Floods have washed away several bridges and submerged homes in northeastern India, leaving at least seven people dead.

Ghani vows peace after Afghan deal

Afghanistan's new President-elect Ashraf Ghani says the country is "tired of blood" and stability in the country is more important than anything.
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said Monday he would press ahead with plans to hold a referendum to change the national flag following his election triumph.
A group of Australian-Indian businesspeople has submitted an application to Melbourne City Council to operate up to a dozen rickshaws in the city.
When Padmini Prakash was disowned by her family for being transgender, she never imagined she would go on to become India’s first transgender news anchor.
Nations meeting over the weekend in Cairns have announced they are on track to grow the world's economy by just under two per cent by 2018.
At least two policemen are dead after a bomb blast in Cairo just hours after President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi left for UN headquarters in New York.
Malaysian authorities have reportedly identified a man who received thousands of dollars transferred from a Sydney business with links to terrorist groups.
Afghanistan has put an end to the infighting over the presidential election after the two candidates signed a power-sharing deal.
Indonesia has formally arrested four men, believed to be from China, for allegedly arranging to undergo terrorist training.
A village headman is among the 13 Indian men sentenced to 20 years in jail for gang-raping a tribal woman.
After taking five lives in the Philippines, tropical storm Fung-Wong is heading for Taiwan where troops are being readied for its onslaught.
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key's National Party has won a third term in office with an unprecedented govern-alone victory.
The Dalai Lama on Saturday condemned mindless violence in the name of religion, saying the concept of jihad was being misused and misinterpreted by Islamist...
Afghanistan's disputed election result will be announced after an agreement is finalised on a power-sharing deal between the two candidates.

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Apple retains coolest brand title

Apple remains cool, with an annual survey of Britons listing it "coolest brand" for three years running, but Twitter has dropped out of the top 20
Mass rallies have been held in cities around the world to build pressure for action on climate change ahead of a major United Nations climate summit in New York.
Footage has emerged online of a brawl between a ‘Where’s Wally’ fancy dress bachelor party and Manchester United supporters at Piccadilly Station, Manchester.
The proposed ban, if passed, would force women to make unenviable choice. Obey the law and deny their faith. Obey their faith and risk criminal charges.
If we could go back 100 years in a time machine, what would kids be like? They’d be shorter, leaner, probably dirtier and less well-fed — but would they be fitter?
Vets from around the world will discuss animal control in remote indigenous communities around the world, and the links between pets and human diseases.
Actress Emma Watson has called on men to join the feminist conversation during a passionate address to the United Nations, saying everyone's help is needed to end...