Hillary Clinton's rival Bernie Sanders had long claimed a bias against him within the top echelons of the Democratic Party, which leaked emails prove.

Protesters march against Clinton

Bernie Sanders' supporters have taken to the streets of Philadelphia after it became clear the Democratic Party's committee was biased against him.
Embattled Democratic Party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Sunday she is resigning, following a leak of emails suggesting an insider attempt to hobble the...

California wildfire guts 18 homes

A Californian wildfire has gutted 18 homes after charging through terrain "Like a freight train", as 1600 firefighters battle the flames.
A 34-year-old man has been charged with sexual battery after an incident outside a US bar where witnesses intervened to protect an unconscious woman.
Officials at the Democratic convention in the US have agreed to reduce the role of superdelegates in future Democratic primaries.
Authorities have found a burned body within the evacuation area for a wildfire burning just north of Los Angeles.
Self-radicalised individuals with a history of mental illness represent a new variety of terror, says a former director of the CIA.

Democrat Kaine makes VP debut

Hillary Clinton's vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, has made his debut next to her and has been quick to take on Republican rival Donald Trump.
Leaked emails from Democratic party officials show the hostility between the party's establishment and Senator Bernie Sanders.
Donald Trump's campaign to "make America great again" has energised the extreme right, including a former KKK leader who is standing for the Senate.

Tropical Storm Darby nears Hawaii

Hawaii is preparing for Tropical Storm Darby to make landfall, with warnings of strong winds and heavy rain.
Hillary Clinton has picked low-key Virginia senator Tim Kaine as her running mate in the US presidential election in November.
WikiLeaks has released 20,000 emails sent by Hillary Clinton's campaign team as part of its new Hillary Leaks series.
Donald Trump has lost no time in coming up with a nasty nickname for Hillary Clinton's choice of a running mate in the presidential election.

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