Scientists plan to use 3D cameras to catalogue buildings and artefacts and recreate them with 3D printers if they are destroyed by Islamic State.
Islamic State militants published photos on Tuesday purporting to show the destruction of a Roman-era temple in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, an act the UN...
Protests against the Lebanese government turned violent for a second day on Sunday, and Prime Minister Tammam Salam threatened to resign as public discontent...
Islamic State militants have blown up the ancient temple of Baal Shamin in the UNESCO-listed Syrian city of Palmyra.
Lebanese police fired tear gas and water cannons to try to disperse thousands of protesters in Beirut calling on the government to step down for mishandling a...
As many as 50 Iraqi soldiers have reportedly been killed in Islamic State ambushes, as the Iraqi army struggles to drive the militants back.
The International Committee of the Red Cross says 80 people have been killed in fighting and air strikes in Yemen's third city, Taez.
At least six people were wounded early on Thursday in a car bombing near a state security building and courthouse in a Cairo suburb, security sources said.
IS has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack that has injured 29 people in a Cairo police building.
Islamic State militants have beheaded a prominent archaeologist in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra after he reportedly refused to tell the group where...
Syrian government forces recaptured four northwestern villages on Tuesday in a counter-attack on insurgents threatening strongholds of President Bashar al-Assad,...
A Syrian government air strike northeast of Damascus killed at least 80 people in a marketplace on Sunday, rescue workers in the rebel-held area and the Syrian...
A car bombing in a Baghdad area where people gather to buy and sell vehicles has killed 13 people and wounded at least 52, Iraqi officials say.
Egypt is experiencing its worst heatwave in nearly four decades, claiming the lives of 92 people so far, most of them elderly.
Egypt received a show of international support on Thursday as it inaugurated a major extension of the Suez Canal which President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi hopes will...

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Words such as "manspreading" and "hangry" have made it into Oxford Dictionary's online version, reflecting current trends in the usage of language.
A Sydney bar has come under fire after hiring naked women to lie on tables as fruit platters and hand feed guests.
The Victorian Premier has taken aim at the NSW Government after its Education Minister banned the showing of a documentary on gay parenting.

Newborn US twin panda dies

One of two panda cubs born at Washington's National Zoo at the weekend has died.
The rate of vaccination for the human papillomavirus among 15-year-old girls is increasing nationally, but is still stubbornly low in South Australia, Tasmania...
In less than a decade, Copenhagen expects to become the first carbon-neutral city on the planet.
The dignity of people - regardless of their sexuality - is paramount. Just don't try and confuse it with same-sex marriage, okay?