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A car bomb at a police checkpoint has killed eight people in Iraq.
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Rival Palestinian leaders in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have announced they are going to form a unity government.   
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UN chief Ban Ki-moon says millions of Syrians in need do not have access to aid, essential goods and services, including life-saving medicines.
Rival Palestinian leaders have forged an agreement to form a national consensus government within weeks, but Israel has reacted angrily.

UN hears calls for Syria gas probe

The UN is set to launch an inquiry into fresh allegations of a chlorine gas attack in Syria.

UN hears calls for Syria gas probe

The UN is set to launch an inquiry into fresh allegations of a chlorine gas attack in Syria.
The first challenger to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has registered for the June 3 election, as the government defends criticism of the poll.
Three people have been killed in attacks across Iraq in the latest bloodshed ahead of next week's elections.
An Israeli warplane has struck the Gaza Strip shortly after rival Palestinian movements agreed to form a unity government of independents.
The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) says a new reconciliation agreement, between rival Palestinian leaders from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, does not...

Bomb kills police general in Cairo

A bomb placed under a police car in Cairo has killed a police brigadier general.
Amnesty has urged Qatar to remove provisions in the labour law which deny labour rights to domestic and other workers.

New Syria chemical claims emerge

New evidence has emerged of another chemical attack in Syria as the country plans for a June 3 presidential poll.
Middle East peace talks look set to collapse after Israel rejected Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's conditions for their continuation.
Five days before a self-imposed deadline for Syria's chemical weapon stockpile to be removed, the country has handed over 86.5 per cent of the arms.

Iran's divorce rate rising

Fewer people are getting married and the divorce rate is on the rise in Iran, according to new figures.
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan says the number of Syrian refugees in his country has reached almost one million.

al-Qaeda suspects killed in Yemen

al-Qaeda insurgents have been killed in a series of targeted airstrikes from Saturday to Monday against targets in Yemeni provinces
Saudi Arabia has registered the largest number of infections with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome since the disease's discovery in 2012 - 231 of 243.
Syria's parliamentary speaker has announced it will hold a presidential vote on June 3, with President Bashar al-Assad expected to win.
Ex-army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and leftist Hamdeen Sabbahi will contest Egypt's presidential election in a two-man race.
Kuwait's attorney-general ordered a blackout on news relating to a videotape allegedly showing former senior officials plotting a coup.
A drone attack on a gathering of militants in Yemen has killed at least 30 suspected Al-Qaeda members.
Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has visited a recaptured Christian town on Easter Sunday, with his Facebook showing him standing next to a priest.

Saudi woman defies driving ban

The husband of a Saudi woman who defied the country's driving ban has been fined, and the couple forced to pledge not to repeat the offence, a report says.
Little-known jihadist group Ajnad Misr has claimed responsibility for a string of bomb attacks in the Egyptian capital.
Iran's dispute with world powers over its unfinished Arak heavy water reactor has been resolved, the country's nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi says.
Thousands of Christian pilgrims have thronged the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem to celebrate the holy fire ceremony on the eve of Easter.
A Bahrain car explosion has killed two people in Muqsha.
President Francois Hollande says four French journalists released after being taken hostage in Syria 10 months ago are in good health.

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