Drastic changes to Twitter's service might just be what it needs to be competitive with Faceboo and Instagram.
The largest asylum seeker processing centre in the US can be found in the sleepy town of Dilley, in rural Texas. It houses more than 2,400 undocumented women and...

Obama, Erdogan discuss IS campaign

US President Barack Obama and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan have discussed Islamic State during a telephone call.
American Muslims are opening their mosques to the general public to educate people about Islam and counteract Donald Trump's misinformation.
With 13 days to go before the US election, several Senate aides from both parties have privately warned of trouble for Republicans.

World parks await Dreamworld probe

The Dreamworld tragedy could spark safety changes at theme parks around the world.
A Reuters/Ipsos poll has found that 41 per cent of Republicans expect Hillary Clinton to win the November 8 election.
Apple's wireless AirPods, which are designed to be used with the latest iPhones, won't be for ready for sale as planned in October.
Repeated outbursts against the United States by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte have raised worries in Washington about the future their alliance.
Donald Trump says all Americans should look to his corporate record for evidence of how well he'd run the country.
Paul Beatty has became the first US author to win the Man Booker Prize for his novel 'The Sellout', which the novelist said should not be read as a 'mono...
They were born just 16 months apart, but Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and his Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton, have taken very different paths...

Clinton warns against complacency

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has warned her supporters against complacency and her rival Donald Trump warns of World War Three.

Apple expresses interest in TV

Tech giant Apple wants to boost original entertainment content as it looks to build on forays into TV-style programming.
Facebook wants to use advanced camera technology to turn its users into live streamers.

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The photographer who took the famous photo of an Afghan woman with piercing green eyes has vowed to help her after she was arrested in Pakistan.
The biannual State of the Climate report from the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO shows the effects of climate change are being felt in Australia.
Following the deaths of four people in an accident at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, a children's psychologist offers insight into how to support young people who...
Friends have paid tribute to Roozi Araghi and Luke Dorsett, a couple from Canberra who were killed at a theme park on the Gold Coast.
Don't be so quick to reach for the tweezers.
A teenager whose luscious mullet went viral online is now suing several media outlets claiming they exposed him to ridicule.
NSW Fair Trading has released new information in 16 different languages to make sure consumers from non-English speaking know their rights.