Investigators have discovered the corpses of 40 newborn babies in a Brazilian hospital, some which had been decaying for up to five years.
Amazon villagers tied two men to a tree swarming with venomous ants for allegedly stealing three motorcycles.
At least 11 helicopters, six planes, and 2000 police and soldiers, as well as battalions of firefighters, are fighting the Chilean blaze for the third day.
At least 36 people are dead after an early morning accident involving a bus and a parked trailer-truck in southeastern Mexico.
Emergency crews have battled outbreaks from a deadly blaze that tore through parts of the historic Chilean port city of Valparaiso.

Chile fire toll climbs to four

A raging wildfire in Chile has killed four people, authorities say.
A wildfire in the Chilean city of Valparaiso has killed four people, destroyed 500 homes and forced the evacuation of 3000 people.
Brazilian police are scouring through documents in a $US4.5 billion ($A4.7 billion) money-laundering operation against state oil giant Petrobras.

Peru volcano spews white-hot rocks

A state of emergency has been declared in Peru's Andean region, after a volcano begun spitting chunks of white-hot rock.
Just two months out from the World Cup, Brazil's capital has been hit by fresh violence as police cleared squatters from a building near Maracana stadium.
A new United Nations study has revealed global murder rates have declined slightly but remain very high in the Americas.

Six die in Brazil prison fire

A fire set during a riot at a Brazilian prison has left six inmates dead after they became trapped in a cell.
A series of lightning strikes has killed at least 60 dairy cows in southern Chile.
Nine elderly residents and a staff member have died in a nursing home fire in Chile, as hydrant failure affected firefighters efforts to tackle the blaze.
The UN has acknowledged the right of Venezuelans to protest peacefully, but rejected violent acts and destruction of property.
In Brazil's latest attempt to drive out drug gangs ahead of the World Cup, soldiers have moved into one of Rio de Janeiro's most notorious slums.
Venezuela's attorney general has charged jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez with responsibility for anti-government demonstrations.
Experts in Ecuador have reported a loud volcanic explosion "that lasted for five minutes" and an expulsion of ash.
A seventh fatality has been attributed to Chile's earthquake as a six-day-old baby of a family made homeless in the disaster died from cardiac arrest.
A second strong earthquake in Chile has forced residents to spend a second night outdoors in makeshift tents and huddled around bonfires.
A court in Brazil has handed 15 more policemen long jail terms for their roles in the 1992 massacre of 111 prisoners.
Argentina's president claims the Falkland Islands serve as a nuclear base for NATO - a claim the UK strongly denies.
Four explosives experts working on the Chinese-financed Sopladora hydroelectric plant in southern Ecuador have died in an explosion.
Chile and Peru have both issued tsunami warnings after a powerful 7.8 earthquake rocked an area hit by an 8.2 jolt a day earlier.
Indonesia is bracing for a small tsunami generated by the 8.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Chile.
Six FARC Marxist rebels have been killed and eight captured by the army in Colombia.
A powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake has hit off Chile's Pacific coast, sparking a tsunami warning for Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

New safety steps at WCup stadium

Safety features are being added to the stadium hosting the opening match of soccer's World Cup in Brazil following the death of a worker.
Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner will become godmother to the baby daughter of a lesbian couple.
A dormant volcano in Peru has blasted back to life causing about 60 villagers to be evacuated.

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