-linked militants have seized a Somalian port town.

Clashes in Somalia displace 75,000

There are 1.1 million displaced people in Somalia, around one in ten people, and recent clashes have seen more than 75,000 flee their homes.
The death toll from the Cameroon train crash has risen to 80 with over 600 injured, officials say.
Twenty-six Asian sailors held hostage by Somali pirates for four years have been rescued.
Fraud charges against South Africa's finance minister reflect an abuse of power to settle political scores within the ANC, says a senior politician.
More than 70 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in the derailment of a train in Cameroon.
A train derailment in Cameroon has left at least 53 people dead and nearly 300 injured, the country's transport minister says.

North America

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The largest asylum seeker processing centre in the US can be found in the sleepy town of Dilley, in rural Texas. It houses more than 2400 undocumented women and...

Obama, Erdogan discuss IS campaign

US President Barack Obama and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan have discussed Islamic State during a telephone call.
American Muslims are opening their mosques to the general public to educate people about Islam and counteract Donald Trump's misinformation.
With 13 days to go before the US election, several Senate aides from both parties have privately warned of trouble for Republicans.

World parks await Dreamworld probe

The Dreamworld tragedy could spark safety changes at theme parks around the world.
A Reuters/Ipsos poll has found that 41 per cent of Republicans expect Hillary Clinton to win the November 8 election.
Apple's wireless AirPods, which are designed to be used with the latest iPhones, won't be for ready for sale as planned in October.

South America

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For the first time in 25 years, the United States has abstained from a vote in the United Nations that calls for an end to an economic embargo on Cuba.
Clowns from across Latin America meeting at an annual convention this week in Mexico City took a break from comedy to deliver a serious message: "We are clowns,...
A self-confessed serial killer, known in Venezuela as "People-Eater", is said to have been used by a jail gang to attack rivals in an overcrowded jail.
A court in Buenos Aires on Saturday ordered the Catholic Church to pay $50,000 to a former seminarian who alleged he was sexually abused some 25 years ago by an...
Argentina wants Britain to call off planned military exercises on the disputed Falkland Islands.
Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos says he decided to extend a ceasefire with FARC rebels after meeting with student leaders.

Over 1 million await aid in Haiti

Haiti is continuing its efforts to normalise areas devastated by Hurricane Matthew, while more than a million people are awaiting supplies of food and medicine.