Refugee advocates are calling on the Australian government to provide more support to communities accepting the lion's share of arriving refugees.
Syrian rebel groups will attend talks in the Kazakh capital next week aimed at bringing an end to the country's nearly six-year war, rebel officials have said.
Iraqi special forces have clashed with Islamic State militants as they moved into a new district of Mosul near the eastern bank of Tigris.
Turkey's deputy prime minister claims an intelligence organisation was behind the deadly New Year's Eve attack on an Istanbul nightclub.
Oman has said it received 10 inmates from the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, in a move to reduce their number days before US President Barack Obama leaves...
An excavation of one of the most notorious Nazi death camps has seen researchers unearth a pendant identical to one belonging to Anne Frank.
Iraqi officials say the county's special forces have taken full control of Mosul University campus from Islamic State fighters.
Women are taking up arms against IS in Afghanistan, saying the Afghan military has done nothing to protect their families.
Mosul, for so long an Islamic State stronghold is being recaptured by Iraqi forces.
Islamic State have launched their biggest offensive in months, in Syria.
Syrian army command says Israel has fired rockets at a major military airport west of Damascus, warning Tel Aviv of repercussions over the "flagrant" attack.
The death toll from a suicide bomb in Damascus is expected to rise, with seven people so far killed in the Syrian capital.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to acknowledge a conference to take place in France this weekend to discuss peace with the Palestinians.
Iraqi troops are battling to seize the strategic Mosul University area, capture of which would help parallel advances towards bridges over the Tigris river.
The UN has criticised fighters on the ground in Syria for not allowing food aid buses to get to where they need to go.

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A small Sikh community in South Australia has extended an olive branch to the vandals who damaged their temple - offering to help the unknown offenders if they...
The chief executive of the NSW RSL has described a decision to spend $93,000 defending a senior executive accused of vilifying a gay veteran as disappointing.
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