Bolivia says a minister has been killed after being kidnapped by striking miners.

Rousseff impeachment trial starts

After a lengthy impeachment process, Brazil's Senate has started the trial of suspended President Dilma Rousseff.
Colombia's government and its biggest rebel group have announced a deal for ending their country's half-century guerrilla war.
Mexico's president is under fire for plagiarising 197 of the 682 paragraphs that made up his 1991 undergraduate law thesis.
An overhead television camera suspended by cables crashed to the ground in the Olympic Park on Monday, injuring seven people, including two children, in the...
A 5.4 earthquake has struck a remote part of Peru, killing four and injuring 30 people.
Guatemala's children rented out by desperate parents and exploited by ruthless gangs.
Police in Brazil have arrested two suspects on terrorism-related charges.
For the majority of Rio's population, the exorbitant price of tickets to Olympic events means attending the Games is out of the question, but a small independent...

Brazil's Rousseff to go to trial

Senators in Brazil have voted 59 to 21 to put suspended President Dilma Rousseff on trial.
At least 17 people have been killed and dozens more injured in the collision of two buses on a Peruvian highway.

Brazil's senate indicts Rousseff

A senate vote has started the impeachment process of suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.
The Cayman Islands has reported its second case of locally transmitted Zika virus.
Venezuelan migrants have been detained off the coast of the Dutch Carribean island of Curacao.
Michael Phelps won the 19th Olympic gold medal of his astonishing career after helping the US men's team to victory in the 4x100 metres freestyle relay.

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A picture of crying elderly grandparents, separated into different care homes in Canada, is the saddest photo their granddaughter says she has ever taken.
Students at a Jewish school in Melbourne are on a mission to collect 1.5 million buttons to commemorate the children who perished during the Holocaust.
With less than 24 hours until polls open in the Northern Territory election, candidates make their last pitch to voters.
It's been more than a decade since Australian designer Aheda Zanetti laid the finishing touches on her full-body swimsuit that is now subject to a controversial...
Planned tribute concerts marking 40 years since the death of divisive figure Chairman Mao have have sparked protests.
A US newspaper says it may have inadvertently stumbled upon the closely guarded blend of spices and herbs that coat the global restaurant chain's signature fried...
A 6.2-magnitude hit central Italy on Wednesday, leaving more than 150 dead and reducing towns across the region to rubble.