A big-game trophy collector from Idaho has ignited a firestorm of criticism from animal-rights activists for flaunting online images of herself posed with the...
A Twitter bot that offered suggestions when people used the term ‘illegal immigrant’ has been suspended by Twitter.
US President Barack Obama has described climate change as one of the key challenges of our time as he announced the first ever limits on US power plant emissions.
Convicted US gunman James Holmes, who shot dead 12 people in a cinema, could be executed after jurors refused to rule out the death penalty.
Users being warned to be on the lookout for bogus emails offering the free Windows 10 upgrade; they come with malicious attachments.
A police officer has been shot dead in Memphis while conducting a traffic stop and the suspect remains on the run with a manhunt underway.
A firefighter from South Dakota, who had been helping Californian crews battle wildfires since June, has died in a fast-moving blaze.

Hitchhiking robot vandalised

Canadian researchers who created a hitchhiking robot as a social experiment say someone in the US has vandalised the robot beyond repair.
US VP Joe Biden has yet to tell his staff whether he will run or personally ask them to do any planning for a potential campaign.
President Barack Obama has started his 54th birthday celebrations early with a golf outing at Andrews Air Force Base.
Emails designed to look like an official Windows upgrade notice from Microsoft Corp are being sent out but the attachments can lock the computer's data.
Australia will not sign up to the trans-Pacific partnership trade deal in the current round of talks.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced on the social network site that he and his wife are expecting a baby girl after suffering three miscarriages.
Dylann Roof, the man accused of shooting dead nine people at a US church, has entered not-guilty pleas on all counts.
A former University of Cincinnati police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man was released on Thursday from jail on bond,...

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Peak Australian sporting bodies have expressed their alarm at new doping allegations that have rocked the world’s athletics community.
EXCLUSIVE: The imaginary spear that Adam Goodes was criticised for 'throwing' as part of a war cry he performed during a game at the AFL Indigenous round in May,...
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