The wife of murdered Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli remains locked up in a Bahamas jail after a failed bail bid.
The UN says it is "horribly possible" that more allegations of child abuse against French and other soldiers could arise.
Health officials now believe Ebola survivors can spread the virus five months after they have recovered, according to a new report.
The wife of Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli has told a Bahamas court she did not kill her world-renowned podiatrist husband.
A Baltimore police report on the death of a black man who suffered spinal injuries while in custody was handed over on Thursday to the city's chief prosecutor,...
The US State Department says it'll let Australia speak for itself about the executions of its two citizens.
Jean Nidetch - the woman who founded Weight Watchers - has died at her home near Fort Lauderdale aged 91.
Reports that Joni Mitchell is lying unresponsive in a coma are false, according to the singer's official website.

Partridge Family child star dies

Suzanne Crough Condray, who played Tracy Partridge in the 1970s hit TV show The Partridge Show, has died at the age of 52.
 A state of emergency has been declared in the U-S city of Baltimore to deal with violence that's engulfed it. 
Melbourne's Knox basketball organisation will receive restitution from a former NBA employee under a plea deal reached in a US court.
US Attorney General Loretta Lynch condemned the violence that erupted in Baltimore and said the Justice Department would provide any assistance needed.
A US judge has agreed to give prosecutors and lawyers of Australia's Dr Adam Cobb time to work on a potential plea deal to a child pornography charge.
A photographer for the Baltimore City Paper was reportedly thrown to the ground by Baltimore Police officers while covering protests over police brutality late...
Researchers say there's rapidly-mounting evidence that drilling for oil and gas is causing hundreds of earthquakes.

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The days are long but the decades are short.
Formal wear elicits feelings of power, which change some mental processes.
A friendship program is helping refugee and migrant women overcome the difficulties of their past to thrive in their new lives.
Two female biologists have been told by a reviewer it would be 'beneficial' if their latest manuscript was co-authored by male colleagues, sparking widespread...

'Secrets' to longer life revealed

Aspiring centenarians should quit smoking, keep coffee to a minimum and maintain low cholesterol levels, according to the latest research.
Well-known music executive and entrepreneur Amanda Pelman will head up Australia's Eurovision jury.
A Microsoft tool that guesses people's ages using facial-recognition technology has been derided on social media for frequently being off the mark.