US Fed Reserve stays patient

The US Federal Reserve has left its key interest rate, the federal funds rate, at the 0-0.25 per cent level, where it has been for six years.
US President Barack Obama's move to normalise relations with Cuba has angered some American lawmakers who are threatening to stall the changes.
Scientists this year noted record high temperatures in Alaska, below average snow cover across the Arctic and excess summer ice melting in Greenland.
The US has announced a thaw in relations with Cuba, saying it would work to re-establish diplomatic ties with Havana and ease trade and travel sanctions.
Cuban President Raul Castro has praised US President Barack Obama and thanked the Pope after the two countries agreed to restore ties.
Charges have been laid against 14 people who worked at a pharmacy in the US state of New England connected to a meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people.
US President Barack Obama has announced a thaw in relations with Cuba, saying it's time to end an "outdated approach" that failed to move things forward.
As part of a historic thawing of ties between Cuba and the US, the communist nation has agreed to free 53 political prisoners, a US official says.
Two brothers with opposing political views have been publicly scolded by their mother while feuding on live TV.
A US jury has found in Apple's favour in a $US350 million lawsuit alleging iPod users were forced to purchase their music on its iTunes service.
A new poll shows a majority of Americans believe that torture of suspected terror suspects is justified.
A bill passed by Congress to tighten sanctions against Russia over its actions in Ukraine will be signed by US President Barack Obama.
Jeb Bush says he has decided to "actively explore" the possibility of running for the US presidency.
New Yorkers, no strangers to terror attacks and living with the threat, woke up to beefed up security following the Sydney hostage crisis.
Researchers in the US say they're surprised at how many 8th, 10th and 12th graders reported using electronic cigarettes this year.

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Two brothers with opposing political views have been publicly scolded by their mother while feuding on live TV.
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