A 15-year-old Palestinian boy has been shot and killed by Israeli troops for allegedly throwing stones at Israeli vehicles.
Hundreds of thousands of civilians could be cut off from food if Syrian government forces encircle rebel-held parts of Aleppo, the United Nations said on Tuesday,...
A newly married couple in Syria have chosen to have their wedding photos taken in the bomb-out town - the extraordinary pictures are below.

UN fears for cut-off Syrians

The United Nations says hundred of thousands of people could be cut off from food if Syrian forces target rebel-held areas of Aleppo.
The Iraqi military has retaken IS territory around Ramadi, allowing it to connect the city to a key army base and reopen the road to Baghdad.
The Saudi Arabian government is considering sending special forces into Syria to fight Islamic forces there.
Deaths in jail at the hand of the Syrian government amounts to 'extermination' and is a crime against humanity, according to a new UN report.
Russian firepower has helped Syrian forces edge towards the Turkey border, forcing rebels to retreat from the intensive bombardment.
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An Instagram account is out to dispel stereotypes of the Islamic Imams of Iran by drawing attention to the varied and modern activities they perform as part of...
Turkey's border remains closed to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees as intense fighting continues in Aleppo, driving more civilians to the border.

Fears of Mosul dam collapse

The US has warned Iraq that a collapse of the Mosul dam located near Islamic State-held territory in the country's north would be catastrophic.
Hundreds more candidates will be allowed to take part in a parliamentary election in Iran later this month, in a boost for reformists.
Tens of thousands of Syrians have fled to the border with Turkey as a major assault on the city of Aleppo intensifies.
An Al Qaeda commander in Yemen, Jalal Baleedi, has been reported killed in a drone strike, the extremist group says.
Syrian refugees mass on both sides of the Turkish border, with thousands waiting to get in, while dozens who've made it beg authorities to allow them.

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