Latest articles belonging to Asia-Pacific.

Chief prosecutor Momock Bambang Samiarso says authorities are discussing plans to move Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran out of Kerobokan jail within days.
Nearly three dozen people have been arrested during a demonstration in Hong Kong against the growing influx of mainland Chinese shoppers.
A terrorism expert and New Zealand's opposition say sending troops into Iraq is giving the terrorists what they want.
Jakarta's governor says he has given his anti-death penalty view to President Joko Widodo, who he believes is considering all views on the subject.
Indonesian President Joko Widodo says his country remains firm in its stance on the executions of two Australian drug smugglers, despite a call from the PM.
According to a census by China's State Forestry Administration, the panda population has grown by 268 to a total of 1864 in a little over 10 years.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott and New Zealand counterpart John Key have discussed at length a planned joint training mission in Iraq.


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Iraqi state TV says government forces have begun a military operation to recapture Tikrit from the Islamic State group.
The Iraqi army and Shi'ite militias have for weeks been closing in on Tikrit, a main IS stronghold in the country, and now they hope to retake the city.
Syrian rebel forces in Aleppo have rejected a UN envoy plan for a freeze in fighting in the northern city.
At least 19 Christians who were taken captive by Islamic State militants in northeastern Syria have been released, activists say.

Bomb blasts kill 37 people in Iraq

In a series of attacks in and around Iraq's capital, 37 people have been killed.
The Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader, Mohamed Badie, has been handed a fourth life sentence in prison by an Egyptian court.
Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas has been declared a "terrorist" organisation by an Egyptian court, taking ties between the two to a new low.


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Gunfire has dwindled on the front line in Ukraine in the lead-up to talks about gas supplies.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
A 15-year-old Danish boy has reportedly been placed in a juvenile home amid fears he will be radicalised by his Muslim father.
Ikea is launching a range of desks, table and lamps that will use wireless technology to charge phones that are placed on or near the furniture.
The British man who became known as Jihadi John said he felt like a "dead man walking" before leaving the UK for Syria, reports say.
Thousands of supporters have marched to the Moscow bridge where opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was gunned down in an apparent political assassination.
A historic monument in England has been saved after 25 tonnes of pigeon droppings were removed, easing fears of structural damage being caused.


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Sierra Leone has reintroduced travel restrictions as the number of new cases of Ebola rises again in the west African nation.
Sierra Leone has recorded a rise in new Ebola cases this week, with President Ernest Bai Koroma reinstating various restrictions to combat the spread.
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe celebrated his 91st birthday with a million-dollar bash attended by thousands of faithful party supporters.
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe says giving ill-equipped black farmers vast tracts of farmland seized from whites may have been a mistake.
Pupils noticed a remarkable likeness between a 17-year-old and her younger biological sister, who started attending the same school this year.
Chadian troops have killed 207 members of the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram in north-eastern Nigeria.
Lawyers for jailed Oscar Pistorius have launched a legal bid to prevent prosecutors from appealing against his acquittal on murder charges.

North America

Latest articles belonging to North America.

LA police shoot dead homeless man

Onlookers were shocked and outraged when a homeless man was shot dead by LA police officers, with a video of the incident being posted online.
The US Supreme Court is considering a discrimination case brought by a Muslim woman denied a job because she was wearing a headscarf.
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has arrived in Washington ahead of a controversial speech to Congress on Iran's nuclear program.
Samsung says the design of its new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge mobile phones took years to develop and boasts higher display resolution and a better camera.
A US nurse is filing a lawsuit against the hospital where she contracted Ebola while caring for someone diagnosed with the disease.
Two NASA astronauts have stepped out on their third spacewalk to prepare the International Space Station for the arrival of commercial capsules.
Doctors say fitness trackers and health apps can boost care by allowing doctors to track patients remotely.

South America

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Supporters of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner have flooded the streets around Congress for her final opening address before the legislature.

Argentina creates new spy agency

Argentina's Chamber of Deputies has voted 131 to 71 to create a new intelligence service to be known as the Federal Intelligence Agency.
Brazil has refused to accept the credentials of the new Indonesian ambassador over the execution of one of its nationals - so Indonesia has recalled him.
The US has rubbished the claim by Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro that the US was planning a coup to oust the socialist president.
Three men have died after the Carnival float they were on hit a power line in a southeastern Brazilian city.
A project in Peru aims to collect 400,000 litres of water per day for poor people living near the desert by setting up "fog-catchers".
Not even a thunderstorm has been able to dampen the spirits of the thousands of people who have turned out for Carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro.