US President Donald Trump has rounded off his inauguration day by dancing at three balls with his wife Melania.
Healthcare. LGBT+ rights advances. Wall Street reforms. International rapprochement. A steady economic recovery – all risk erasure today with the inauguration of...
The US Senate on Friday overwhelmingly voted to confirm retired Marine general James Mattis as defense secretary for President Donald Trump.
Donald Trump has directed agencies to ease the regulatory burdens associated with Obamacare as Congress determines how to repeal the health care law.
President Donald Trump has stepped out of his limousine to briefly walk along the inaugural parade route.

Pentagon, Homeland chiefs sworn in

President Donald Trump's nominees to run the Pentagon and the Homeland Security Department have been sworn in.
Hillary Clinton has come face to face with the man who defeated her for the presidency at the inaugural lunch.
President Donald Trump has taken over the @POTUS Twitter handle.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, which includes Australia, is in doubt with new US President Donald Trump signalling the US will not join.
Mexican drug cartel boss Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman has pleaded not guilty to 17 charges in a US court.
Following his inauguration, Donald Trump has taken over the President of the United States Twitter account.
George HW Bush is breathing on his own again and the former president was well enough to watch Donald Trump's inauguration.
After thanking President Obama for facilitating a peaceful transfer of power, Trump took aim at the Washington establishment he ran so passionately against
The Trump administration has made it official that it will move to get rid of Barack Obama's environmental initiatives.
A woman and four children were pulled Friday from the ruins of an Italian hotel and five other survivors were found, two days after the building was buried under...

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An Israeli satirist living in Berlin has created a work which juxtaposes Holocaust memorial selfies with images of the actual Holocaust.
A five-year-old boy has been banned from wearing his traditional head-wear at a Melbourne school, because it doesn't conform with the uniform protocol.
A chance encounter on a Swedish ski field was the beginning of an amazing story of friendship and family.
Saroo Brierley - whose life story is now a Hollywood film - used his vivid memories of India to help find his way home. And his recollection of his first day in...
Campaign Edge, the agency behind a campaign to return the image of two girls wearing hijabs to billboards in Victoria, says it aims to roll out the project across...
With bitter partisan divisions, public Twitter stoushes and several breaks with tradition – Trump’s inauguration may be a prelude of his presidency to come.
'I owe it to my children to fight for the Australia I love, and that's the Australia that gives people a fair go.'