Experts are urging the world not to get its hopes up that Ebola is under control in Liberia, saying many people are unable to seek treatment.
Burkina Faso's army chief has announced the dissolution of the government and the creation of a transitional body following protests against the president.
Zambia has become the first African country in two decades to have a white head of state.  
Zambian Vice President Guy Scott has been named acting leader following the death of President Michael Sata, making him Africa's first white head of state since...
Zambia's government has confirmed that President Michael Sata has died in London.
The Red Cross says its workers in the Liberian capital Monrovia are picking up far fewer bodies, a sign that the Ebola outbreak is retreating.
Authorities in South Africa have launched a major manhunt to find the killers of the national football captain.
UN chief Ban Ki-moon says health workers returning home from treating Ebola patients in west Africa should not be "stigmatised for their selfless service".

Nigerian who cheated hangman freed

A Nigerian man who spent 19 years on death row then was saved while in line to be hanged at the gallows has now been freed.
South African prosecutors are to appeal both Oscar Pistorius's conviction and five-year jail sentence.

Kidnapped women used by Boko Haram

Boko Haram may have been using abducted women and young girls to help carry out attacks, according to a report from Human Rights Watch.
Boko Haram rebels are suspected of being behind the abduction of 30 boys and girls aged as young as 11 from a village in northern Nigeria.
Cameroon's army has killed 39 Boko Haram fighters as the Islamists were carrying out three raids.
Many leaders are praising the US and UK's work to accelerate aid to the worst-affected Ebola nations, but are doing little themselves, the US says.
A former mushroom and poultry farmer has been crowned Miss Uganda following a major re-branding of the annual beauty pageant, now designed to promote agriculture...

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November 1 marks 100 years since the first Australian and New Zealand troops sailed from Albany on Western Australia’s south coast to join the Allies in World War I.

School weighs Satanic colouring book

A group has submitted a Satanic colouring book and fact sheets for children at Florida schools to challenge a practice of allowing Bibles in school.
In response to Sweden's recognition of Palestine, Israel's foreign minister has made a dig at IKEA, saying that relations in the Middle East were more 'complex'...
We’ve all experienced fear, but Halloween is the particular time of year when we look for that rush that usually accompanies feeling scared
Horrific and disturbing scenes are all in a day’s work for a paramedic. But when a 14 hour night shift stretches to 20 hours, the effects of exhaustion and...
A new mother in Germany has used a curious tactic to distract staff at a pharmacy while allegedly stealing cash.
EXCLUSIVE: Australians who lost loved ones in the Holocaust say a program meant to compensate them for property taken by the Nazis is inadequate.