Storm Imogen is battering Britain, bringing gales and torrential rain to the southwest all the way to the Thames Estuary, Wales and Cornwall.
Experts have discovered that dog and human intelligence work in the same way and these findings could have implications for understanding people's health.
The Duchess of Cambridge has recorded a video message calling on primary schools to focus on emotional wellbeing, as well as academic success.
A new survey shows two thirds of British adults want junk food promotions, like two-for-one-deals, reduced to help combat childhood obesity.
A UK survey shows it is more stressful being without a mobile phone for a day than not being able to speak to your partner.
Police in London are looking into using eagles to intercept remote controlled drones being used by criminal gangs.

'Yeti' filmed by skiers in Spain

Skiers enjoying a day on the Pyrenees slopes in Spain were given a rude shock after a yeti-type creature was seen walking through nearby trees.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
NATO says North Korea's rocket launch is in "direct violation of five United Nations Security Council Resolutions".
Europe needs Turkey to dramatically cut the number of migrants reaching Greece within weeks or the pressure for more border closures and fences will grow, the EU...
The Wiesenthal Center says a commemoration in Hungary is 'another blatant attempt to honour and glorify the perpetrators of the Holocaust'.
Five Czech skiers have been killed after a huge avalanche buried 17 people in western Austria.
Thousands of people across Europe have rallied against migrants, at protests staged by an anti-Islam German group.
A high profile sex abuse survivor who was highly critical of the Vatican, has taken a "leave of absence" from an advisory panel to the Pope.
Austria's finance minister is asking the European Union for almost one billion dollars to help cover the costs of taking in additional refugees.

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