As many as 50 corpses were found in a parked truck in Austria on Thursday, and another migrant boat sank off Libya, deepening a crisis that is overwhelming Europe...
Booming house prices and stock market gains are leading to the creation of increasing numbers of millionaires in th UK.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
Researchers have found a link between taking too many antibiotics and an increase in the risk of Type 2 diabetes.
At least 71 migrants have been found dead inside a truck on a highway in Austria.
The final report into the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine will be published on October 13.
A British schoolgirl who was arrested over a thwarted plot to attack police officers at Melbourne's Anzac Day commemorations had images of guns, grenades and... online dictionary has added more than 1000 new words in its quarterly update.
Words such as "manspreading" and "hangry" have made it into Oxford Dictionary's online version, reflecting current trends in the usage of language.
Birth order may play an important role in determining weight, with older sisters more likely to be heavier than their female siblings, a study says.
Rescuers saved about 3,000 migrants but found more than 50 dead on boats near the coast of Libya on Wednesday, the Italian coast guard said.
Scientists researching dementia say the time for people to be concerned is when they stop noticing memory lapses.
A girl,16, has pleaded guilty in a UK court to terror charges linked to a boy's alleged plot to kill police officers at an Anzac Day parade in Melbourne.
In investigation is trying to identify more than 100 British police officers to determine how they handled the case of child sexual exploitation.
Children in Britain are returning to school with gadgets worth billions of pounds, but parents say their use of technology is having a negative impact.

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Words such as "manspreading" and "hangry" have made it into Oxford Dictionary's online version, reflecting current trends in the usage of language.
A Sydney bar has come under fire after hiring naked women to lie on tables as fruit platters and hand feed guests.
The Victorian Premier has taken aim at the NSW Government after its Education Minister banned the showing of a documentary on gay parenting.

Newborn US twin panda dies

One of two panda cubs born at Washington's National Zoo at the weekend has died.
The rate of vaccination for the human papillomavirus among 15-year-old girls is increasing nationally, but is still stubbornly low in South Australia, Tasmania...
In less than a decade, Copenhagen expects to become the first carbon-neutral city on the planet.
The dignity of people - regardless of their sexuality - is paramount. Just don't try and confuse it with same-sex marriage, okay?