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Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan have spent their first night on Indonesia's "death island" after their transfer from Kerobokan jail.
India has banned the broadcast of a documentary which features an interview with one of the rapists who fatally gang-raped a student in a moving bus.
Comments by a convicted gang rapist have enraged women's rights campaigners in India. 
As two of the Bali Nine face execution in Indonesia, the other seven are still in jail.
Indonesian authorities say Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan did not say a word as armoured vehicles took them from their Bali jail in the pre-dawn dark.

Bali Nine pair for execution ASAP

Bali Nine pair Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran calmly left their cells at Bali's Kerobokan prison before dawn and didn't say a word.
A statement from Pakistan's PM says he has asked the country's president to award honours to "pay homage" to the victims of last year's school massacre.


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Iran has denounced as "lie-spreading" a speech in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned US Congress about a nuclear deal with Tehran.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has called for a joint Arab force to confront security threats such as that posed by Islamic State.
It's estimated as many as three million Syrian children are going without an education as a direct result of the conflict raging in their homeland.
About 30,000 Iraqi troops and militia backed by aircraft have pounded jihadists in and around Tikrit in the biggest offensive yet to retake one of the Islamic...
Iraqi state TV says government forces have begun a military operation to recapture Tikrit from the Islamic State group.
The Iraqi army and Shi'ite militias have for weeks been closing in on Tikrit, a main IS stronghold in the country, and now they hope to retake the city.
Syrian rebel forces in Aleppo have rejected a UN envoy plan for a freeze in fighting in the northern city.


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Ignoring a plea from Israel's prime minister to ditch a proposed deal on Iran's nuclear program, US and European negotiators are pushing ahead with talks.
A government official says at least 32 miners have been killed in an explosion in a coalmine in east Ukraine.
Greece's government says it will spend 200 million euros on programs to distribute food stamps and provide housing and energy bill assistance.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
Thousands have turned out to mourn Boris Nemstov, a longtime Putin critic and anti-corruption crusader who has been laid to rest at a Moscow cemetery.
Guinean President Alpha Conde says it is as if west Africa is "coming out of a war" with its economy and public services decimated by Ebola.
Pieces of doomed plane MH17 have been laid out in hangars at a Dutch airbase, where they will be viewed by the bereaved until the weekend.


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Appeal for Ebola recovery support

The three West African countries worst affected by the Ebola outbreak have appealed for international help to repair their economies.
Hundreds of firefighters are battling wildfires in South Africa's southwestern coast region.
Sierra Leone has reintroduced travel restrictions as the number of new cases of Ebola rises again in the west African nation.
Sierra Leone has recorded a rise in new Ebola cases this week, with President Ernest Bai Koroma reinstating various restrictions to combat the spread.
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe celebrated his 91st birthday with a million-dollar bash attended by thousands of faithful party supporters.
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe says giving ill-equipped black farmers vast tracts of farmland seized from whites may have been a mistake.
Pupils noticed a remarkable likeness between a 17-year-old and her younger biological sister, who started attending the same school this year.

North America

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The trial of Boston marathon bombing accused Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has begun, with survivors and relatives of those killed attending the packed courtroom.
A security flaw known as "FREAK attack" may have left people using Apple and Google devices on the web vulnerable to hackers.
A short circuit has stopped the Curiosity rover's robotic arm from working on Mars, with NASA engineers trying to diagnose the problem.

US General backs arming Ukraine

US General Martin Dempsey has backed calls for sending weapons to Ukraine's army in their fight against separatists.
The US state of Georgia, which has executed 57 prisoners since 1976, has temporarily halted executions because of faulty lethal injection drugs.
Footage of a black homeless man being shot by LA police has been viewed by millions of people online.
Three people have been arrested in Canada over a potential threat to shoppers, which comes after the Shebab militant group's call for terror attacks.

South America

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The Villarrica volcano, one of Chile's most active, began erupting around 3am, prompting authorities to declare a red alert.
Supporters of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner have flooded the streets around Congress for her final opening address before the legislature.

Argentina creates new spy agency

Argentina's Chamber of Deputies has voted 131 to 71 to create a new intelligence service to be known as the Federal Intelligence Agency.
Brazil has refused to accept the credentials of the new Indonesian ambassador over the execution of one of its nationals - so Indonesia has recalled him.
The US has rubbished the claim by Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro that the US was planning a coup to oust the socialist president.
Three men have died after the Carnival float they were on hit a power line in a southeastern Brazilian city.
A project in Peru aims to collect 400,000 litres of water per day for poor people living near the desert by setting up "fog-catchers".