For the first time in 25 years, the United States has abstained from a vote in the United Nations that calls for an end to an economic embargo on Cuba.
Clowns from across Latin America meeting at an annual convention this week in Mexico City took a break from comedy to deliver a serious message: "We are clowns,...
A self-confessed serial killer, known in Venezuela as "People-Eater", is said to have been used by a jail gang to attack rivals in an overcrowded jail.
A court in Buenos Aires on Saturday ordered the Catholic Church to pay $50,000 to a former seminarian who alleged he was sexually abused some 25 years ago by an...
Argentina wants Britain to call off planned military exercises on the disputed Falkland Islands.
Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos says he decided to extend a ceasefire with FARC rebels after meeting with student leaders.

Over 1 million await aid in Haiti

Haiti is continuing its efforts to normalise areas devastated by Hurricane Matthew, while more than a million people are awaiting supplies of food and medicine.
Colombian President Juan Manual Santos is donating his Nobel Peace Prize money to victims of conflict.
The Colombian government and FARC rebels scrambled Monday to save a peace deal after voters narrowly rejected it in a referendum, throwing the four-year-old peace...
Following the narrowly rejected Colombia peace plebiscite, the country's rebels have vowed to maintain their ceasefire.
Here are key points of the peace deal between FARC and the government, which voters have narrowly rejected in a shocking referendum result.
Colombia's President Juan Michael Santos says he will not give up on reaching a peace deal with FARC guerrillas after he lost a plebiscite by a slim margin.
The first images from the PeruSAT-1 Earth observation satellite have been received at the CNOIS satellite operations centre in Lima.
Colombia will hold a plebiscite on the government's peace deal with FARC rebels on Sunday.
Brazil's Defence Minister Raul Jungmann says more than 25,000 soldiers will be deployed in 15 of the country's 26 states for Sunday's municipal elections.

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The photographer who took the famous photo of an Afghan woman with piercing green eyes has vowed to help her after she was arrested in Pakistan.
The biannual State of the Climate report from the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO shows the effects of climate change are being felt in Australia.
Following the deaths of four people in an accident at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, a children's psychologist offers insight into how to support young people who...
Friends have paid tribute to Roozi Araghi and Luke Dorsett, a couple from Canberra who were killed at a theme park on the Gold Coast.
Don't be so quick to reach for the tweezers.
A teenager whose luscious mullet went viral online is now suing several media outlets claiming they exposed him to ridicule.
NSW Fair Trading has released new information in 16 different languages to make sure consumers from non-English speaking know their rights.