Hungary has erected a razor wire barrier along its along the 175km border with Serbia to keep out migrants entering from Serbia.
Three young children suffering from dehydration and close to death have been rescued from a van in Austria, crammed in with 23 other refugees from Syria,...

Heart attack killed ex-archbishop

The body of a former archbishop who died before he could face court for corrupt and lewd behaviour with boys will be sent back to his native Poland.
Initial autopsy findings point to a heart attack as the cause of death of a former prelate facing Vatican court sex abuse charges.
A new study conducted in Europe shows an afternoon nap can help reduce blood pressure and the chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Julian Assange fears assassination

Australian Julian Assange worries that if he is ever free he could be kidnapped or "droned" by the CIA, he has told The Times Magazine.

Europe rethinks train security

Baggage scans, identity checks and more armed guards are among measures being considered for Europe's trains after a thwarted terror attack.
Britain's Financial Times is reporting that Rebekah Brooks is set to return to News Corp as chief executive of its UK division.
The search for the wreck of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is way off-beam say German oceanographers who have conducted a computer simulation.
As many as 50 corpses were found in a parked truck in Austria on Thursday, and another migrant boat sank off Libya, deepening a crisis that is overwhelming Europe...
Booming house prices and stock market gains are leading to the creation of increasing numbers of millionaires in th UK.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
Researchers have found a link between taking too many antibiotics and an increase in the risk of Type 2 diabetes.
At least 71 migrants have been found dead inside a truck on a highway in Austria.
The final report into the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine will be published on October 13.

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It's been a century since women were first sworn in as police officers in Australia, but despite steps to increase their presence, women aren't joining up at the same...
Australia will not meet its emissions reduction targets, an international group of researchers says.
Words such as "manspreading" and "hangry" have made it into Oxford Dictionary's online version, reflecting current trends in the usage of language.
A Sydney bar has come under fire after hiring naked women to lie on tables as fruit platters and hand feed guests.
The Victorian Premier has taken aim at the NSW Government after its Education Minister banned the showing of a documentary on gay parenting.

Newborn US twin panda dies

One of two panda cubs born at Washington's National Zoo at the weekend has died.