Israel has decided to reopen the Al-Aqsa mosque compound after closing it in a move Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas condemned as a declaration of war.   
In response to Sweden's recognition of Palestine, Israel's foreign minister has made a dig at IKEA, saying that relations in the Middle East were more 'complex'...
Israel is promising to reopen a mosque that it closed amid fresh clashes in Jerusalem, after Palestinians condemned the closure as a "declaration of war".
Iraqi peshmerga forces are set to join the fight against IS militants in the Syrian town of Kobane on the Turkish border.
The Syrian regime has been accused of bombing a camp for displaced persons, with the US saying it is "horrified" by reports of the "barbaric" attack.
Egyptian residents near the border with Gaza have been given 48 hours to leave, as authorities begin demolishing homes.
Egypt has begun creating a 500-metre wide buffer zone on its border with the Gaza Strip amid suspicions Palestinian militants are assisting attacks.
Islamic State militants in Iraq have killed more than 50 members of the Albu Nimr tribe, which fought against the group in the country's Anbar province.

Malala donates prize to Gaza schools

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai is giving her $50,000 winnings from a children's rights award to help rebuild schools in war-ravaged Gaza.
Kurdish Peshmerga fighters headed for the battleground Syrian town of Kobani to join the fight against Islamic State.

IS video places hostage in Kobane

The latest propaganda video from the Islamic State jihadists featuring British hostage John Cantlie indicates it was shot in Kobane.
A Sydney teenager who left Australia to join up with Islamic State militants has appeared in a second propaganda video.

Palestinian fury at Israel's plans

Israel's "provocative" plans to build more than a thousand new homes in east Jerusalem will likely fuel further violence, say the Palestinians.
The final request of an Iranian woman who was executed on Saturday for killing a man she said tried to rape her has been made public.
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has acknowledged past and present wrongdoings to his country's Arabs, at a memorial ceremony for victims of 1956 massacre at Kafr...

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