Attacks kill six in Iraq

Bomb and mortar fire attacks have killed six people and left 20 more wounded in Shi'ite areas in and around Baghdad.
The Prime Minister of Turkey has welcomed the return of 49 Turkish people being held hostage by Islamic State militants have been freed as officials rejected...
A suicide bomber on a motorcycle has killed at least three Hezbollah fighters at a checkpoint in eastern Lebanon.
Tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds have fled into Turkey from an onslaught by the jihadist Islamic State group.
Egypt's president says he cannot interfere in the cases of jailed Australian Peter Greste and two other Al-Jazeera journalists.
The UN envoy to Yemen says an accord has been reached after a week of deadly fighting between Shi'ite rebels and pro-government forces.
Australia is preparing for conflict in Iraq but there are no obvious signs of that the main Middle East support base.

45,000 Syrian Kurds enter Turkey

Turkish officials say more than 45,000 Syrian Kurds have crossed the border into Turkey, fleeing Islamic State extremists.
France has mounted its first air strike against the Islamic State group in Iraq as jihadists in Syria seized Kurdish villages in a lightning offensive.
In a lightning campaign Islamic State jihadists have seized 60 Kurdish villages near the Turkish border, observers say.
Like everyone else I met in Iraqi Kurdistan, the Kurds were keen to know what the world thought of their struggle, whether people were paying attention.

Obama anti-IS coalition takes shape

US Congress has backed Barack Obama's plan to arm rebels to take on IS in conjunction with air strikes in Syria.

Iraq bombings kill at least 22

A series of bombings in Iraq have killed at least 22 people and left dozens more injured, officials say.

Airlines suspend Yemen flights

International airlines have suspended flights to Yemen's main airport in Sanaa for 24 hours due to weeks of clashes between rebels and Islamist fighters.
The commander of Australian troops in the Middle East says they are preparing to deploy "in the next couple of weeks".

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