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Part of a recovery team will stay the night in a Fox Glacier hut before trying to recover three remaining bodies from the chopper crash which killed seven.
An Indian woman has launched a social media campaign to challenge sexist prejudices about menstruation that have seen women reportedly banned from entering a...
A New Zealand vessel has received five uninvited visitors after environmental activists locked themselves to its mast and deck.

Cyber crime costs Kiwis $NZ250m

One in five New Zealanders have been affected by online crime in the past year, according to new research.
A 5.9 magnitude earthquake has occurred in northeast Afghanistan, with the tremor felt as far away as the Indian capital New Delhi.
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Nearly 100 bodies have been pulled from a landslide near a jade mine in Myanmar's northern Kachin State, local officials said on Sunday, and hopes are dwindling...


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Syrian rebel groups says the pilot of a downed Russian warplane is dead.

Turkey downs Russian warplane

Russian officials have confirmed a warplane downed near the Syrian border was a Russian Su-24 jet, but say that it was in Syrian airspace.
The war is Syria has left towns and cities in ruins and the cost of the damage continues to rise with no end in sight as the conflict drags on into a fifth year.
In the continuing spate of violence, a Palestinian girl,16, has been shot dead after she stabbed another Palestinian in Jerusalem,
An Israeli woman was stabbed to death and three Palestinian attackers were killed in a series of incidents in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Sunday, police...
IS detractors have spoken out about the complex machine that is the militant group's media and propaganda operation.
There is no short term military victory against IS in sight, France's army chief has said, despite an increase in bombing raids on Syira.


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Turkey's downing of a Russian fighter jet has raised tensions, with the US president urging Moscow to align its strategy with the coalition fighting IS.
A British clinic says it has seen a rise in preventative mastectomies in at-risk women since actress Angelina Jolie had the operation and wrote about it.
Scientists say more studies are needed on Ritalin, the best-known ADHD drug prescribed for children and teenagers, saying its benefits are inconsistent.
Police in Hungary have detained six people after a bomb-making laboratory was discovered during a house search and automatic weapons were found in a car.
Prosecutors say the alleged ringleader of the Paris terrorist attacks returned to the scene of the crime as the killing spree was in full swing.
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Security measures in Africa are being stepped up as the Pope prepares for a six-day tour taking in Kenya, Uganda and the troubled Central African Republic.
At least 12 people were killed on Tuesday when an explosion tore through a bus full of Tunisian presidential guards in an attack that one source said was probably...

Boy dies of Ebola in Liberia

Liberia has seen its first Ebola death in months. A 15-year-old boy has died from the disease, which was thought to have been cleared from the country in September.

Photos show suspects in Mali attack

Photos of a man and a woman suspected of planning the Mali hotel attack that killed 19 have been published.
More than 150 people are under surveillance for Ebola in Liberia after three new cases of the disease emerged.

Three new ebola cases in Liberia

Three members of the same family, including a 10-year-old boy, have been diagnosed with ebola in Liberia.
Al Mourabitoun claims to have stormed the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako in a joint operation with al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, killing 27 people.

North America

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A newborn baby boy has been found wrapped in towels in the manger of a nativity scene inside a New York Church.
A white Chicago policeman who shot a black teenager to death has been charged with murder in a prosecution hastened in hopes of averting renewed racial turmoil...
Russia's Defence Ministry says a marine has died during a mission to rescue two pilots whose plane was shot down by a Turkish warplane.
Damage from two major earthquakes that struck within minutes of each other in the Amazon basin on the border of Peru and Brazil is expected to be minimal.
French President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday the United States and France have agreed to step up strikes in Syria and Iraq to target Islamic State militants...

Survivor recalls whale boat horror

A Canadian man says he saw a wave coming but had no idea it would capsize the large whale-watching boat he and his wife were on.
Blue Origin has successfully landed a suborbital rocket back at its launch site - a key step in its drive to make reusable rockets.

South America

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A deadly mud slide at an iron ore mine in Brazil has reignited calls for safer ways to dispose of millions of tonnes of ore waste held back by man-made dams.
In a gesture of goodwill the Colombian government says it's releasing 30 jailed members of the Marxist FARC rebel group amid talks to end 50 years of war.
Authorities in Honduras have confirmed five Syrian men who were detained over doctored passports were not part of a terrorist cell.
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has announced fines against the operators of a mine where a dam burst, killing at least seven people.

Magnitude 6.6 quake hits off Chile

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake has hit off Chile, but it did not trigger a tsunami, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says.
These interactive images show the effects of global warming-induced sea level rises at 4°C and 2°C.
Up to 28 people are still missing three days after the dams at an Australian-owned mine in Brazil burst, as authorities weigh the disaster's consequences.