Iraqi protesters breach Green Zone

Protesters in Baghdad have breached the Green Zone and stormed parliament, in a major escalation in the country's political crisis.

Bomb in Baghdad kills at least 13

A car bomb has killed at least 13 people in a southeastern suburb of Baghdad, with the death toll expected to rise.

Iran's moderates make modest gains

Unofficial results compiled by Iranian news agencies suggest moderate candidates have won around 30 of the 68 seats in the second round of voting.
A deadly US air strike in Afghanistan last year that destroyed a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders did not amount to a war crime but was caused by human...
Syria called local truces near Damascus and in a northern province on Friday but no halt to combat on the main battlefield in Aleppo, after a surge in fighting...
The death toll from a Syrian government strike on a hospital in Aleppo has risen to 50, as the army says the city will be excluded from planned truces.
Adam Whittington, the Australian-British child recovery agent, who oversaw the attempt to recover Sally Faulkner's children in Beirut, is still in jail.
Shelling and air strikes have resumed in Syria after a brief lull, with at least one child killed and five people wounded in the latest violence.
Voting has begun in Iran for a second round of parliamentary elections, with moderates scoring big gains in the first round in February.
Indications are that Syria's government was solely responsible for an air strike on a hospital in Aleppo, the U.S. State Department said on Thursday, urging...
The UN envoy on Syria has urged the leaders of Russia and the US to salvage a "barely alive" ceasefire after a devastating airstrike on a hospital.
Reports that 150 US troops have entered Syria have prompted Damascus to condemn the move as "blatant aggression".
Australian diplomats are working to locate an Australian aid worker kidnapped from her Afghanistan office.
Twenty people, including doctors and children, have died in airstrikes on a hospital in rebel-held Aleppo, Syria. Médecins Sans Frontières has condemned the...
The United Nations mediator on Thursday called on the leaders of the United States and the Russian Federation to salvage the 'barely alive' two-month-old...

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