First robotic mobile phone on sale

RoBoHon, a pocket-size walking and dancing robotic mobile phone developed by Sharp, has gone on sale in Japan.
Barnaby Joyce's comments linking asylum-seeker arrivals to the ban on live exports is "simply not true", Indonesia says.
Thousands of children in Indonesia are showing symptoms of poisoning while working on tobacco farms, a report by Human Rights Watch has found.
The Taliban's new leader favours "killing over living" and is unlikely to come to the peace table willingly, analysts say.
The US will cooperate in a Japanese investigation in the murder of a woman on an island which hosts the bulk of US military forces in Japan.
Huawei Technologies is suing Samsung Electronics claiming infringement of smartphone patents.
Thousands of children who work on Indonesia's small-scale tobacco farms run the risk of acute nicotine poisoning, Human Rights Watch says.
Human Rights Watch is calling for the federal government to intervene in a case where four Vietnamese asylum seekers were charged with 'illegally fleeing' their...

Global economy to top agenda at G7

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to call for co-ordinated fiscal stimulus to reboot the world economy at the G7 summit.

Afghan Taliban appoint new leader

The Afghan Taliban have announced a new leader to replace Mullah Akhtar Mansour who was killed in a US drone strike.

Cambodia revives Aust refugee deal

Cambodia says it will send a team to Nauru to interview two more asylum seekers who have put their hand up to resettle in the country.
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India’s worst ever heatwave is melting roads and killing hundreds

Pedestrians are literally being stopped in their tracks as they stick to molten pavement.
A senior North Korean official has called Donald Trump's offer to meet Kim Jong Un is a "kind of propaganda or advertisement" in an election race.
US President Barack Obama said that several activists were prevented from coming to a meeting with him, urging the country to allow greater freedoms.
The United Kingdom has granted the former president of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed refugee status.

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An exemption to a long-standing tradition in Switzerland has prompted education authorities to hand down a controversial ruling for Muslim students.
Actor Johnny Depp called Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce as 'inbred with a tomato' during an appearance on popular US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Sydney artist Michael Agzarian has resisted pressure to take down posters of Malcolm Turnbull, instead making them part of a campaign for political change.
Research like the Economic Social Impact Survey from The Salvos requires a human face in order to sell the story. But after the Duncan Storrar saga, who would...
Batemans Bay, on the New South Wales south coast, has been invaded by a plague of flying boxes that is causing headaches for locals.
While research has shown around a quarter of Australians are uncomfortable talking about money, Insight discovers some types of wealth are more difficult to...