Fears of Mosul dam collapse

The US has warned Iraq that a collapse of the Mosul dam located near Islamic State-held territory in the country's north would be catastrophic.
Hundreds more candidates will be allowed to take part in a parliamentary election in Iran later this month, in a boost for reformists.
Tens of thousands of Syrians have fled to the border with Turkey as a major assault on the city of Aleppo intensifies.
An Al Qaeda commander in Yemen, Jalal Baleedi, has been reported killed in a drone strike, the extremist group says.
Syrian refugees mass on both sides of the Turkish border, with thousands waiting to get in, while dozens who've made it beg authorities to allow them.

Top donor pledges for Syria

Donor nations have pledged to give more than $US10 billion ($A14 billion) by 2020 to meet Syrian needs.
Italy's Foreign Ministry has summoned the Egyptian ambassador to express concern over the death of student Giulio Regeni whose body shows signs of torture.
A Saudi military official has said that the kingdom is prepared to send ground troops to fight IS in Syria.
As Syria's five-year civil war rages, donor nations at a conference in London have pledged $US11 billion in aid to help refugees and those displaced.
Malala Yousafzai has called on international donors to commit funding to education to empower children to rebuild Syria.
A UN panel has slammed Iran for laws which allow girls to be married at nine and put the age of criminal responsibility at nine for girls and 15 for boys.
Russia's defence ministry says a Russian military adviser has been killed in a mortar attack in Syria.
An Israeli policewoman has died in an attack by three Palestinian militants, who were themselves shot dead by Israeli forces.
Jordan's King Abdullah says his country is being overwhelmed by Syrian refugees and "the dam is going to burst" unless the world helps.
An Iraqi official is asking the US-led coalition to drop food and medicine to help the people of Fallujah, the IS-held town under siege by security forces.

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