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The US and South Korea have condemned a failed missile launch by North Korea.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, on a visit to Beijing, has announced his "separation" from the US and realignment with China.
In China, The Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte said he was announcing his 'separation' from the United States.
At least seven people have been killed in Typhoon Haima in the Philippines, officials say, but evacuations from high-risk communities helped prevent casualties.
Nine police officers have been suspended following a violent protest in Manila in which demonstrators were rammed with a patrol van.

Militant in Jakarta attack dies

Three police officers have been wounded in Jakarta by a suspected Islamic State extremist who attacked them with a machete.

Duterte greeted by Xi in Beijing

Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte has been greeted in Beijing as he undertakes a charm offensive with the Asian superpower.


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Elite Iraqi forces Thursday retook a town on the eastern edge of Mosul while Kurdish peshmerga opened a new front in the offensive to wrest back the jihadists' last...
The United Nations has been told that Russia will stop bombing eastern Aleppo for 11 hours a day for four days.
A 'humanitarian pause' in the Syrian army's Russian-backed assault on Aleppo took effect Thursday, but despite a drop in violence there was little sign residents...

Turkish jets strike Kurds in Syria

Turkey says its army jets have killed up to 200 Kurdish militants in air raids in northern Syria.
The UN General Assembly is set to address the violence in Aleppo on Thursday after the Security Council failed to adopt a resolution demanding an end to bombing...
Russia's President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he was ready to prolong a unilateral ceasefire in Aleppo, after tough talks in Berlin where the leaders of Germany...
Amnesty International released new satellite imagery on Wednesday showing that more than 110 sites were hit in two weeks of bombing raids in Syria's battleground...


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EU condemns Russia's role in Syria

A draft text to condemn Russian and Syrian attacks on civilians in Aleppo is being considered by European Union leaders at a summit in Brussels.
An Australian kidnapped in Yemen has appeared on a video recording saying his captors demand Canberra pay a ransom for his release.
Mission controllers were in the dark on Thursday about the fate of a tiny European craft despatched to Mars as a trial run for a rover to follow in a quest for...
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said "no miracles" were achieved on the Ukraine crisis, but a commitment has been made to draw up a roadmap for the peace process.
Taking regular exercise might provide a small benefit for people with early signs of dementia, research suggests.
Cybersecurity experts are warning that hackers can hijack vulnerable industrial control systems to wreak havoc on power plants, traffic systems and dams.

European Mars lander fate unclear

The signal from a Mars landing probe cut off shortly before it was due to touch down on the red planet, making its fate unclear.


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Dozens of schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram seem unwilling to be released, a community leader says, and might be radicalised or are ashamed to return home.
Burundi's leader has signed a letter to quit the International Criminal Court.
At least 56 people are dead amid violence in South Sudan.
Around 220 girls were taken from their school in 2014 in Chibok, where Boko Haram has waged a seven-year insurgency in Nigeria.
A clash in South Sudan has killed at least 62 rebels and militiamen, the army says.
More than 170 nations have reached a deal described as monumental to phase out gases that are making global warming worse.
Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday hit back at criticism from his wife about his leadership, saying she "belongs to my kitchen".

North America

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Female unpleasantness as a tongue-in-cheek rallying cry is on T-shirts, in memes and in tweets galore -- a furious backlash mocking Donald Trump's latest insult of...

US service member killed in Iraq

An improvised explosive device in northern Iraq has killed a US service member, the US-led military coalition says.
A yoga instructor has held a press conference to accuse Republican presidential contender Donald Trump of groping her after the US Open in 1998.
Republican White House hopeful Donald Trump said Thursday that he would accept a "clear election result" next month, but reserved the right to challenge the...
Condemnation of Donald Trump's refusal to say whether he'll honour November's election result should he lose, has come from Republicans and Democrats alike.
Following the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, an expert in US politics picks his winner and discusses the major talking points.

Clinton won debate: CNN poll

A CNN snap poll of people watching the third and final presidential debate found Hillary Clinton won.

South America

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Clowns from across Latin America meeting at an annual convention this week in Mexico City took a break from comedy to deliver a serious message: "We are clowns, not...
A self-confessed serial killer, known in Venezuela as "People-Eater", is said to have been used by a jail gang to attack rivals in an overcrowded jail.
A court in Buenos Aires on Saturday ordered the Catholic Church to pay $50,000 to a former seminarian who alleged he was sexually abused some 25 years ago by an...
Argentina wants Britain to call off planned military exercises on the disputed Falkland Islands.
Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos says he decided to extend a ceasefire with FARC rebels after meeting with student leaders.

Over 1 million await aid in Haiti

Haiti is continuing its efforts to normalise areas devastated by Hurricane Matthew, while more than a million people are awaiting supplies of food and medicine.
Colombian President Juan Manual Santos is donating his Nobel Peace Prize money to victims of conflict.