Germany OKs medicinal cannabis

Cannabis will be available in German pharmacies on prescription and the public health system will cover the cost as part of a draft bill.
A three-billion-year-old diamond the size of a tennis ball - the largest discovered in over a century - could sell for more than $US70 million.
Three new Russian military divisions will be deployed along the nation's western and southern borders to counter NATO strength.
A tough EU law on standardising cigarette packaging has been upheld by Europe's highest court.

EU proposes asylum seeker scheme

The European Commission has put forward a new plan to battle its migrant problem, but has hit resistance from leaders in Eastern Europe.
Labradors are more likely to beg for food and gain weight than other dogs because many have a faulty fat gene.
Experts hope a new phone game will provide insights into dementia symptoms through the data collected when someone plays Sea Hero Quest.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
People are missing flights because of new security checks at Brussels Airport following terror attacks there that killed 16 people in March.
Flags will fly at half-mast in Arizona for a US Navy SEAL killed in Iraq in "direct fire" by IS militants during a clash in a northern town.
Investigators say a helicopter crash off Norway that left 13 people dead was the result of a technical error.
More than 100 asylum seekers have died in four shipwrecks between Libya and Italy over the weekend.
Noway's sovereign wealth fund says it will vote in favour of proposals that would require ExxonMobil and Chevron to report more on climate risks.
A US soldier has been killed by IS forces during an attack on a Peshmerga position in Iraq.
A French court has upheld the four-year sentence for Jean-Claude Mas, the founder and ex-owner of the French company PIP over faulty breast implants.

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