The number of African elephants has dropped by around 111,000 in the past decade, a new report released Sunday at the Johannesburg conference on the wildlife...
Despite claims he was injured by the Nigerian military, a man purporting to be the leader of Boko Haram has posted videos online saying he is unhurt.
The world's biggest conference on the international wildlife trade got underway Saturday in Johannesburg, but African countries lashed out at Western charities...
South Sudan Vice-President Taban Deng says there is no need for the 13,000 UN peacekeepers already in the country.
Gabon's constitutional court has upheld incumbent President Ali Bongo's victory in last month's presidential election.
There is hope for the northern white rhino after South African scientists managed to create a test-tube buffalo through IVF.
At least 44 people are dead as hundreds protest in Congo's capital, Kinshasa, over an election delay.
A Somali general and at least seven of his bodyguards have been killed when their military convoy was hit by a suspected car bomb.
Rebel fighters are being blamed for the killing of 26 villagers in Central African republic.
Thirty-eight Boko Haram Islamist fighters have been killed during military search operations carried out by Niger and Chad troops in the Diffa region of southeast...
Malaysia has confirmed an outboard flap discovered on an island off Tanzania was from missing flight MH370.
Three women who died in an attack on a Kenyan police station allegedly pledged their allegiance to Islamic State in a letter.
A human rights group has accused top officials in South Sudan and their families of personally profiting from the nation's civil war and warned they could be off...
From Mount Arafat to Sydney, Tokyo to Gaza, more than one billion Muslims marked the holiday with friends and family around the world.
Three women have been killed after trying to stage an attack at the main police station in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa.

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The rise of Donald Trump likely signals the beginning of a new phase of politics – where outrage and entertainment will be more important than facts, policies or...
The Australian Government has announced community consultations will commence to develop a five-year temporary visa for parents of immigrants.
When the head of the NT Labor Party disappeared overnight to help Kurds fighting IS in Syria, it was big news. When he returned alive three months later,...
As world leaders agree to develop a more humanitarian response to the refugee crisis, France's Calais migrant camp swells to around 10,000 people. SBS Senior...
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shared the Australian migration story and urged leaders to build more community support at the UN refugee summit.