Surfers ride out NY snow storm

A group of surfers in New York have decided to ride out this week's snow storm by hanging ten in blizzard conditions.
The US says Israel has a right to defend itself after the Israeli military returned fire when a Hezbollah attack killed two soldiers.
About 18,000 Twitter accounts linked to the Islamic State group have been suspended in recent months, dealing a blow to its ability to spread propaganda.
An international team of astronomers has announced the discovery of the oldest solar system with close-to-Earth-size planets found.
Because discovering purpose in our lives should be something that’s fun and interesting, not a chore.
The pilot of a drone that crashed on the White House lawn works for a department that provides imagery and analysis for US intelligence agencies.
Snapchat will show content from big media brands such as CNN in a bid to boost its popularity.
The United States has welcomed the 'positive' response of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro to the thawing of ties between the Cold War foes.
A senior US offical says Australian and Canadian fighters were among the many foreign jihadists killed in the battle for the Syrian town of Kobane.
Authorities and meteorologists are defending their decision to shut down New York after the expected monster snowstorm turned out to be a fizzer.
On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, US President Barack Obama has warned of the need to combat anti-Semitism.
Facebook says it is testing a lightweight version of its mobile app for mobile phones with poor-quality internet connections.
Six more cases of measles have been confirmed in California following an outbreak at Disneyland that began in December, public health officials said, raising to...
An asteroid the size of a mountain is about to fly past the Earth, becoming the closest space rock to pass in around 200 years.
A US official says a Washington man has claimed responsibility for a drone that crashed on the White House grounds.

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The Northern Territory has the nation's highest rate of overcrowding in Indigenous houses in public housing.
Australian golfing great Kel Nagle is being lauded as one of the sport's gentlemen after he died in a Sydney hospital on Thursday morning.
When Norway’s largest newspaper Aftenposten sent three young fashion bloggers to Phnom Penh to work for a month at a clothing factory, they came back transformed.

Iceland's Last Hamburger, Live!

Live, From Iceland - It's A Hamburger! But not just any hamburger. They call it "The last McDonald's hamburger in Iceland". And 6 years on it still looks edible.
A cat in Florida has had surgery after apparently clawing its way out of his grave following a collision with a car.
Australian researchers say a particular strain of probiotics could provide an effective treatment for peanut allergies.
Australians are generally a forgiving lot so it could be some solace for those offended by the decision to award Prince Philip a Knighthood that Mr. Abbott...