German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes Brexit negotiations are moving forward, in a positive assessment likely to buoy embattled British PM Theresa May.
Madrid will impose direct rule on Catalonia from Saturday after the region's leader threatened to proceed with a formal declaration of independence from Spain.
Harvey Weinstein has been stripped of the British Film Institute's highest honour.
Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to solve the issues on the Korean Peninsula via dialogue rather than military intervention.
The sons of slain investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia are calling for Malta's prime minister to resign for failing to uphold fundamental freedoms.
Spain said Thursday it will start seizing some of the Catalan regional government's powers after its leader warned he could declare independence, drastically...
Johnny Depp is now suing his former lawyers, claiming they cheated him out of millions of dollars.
Research suggests that a swift drink may help improve your foreign language skills.
Theresa May written an open letter to EU nationals living in the UK telling them she'll make it as easy as possible to stay in the country.
Google's AI progream AlphaGo Zero has stormed ahead of human play levels of the ancient Chinese game of Go to wipe out the program's famous earlier version.
A safety video featuring two firefighters dancing and performing the iconic lift scene from the film Dirty Dancing has been applauded on social media.
Spain's prime minister says he will hold a cabinet meeting on Saturday to trigger the process to take control of Catalonia's powers.
The French parliament has adopted a controversial anti-terror bill that gives the authorities permanent new powers to search homes, shut places of worship and...
The World Health Organisation has ruled out the plague in Seychelles, as the disease spreads through Madagascar, where it's killed 74 people since August.
The Abbott government's treatment of the Human Rights Commission has been questioned by a UN committee as Australia's rights record is examined.

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Carmen Reed has been caring for her parents since she was 12 years old. It is a job the grandmother of seven is still doing.
Migrant groups have begun celebrating the demise of the citizenship bill changes and warned Peter Dutton not to revive them.
Human rights groups have accused an engineering firm with no experience in refugee services of profiting from the abuse of asylum seekers.
A Mississippi school named after Confederate leader Jefferson Davis is re-branding following a community petition.
Employment struggles, casual racism, and the reputation of the so-called Apex gang are all issues confronting the community. What are the solutions?