Eight people who allegedly robbed the bodies of Australians Dean and Tanya Griffioen after they were killed in a collision in Uganda have been arrested.

Egypt jails 78 minors for protests

Seventy-eight boys aged as young as 13 have been jailed in Egypt for taking part in Muslim Brotherhood rallies.
A leading international expert on infectious diseases believes the presence of bubonic plague in Madagascar won't reach the proportions of Ebola in parts of west...
Health experts say challenges remain in eradicating polio in international conflict zones, despite impressive gains seen in parts of Africa.

Cairo building collapse kills 17

Investigators believe that a building collapse in Egypt that left at least 17 people dead may be the result of illegal construction work.
A double bomb blast at a busy market in Nigeria's northeast has left at least 45 people dead, according to witnesses who described the carnage.

More than 45 dead in Nigeria blasts

Twin bombings in Nigeria have left at least 45 people dead, some completely decapitated, according to a witness.
At least 32 people have died after three days of heavy storms in southern Morocco.
Boko Haram gunmen have killed 48 people in Nigeria's restive Borno State, near the border with Chad.

Tunisians electing new president

27 contenders are vying to become the Tunisian president as the country votes for the first time since the ousting of dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
Nearly 800 people have been rescued from boats in distress in the Mediterranean in the last 48 hours, Italian and Libyan officials say.
A survivor has told of his narrow escape from a team of Al-Shabab gunmen who stopped a bus in Kenya and shot dead 28 of its non-Muslim passengers.
Somalia's Shabab Islamists say they executed 28 non-Muslim passengers on a bus in Kenya in revenge for police raids on mosques in Mombasa.

Gunmen execute 28 on Kenya bus

Al-Shabab militants have killed at least 28 people in an attack on a bus in northern Kenya, officials say.
Somali Australians are warning that the closure of small money transfer services will have catastrophic consequences for their family members back home.

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