In Brazil, where nicknames are everything, voters can now opt for a congressional candidate who goes by the name Barack Obama.
Police say a Brazilian inmate on supervised release put his electronic monitoring bracelet on an unsuspecting rooster and absconded.
Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, a contender to unseat President Dilma Rousseff in October elections, is among seven people who died when his jet...

Brazil mourns presidential candidate

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff has declared three days of mourning for presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, who was killed when his jet crashed.

Quake kills four in Quito, Ecuador

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake in Ecuador's capital region has killed four people, while a further three remain missing.

Argentinian man is long lost baby

A teacher in Argentina has introduced himself as the long lost baby of an activist who was executed after she gave birth during the country's dictatorship.
Women's rights advocates have denounced a Sao Paulo education department requirement for female prospective teachers to undergo a pap smear.
At least 18 people are dead and 40 have been injured after a bus flipped off a Peru highway.
An 83-year-old grandmother activist who fights to find babies stolen by Argentina's military dictatorship has found her grandson after 35 years.
Uruguay is seeking up to five growers who will get a licence to farm marijuana plants at a government-run field and sell it to consumers
Three girls, aged between four and 13, have escaped from an Argentina house where they were held captive and abused for about a year.
The BRICS group of emerging powers have launched a $50 billion development bank to be based in Shanghai and a $100 billion crisis contingency fund, according to a...
The BRICS are set to create a development bank to fund infrastructure projects and a reserve fund to fend off currency and balance of payments crises.
Bolivia is facing an environmental emergency after a dam burst in a mining town, sparking fears of pollutants spilling into the Pilcomayo river.

New landslide at Honduras mine

A fresh landslide at the Honduras mine where eight men are trapped has once again blocked the entrance, hampering rescue efforts.

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European governments pay millions of dollars in ransoms to free their hostages. The White House needs to decide whether it’s willing to sacrifice principle for...
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The eyes are a window to the ego.
A new set of female Lego figurines that include a scientist, an astronomer and a paleontologist have sold out around the world.
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A New York man was awarded $10 million ($10.77 million AUD) after spending 16 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, his lawyer said Wednesday.
A rugby team with South American roots is promising to bring some salsa to the game.
A Sydney businesswoman who is donating $1 million to disadvantaged women in the Asia Pacific region says her philanthropy started with $10 donations.