Russia turns back the clocks

Russia is adjusting its time zones back to 11 from nine and turning back its clocks to winter time permanently.
British Islamic State hostage John Cantlie has appeared in another video, saying how some prisoners have been waterboarded.
Six days of talks in Bonn have ended with nations still divided loosely along developed-developing country lines on who has to do what to curb climate change.

Ukraine votes for new parliament

President Petro Poroshenko's party is expected to come in first in Ukranian parliamentary elections but is likely to fall short of an absolute majority.
An Italian mayor's plan to create a separate bus route for Roma people has divided politicians, with some comparing it to apartheid.
June Steenkamp's has described her daughter Reeva's killer, athlete Oscar Pistorius, as a "pathetic figure" in a book she has written.
The United States is destabilising the global world order by trying to enforce its will, Russian President Vladimir Putin says, warning that the world will face...

UK gadget contest to help disabled

Britain has launched a competition to encourage entrepreneurs to design apps and gadgets to help the disabled lead more independent lives.
Hundreds of thousands of doses of Ebola vaccine could potentially be rolled out in west Africa by mid-2015, the World Health Organisation says.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of undermining the global world order and failing to respect the interests of other countries.
The Queen has passed a technological milestone - sending the first royal tweet under her own name to declare a new Science Museum gallery open.
EU leaders have overcome deep divisions to reach a deal including a commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 per cent 16 years from now.
Never-before-seen British intelligence reports reveal Australia's most controversial journalist, Wilfred Burchett, was under the intense surveillance of British...

BHP pushes demerger at London AGM

BHP Billiton bosses have talked up the company's proposed demerger at its annual general meeting in London.
Two suspected extremists who killed Canadian soldiers in separate attacks this week appear to have followed instructions by al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

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