A 20-year-old Tibetan woman has died after setting herself on fire in protest at China's rule of the Himalayan region.
Australian victims of the 2004 tsunami.
An Australian-based researcher has studied why Aceh communities that received the same level of tsunami assistance got different outcomes.

How the 2004 Asian tsunami began

How the 2004 Asian tsunami began.
A unlicensed medical practitioner in Cambodia has been charged with murder after being suspected of infecting villagers for the virus that causes AIDS.
More than 30,000 people hae been arrested in China as a result of a two-month long campaign against pornography and gambling.
The son of Hong Kong action film star Jackie Chan has been charged with sheltering others to use drugs.
Pakistan has resumed the death penalty in terror cases following a Taliban school massacre, with plans to execute 500 militants in coming weeks.
He survived for 20 days on puddle water and dried noodles, an Indonesian survivor of the 2004 tsunami now dreams of becoming a professional soccer player.
An El Nino weather pattern had been developing in recent months, raising ocean temperatures and stressing delicate coral reefs.
Pakistan officials say they have made several arrests relating to the Taliban school attack that killed 148 in Peshawar.
North Korea will come under scrutiny on Monday at the UN Security Council in the first-ever meeting on its dismal rights record, amid calls for Pyongyang to be...

NKorea faces UN Security Council

UN Security Council to scrutinise human rights violations in North Korea which its report says are among the worst in the world.
The grandfather of a Chinese HIV-positive boy has defended his support for a petition to banish him from their village, media reported Saturday, in a case that...
Chinese state media on Saturday slammed the irreverent movie at the centre of a cyber-attack on a Hollywood studio as "senseless cultural arrogance", adding it...

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The annual "People Are Awesome" video has been released, celebrating human physical ability and ambition.
British music legend Joe Cocker has died at the age of 70 after a battle with lung cancer.
Last week's siege in Sydney has reignited debate over gun control laws. Take a look at the recent history of Australia's other sieges and massacres, and the...
A seal found in a muddy field has been taken to a wildlife hospital "exhausted" after being rescued.
Australia head coach Ange Postecoglou has named his 23-player squad for the AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015 which will be held from 9 to 31 January - with seven A...
For the second year in a row SBS's own Nick Vindin will be reporting and competing in the world renowned Sydney to Hobart Yacht race - bringing viewers as close...
Tony Abbott - federal minister for housewives