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DNA used to identify MH17 victims

A forensic team from the Sarajevo-based International Commission on Missing Persons has been invited to assist in the DNA identification of MH17 victims.
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International pressure on Russia to give unfettered access to the downed Malaysian airline plane in the Ukraine appears to have had an immediate and positive result.

MH17 crash spotlights Russia's role

The tragedy of MH17 has put Russia's support of Ukraine's separatists rebels under scrutiny, even as Moscow changes tack.
Malaysian experts who have been given two black boxes recovered from the crash site of the MH17 say they are intact with only minor damage.
Dutch King Willem-Alexander has met bereaved relatives of the MH17 victims and says the tragedy has left "a deep wound in our society".
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President Barack Obama says Moscow should force rebels controlling parts of east Ukraine to cooperate with an international probe into the MH17 crash.

German bus crash kills 11 people

A Polish holidaymaker injured during a fatal bus crash in the German city of Dresden has died, raising the death toll to 11.
The Dutch prime minister says the first of MH17 victims' bodies will be airlifted to the Netherlands within a day but identification could take months.
Local residents have scrambled into minibuses, escaping the fighting that has killed at least four people in Ukraine's Donetsk.
The Netherlands have launched a criminal investigation into the MH17 crash, which left 298 people dead.
The Italian navy says a total of 1771 migrants have been rescued in Italian territorial waters in recent days.
Dutch investigators are inspecting bodies of victims of flight MH17 that have been loaded on to a train in eastern Ukraine.
Civilians are fleeing fighting in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine as rebel fighters say Ukrainian government troops are attacking their positions.
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk says the bodies of the MH17 victims will be transferred to the Netherlands as soon as possible.

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Ukraine's Prime Minister has called for all countries, particularly Russia, to cooperate with the investigation into MH17 and has said he stands by Australia.
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