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A Belgian conservationist who works to protect mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been shot and is in intensive care.

Togo road crash kills 47

A passenger bus has collided with a heavy truck in the small African nation of Togo, killing 47 people.
Lawyers watching Oscar Pistorius' murder trial say the athlete's testimony went down hill from the moment he took the stand.
A forensic expert hired by Oscar Pistorius has been rubbished in the witness box at the Olympian's murder trial in South Africa.
Passengers travelling to Gambia have been left stranded in Ebola-hit west African countries, after the country installed a ban on some flights.
The death toll following a bomb explosion at a packed bus station in the Nigerian capital of Abuja has risen to 75.
An Egyptian court has ordered authorities to bar any candidacies from Muslim Brotherhood members in the country's upcoming elections.
The parents of more then 100 girls kidnapped in Nigeria have pleaded with the Boko Haram Islamists responsible.
Gambia has banned flights from Ebola-hit west African countries in a bid to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.
UNICEF says nearly a quarter of a million South Sudanese children are at risk of acute malnutrition.
Foreign Minister Francois Fall says Guinea has managed to bring an outbreak of the deadly haemorrhagic Ebola virus under control.
After five days of gruelling questioning, the prosecution has wrapped up its cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius in the Olympian's murder trial.
A bombing at a bus station packed with morning commuters on the outskirts of Nigeria's capital has killed 71 people and wounded 124, with the president blaming...

Pistorius breaks down on stand

A judge has temporarily adjourned the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius after the athlete started to sob while testifying.
Twin blasts at a packed bus station on the outskirts of Nigeria's capital Abuja have killed "dozens of people", a spokesman for the state-run emergency services...
A bombing at a packed bus station on the outskirts of Nigeria's capital has killed 71 people and wounded 124.
Thokozile Masipa is a trail-blazer as a black woman judge in a white, male-dominated field; she may set new ground with her sentence on Oscar Pistorius.
A prosecution lawyer has alleged Oscar Pistorius argued with Reeva Steenkamp before shooting her dead.
Boko Haram Islamists are accused of killing at least 60 people in Nigeria's troubled northeast.
Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani's resignation comes less than a week after Libya's parliament tasked him with forming a new cabinet.
At least 10 people are dead after floods which have caused massive destruction of roads, bridges and drainage systems in Tanzania's Dar es Salaam.
Residents in northern Nigeria say Islamic insurgents stormed a college in the early hours, killing six teachers and two security guards.
During a third day of intense cross-examination in his murder trial, Oscar Pistorius has been accused of changing his version of events.
The United Nations Security Council has approved sending 12,000 peacekeepers to the Central African Republic.

Greste back in Cairo court

Detained journalists in Egypt, including Australia's Peter Greste, have appeared in court as the prosecution showed footage and pictures as evidence.
The World Health Organization has announced emergency measures, including a special alert centre, to deal with the Ebola outbreak across west Africa.
The US-funded Walter Reed AIDS project says it has suspended its activities in Uganda after an employee was briefly detained by police.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has pushed Oscar Pistorius on his version of the exact events in the seconds before he killed Reeva Steenkamp.
Five people have been electrocuted as they tried to flee petrol fire in Nigeria and ran into a power cable.
Up to 10,000 military personnel and 1800 police are to be deployed to the Central African Republic following UN approval.

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