Latest articles belonging to Asia-Pacific.

Two men who fled Bali after murdering Australian businessman Robert Ellis have been found guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced to 15 years' jail.
An Australian man who responded to a campaign for a missing Bali girl will help police with their investigation into her adopted family.
A third personhas died after suffering horrific burns in a fireball that engulfed spectators at an event at a Taiwan water park.
Authorities in the Philippines are trying to trace hundreds of people who came in contact with a foreigner who tested positive to the MERS virus.
Documents sent to Malaysia's attorney general pave the way for possible criminal charges against Prime Minister Najib Razak.
Researchers say rats that exercise daily just fly through their rat to-do-lists at a much quicker pace.
A New Zealand man awaiting trial for murder says the whole thing is an "amazing romance" gone wrong.


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Activists say Syrian rebels led by the al-Nusra Front have seized a government post west of Aleppo.
Egypt's army said on Wednesday more than 100 militants and 17 soldiers were killed in simultaneous attacks on military checkpoints in North Sinai, in the most...
The bomber who blew himself up inside a mosque in Kuwait last week had arrived in the country only hours before.

Kuwait mosque bomber a Saudi

Kuwait authorities say the suicide bomber behind the deadly attack on a Shi'ite mosque entered the country that very day.
A suicide bomber has killed 27 people inside a packed Shi'ite Muslim mosque in Kuwait city during Friday prayers, the first attack of its kind in the major oil...
A mass funeral will be held in Kuwait for the 26 people killed in a suicide bombing at a Shi'ite mosque that has been claimed by Islamic State.
Iran's foreign minister will join his deputies in Vienna at talks aimed at a final comprehensive nuclear agreement.


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Australian Gill Hicks, who lost her legs in the 2005 London bombings, has praised the people who risked their lives to rescue her.
Grey squirrels have surprised British researchers with the speed at which they can solve a puzzle involving hidden hazelnuts.
A number of drownings have been reported across Germany as a heatwave left the country sweltering through its hottest day on record.
Australian Gill Hicks, who lost both of her legs in the terrorist attack in London on July 7, 2005, is helping to honour the 52 victims of the blasts.
There may be millions of "supermassive" black holes in the universe, scientists say.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
The mother of Tunisian beach gunman Seifeddine Rezgui says her son once refused to kill a mouse and wonders "who did this to him".


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Joseph Kony, the fugitive leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, is said to be ill - possibly suffering from diabetes.
World News Update, What you need to know
More than a tonne of confiscated ivory and rhino horn will be destroyed by authorities in Mozambique as a blow against poaching, a conservation group says.
World News Update, What you need to know
IS jihadists have launched a wave of attacks against military checkpoints in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, killing at least 15 soldiers.

New Ebola death in Liberia

A teenage boy has died from Ebola in Liberia - more than a month after the country was declared Ebola free.
Egypt's top public prosecutor was killed by a car bomb attack on his convoy on Monday, the most senior state official to die at the hands of militants since the...

North America

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U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused China on Saturday of stealing commercial secrets and "huge amounts of government information," and of...
A leaping sturgeon has struck and killed a five-year-old girl in a boat on Florida's Suwanne River.
A man in a wheelchair, who is said to have robbed a New York bank, was recognised from police images when he went to a hospital two days after the theft.
US police say an alligator has killed a man in Texas.
A truth commission will examine the 1989 US invasion of Panama, the country's foreign minister says.
Mexican authorities may soon release a founder of the vigilante movement who fought against a powerful drug cartel in the western state of Michoacan.
New Zealander Nela Zisser says she can out-eat her rivals in the US July Fourth hot dog eating contest.

South America

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A video has emerged of a stowaway cat holding on for dear life onboard an open air flight in South America. And it’s fur real.
Doctors have discovered a calcified foetus inside a 92-year-old woman in Chile.

6.4-magnitude quake jolts Chile

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake has hit the coast of central Chile.
Police in Colombia have arrested a woman from Honduras with breast implants containing 1.5 kilograms of liquid cocaine.
Authorities say the death toll in the Colombian mudslide has risen to 83, with the number of people still missing unclear.
Eighty-six-year-old General Manuel Contreras has racked up 500 years in prison sentences as the former chief of a fear spy agency in Chile.
A Chilean teenage girl who made a YouTube video in an unsuccessful plea to end her life, has died from lung problems caused by cystic fibrosis.