The British government says a hoax caller was put through to the prime minister's phone and spoke to David Cameron.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
An avalanche in the Hautes-Alpes region of the French Alps has killed six people who were experienced skiers, officials say.

Ebola mistakes to be learnt: WHO

The head of the World Health Organisation says the UN agency will learn from the mistakes it made while dealing with the Ebola outbreak.
Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras promised on Sunday that five years of austerity, 'humiliation and suffering' imposed by international creditors were over...
German police say about 17,300 people have taken part in an anti-Islam rally in the eastern city of Dresden.
Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko says "intercepted radio and telephone conversations" prove that rebels fired rockets that killed 30 people in Mariupol.
The Vatican has released balloons instead of doves in St. Peter's Square, a year after an attack on the symbolic "peace" birds.

Online cannabis culture 'a concern'

Researchers identified more than seven million tweets referring to marijuana, with "pro-pot" messages outnumbering those opposed to the drug by 15 to one.
Europe is closely watching the outcome of Greece's general election, which may throw out its economic austerity policies if the Syriza party wins power.
A rocket attack in government-held part of Ukraine by pro-Russian rebels has been condemned by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
The Communist-rooted Syriza party is poised to defeat the Greek conservative government in an election nervously watched by the nation's eurozone partners.
A Dutch team is set to return to the crash site of the downed Malaysia Airlines plane in Ukraine in a bid to recover more human remains.
Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov says Russians are ready to ride out the current economic crisis and will stick by President Vladimir Putin.

Queen Elizabeth now oldest monarch

The death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has made Britain's Queen Elizabeth the world's oldest monarch.

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Advice for raising bilingual kids

Whatever your circumstances, here are a few tips on helping your children grow up bilingual, based on expert advice and personal experience.
These dinoflagellates—which are commonly called “sea sparkles”—are neither fully plants nor fully animals.
Move over Legolas and Katniss.
The former ACT Australian of the Year Dr Tom Calma is urging all Australians to reflect on what the 26th of January means to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander...

Top 10 Prince Philip gaffes

He’s a Prince, a Duke and now a Sir but when it comes to gaffes, Prince Philip is surely King.