A breath test is being designed to spot early signs of diabetes by detecting the smell of acetone, indicating the accumulation of ketones in the blood.
Finance News Update, what you need to know

Pope slams 'state terrorism'

Pope Francis has deplored the threat of "state terrorism", saying innocent people die when countries feel they have the right to massacre terrorists.

Assange makes balcony appearance

Julian Assange has appeared on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to greet his latest visitor, US activist Noam Chomsky.
Rebels in Ukraine's east have called for "the intervention of a peacekeeping force" from the UN to help resolve the humanitarian and social situation.
New satellite data of ocean currents is set to boost the understanding of the seas and a key impact of global warming, scientists say.
Thieves have cut through a display at a Nazi death camp museum and stolen shoes that once belonged to prisoners.
The brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in London last year could not have been prevented by UK spy agencies, a report has found.
Dylan and his band on Sunday afternoon performed at Philadelphia's Academy of Music to just one lucky fan.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
The British government has introduced sweeping measures to protect the country from what it says is a large terrorism threat.
A new study says Denmark is the world's most connected country for internet and mobile phones.
A new study says 70 per cent of the worldwide victims of human trafficking are women and girls.
Britain is hoping that a visit to China by Prince William in 2015 will help improve trade ties between the two countries.
Family members of a late German recluse are looking into their legal options after a Swiss museum accepted artworks he used to own.

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