Chikunganya, a disease which emerged in Africa is sweeping through South America, causing devastating illness, although only few fatalities.

Man burnt alive in Chile bombing

People have watched in horror as a man burned alive following a bomb blast in Santiago in the most recent of a series of explosions in Chile.
Billions of dollars in aid for developing nations, widening the overall use of renewable energy and reducing tropical deforestation are some of the non-binding...
A Mexican federal lawmaker and his assistant have been abducted and killed and their bodies burned by an unknown gang.
Bolivian President Evo Morales is slated to win next year's election to serve a third term until 2020 but he's already thinking about life after retiring from...
Former El Salvador president Francisco Flores has been moved to prison to await trial on charges of embezzlement and illicit enrichment.
Bolivian President Evo Morales reportedly plans to open a restaurant after his political career ends.
Researchers are developing high-tech glasses, complete with GPS and camera technology, to help guide the blind.
Four people have been killed in a Bolivian prison riot sparked by rivalry between local and foreign gangs.

Pope honoured in home town stadium

Argentinian club San Lorenzo are to name their new stadium in honour of the Pope, who is their most famous fan.
The Cuban government will send 165 medical personnel to West Africa as health officials continue to struggle with a furious Ebola outbreak that has left thousands...

19 killed in Peru bus plunge

At least 19 people have been killed in a bus crash in Peru on the way to a religious festival.
A woman who shouted racist monkey chants at a football game in Brazil has had her house torched by arsonists as well as being sacked from her job.
International campaigning and advocacy organisation ONE is calling on Australia to use its presidency of the G20 to help end secret deals and money laundering...
A group of young Chileans have created what they claim is the world's first 'unstealable' bike.

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Several new buildings set to go up around Sydney could revitalise the city's skyline.
Tonight, a Dateline special investigation will air allegations of failed asylum seekers being abused by Sri Lankan security forces after being sent back by...
Physical movement improves mental focus, memory, and cognitive flexibility; new research shows just how critical it is to academic performance.
A private room with fetish wear at the ready, a leather sling hanging from the ceiling, and a naked man with a set of shiny utensils waiting for orders. No, we’re...
In a UK experiment that aimed to show the disregard people have for computer security, Londoners have agreed to give up their first-born child for WiFi.
Some failed asylum seekers, who’ve been sent back to Sri Lanka by Australia, say they’ve been abducted, tortured and abused by the Sri Lankan security forces on...

Trump lampooned over Twitter gaffe

Donald Trump has been inundated with mocking messages on Twitter after he was tricked into retweeting a photo of two UK serial killers.