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Auckland researchers have unlocked the secret behind post-surgery jetlag using the humble honey-bee.

Remains of Cook's Endeavour found

US scientists say they've very likely found the final resting place of Captain Cook's ship the HMS Endeavour.
Kind and compassionate doctors have healthier patients who are more likely to follow their advice, says Hearts in Healthcare co-founder.
Forest fires have devastated thousands of hectares of woodland, killed at least 18 people and sent a pall of smoke across the southern Himalayas.
The Indonesian government has been provided with a list of more than 100 mass graves of victims of the 1965 anti-communist massacres.
About 500 pro-independence demonstrators have been detained in Papua's provincial capital, Jayapura, police said,
An executive from British consumer goods giant Reckitt Benckiser was slapped during an emotional news conference as he apologised on Monday over deadly lung...


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Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says the Korean Peninsula and the Middle East should be free of weapons of mass destruction.
The US and Russia are trying to get a ceasefire in Syria back on track after it unravelled in recent days.
Inmates in a Syrian prison have reportedly seized guards as they protested a planned transfer of prisoners to a military prison.
The largest of three blasts, from a parked car bomb in the Saydiya district of southern Baghdad, has killed 11 and wounded 30, sources said.
Dual Syrian-Australian Mark Eddie Maximus has been arrested by Lebanese military intelligence over suspected terrorism in Tripoli.
Video footage from a camera inside the Aleppo Al Quds hospital has revealed the minutes leading up to the airstrike that killed at least 50 people, including the...
Two journalists working for an opposition website have been arrested by Egyptian police, the journalists' union says.


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A French court has upheld the four-year sentence for Jean-Claude Mas, the founder and ex-owner of the French company PIP over faulty breast implants.
The discovery of highly individual factors in breast cancer points to causes of the disease and opens the way to personalised treatment, researchers say.
Finance News Update, what you need to know
Astronomers in Chile have spotted three Earth-like planets orbiting a star in the Milky Way.
Tempers have flared and a scuffle has broken out in Turkey's parliament amid debate on a bill that would strip politicians of their legal immunity.
A UN arbitrator has been asked by two Ukrainian energy firms to award them compensation for losses they sustained when Russia seized Crimea.
The second stage of the joint European-Russian Mars mission is to be delayed until 2020.


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More than 30 lions rescued from South American circuses have landed in South Africa in the largest airlift of lions in history.
At least 10 people are confirmed dead following the collapse of a six-storey building in Kenya, and a number of others remain trapped in the rubble.
The SALT telescope near Cape Town has used its powerful spectroscopy light measurement tool to prove the existence of the white dwarf pulsar.
Seven people have been killed and 121 rescued at the site of a six-storey building collapse in Nairobi, as rescue workers search for more survivors.

Zuma corruption decision reviewed

Prosecutors will review 2009 corruption charges against South African President Jacob Zuma, who is facing calls to resign even from within the ANC.
Sudanese students have mounted a rare demonstration in Khartoum after a man was shot dead at another protest a day earlier.
A cholera outbreak on the African island of Zanzibar has killed at least 45 people since March, a health official says.

North America

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In the second case this year Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay millions of dollars to a woman who developed cancer after using talcum powder.
US Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is hoping to force his rival Ted Cruz out of the race with a resounding win in the Indiana primary.
A woman in the US has sued Starbucks Corp, claiming the world's largest coffee chain puts too much ice in chilled drinks.
Canada's super-fit PM Justin Trudeau has spoofed the Obamas' Invictus video with one of his own, ending with a one-arm press up.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is hoping to secure the Republican nomination with a win in the state of Indiana.
The leader of Parti Quebecois, the separatist party in Canada's province of Quebec, has quit his position, saying he is choosing his family over work.
For some it was an emotional return as the first US cruise ship carrying 700 passengers docked in Cuba after decades.

South America

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Japan will help build a laboratory to study cosmic rays in the mountains of Bolivia.
More than 100 million WhatsApp users in Brazil are being hit with a 72-hour court-ordered shut-down.
A man suffering from kidney failure and dehydration who has also lost three toes has been pulled from the rubble two weeks after the quake in Ecuador.
Venezuela's public employees will work only on Monday and Tuesday as the country grapples with an electricity crisis.
A panel of international experts on Sunday accused Mexico's government of undermining their probe into the fate of 43 trainee teachers apparently massacred in...
The death toll from last week's earthquake in Ecuador has now passed 650, with 58 people also missing along the country's ravaged Pacific coast.

Second strong quake hits Ecuador

A second strong quake has hit disaster-stricken Ecuador but there are no reports of fresh damage as the government struggles to distribute aid.