A British woman who was arrested after attending a volleyball match in Iran has been released on bail.
Israeli troops have shot dead a Palestinian farmer near the border in northern Gaza in the first deadly shooting since an August truce ended a 50-day war.
Anti-Islamic State fighters in Iraq have retaken parts of the country after serious fighting.
Israel has put in law its status as the Jewish homeland, despite fears it would weaken democracy.

50 dead in Afghan suicide blast

Dozens of people are dead or critically injured after a suicide bomber attacked a volleyball match on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Iran is open to having nuclear talks with world powers extended by up to a year if no real progress toward an agreement is achieved, an Iranian source.

Iraq PM orders more air support

Iraq's PM is asking for more air support as pro-government forces try to fend off a major offensive by the Islamic State in the province of Anbar.
Tunisians are voting in their first presidential election since the 2011 revolution that sparked the Arab Spring, in a ballot set to round off an often fraught...
Five policemen have been hurt after a bomb exploded at a small post near Helwan University in southern Cairo, officials say.
Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with the Syria's foreign minister to discuss relaunching peace talks with the opposition, officials say.

'Enough is enough': Greste parents

The parents of jailed Australian journalist Peter Greste have been filled with hope by hints at presidential intervention in his case.
The UN Security Council has urged all sides to work immediately to restore calm as tensions rise between Israelis and Palestinians.
Of course, all this do-gooding is self-reported, so it’s possible that people are making themselves sound better than they are.
France has named another Frenchman in a video showing the killing of a US aid worker by IS militants as 22-year-old Mickael Dos Santos.
A blast has erupted near a compound housing foreign workers in Kabul, Afghan police say.

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