China's experimental spacecraft is on its way to the moon, where scientist hope it will fly around the moon before returning to earth.
A beauty contest of a different kind took place in China.
The creator said he made the game to "wake the people up."
A series of attacks including a suicide bombing has killed at least 11 people in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta.
Advocates say maps that show the Montara oil spill was closer to Indonesia than first thought make a case for a proper study of the disaster's effects.
A Malaysian military official accused of attempting to rape a woman in New Zealand will be extradited to Wellington to face trial.
Prosecutors are appealing the sentence handed to an Australian over a fatal motorcycle crash in Indonesia, arguing nine months isn't enough.
Accused of arranging the murder of her Australian husband, Indonesian woman Noor Ellis could face the death penalty in Bali.
Diwali, one of the most popular Hindu festivals, is synonymous with lights, fireworks and feasts. But for many, the festival of lights also has an ugly side.
Police have staged a re-enactment of the killing of an Australian businessman, organised by his Indonesian wife.
Police in Bali say the body of Australian resident Robert Kelvin Ellis has been found dumped in a rice field after a violent killing.
A young footballer has died in India's north-east after damaging his spinal cord while doing a somersault to celebrate a goal.
A poll finds that people in the Middle East see religious and ethnic hatred as their biggest threat; Europeans and Americans are more concerned about inequality.

HK govt, protest leaders begin talks

Hong Kong government officials and pro-democracy protest leaders have begun talks in a bid to end weeks of rallies.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has returned home confident of new relationship between Australia and Indonesia after a meeting with new Indonesian president Joko...

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It started off as a tongue-in-cheek vegan food blog, but 'Thug Kitchen', now a cookbook, has been slammed for negatively stereotyping African-Americans after the...
Parisian haute couture is coming to Adelaide.
The fact that only women can give the gift of life is an enviable distinction, yet it is also a burden that can make it harder for working mothers to reach the...
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