Health experts say challenges remain in eradicating polio in international conflict zones, despite impressive gains seen in parts of Africa.
At least 63 people, including many civilians, have died after the Syrian regime launched consecutive air strikes on a city held by the Islamic State group.
Two men who the Islamic State group claimed to have seen videos of "practising indecent acts with males" have been stoned to death in Syria.
A UN Security Council committee has been told that an estimated $US120 million in ransom was paid to terrorist groups between 2004 and 2012.
Iran's president and world powers are confident a deal will be struck after they extended talks on the country's nuclear program by seven months.
A propaganda video allegedly released by the Islamic State terror group shows child soldiers shooting guns and pledging allegiance to the organisation at a...
A British woman who was arrested after attending a volleyball match in Iran has been released on bail.
Israeli troops have shot dead a Palestinian farmer near the border in northern Gaza in the first deadly shooting since an August truce ended a 50-day war.
Anti-Islamic State fighters in Iraq have retaken parts of the country after serious fighting.
Israel has put in law its status as the Jewish homeland, despite fears it would weaken democracy.

Afghan volleyball bombing kills 57

In Afghanistan's deadliest single attack since 2011, a bomber detonated his explosives as hundreds of people attended a volleyball tournament.
Iran is open to having nuclear talks with world powers extended by up to a year if no real progress toward an agreement is achieved, an Iranian source.

Iraq PM orders more air support

Iraq's PM is asking for more air support as pro-government forces try to fend off a major offensive by the Islamic State in the province of Anbar.
Tunisians are voting in their first presidential election since the 2011 revolution that sparked the Arab Spring, in a ballot set to round off an often fraught...
Five policemen have been hurt after a bomb exploded at a small post near Helwan University in southern Cairo, officials say.

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Despite a rise in Australia's population, fewer people are getting married, they're waiting longer to tie the knot, and they're shunning traditional ceremonies.
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