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Pakistani Taliban to end ceasefire

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has ended a ceasefire called to help negotiations with the government.
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New Zealand police will reduce their tolerance for speeding motorists for longer than just the Easter weekend after the success of a summer campaign.
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A ferry that capsized off South Korea has left 284 people "unaccounted for", with rescuers plucking 174 from the ocean.
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Human rights campaigners in Myanmar are concerned a proposed ban on interfaith marriages will the exacerbate existing tensions.
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The Australian journalist due to face a Thai court on defamation charges has accused the Royal Thai Navy of trying to shut down his website.
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A man who had been travelling in the Middle East has been quarantined in a Philippine hospital after he tested positive to the deadly MERS virus.
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Indonesian governor's adultery war

In his efforts to prevent Indonesian civil servants from committing adultery, a regional governor has ordered them to attend prayer services.
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Japan's fisheries committee has passed a resolution demanding the government find a way to redesign its whaling program so it can go ahead.
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Kim Dotcom has said on Twitter that the New Zealand High Court has ruled he should get back assets which have been held since his arrest in January 2012.
Bali prosecutors say they have twice handed back to police the drugs case of Sydney resident Leeza Ormsby because of a lack of evidence against her.
Prince George will take home plenty of reminders of his New Zealand visit, though some gifts during the royal tour will end up in hospices and hospitals.
Kate wasn't afraid to repeat looks and wear casual high-street clothes - and her understated beauty went down a treat with the Kiwi crowds.
It is still too soon to release Phillip Smith, who in 1995 murdered the father of the boy he had molested, the NZ Parole Board says.
Two Australian men were killed in a counter-terrorism operation in Yemen last year, the Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed.
It was a wet, windy end to the royal tour of New Zealand, but that didn't stop thousands of fans braving the elements to get a final glimpse of the couple.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made their last public appearance in New Zealand, with thousands turning out to see them in Wellington.
Rescuers are working under floodlights and the death toll is expected to rise after a south Korean ferry sank, killing four people and with 291 missing.

Dog's life for William and Kate

Prince William and Kate were left grinning from ear to ear when they were introduced to 12-day-old puppies at the Royal New Zealand Police College.
Heavy rain has hampered the visit to Wellington by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on the last day of their tour of New Zealand.
An attack on a bus by India's Maoist rebels that killed seven people was a "mistake".
The owner of a nine-story building in Bangladesh that collapsed, killing more than 1000 people, will face murder charges.

Japan population shrinks, ages

The elderly now make up one-quarter of Japan's population, which has shrunk for the third year in a row.
The brother of a Pakistani man suspected of cannibalism has been arrested for the same crime.
Malaysia has vowed to be transparent and release the data from the missing flight MH370's black box if it is recovered.
India's top court has passed a landmark ruling recognising transgenders as a neutral third gender.
Tim Sarah, who was jailed for supplying methamphetamine and using the NZ police computer to help a drug ring, has been struck off as a lawyer.
Cyclone Ita has left an estimated 5,000 people homeless and destroyed thousands of food gardens in remote communities in Papua New Guinea's Milne Bay province.

Man spent time gaming as son starved

A South Korean man was so addicted to online gaming he forgot to feed his infant son, who allegedly starved to death.
The number of people living in New Zealand who were born outside the country has topped a million with a drop in Aussies, Census figures reveal.
In Thailand, a radical concept is giving prisoners the chance to fight for their freedom.

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