Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday told the EU and US to "mind your own business" after the West expressed alarm over the growing crackdown against...
Syria regime ally Russia has announced a "large-scale" aid operation to allow civilians and fighters to flee besieged Aleppo, as the president offered an amnesty...
Nusra Front says it is cutting its ties with al-Qaeda to stop the United States and Russia from attacking Syrians.
Turkey has said it was discharging 149 generals and ordering the closure of dozens of media outlets, in the next phase of its controversial crackdown in the wake...
A massive bomb blast claimed by the Islamic State group has killed at least 44 people and wounded dozens in the Kurdish-majority Syrian city of Qamishli.
Forty-eight people have been killed in a massive bombing in the Kurdish-controlled city of Qamishli in northeast Syria.
The success of the Solar Impulse 2's round-the-world journey shows it is possible to make the world more energy efficient, pilot Andre Borschberg says.
Syria's regime has intensified air strikes on rebel-held areas of Aleppo province, as the UN backed a call by its top aid official for a humanitarian truce in the...
Missiles from Israeli jets hit a residential building in Baath City in the Syrian Golan Heights near the Israeli border, the Syrian army says.
Clashes on the border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen have left five Saudi border guards dead, the interior ministry says.

IS claims Iraq bombing that kills 16

Sixteen people. including women and children, have died in a suicide car bombing, claimed by IS, in a town north of Baghdad.
Al-Qaeda's chief has called on the global militant network to kidnap Westerners "until they liberate" all Muslim prisoners.
Anger is growing in Afghanistan's Hazara minority in the wake of a suicide attack which killed 80 people, with questions over whether it was preventable.
Officials say 10 people have been killed in a blast in Baghdad's north.
The solar-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 has begun its final leg of its zero fuel round the world journey as it heads towards Abu Dhabi.

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South Sudan’s Olympic war

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Exclusive: Former students have spoken out about a cult-like culture of bullying, high-pressure sales tactics and sexual themes at a Melbourne institute that...
Over the past three decades, successive Australian governments have chipped away at the rights of New Zealanders living in this country through a string of...
Health experts say more attention needs to be focused on the treatment of Hepatitis B - the deadly liver disease which affects more than 220,000 Australians.
There are signs the non-mining recovery is broadening to include smaller businesses.
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