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More than three million Syrians have fled the civil war ravaging their country to become refugees.
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A video titled "A message in blood to the leaders of the American-Kurdish alliance" has shown the beheading of a Kurdish fighter by IS.
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Filipino UN peacekeepers are defending two posts on the Syrian side of Golan Heights and are prepared to fight back rather than surrender to rebels.
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The UN's refugee agency has pointed to reports of "increasingly horrifying conditions" inside Syria to explain a surge in refugees to over three million.
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Aid convoys have begun to reach Iraqi's displaced by ongoing fighting between the Islamic State and government forces.
UN refugee agency chief Antonio Guterres says that Syria now constitutes the "biggest humanitarian emergency of our era".
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Hamas achieved none of its demands in a truce ending 50 days of deadly conflict in Gaza.
The mother of a US journalist threatened with death by jihadists in Syria has pleaded for her son's life in an emotional televised appeal.

UN aid convoy arrives in Gaza

A UN aid convoy has crossed into Gaza from Egypt with vital food supplies following 50 days of deadly violence between Hamas and Israel.
British intelligence has been racing to identify the man who appeared in a video of James Foley's beheading. According to British media outlets, they have a "key...

UN chief welcomes Gaza ceasefire

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hopes a longterm Gaza ceasefire will lead to a final Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

US rules out working with Syria

The US says it will not co-ordinate with the Assad regime on targeting Islamic State militants on Syrian territory, but has begun reconnaissance flights.

Hamas chiefs appear in public

Shortly after a Gaza truce took hold, key Hamas and Islamic Jihad figures appeared in public for the first time since early July.

Abbas announces Gaza truce deal

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas has announced a deal has been reached with Israel over a long-term end to fighting in Gaza.
Thousands of militiamen are gathering in preparation for a battle to break a two-month jihadist siege of the Shi'ite Turkmen town of Amerli.

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