European regulators say agricultural use of the last-resort antibiotic colistin should be drastically cut to avoid the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Migrant boat overturns off Libya

At least 88 people have been rescued after a boat carrying migrants and refugees overturned off the coast of Libya.
WHO has documented 594 attacks resulting in 959 deaths and 1561 injuries in 19 countries with emergencies between January 2014 and December 2015.
Sheep have gone on a rampage in a Welsh village after eating the dumped remains of an illegal cannabis operation.
Following criticism of its slow response to the Ebola crisis, the WHO says its changing the way it responds to health emergencies.
Unemployment and austerity, the fallout from the 2008 recession, have been linked to 260,000 extra cancer deaths around the world, researchers say.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
A bid by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to overturn his arrest warrant in Sweden has been rejected by a Swedish court.
The Italian navy says it has rescued 550 migrants and refugees whose boat capsized as they were trying to cross the Mediterranean.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has presented a new law aimed at integrating refugees.
A boat overcrowded with migrants has capsized off the coast of Libya with seven people found dead.
Russia has freed jailed Ukrainian servicewoman Nadiya Savchenko, who became a symbol of resistance against Moscow.
An arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been upheld by a Swedish district court.
Officials say it's still too soon to say what brought down an EgyptAir plane as sources said the jet didn't show any technical problems before take off.
French game developers have made a game that allows people to become asylum seekers in a strange world. It aims to provoke deeper thought on the issues and...

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An exemption to a long-standing tradition in Switzerland has prompted education authorities to hand down a controversial ruling for Muslim students.
Actor Johnny Depp called Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce as 'inbred with a tomato' during an appearance on popular US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Sydney artist Michael Agzarian has resisted pressure to take down posters of Malcolm Turnbull, instead making them part of a campaign for political change.
Research like the Economic Social Impact Survey from The Salvos requires a human face in order to sell the story. But after the Duncan Storrar saga, who would...
Batemans Bay, on the New South Wales south coast, has been invaded by a plague of flying boxes that is causing headaches for locals.
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