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Police have charged a man with two counts of murder and one of attempted murder after three people were shot at a New Zealand unemployment office.
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A new species of parrot, endemic to New Zealand's Chatham Islands, has been identified, but it has been extinct for several hundred years.
Malaysia refused entry to a Sydney woman who had previously been arrested for joining a protest against a rare-earths processing plant, rights groups say.
Nineteen more people have contracted dengue fever, following the first confirmed cases of domestic infection in Japan since 1945.
A visa request for the Thai fiancee of an Australian indigenous war veteran has been rejected, despite backing by former senator Fred Chaney.
Japan has relaxed a ban on the use of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets in flight.
New Zealand police say they have caught the man suspected of shooting dead two staff members at an unemployment office.


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Iraqi troops, Kurdish fighters and Shi'ite militiamen have pressed a fightback against jihadist-led militants after breaking a siege of a Shi'ite town.
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The UN Human Rights Council has unanimously agreed to send an emergency mission to Iraq to investigate Islamic State atrocities, as Baghdad warned the country was...
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The United States has urged Israel to reverse its latest plan to seize Palestinian land in the Bethlehem area of the occupied West Bank.
Violence in Iraq killed at least 1,420 people during the month of August, the United Nations reports.
Israel's cabinet has convened to debate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's call for swingeing budget cuts to pay for the 50-day military campaign in Gaza.
Israel has announced plans to expropriate 400 hectares (988 acres) of Palestinian land in the Bethlehem area in the south of the occupied West Bank, the military...
Israel says it plans to build a new city on 400 hectares of Palestinian land it is taking over in the south of the occupied West Bank.


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Ukrainian forces have ceded a strategic eastern airport to pro-Russian insurgents as the government in Kiev accused Moscow of launching a "great war" that could claim...
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A hearing into the transportation of children from Northern Ireland institutions to Australia has opened and will examine claims of widespread abuse.
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Britain's lower house Speaker has responded to criticism of the planned appointment of an Australian as head clerk by 'pausing' the recruitment process.
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A hearing into the historic transportation of children from Northern Ireland institutions to Australia opened on Monday, sparking calls for a nationwide inquiry...
A seventh body is recovered after a residential block of flats in Paris was destroyed by an explosion.
Poland has marked the 75th anniversary of the start of World War II with a wreath-laying ceremony at Gdansk port.
Ukrainian troops abandon the airport of Luhansk after clashes with pro-Russian rebels, ahead of negotiations on the crisis.


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Jihadist gunmen clashed with Libyan troops in Benghazi, killing 10 soldiers, as the Islamists tried to advance on an airport in the eastern city.
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Libya's toothless outgoing government admitted it has in effect lost control of Tripoli to armed militias.
Twenty-one people have been killed in a road accident involving three buses in central Ghana, local radio stations say.
The World Health Organisation has voiced concern about the "unprecedented" number of healthcare workers hit by the Ebola outbreak.
Hundreds of residents of West Point have celebrated a Liberian government announcement that lifts a 10-day Ebola quarantine of the township.

Lesotho PM flees military coup

The army has seized control of key police facilities in Lesotho and the prime minister says he has fled for his life across the border to South Africa.

Ebola virus spreads to Senegal

Senegal confirmed its first case of Ebola, as the country's health minister announced that a young Guinean had tested positive for the deadly virus.

North America

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Shiite Turkmen residents of Amerli have been liberated after Iraqi forces aided by US air strikes recaptured the town from jihadist group Islamic State.
US officials see social media as a crucial battlefield as they aim to turn young minds in the Muslim world against groups like IS and al-Qaeda.
The US says an aircraft that appears to have crashed into the Atlantic and it has sent two F-16 fighter jets to help.
The US carried out three air strikes in the Amerli area, while Australian, British, French and US aircraft dropped relief supplies for the town.
Legislation in the US state of California will ban single-use plastic bags at grocery stores and big pharmacies in 2015 and at convenience stores in 2016.
A US flight had to be diverted for landing after a passenger became enraged when a woman in front of him reclined her seat.
The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued a six-page advisory telling consumers what they should consider before using a virtual currency.

South America

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Rescued Nicaraguan miners hunt for 8

The 20 rescued Nicaraguan gold miners are helping look for eight other workers still missing after a cave in at the unlicensed pit.
The death toll from a tourist bus crash in Bolivia has risen to nine.

20 miners rescued in Nicaragua

Rescuers in Nicaragua have rescued alive 20 miners who had been trapped deep underground for more than 24 hours after a cave-in at an unlicensed gold mine, but...
A prison takeover in Brazil that cost the lives of five prisoners has ended after authorities reached a deal with inmates to transfer hundreds other jails.
Four inmates have been killed - two decapitated - in a Brazilian prison riot, which officials blame on rivalries between competing prison gangs.
Three suspected rapists have been killed by an enraged mob in Guatemala, burning them alive.
Four inmates have been killed - two decapitated - in a riot at a Brazilian prison, with officials saying drug trafficking factions could be involved.