Flu kills 400 Kiwis a year: study

Research estimates the number of influenza-associated deaths in New Zealand each year stands at around 400.
A daylight assessment of the area hit by an earthquake in Japan has shown that the damage is worse than initially feared.
North Korea is threatening "catastrophic consequences" for any nation that supported a UN resolution condemning its human rights record.

Anglican staff returns to Maori

The Anglican Church is returning a crozier to Maori 200 years after the relationship between Maori and the church began in NZ.
Hate crimes against children based on race have no place in New Zealand, Dame Susan Devoy says.

At least 39 injured in Japan quake

An earthquake has struck in Nagano, in central Japan, injuring at least 39 people and forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes.

China quake toll rises to four

At least four people have been killed after an earthquake struck western China.
NZ Internet Party leader Laila Harre says she will be stepping down as leader following a review of the party's future which could result in it disbanding.
Satellite imagery shows North Korea may be firing up a facility for processing weapons-grade plutonium after Pyongyang threatened a fresh nuclear test.
Of course, all this do-gooding is self-reported, so it’s possible that people are making themselves sound better than they are.
Five Thai students were detained Wednesday after flashing the three-finger salute from "The Hunger Games" films during a speech by the premier, officials said, in...

Indian guru arrested after clashes

Indian police have arrested a controversial guru after a violent stand-off at his sprawling ashram in the country's north.
There's fresh discussion on the death penalty in Indonesia where 118 people, including two Aussies, are on death row.
Asylum seekers who have arrived in Indonesia after Australia's cut-off date for resettlement will be monitored by Jakarta, which will act if needed.
Refugee advocates have criticised the federal government's decision to stop accepting refugees registered with the UN in Indonesia.

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The spectacled hare-wallaby, feared extinct in the Kimberley, has been rediscovered near Broome.
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