The Tunisian museum where 22 people died following an attack from two extremist gunman has reopened.
Results from Nigeria's elections, potentially the closest contest since the end of military rule in 1999, are due to start trickling in after a weekend vote...
A siege by al-Shabab militants at a Mogadishu hotel has ended, police in Somalia say.
Sierra Leone's six million people are being confined to their homes for three days in a final bid to stamp out Ebola.
Boko Haram extremists have captured hundreds of Nigerian civilians and are using them as human shields.
A South African judge says there is "overwhelming" evidence against an Australian-born tennis star Bob Hewitt found guilty of raping young girls.
Less than a week after its jihadist attack, Tunisia's national museum is due to reopen with a ceremony including a concert by the Tunis symphony orchestra.
Health officials warn complacency and widespread traditional beliefs still continue to sap the energy out of the fight to eradicate Ebola.
With Liberia emerging from its Ebola outbreak, slum-dwellers are facing an even deadlier threat - the measles virus.

Tunisian PM fires security chiefs

Tunisia's prime minister has sacked six police chiefs following last week's attack on the famous Bardo Museum.
Nigerians go to the polls this week to choose a president. Incumbent Goodluck Jonathan is from the ruling People's Democratic Party. He is facing a strong...
The UN says the scourge of child soldier recruitment is far from over in South Sudan, as some 12,000 youngsters are still fighting in warring factions.
A third attacker is still "on the run" after the deadly Bardo Museum killings, Tunisia's president says.

Sierra Leone orders Ebola lockdown

The entire population of Sierra Leone has been ordered to stay at home for three days in a bid to stem the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.
Liberia, the hardest hit country at the peak of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, has recorded a new case of the deadly disease.

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