Macedonian soldiers have begun erecting a metal fence on the country's border with Greece.

Turnbull meets Trudeau in Malta

Climate change, counter-terrorism and trade were on the agenda for talks between Malcolm Turnbull and Justin Trudeau in Malta.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has urged other Commonwealth leaders meeting in Malta to back strong climate change action in Paris next week.

Turnbull meets Queen at CHOGM

Malcolm Turnbull has met the Queen at a luncheon for new Commonwealth leaders at a summit in Malta.
A woman has been appointed for the first time as Commonwealth Secretary-general following speculation that Alexander Downer might get the role.
Patients with dental phobia are able to face down their fear after an average five sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy, a British study has found.
The first woman to be appointed Commonwealth secretary-general says eliminating domestic violence against women and girls will be a top priority.

Putin seeks map of forces in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked France for a Syrian combat map in order not to bomb groups fighting Islamic State.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has arrived in Malta where he will meet the Queen and attend key talks on climate change with other Commonwealth leaders.

Key events in past climate talks

The road to Paris has been painstakingly slow, and while it can occasionally seem like consensus is a chimera, agreements have been built over time.

Deciphering UN climate talks jargon

Decades of climate talks have spawned dozens of acronyms and jargon.
There are many hurdles to a UN accord that will map out action by rich and poor nations beyond 2020 to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
World leaders are meeting in Paris to seek a new path to slow the warming of the planet and chart action beyond 2020 by all nations.
The city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, is investing in a number of projects aimed at tackling the threat of climate change.
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