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The Solomon Islands have again been rattled by an early morning quake for the second consecutive day.
Buzz Aldrin posted a tribute from his hospital bed in NZ to former astronaut and senator John Glenn, who died aged 95.
South Korean President Park Geun-hye popularity was virtually wiped out by a corruption scandal, with recent polls putting her support at just four per cent.
South Korean lawmakers have voted to impeach President Park Geun-hye, in a stunning fall for country's first female president.
Crowds of people gathered outside Seoul's National Assembly ahead of a vote on whether to impeach South Korea's President Park Guen-hye.
South Korean lawmakers have begun voting on whether to impeach President Park Geun-hye over an influence peddling scandal,
Bill English will be confirmed as New Zealand's prime minister when the National's caucus meets on Monday.


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Two separate bomb attacks in Egypt on Friday killed six policemen and a civilian, the latest in a string of attacks targeting security forces and officials, the...
Syria has declared a partial ceasefire, with the truce in areas around Damascus and Idlib.
Hezbollah's leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says victory in Aleppo by Syrian government forces is close by.
There has been no immediate claim of responsibility after a bomb placed in a garbage bin exploded at a security checkpoint in Cairo, killing six police.
The UN General Assembly is set to vote Friday on a draft resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Syria and access for humanitarian aid, a measure one...
Islamic State fighters have come within four kilometres of the Syrian city of Palmyra, which the Syrian army recaptured in March.
An air strike targeting an Islamic State-held town in western Iraq near the Syrian border has killed 120 civilians, an Iraqi official says.


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The EU parliament's Brexit negotiator is proposing 'associate citizenship' for Brits once the UK leaves the European bloc.
A man suspected of preparing for a terror attack has been arrested in Rotterdam with explosives and an AK-47.
More than 173,000 people have arrived in Italy by boat over the course of the year, mainly from Libya, breaking a previous record.
Populist Dutch MP Geert Wilders will learn his fate Friday when judges hand down their verdict in his closely watched hate speech trial, just over three months...
Societal stereotypes driving the gendered gift lists for Christmas could be turning young girls away from careers in technology and engineering.
A UK charity has warned the constant pressure of social media is creating a nation of unhappy children.
A Christmas advertisement for Polish auction website Allegro has attracted more than seven million YouTube views in 10 days.


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Ghana President Mahama concedes defeat: party
Ghana President Mahama concedes defeat: party
Two separate bomb attacks in Egypt on Friday killed six policemen and a civilian, the latest in a string of attacks targeting security forces and officials, the...
Fifty-six people are dead in Nigeria after two schoolgirl-aged suicide bombers blew themselves up.

Kenyan police to deport UK journo

British journalist Jerome Starkey has been held at a Nairobi airport and Kenyan police now say they're going to deport him.
South Sudan has expelled the boss of Norway's refugee agency, but has given no reason.
Here's a look at the countries around the world that have either banned face veils or are in the process of implementing them.

North America

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President-elect Donald Trump isn't going to tap former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for the top diplomatic job.
President Barack Obama has ordered an urgent review into the 2016 cyber attacks during the presidential election.
President-elect Donald Trump is to stay on as executive producer on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" when it returns after a two-year absence, the show confirmed on...
After a campaign that repeatedly criticised China, President-elect Donald Trump has come out to say the US must work to improve its relationship with China.

Mexican army not happy over drugs

Mexico's top military officer General Salvador Cienfuegos is calling for clearer rules in the army to govern its work in supporting civilian law enforcement.
Researchers have discovered a feathery dinosaur tail with bones, flesh and skin inside a chunk of amber found in Myanmar last year.
Conjoined twins Erika and Eva Sandoval are recovering in a Californian hospital after the pair underwent a 17-hour-long surgery to be separated.

South America

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Tourism in Rio de Janeiro has seen a rise in demand for local workers to be able to speak English. Favela Phoenix is helping residents in the city's largest favela...
The director and two employees of Bolivian charter airline Lamia have been arrested following a crash near Medellin that killed 71 people.
Mobsters, poisoned cigars, exploding seashells, a contaminated diving suit: The CIA's imagination ran wild in its plots to assassinate Fidel Castro.
Mourners in Brazil have packed a rain soaked stadium to pay homage to a modest club that nearly reached the pinnacle of Latin American soccer.
Chile is experiencing its most extensive drought in history, and this year is set to become its driest in more than 40 years. In the southern region of Patagonia...
Rumours claiming dead children had been found with their organs missing has fanned mass hysteria in the Peruvian shantytown of Huaycan.
Dozens of coffins carrying those killed when a plane flying Brazil's Chapecoense soccer team crashed into a Colombian mountain were loaded onto Brazilian air...