The Villarrica volcano, one of Chile's most active, began erupting around 3am, prompting authorities to declare a red alert.
Supporters of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner have flooded the streets around Congress for her final opening address before the legislature.

Argentina creates new spy agency

Argentina's Chamber of Deputies has voted 131 to 71 to create a new intelligence service to be known as the Federal Intelligence Agency.
Brazil has refused to accept the credentials of the new Indonesian ambassador over the execution of one of its nationals - so Indonesia has recalled him.
The US has rubbished the claim by Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro that the US was planning a coup to oust the socialist president.
Three men have died after the Carnival float they were on hit a power line in a southeastern Brazilian city.
A project in Peru aims to collect 400,000 litres of water per day for poor people living near the desert by setting up "fog-catchers".
Not even a thunderstorm has been able to dampen the spirits of the thousands of people who have turned out for Carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro.
Prosecutors have formally accused Argentine President Cristina Kirchner of shielding Iranian officials from prosecution over a bombing at a Jewish centre.
The discovery of a plane wreck in Chile has dredged up painful memories for friends of the 24 people who died in the crash 53 years ago.
Brazil has set up Tinder profiles that respond with advice about the dangers of unprotected sex in an effort to keep Carnival celebrations safe.
The mystery of a flight carrying members of Chile's Green Cross soccer team in 1961 has been solved with plane wreckage found in the Andes
Brazilian police have seized the possessions of Eike Batista, who was once the country's richest man.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the state takeover of a supermarket chain, thought to be Dia a Dia.
A shoot-out between police and would-be bank robbers in the Brazilian city of Salvador has left 13 of the offenders dead, officials say.

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A piece of jawbone with teeth attached, uncovered in Ethiopia, is the earliest known fossil of the genus Homo, to which humans belong, researchers say.

WHO declares war on hidden sugars

In a bid to combat obesity, the World Health Organisation is pushing for a big drop in the consumption of 'hidden' sugar in food and drinks.
Afghanistan’s crickets fans have come together in celebration of how far their team has come making it to the ICC World Cup.
A 31-storey portrait of Indigenous leader William Barak has been unveiled on the facade of an apartment building in Melbourne.
In her first interview since being appointed, Britain’s new High Commissioner to Australia says she wants to increase trade and experience first-hand what life is...
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Anti-coal activist Jonathan Moylan sent a fake press release causing a temporary 314 million slump in the value of Whitehaven Coal.
There can’t be too many people in Australia who don’t recognise that the health of the Australian economy is increasingly determined in China, writes Mark Beeson.