A US investigation found that the deadly Oct. 3 air strike in Afghanistan that destroyed a hospital run by Medecins Sans Frontieres was a tragic and avoidable...
The second pilot from the Russian fighter jet downed by Turkey "was picked up by the Syrian army", Russia's ambassador to France says. France
Syrian rebel groups says the pilot of a downed Russian warplane is dead.

Turkey downs Russian warplane

Russian officials have confirmed a warplane downed near the Syrian border was a Russian Su-24 jet, but say that it was in Syrian airspace.
The war is Syria has left towns and cities in ruins and the cost of the damage continues to rise with no end in sight as the conflict drags on into a fifth year.
In the continuing spate of violence, a Palestinian girl,16, has been shot dead after she stabbed another Palestinian in Jerusalem,
An Israeli woman was stabbed to death and three Palestinian attackers were killed in a series of incidents in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Sunday, police...
IS detractors have spoken out about the complex machine that is the militant group's media and propaganda operation.
There is no short term military victory against IS in sight, France's army chief has said, despite an increase in bombing raids on Syira.
Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard has been set free from the US jail where he has spent the last 30 years, the Israeli prime minister says.
A Palestinian fatally stabbed two people in a Tel Aviv office building and three other people were killed in an attack in the occupied West Bank on Thursday,...
Two Australians are among several people who have been arrested for allegedly being part of an extremist network in Kuwait supporting Islamic State.
Shi'ite rebels in Yemen have released three Americans who had been held captive for at least two months.
The deaths of a Norwegian and Chinese national by IS come days after 129 people were killed in Paris in the worst ever militant attacks on French soil
France and Russia bombed Islamic State targets in Syria on Tuesday, punishing the group for attacks in Paris and against a Russian airliner that together killed...

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Campaigners have called for a dramatic reduction in domestic-violence deaths and injuries on White Ribbon Day, as 76 women have died at the hands of their partners in...
The war is Syria has left towns and cities in ruins and the cost of the damage continues to rise with no end in sight as the conflict drags on into a fifth year.
Humans can change their environment like no other animal on this planet, and these interactive pictures show how quickly change can happen.
Celebrated mountaineer Tim Jarvis has tackled some of Earth's most hostile environments.
Chinese filmmakers are increasingly looking overseas, including Australia, to develop new ways of keeping up with demand, as local productions are making huge...
Supporters of an Aboriginal woman who died in custody have cried at an inquest while watching footage of her being dragged and carried by WA police.
With the global climate fund we can help children in developing countries with climate change. But it requires adequate funding.