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Police have searched the home of a man accused of carrying out Japan's worst mass killing in decades

39 dead as landslides hit Nepal

Nepal has once again been hit by disaster, landslides claiming the lives of 39 people, with more casualties expected.
A lucky Australian man has won his own remote Pacific island resort in a raffle, after shelling out just US$49 for the winning ticket to claim the paradise property.
Malaysian PM Najib Razak will be able to declare any location a 'security area' and deploy forces to search any individual, vehicle or premises.
A group of drug convicts including foreigners will face the firing squad in Indonesia this week after authorities Tuesday gave notice of their executions, a...
Floods in India have hit more than 1.2 million people, with more than 2100 low-lying villages and almost 100,000 hectares of crops submerged.
The possibility of more nuclear tests by North Korea depends on the US, the isolated state says.


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Forty-eight people have been killed in a massive bombing in the Kurdish-controlled city of Qamishli in northeast Syria.
The success of the Solar Impulse 2's round-the-world journey shows it is possible to make the world more energy efficient, pilot Andre Borschberg says.
Syria's regime has intensified air strikes on rebel-held areas of Aleppo province, as the UN backed a call by its top aid official for a humanitarian truce in the...
Missiles from Israeli jets hit a residential building in Baath City in the Syrian Golan Heights near the Israeli border, the Syrian army says.
Clashes on the border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen have left five Saudi border guards dead, the interior ministry says.

IS claims Iraq bombing that kills 16

Sixteen people. including women and children, have died in a suicide car bombing, claimed by IS, in a town north of Baghdad.
Al-Qaeda's chief has called on the global militant network to kidnap Westerners "until they liberate" all Muslim prisoners.


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Scientists find antibiotic in nose

A bacteria hiding out in peoples' noses that produces an antibiotic compound that can kill several dangerous pathogens has been found by German scientists.
British Prime Minister Theresa May says a model for Brexit might not mirror existing relationships between non-EU countries and the bloc.
Referring to a series of recent terror attacks including the murder of a priest in France, Pope Francis says the "world is at war".
Four genetically-identical copies of Dolly the famous cloned sheep, which suffered ill health and died prematurely in 2003, are going strong.
French Prosecutor Francois Molins said Tuesday that one of two men who attacked a church in a Normandy town, and slit a priest's throat, was 19-year-old Adel...
French religious leaders have called for more security at places of worship following the murder of an elderly priest in Normandy.
UK Prime Minister Theresa May says both Britain and Ireland are keen to keep free movement between in place after the UK leaves the European Union.


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The UN Security Council Tuesday voted to task peacekeepers in the Central African Republic with supporting the newly elected government just as France prepares to end...
At least 13 people are dead following an al-Shabab attack near the African Union's main peacekeeping base in Somali's capital Mogadishu.
Suicide bombers killed at least seven people in an attack on the African Union's main peacekeeping base in Mogadishu, Somalia on Tuesday, police said.
A move by South Sudan President Salva Kiir to replace his vice president and rival Riek Machar could reignite war in Africa's youngest nation.
In a move which might spark further violence in South Sudan, the armed oppsition says it has replaced its leader and the country's vice president.
An association of Zimbabwean war veterans, traditionally staunch supporters of President Robert Mugabe, have slammed him as dictatorial.
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Moree than 203 million people currently live in a state of emergency.

North America

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A US university professor has launched a project to scan all 25,000 fish species which he hopes to complete in a few years.
A state of emergency has been declared in California as wildfires along the Big Sur coastline continue to burn.

Democrat Clinton makes US history

Hillary Clinton has officially become the Democratic Party's standard-bearer against Republican nominee Donald Trump in the November 8 election.

Clinton love story to woo voters

Bill Clinton has used their love story to make his case for wife Hillary's readiness for the White House.

US publishes cyber attack response

The US government has published its first-ever guidelines on how it will respond to major cyber security attacks.
Archaeologists who thought radar had discovered geological faults beneath a Mayan temple in Mexico say it's actually an ancient water canal system.
The first night of the Democratic convention belonged to Michelle Obama, with delegates and social media going wild with praise.

South America

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Peru says it will seek trade deals with Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand if the TPP fails to make it through the US Congress.

Chilean airport offers free yoga

Santiago International has joined Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and Canada's Vancouver International Airport in offering free yoga for travellers.
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Moree than 203 million people currently live in a state of emergency.
The hugely popular WhatsApp smartphone messaging service was briefly blocked by a Brazilian court Tuesday for the third time in less than a year after failing to...
The hugely popular WhatsApp smartphone messaging service was briefly blocked by a Brazilian court Tuesday for the third time in less than a year after failing to...

Brazil block on WhatsApp lifted

A block on the WhatsApp messaging service ordered by a Brazilian judge has been lifted by the country's Supreme Court.
As the Zika virus spreads humans will develop a natural "herd immunity" meaning the current outbreak should last only two to three years, researchers say.