A small plane has landed in Chile, returning two sick US workers from Antarctica.
Brazil President Michel Temer says the opening ceremonies of the Rio Olympic Games could be awkward if both he and Dilma Rousseff attend.
The Colombian government and the FARC rebel force signed a ceasefire and disarmament agreement Thursday, one of the last steps toward ending a half-century...
Colombia's government and the FARC guerrilla group reached agreement Wednesday on a definitive ceasefire in Latin America's longest civil war, they said in a...
Animal rights group are in uproar after a jaguar was shot dead during an Olympic torch ceremony.
Brazil's finance minister says the government has extended an emergency loan to Rio de Janeiro before the Olympics.
A gunman entered the Venezuelan central bank's headquarters, opening fire while reportedly shouting "Where are the board members?" before he was shot dead.
Six people have now died in violent clashes between unionised teachers and police in Mexico.
A museum in Argentina with humble beginnings is set to expand and increase its scientists after a dinosaur skeleton was unearthed by a local farmer.
the French Space Agency has succesfully launched rocket Ariane 5 ECA from Korou in French Guyana.
Rio de Janeiro police are investigating the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl by seven males in a case adding to concerns ahead of the Olympic Games.
Rio de Janeiro authorities have been forced to declare a 'state of public calamity' in order to access emergency funds for the Olympics.
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'I have just 20 days to obtain this medicine for my daughter Isabella, who has leukaemia. It's urgent. Please help'
Hundreds of people have been arrested in Venezuela, as food riots and looting spread across the country.
The ashes of Australian backpacker Rye Hunt could be home soon, pending court approval in Brazil.

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SBS World News presenter Janice Petersen took a DNA test and the results opened up a whole world of family history.
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With the majority of the votes counted in the UK’s EU referendum, it looks like the Leave campaign has pulled off a surprise victory.
A Greek-Australian hip-hop star has teamed up with Sydney University students to present a re-imagining of Homer's 'The Odyssey'.
Katanning is an Australian regional town where the migrant population has not only boosted the economy, but it’s also created a sense of harmony that locals say...
The future of an entire South Australian town remains in doubt following a mine closure, and a mass exodus. Could a proposal from Traditional Owners help it...

The making of Eddie Jones

WATCH: One-on-one interview with the coach of England's rugby team, Eddie Jones, on racism and rising to the top.
A Swedish footballer has been left red faced after he was red carded for farting during a football match.