US diet soft drink consumption drops

Coca-Cola remains the most popular soft drink in the US but people bought fewer fizzy drinks overall for the 10th straight year, an industry report says.
A US military reservist has been arrested as he tried to travel to fight for Islamic State jihadists, along with a cousin planning to carry out attacks on...
Angelina Jolie, in publicly airing the details of a surgery that forced her into early menopause, is taking an activist approach to oversharing.
While a 19-year-old has pleaded guilty to murdering Chris Lane in Oklahoma, the mother of a boy accused of shooting the Australian maintains his innocence.
The trial of accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has heard he blamed his bad college grades on stress because relatives died in Chechnya.
The wife of an Australian podiatrist has been detained by authorities in the Bahamas after he was found dead from a single stab wound to the chest.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the number of US residents without health insurance is at its lowest in more than 15 years.
A phone message threatening Barack Obama's niece has been taken seriously, causing security to be raised at her college basketball games.
Utah has capital punishment and needs a backup in case a shortage of lethal-injection drugs persists, so has approved the use of firing squads.
Microsoft has bought not only the web address but also and as well.
In unusually tough language that underscores the fracture in relations, the White House Chief of Staff has warned Israel to end its "occupation".

US helicopter crashes into home

A helicopter has crashed into a house in Florida, killing three people on board.
Republican senator Ted Cruz has officially confirmed he will run in the next US presidential election.
US President Barack Obama has hailed former Singaporean PM Lee Kuan Yew as "a devoted public servant and a remarkable leader".

US man who faked death arrested

A 62-year-old US businessman has been arrested driving his car in North Carolina two years after he fakes his death in Venezuela.

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Don’t trust all-devoted kale consumers, including health professionals and celebrities, if their advice isn’t based on scientific evidence, writes Rebecca...
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