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The incredibly complex and expensive tunnels Hamas has built to kill and kidnap.
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Gaza conflict a 'war on children'

Save the Children have called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza conflict as Australian charities say they are struggling to gain access to communities in need.

Palestinians plead for UN action

The Palestinian envoy to the United Nations has shown photos of dead children in the Gaza Strip while asking for the UN to stop the bloodshed.
An Egyptian court says Australian journalist Peter Greste and his colleagues took advantage of the noble profession of journalism to falsify the truth.
US Secretary of State John Kerry has flown into Tel Aviv in a bid to push a truce as fighting continues and airlines avoid the Israeli capital.

Gaza bloodshed worst in 5 years

The death toll from Israel's offensive in Gaza has risen to more than 570, mostly civilians, following the bloodiest day in the Palestinian enclave since 2009.
Medecins Sans Frontieres has called on Israel to stop the bombardment of Gaza, saying the shelling is making it difficult to provide much needed care to the wounded.
While there have been attempts to negotiate an end to the conflict, the violence has only gotten worse. But it's Gaza's young and ambitious who stand to lose the...
The UN head and the top US diplomat are in Egypt in an urgent bid to negotiate a truce as Israel continues its assault on Gaza.
US Secretary of State John Kerry appeared to criticize Israel in candid remarks caught on an open microphone between television interviews Sunday.
Palestinians have left Ash Shujaâiyeh neighborhood in droves during a two hour cease fire, after the area was heavily bombed and shelled the previous night.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the persecution of Iraqi Christians by Islamic militants could be a crime against humanity.

Another 16 Palestinians killed

The Palestinian death toll in Gaza has reached 501 after 16 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli airstrike on a house in the south of the Gaza Strip.
As the Palestinian death toll soars to 438, a spokesman for the Gaza emergency services says more than a third of the victims are women and children.
Israel is in the midst of its second ground invasion of the Gaza Strip in six years. Here's the story of the ceaseless conflict, told through historic quotes.

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Japanese idol group Alice Juban (of the Alice Project agency) recently discovered A GPS tracker in a gift they had received from fans.
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In an effort to address gender discrimination in the workplace, a US publication has asked women from various careers to tell the world their "favourite position".
A US man’s life changed when he took home a feathered friend and formed an inseparable bond.
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The incredibly complex and expensive tunnels Hamas has built to kill and kidnap.
Australia’s Michael Rogers continued his season of redemption with a victory on the 16th stage of the Tour de France.
US Secretary of State John Kerry has flown into Tel Aviv, defying a US flight ban, to try to broker an end to 16 days of violence in Gaza.
How does the population density of the entire Gaza Strip compare to individual cities around the world?