Australia is already battling the spillover from organised crime in Southeast Asia, which the UN says is worth $A100 billion a year.
In the latest step forward for Beijing's ambitious space program, a Chinese probe flew around the moon and safely returned to Earth.

WWI to be remembered in Chicago

Rugby players from NZ and the US will lay wreaths for the fallen in WWI ahead of a Test between the two countries.
DFAT has updated its terror threat advice in light of an online forum post, which urged attacks against teachers at international schools.
The sons of a Malaysian man missing on flight MH370 is suing the government and beleaguered national carrier, in the first lawsuit filed over the disaster.
Housing NZ has repaired 2500 state houses in Christchurch at a cost of $NZ55 million, about half the 5000 that were damaged by the quakes.

Woman charged after NZ baby taken

An 18-year-old woman has been charged with kidnapping after an eight-month-old baby was taken from a house in New Zealand.
All foreign travellers entering North Korea from Ebola-affected regions will be quarantined for 21 days, the reclusive regime says.
As sniffer dogs are deployed to hunt for victims of a deadly mudslide in Sri Lanka, survivors have told of narrow escapes and desperate rescues.
There have been more delays in the Doha mall fire appeal case as a new judge is appointed and nursery owners argue they are the victims.
Rescue workers are desperately hunting for survivors after tonnes of mud collapsed on workers' cottages at a Sri Lankan tea plantation.

Nestle Japan hiring 1000 robots

Food giant Nestle is planning to hire 1000 120-centimetre tall robots named Pepper as sales clerks at stores across Japan.

Bangladesh Islamist leader to hang

A special Bangladesh court has sentenced to death the leader of the country's largest Islamist party, Motiur Rahman Nizami, for war crimes.

Comment: The government next door

Urbanisation in China has created a new middle class with unprecedented opportunities to create their own wealth. But, that doesn’t mean the Communist regime has...

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Hello Kitty cuteness is taking over Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles as the city hosts the first Hello Kitty fan convention.
Traditional West African funerals, at which mourners extensively touch and kiss the dead, are “superspreader” events for transmission of the Ebola virus, says a...
A number of academics have signed an open letter, pushing for cultural change in universities across Australia.
The Prime Minister may have wanted a mature discussion, but the week in politics started out as anything but.
Pakistan cricket officials hope Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai can inspire young women to take up cricket.
Pope Francis' comments that the theories of evolution and the Big Bang are real and does not contradict with the role of God has sparked heated debate.
Investigators have recovered additional human remains in eastern Ukraine after gaining rare access to the site where MH17 was downed in mid-July.