Robbers in Chile have pulled off a daring, multi million dollar heist just metres from the president's office after hijacking an armoured van.
A rare Argentine jaguar has been added to Buenos Aires Zoo's DNA bank as conservationists step up efforts to save the big cat species that is on the brink of...
Leftist Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has been re-elected and has vowed to work for political reform.
An 18-year-old woman in Chile has sold her baby daughter over the internet to a man for $100.
An amateur paleontologist in Argentina has accidentally found a 500,000-year-old fossil of a giant ground sloth which died out due to climate change.
Just days before Brazil's presidential election run-off, rightwing news magazine Veja on Friday accused President Dilma Rousseff and predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula...
Mexico has ordered the arrest of the mayor of the city of Iguala, his wife and an aide, charging that they masterminded last month's attack that left six students...
A poll finds that people in the Middle East see religious and ethnic hatred as their biggest threat; Europeans and Americans are more concerned about inequality.
State governor Angel Aguirre says some bodies recovered from clandestine graves in southern Mexico don't match the profiles of 43 missing students.
Eleven people are dead and 13 injured after they were struck by lighting in the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern Colombia.
Mexican authorities will "shine light on the criminal events in the Iguala area" as well as contribute to the search for missing students, officials say.
Brazil's incumbent president Dilma Rousseff faces a run off vote against centre right candidate Aecio Neves.
With nearly all ballots counted in Brazil's presidential election, incumbent Dilma Rousseff has 41 per cent of the vote and Aecio Neves 34 per cent.
At least 30 people have been killed in traffic accidents across Peru including 18 on board a bus which overturned after the driver lost control.

Millions vote in Brazil election

Brazil's centre-left President Dilma Rousseff, of the Workers' Party (PT), is virtually certain to be re-elected.

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