Hundreds of residents in flood-affected areas in Gaza City have evacuated their homes and 100,000 remain homeless from the recent war, the UN says.
Tribesmen have backed Iraqi security forces to defend the government headquarters of Anbar province.
A beggar arrested in Iran Wednesday had millions of rials (thousands of dollars) in his pockets and a great deal more in two bank accounts, an official said.
The widow of a Palestinian man who staged an attack on an Israeli synagogue has had her residency permit revoked in Jerusalem, and faces deportation to the West...

Syria regime raids on Raqa kill 95

Syria has ordered strikes on the Islamic State's headquarters in the township of Raqa, killing almost 100 people, mostly civilians.
Health experts say challenges remain in eradicating polio in international conflict zones, despite impressive gains seen in parts of Africa.
A monitoring group says at least 95 people have been killed in Syrian regime air strikes on Raqa, the Islamic State's self-proclaimed capital.
Two men who the Islamic State group claimed to have seen videos of "practising indecent acts with males" have been stoned to death in Syria.
A UN Security Council committee has been told that an estimated $US120 million in ransom was paid to terrorist groups between 2004 and 2012.
Iran's president and world powers are confident a deal will be struck after they extended talks on the country's nuclear program by seven months.
A propaganda video allegedly released by the Islamic State terror group shows child soldiers shooting guns and pledging allegiance to the organisation at a...
A British woman who was arrested after attending a volleyball match in Iran has been released on bail.
Israeli troops have shot dead a Palestinian farmer near the border in northern Gaza in the first deadly shooting since an August truce ended a 50-day war.
Anti-Islamic State fighters in Iraq have retaken parts of the country after serious fighting.
Israel has put in law its status as the Jewish homeland, despite fears it would weaken democracy.

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