Eyewitnesses have spoken of the chaos and carnage at Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, after three suicide bombers sprayed travellers and staff...
Findings point to Islamic State responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on Istanbul's main international airport that killed 36 people and wounded many more,...
A damaged memory chip from one of the black boxes of an EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean last month has been repaired.
Iraqi forces on Sunday wrapped up operations in Fallujah and declared the area free of Islamic State fighters. Despite the declaration, many former residents are...
Turkey announced the restoration of diplomatic ties with Israel on Monday after a six-year rupture and expressed regret to Russia over the downing of a warplane.
Six Taliban prisoners and a Taliban commander have reportedly been killed following a weekend air strike in Afghanistan by the US.
Five people are dead and dozens are injured after eight suicide bombers targeted a Lebanese Christian village.
Twenty-five people have been killed following an airstrike in Yemen's southern province of Taiz.
A prominent Egyptian TV host and critic of the government has been detained, says her lawyer.
Investigators are closer to solving the mystery of the EgyptAir crash after technicians repaired the recovered flight data recorder.
A group of Islamic clerics in Pakistan has declared transgender marriage is permissible in Islam.
A New York Times and Al Jazeera joint investigation has found weapons bound for Syrian rebels were intercepted and sold on the black market.
At least five people have been killed and 19 others wounded in a multiple suicide bomb attack in a village in eastern Lebanon.
A suicide bomb attack that killed seven Jordanian border guards has been claimed by Islamic State.
Activists at a Gay Pride rally in Istanbul have been fired on with tear gas by Turkish police, after the march was banned because of public safety fears.

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