Latest articles belonging to Asia-Pacific.

DFAT has updated its terror threat advice in light of an online forum post, which urged attacks against teachers at international schools.
The sons of a Malaysian man missing on flight MH370 is suing the government and beleaguered national carrier, in the first lawsuit filed over the disaster.
Housing NZ has repaired 2500 state houses in Christchurch at a cost of $NZ55 million, about half the 5000 that were damaged by the quakes.

Woman charged after NZ baby taken

An 18-year-old woman has been charged with kidnapping after an eight-month-old baby was taken from a house in New Zealand.
All foreign travellers entering North Korea from Ebola-affected regions will be quarantined for 21 days, the reclusive regime says.
As sniffer dogs are deployed to hunt for victims of a deadly mudslide in Sri Lanka, survivors have told of narrow escapes and desperate rescues.
There have been more delays in the Doha mall fire appeal case as a new judge is appointed and nursery owners argue they are the victims.


Latest articles belonging to Middle-East.

Israel has decided to reopen the Al-Aqsa mosque compound after closing it in a move Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas condemned as a declaration of war.   
In response to Sweden's recognition of Palestine, Israel's foreign minister has made a dig at IKEA, saying that relations in the Middle East were more 'complex'...
Israel is promising to reopen a mosque that it closed amid fresh clashes in Jerusalem, after Palestinians condemned the closure as a "declaration of war".
Iraqi peshmerga forces are set to join the fight against IS militants in the Syrian town of Kobane on the Turkish border.
The Syrian regime has been accused of bombing a camp for displaced persons, with the US saying it is "horrified" by reports of the "barbaric" attack.
Egyptian residents near the border with Gaza have been given 48 hours to leave, as authorities begin demolishing homes.
Egypt has begun creating a 500-metre wide buffer zone on its border with the Gaza Strip amid suspicions Palestinian militants are assisting attacks.


Latest articles belonging to Europe.

The British government has been embarrassed after a second person appointed to lead a wide-ranging child abuse inquiry quit over establishment links.
Investigators have recovered additional human remains in eastern Ukraine after gaining rare access to the site where MH17 was downed in mid-July.
Disgraced children's entertainer Rolf Harris has suffered a setback in his bid to appeal his convictions for a string of sex attacks.
Around 15,000 people from 80 nations have travelled to fight alongside Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, the UN says.
The German capital is set to bask in the glow of an extensive light installation that will snake along the exact path where the Berlin Wall used to stand.
In response to Sweden's recognition of Palestine, Israel's foreign minister has made a dig at IKEA, saying that relations in the Middle East were more 'complex'...
A new mother in Germany has used a curious tactic to distract staff at a pharmacy while allegedly stealing cash.


Latest articles belonging to Africa.

Burkina Faso's army chief has declared he is taking over as head of state after the ousting of President Blaise Compaore.
Experts are urging the world not to get its hopes up that Ebola is under control in Liberia, saying many people are unable to seek treatment.
Burkina Faso's army chief has announced the dissolution of the government and the creation of a transitional body following protests against the president.
Zambia has become the first African country in two decades to have a white head of state.  
Zambian Vice President Guy Scott has been named acting leader following the death of President Michael Sata, making him Africa's first white head of state since...
Zambia's government has confirmed that President Michael Sata has died in London.
The Red Cross says its workers in the Liberian capital Monrovia are picking up far fewer bodies, a sign that the Ebola outbreak is retreating.

North America

Latest articles belonging to North America.

Virgin Galactic's spaceship has crashed in the Mojave Desert during a test flight, killing a pilot and seriously injuring another.
An American nurse back from caring for Ebola patients in Africa is free to leave home and go about in public, a judge has ruled.
It will cost US media members $US60,000 per seat to fly to Australia for the G20 and, no, that's not for a ride on Air Force One.
A US man has pleaded guilty to trying to help Islamic State jihadists, including an unsuccessful bid to travel from Lebanon to Syria to join IS.
A US man accused of killing a Pennsylvania police officer in an ambush near his barracks has been caught after a massive six-week manhunt.
Microsoft has unveiled a gadget that combines health and fitness data from various devices and mobile apps, allowing you to check email and pay for coffee.

Costa Rica volcano spews ash

A Costa Rican volcano is spewing ash while an overnight blast has caused the side of the crater to collapse, causing concern.

South America

Latest articles belonging to South America.

Robbers in Chile have pulled off a daring, multi million dollar heist just metres from the president's office after hijacking an armoured van.
A rare Argentine jaguar has been added to Buenos Aires Zoo's DNA bank as conservationists step up efforts to save the big cat species that is on the brink of...
Leftist Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has been re-elected and has vowed to work for political reform.
An 18-year-old woman in Chile has sold her baby daughter over the internet to a man for $100.
An amateur paleontologist in Argentina has accidentally found a 500,000-year-old fossil of a giant ground sloth which died out due to climate change.
Just days before Brazil's presidential election run-off, rightwing news magazine Veja on Friday accused President Dilma Rousseff and predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula...
Mexico has ordered the arrest of the mayor of the city of Iguala, his wife and an aide, charging that they masterminded last month's attack that left six students...