Taiwan desires a "new era" of peace with China and military action cannot resolve problems, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen says in a letter to the Pope.
A strong quake has struck in the waters off the Solomon Islands in an area that has been the site of several tremors in recent weeks.
An earthquake has hit the Solomon Islands at a magnitude of 6.7.
North Korea is preparing to test new rockets, a report said Thursday, after its leader Kim Jong-Un said the country was in the final stages of developing inter...
The head of the Philippines police force says he would like to kill rogue cops involved in criminal syndicates.
The official search for MH370 is over, and now Malaysia is offering cash rewards for "substantial information or evidence" about the location of the wreckage.
The lawyer for a New Zealand woman has admitted to a Bali court that her client was carrying methamphetamine when she flew into Denpasar airport.
China is urging the US not to allow a "so-called delegation" from Taiwan to attend Donald Trump's inauguration.
Thousands of mostly young people have protested in India against the banning of jallikattu, an ancient bull-taming sport.
Relatives of Chinese passengers aboard doomed flight MH370 have gathered in Beijing to slam authorities, saying they "cheated us for the past three years".
Air India have introduced rows of seats for women only but they have baulked at suggestions it's because of in air sexual assaults occurring on their flights.
The sister of Malaysia Airlines captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah says ending the search for MH370 means suspicions will continue to surround the senior pilot.
Malaysia Airlines says the search for MH370 has been thorough and it remains hopeful that "new and significant information will come to light".
On the brink of collapse after two tragedies, Malaysia Airlines has battled to recover, but its new CEO says its turnaround is going better than expected.
China has promised to keep "close communication and co-operation" with Australia and Malaysia over missing Flight 370 despite the search being called off.

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