Documents sent to Malaysia's attorney general pave the way for possible criminal charges against Prime Minister Najib Razak.
Researchers say rats that exercise daily just fly through their rat to-do-lists at a much quicker pace.
A New Zealand man awaiting trial for murder says the whole thing is an "amazing romance" gone wrong.
New Zealand police have named a mother and her three children who are believed to have died after a car was left running in a garage in Ashburton.
A magnitude 5.1 earthquake has been recorded 125km west of Tuatapere, on the South Island of New Zealand.
A New Zealand newspaper story on the Prime Minister's ponytail-pulling saga has seen the NZN Herald slapped on the wrist.
Indonesia's foreign affairs spokesman does not agree with a past minister's assessment that there is little communication with Australia.
A bus has fallen off a highway bridge in northeastern China, killing 10 South Koreans.
Two New Zealand journalists, who were on a boat captured by Israeli authorities on its way to the Gaza Strip, have returned home.
A group of legal scholars is asking the New Zealand government to take action as democratic functions continue to erode in Nauru.
Authorities are investigating claims civilians were on board a military plane crash that crashed in the Indonesian city of Medan as the toll hits 142.
The NZ government is taking advice on what steps are needed to control a resurgence of rickets, a crippling bone condition caused by prolonged vitamin D deficiency.
A New Zealander who says he was tricked into becoming an unwitting drug mule has been sentenced to 15 years in jail in Bali.
Tony Abbott has wrapped up a two-day trip to Singapore where a strategic partnership was signed to open a new chapter in the bilateral relationship.
The revolutionary Solar Impulse 2 aircraft has taken off for a flight over the Pacific Ocean in the most ambitious leg of its quest to circumnavigate the globe...

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