The Turkish government wanted the final communique of the G20 to include a paragraph on Turkey but it was rejected.
A woman has died after a tiger attacked her when she got out of the car in a Beijing wildlife park to try and help her friend who was being mauled.
Malaysian authorities say they had foiled a bomb attack on top police officers and arrested 14 suspected Islamic State operatives in a week-long operation.

10 dead in Bangladesh boat tragedy

An overloaded passenger boat has capsized in Bangladesh, killing eight children and two women.
Villagers in the northern provinces of China are angry there wasn't enough warning before flooding which has killed some 154 people.

IS claims Kabul attack, 80 dead

Islamic State says it was behind two suicide bombers who have killed at least 80 people demonstrating in the Afghan capital.
Malaysia's security agencies are on guard against IS spreading in the Muslim majority nation and say they have foiled a major bomb plot.
Some Japanese tourist attractions have banned people from playing the smartphone game Pokemon Go.
Large parts of China have been inundated with rain in the northern summer, killing more than 200 people.
Fears are held for six crew on board an Indian military transport plane that has gone missing in the Bay of Bengal.
The Philippines' brash anti-establishment president Rodrigo Duterte told his government Thursday not to call him 'Your Excellency'.
Hopes of finding MH370 are fading, with authorities likely to suspend their search if it's not found in the 10,000sq km patch of ocean yet to be combed.
Senior New Zealand MPs have given Kevin Rudd little hope of besting former NZ prime minister Helen Clark to become the next UN secretary-general.

Indonesia shrugs off Pokemon fatwa

It hasn't been officially launched in their country yet but tens of thousands of Indonesians are getting the smash-hit game by using a proxy location.
A US warship is set to dock in New Zealand, ending a more than 30 year stand-off between the countries over nuclear weapons.

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