Spain's Canary Islands will house a controversial a billion dollar telescope if it can not be built in Hawaii.
US senators warned Thursday of Russia's 'unprecedented' threat to American and European democratic institutions Thursday as they opened their first public hearing...
Protesters are clashing with anti-transgender activists in the US as a bus carrying slogans makes its way down the east coast.
Republican conservatives say they will not be bullied by US President Donald Trump.

Samsung launches Galaxy S8

Samsung have revealed their new Galaxy S8 smartphone as the company looks to bounce back after the embarrassment of the fire-prone Note 7 phone.
The Vatican has urged US President Donald Trump to strongly reconsider his position on climate change and the 2015 Paris Accord.
NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, the world's oldest female astronaut, has surpassed a spacewalking record.
A federal judge has indefinitely extended his order blocking US President Donald Trump's revised travel ban on travellers from six Muslim-majority countries.
The US federal judge in Hawaii who halted President Donald Trump's revised travel ban has extended his order blocking its implementation.
Internet trolling has been likened to a national US sport by one notorious hacker, whose Twitter account was suspended.
Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka has confirmed she has taken on an unpaid informal advisory role at the White House.
Most Republicans are blaming the US Congress, and not President Donald Trump, for the failure to have healthcare system law changes passed.

'Napalm Girl' photographer retires

The photographer who captured the image of a terrified little girl fleeing a napalm attack during the Vietnam War is retiring after 51 years in photojournalism.
Federal authorities are investigating after a pick-up truck collided with a church van carrying senior citizens, leaving at least 13 people dead.
The daughter of Bill and Hilary Clinton says she has no immediate aspirations to run for office, but did not completely rule out mounting a future campaign.

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Research questioning the story around a tourist attraction in Western Australia, has sparked discussion over the dark history of well-known tourist sites.
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From her platform as a radio host, Lilly encourages and empowers others to share their stories of sexual assault.
Indonesian police say the body of a farmer has been found inside the belly of a 7 metre-long python on the island of Sulawesi.
Cristiano Ronaldo has an airport named after him, but it was his odd-looking statue that attracted attention during a ceremony honoring the Portugal star in his...
A One Nation senator claims race-hate speech laws stop 'decent' people speaking out against Muslim criminals.
Federal Labor MP Anne Aly has used her personal story to oppose the government's cuts to welfare, which has cleared parliament.
An Australian photographer has braved insurgencies, deadly gases and cave-ins to chronicle the lives and work practices of some of the world’s artisanal miners.