Ethiopia's ruling coalition has comfortably won parliamentary elections, preliminary results show.
A Tunisian soldier opened fire at a military base in the capital on Monday, killing seven colleagues and wounding 10 others before being shot dead himself,...
The suspect accused of being involved in the terror attack on Tunisia's Bardo Museum has protested his innocence in court.
A suspect arrested in relation to March's deadly attack at the Bardo Museum in Tunis was reportedly in Italy when the strike took place.
Former Grand Slam doubles tennis champion Bob Hewitt was sentenced to six years in prison by a South African court on Monday after being found guilty of two...
Retired Australian tennis player Bob Hewitt, 75, will spend six years in a South African jail for rape and sexual assault.
A young female suicide bomber blew herself up at a bus station in Damaturu, the capital of northern Nigeria's Yobe State, killing at least seven people.
An Egyptian court on Saturday sought the death penalty for former president Mohammed Morsi and 106 supporters of his Muslim Brotherhood in connection with a mass...
The authorities have arrested three generals for their role in an attempted coup in Burundi but the leader of the bid to overthrow President Pierre Nkurunziza was...
President Pierre Nkurunziza returned to Burundi on Thursday, his office said, after the army chief declared that an attempted coup staged when the east African...
A claim by underwater explorers that they've found treasure and the wreck of a pirate ship belonging to Captain Kidd will be investigated by UNESCO.

Burundi troops battle for Bujumbura

Troops are battling for control of the capital of Burundi one day after a top general launched a coup to oust the nation's president.
At least 10 people have died after the partial collapse of a mosque in Nairobi, officials say.
On Sunday afternoon, South Africa’s official opposition political party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), elected Mmusi Maimane as its first black leader.
Houthi rebels in Yemen say they have shot down a Moroccan fighter jet that was taking part in Saudi-led coalition air strikes against them.

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