Five policemen have been hurt after a bomb exploded at a small post near Helwan University in southern Cairo, officials say.
Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with the Syria's foreign minister to discuss relaunching peace talks with the opposition, officials say.

'Enough is enough': Greste parents

The parents of jailed Australian journalist Peter Greste have been filled with hope by hints at presidential intervention in his case.
The UN Security Council has urged all sides to work immediately to restore calm as tensions rise between Israelis and Palestinians.
Of course, all this do-gooding is self-reported, so it’s possible that people are making themselves sound better than they are.
France has named another Frenchman in a video showing the killing of a US aid worker by IS militants as 22-year-old Mickael Dos Santos.
A blast has erupted near a compound housing foreign workers in Kabul, Afghan police say.
The home of a Palestinian behind a deadly car attack in Jerusalem has been demolished, as Israel pushes ahead with a promised crackdown.
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says his country is facing a wave of terror focused on Jerusalem.
French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday confirmed that two Frenchmen had been identified as suspects in an Islamic State video showing the beheading of...
Four Israelis, reported to be rabbis, have been killed in a brutal attack by two Palestinians at an Jerusalem synagogue.
Hamas has praised the attack at a Jerusalem synagogue by two Palestinians, who killed four Israelis, as the US's John Kerry called it "pure terror".
Clashes have broken out in Jerusalem after a Palestinian bus driver was found hanged in his vehicle.
The Syrian government has agreed "in principle" to the UN envoy's call for local ceasefires, officials say.

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A golden retriever has shot to worldwide fame after a hilariously bad attempt at an agility contest.
It's been hard to keep climate change off the agenda.
There have been celebrations and protests in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as residents remembered the 25th anniversary of the communist government's collapse.
People suffering with more than one chronic illness at the same time is common, since illnesses have similar causes and features.

What texting does to the spine

A new study suggests that looking down at a cell phone is the equivalent of placing a 60-pound weight on one's neck.
Of course, all this do-gooding is self-reported, so it’s possible that people are making themselves sound better than they are.