Latest articles belonging to Asia-Pacific.

Six miners have died in China after a shale mine flooded, news reports say.
New Zealand journalist Jared Morgan is reportedly in hospital with a head injury after being beaten in Kiev, Ukraine.
Roboticist Professor Ron Arkin, who says killer robots used in war could save lives, is to give a talk at New Zealand's Canterbury University.
Three young girls have been found dead in Indonesia after locking themselves in a junked car.
The waiting time to see former Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew's coffin has reached 10 hours.

NASA balloon has lift-off in NZ

NASA's heavy-lift balloon has launched from the New Zealand town of Wanaka, possibly a precursor to future launches from the South Island town.
The appeal bid of a prisoner on death row in Indonesia with Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran has been hastily dispensed with by the Supreme Court.


Latest articles belonging to Middle-East.

The Gulf Co-ordination Council member states want a UN Security Council arms embargo imposed against the Houthi rebels in Yemen.
Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi left his refuge in Aden for Saudi Arabia on Thursday as Houthi rebels battled with his forces on the outskirts of the...
Iran demanded an immediate halt to Saudi-led military operations in Yemen on Thursday and said it would make all necessary efforts to control the crisis there,...
Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies have launched a military operation involving air strikes in Yemen against Houthi fighters as residents tell of airstrikes on...

Yemen on brink of civil war

The UN is warning Yemen is on the brink of civil war - with implications beyond the country's borders.
Israel's re-elected PM says he regrets comments he made about Israeli Arabs.
Turks have been commemorating the 100th year since their naval victory against the Allies.


Latest articles belonging to Europe.

The father of one of the victims of a Germanwings plane crash says the motive of co-pilot Andreas Lubitz is irrelevant.

Earth Hour marked around the world

Earth Hour kicked off in Samoa with hundred of millions of people expected to take part in the event to highlight climate change.
After an eight-year legal battle, American Amanda Knox has finally been cleared in Italy of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher.
A former girlfriend of Andreas Lubitz says he once told her that in the future "all will know my name and remember it", a German newspaper reports.
Transport Minister Warren Truss has briefed the national security committee of cabinet on aviation safety following the aircraft crash in the French Alps.
Sweden has long been progressive on gender egalitarianism, and now its language is officially catching up.
Germanwings could face liabilities well above the typical ceiling in airline crashes for the passengers who died when one of its jets was flown into an Alpine...


Latest articles belonging to Africa.

A siege by al-Shabab militants at a Mogadishu hotel has ended, police in Somalia say.
Sierra Leone's six million people are being confined to their homes for three days in a final bid to stamp out Ebola.
Boko Haram extremists have captured hundreds of Nigerian civilians and are using them as human shields.
A South African judge says there is "overwhelming" evidence against an Australian-born tennis star Bob Hewitt found guilty of raping young girls.
Less than a week after its jihadist attack, Tunisia's national museum is due to reopen with a ceremony including a concert by the Tunis symphony orchestra.
Health officials warn complacency and widespread traditional beliefs still continue to sap the energy out of the fight to eradicate Ebola.
With Liberia emerging from its Ebola outbreak, slum-dwellers are facing an even deadlier threat - the measles virus.

North America

Latest articles belonging to North America.

Some online frequent flier accounts have been hacked, British Airways says.
Sniffer dogs have been called in to help search for two people missing after what's believed was a gas explosion levelled three New York buildings.
A US jury has quashed claims of sex discrimination and retaliation in a high-profile lawsuit.
A US pilot who scared passengers by yelling during a flight is suing JetBlue Airways for ignoring warning signs he was not well before the plane took off.

US diet soft drink consumption drops

Coca-Cola remains the most popular soft drink in the US but people bought fewer fizzy drinks overall for the 10th straight year, an industry report says.
A US military reservist has been arrested as he tried to travel to fight for Islamic State jihadists, along with a cousin planning to carry out attacks on...
Angelina Jolie, in publicly airing the details of a surgery that forced her into early menopause, is taking an activist approach to oversharing.

South America

Latest articles belonging to South America.

Dozens of people have been killed during storms which brought intense rains, landslides and high waves to Ecuador and Chile, with many more missing.

Peru bus pile-up kills 37

A Peru crash involving three buses and a truck has left 37 people dead and another 70 people hurt.
Indigenous leaders from Peru's Amazon region say they're still waiting for government protection from illegal loggers.
A magnitude-6.1 earthquake has shaken far northern Chile.
Chile is facing a "massive environmental catastrophe" due to wildfires in its south.

Ten killed in Uruguay plane crash

A plane has crashed into a lake in eastern Uruguay, killing all 10 people on board, rescue officials say.
A 6.3-magnitude earthquake has struck the southern Chilean city of Concepcion, about 500 kilometres south of the capital Santiago.