The mystery behind why a sensor in the European Alps began registering surprising spikes in ethane in the atmosphere starting in 2010 has been solved.
Protests erupted in California for the second day in a row on Friday against U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is moving closer to winning the...
The United Nations Security Council will vote on a resolution on Tuesday demanding combatants protect hospitals and doctors in conflict areas.
A Manx comet dubbed C/2014 S3 has no tail and its composition may offer clues about the solar system's formation, researchers say.
A Russian fighter jet has reportedly come within 30 metres of a US plane, performing a barrel roll over it in international airspace.
Indiana's governor has backed Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential nomination, ahead of a crucial primary in the US state.

Puerto Rico reports Zika death

One person with a confirmed Zika virus has died in Puerto Rico, officials say, while others may have developed a paralysing nerve disorder because of it.
Protests erupted on Friday outside the venue where US presidential candidate Donald Trump was speaking to a group of California Republicans, a day after a...
The FBI is understood to have paid $US1 million to have the mobile phone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters unlocked.
The Massachusetts Senate has voted in favour of lifting the minimum age of buying cigarettes to 21.

Trump Tower white powder harmless

Police say the suspicious white powder sent to US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump's office is harmless.

Prince overdose being investigated

An anonymous official says authorities are investigating whether Prince died from an overdose and whether a doctor had been him prescribing drugs.

US puts drones over Libya

The US is beefing up its surveillance of Libya with drones in the sky in case additional military strikes are needed against Islamic State.
Colombia has now joined Latin American neighbours Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in allowing same-sex marriage.
Former US House Speaker John Boehner launched a scathing attack on Presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Thursday, calling him 'Lucifer in the flesh'.

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The number of Australians setting up small businesses has increased for a second year in a row.
China has passed a law imposing strict controls on foreign NGOs giving security forces the ability to detain and deport those viewed as involved in 'subversive'...
Manus Island detention centre is set to close, but what will Malcolm Turnbull do about it? In this climate it isn’t very popular to talk about the needs of the...
The government is expected to lower repayment thresholds for university student loans, while unions have demanded a better model for school funding.
Twenty years ago, 35 people were killed purposefully and indiscriminately at Port Arthur on Tasmania's south-east coastline. It remains one of the worst single...
Chernobyl survivor Alexander Vainer spoke to SBS about what he witnessed in the city during the nuclear disaster.
A small Melbourne cafe run by Italian migrant friends is marking three decades of service.