The US and its Arab allies have launched air strikes on Islamic State jihadists in Syria, with Damascus saying it was told of the operation beforehand.
The US and its partners have begun airstrikes in Syria, the Pentagon says.
The Islamic State's offensive against the Syrian city of Kobani has sent 130,000 refugees to seek safety in Turkey in the last few days.
In a milestone verdict, the Jordan-based multinational Arab Bank has been found liable for supporting terrorism for transferring funds to Hamas.
Islamic State-linked jihadists are threatening to kill a French hostage they captured in northern Algeria.
French deputies have voted on a new counter terrorism law aimed at halting the flow of would-be jihadis to the war-torn region.

Jihadists kill 40 Iraqi soldiers

Forty Iraqi soldiers have been killed by an assault involving six suicide bombers in one of the deadliest single attacks on Iraqi soldiers in years.
Amid growing vilification of the Muslim community in Queensland, the state government has brought community leaders and media together to ensure timely responses...
Washington says it will not trade aspects of Iran's nuclear program to secure commitments against the jihadist Islamic State group.

Attacks kill six in Iraq

Bomb and mortar fire attacks have killed six people and left 20 more wounded in Shi'ite areas in and around Baghdad.
The Prime Minister of Turkey has welcomed the return of 49 Turkish people being held hostage by Islamic State militants have been freed as officials rejected...
A suicide bomber on a motorcycle has killed at least three Hezbollah fighters at a checkpoint in eastern Lebanon.
Tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds have fled into Turkey from an onslaught by the jihadist Islamic State group.
Egypt's president says he cannot interfere in the cases of jailed Australian Peter Greste and two other Al-Jazeera journalists.
The UN envoy to Yemen says an accord has been reached after a week of deadly fighting between Shi'ite rebels and pro-government forces.

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