German police are investigating claims that a 17-year-old Somali refugee who jumped from a window in a Leipzig block of flats was taunted by his neighbours.
A armoured fish that belongs a prehistoric class known as placoderms - had jaw bones that suggest placoderms played a key role in vertebrate evolution.
The Italian coastguard says 2400 migrants on rubber boats and other small vessels have been rescued in the Mediterranean and 14 bodies have been recovered.
A suspicious device discovered by British counter-terror police at an address in Devon has been declared not viable.
A helicopter crash in northwest Siberia has killed 19 people, with only three passengers surviving.
A Russian military helicopter has reportedly crash-landed in the country's northern Yamal region, leaving 19 people dead.
Mobile phone apps using GPS malfunction when they are used in central Moscow, visitors and residents say.
French police officers say they are no longer sufficiently equipped even to defend themselves and have staged five nights of unauthorised demonstrations.
The "Jungle" migrant camp on France's northern coast will be cleared of its residents on Monday before being demolished, authorities said Friday.
British police say a CS gas canister could have caused a "chemical incident" at London City Airport.
The European Space Agency says images from NASA's Mars orbiter show the Schiaparelli landing craft crashed on the surface of the red planet.
The European Union will impose sanctions on Syria and Russia if the "barbaric" bombing of Aleppo continues, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says.

Russian spaceship docks with ISS

NASA TV says a Russian spacecraft carrying an American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts has docked with the International Space Station.
Russian warships have been monitored passing through the English Channel, believed to be on their way to the Mediterranean and Syria.
South Africa is withdrawing from the International Criminal Court.

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