Chile has approved the country's first law authorising civil unions of gay and lesbian couples, giving them the same legal rights as unmarried couples.
Research in Brazil has discovered a protein in coffee with effects similar to morphine.
Ecuador President Rafael Correa says a website will alert subscribers when the government is being "defamed" by opponents online.
Argentina's president has claimed on Facebook that a prosecutor was killed to immerse her government in scandal.
A Costa Rican woman has managed to steal a TV under her skirt undetected.
Amazon tribesmen armed with spears, blowpipes and guns have briefly seized an oilfield run by Petrobell in Ecuador.
At least 158 people have been injured after two commuter trains collided in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state.
For some followers of the Orthodox Christian faith, the festivities are just beginning with January the 7th marking Christmas and January the 14th, the beginning...
Argentina's president says the country's state-run airliner will be allowing lapdogs on flights.
A small village near Peru's border with Brazil is being evacuated after it came under attack from members of a bow-and-arrow wielding indigenous group.
Ecuador's President Rafael Correa said Saturday that Quito would be giving back about $8.5 million donated by Germany last year, in an environmental row.
Cuba's parliament on Friday unanimously ratified a deal reached between Havana and Washington normalising relations after a half-century of hostility.

Colombia's FARC rebels declare peace

Colombia's FARC guerrillas have decided to give peace a chance after 50 years of conflict which has killed 220,000 people and uprooted 5.3 million.
Thirteen people have been killed and a dozen more injured in a tunnel collapse at power plant under construction in Ecuador.
United Nations members have reached an agreement to tackle climate change after marathon negotiations in Peru that ran over by more than a day.

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