The BRICS group of emerging powers have launched a $50 billion development bank to be based in Shanghai and a $100 billion crisis contingency fund, according to a...
The BRICS are set to create a development bank to fund infrastructure projects and a reserve fund to fend off currency and balance of payments crises.
Bolivia is facing an environmental emergency after a dam burst in a mining town, sparking fears of pollutants spilling into the Pilcomayo river.

New landslide at Honduras mine

A fresh landslide at the Honduras mine where eight men are trapped has once again blocked the entrance, hampering rescue efforts.
Thirty-three Cuban refugees were suffering from dehydration when they were found on a raft off the coast of Honduras by fishermen.
Argentine paleontologists are searching for a sauropod skull to match the remains of an 80-tonne giant recently discovered.
Hopes of finding eight miners trapped in a collapsed gold mine in Honduras alive are fading but rescuers say they will try a different tunnel.
Bolivia has become the first country in the world to make work by 10-year-olds legal, as long as it does not interfere with their education.
Eight people have died in Bogota during celebrations of Colombia's 2-0 2014 FIFA World Cup victory over Uruguay, Mayor Gustavo Petro said.
A court has ruled McDonald's must pay a fine for "failures or deficiencies" after the fast food chain sold a burger containing the tail of a mouse.
An emergency has been declared in three towns in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil because of flooding.
A Panamanian judge has acquitted and ordered the release of three crew members of a North Korean ship.
A power outage has affected at least five states in Venezuela, media reports say.
The man crowned Miss Gay Nicaragua is thrilled to be helping fight homophobia and raise awareness about sexual diversity.
There are reports that online supporters of ISIS, the Sunni militant group currently fighting in Iraq and Syria, congratulated Messi for defeating their Shiite...

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Ukraine's Prime Minister has called for all countries, particularly Russia, to cooperate with the investigation into MH17 and has said he stands by Australia.
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Britain's Prince Harry has spoken of his hatred for the micro-blogging website Twitter due to its role in the invasion of his privacy, newspapers reported Tuesday.
How does the population density of the entire Gaza Strip compare to individual cities around the world?
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has highlighted sexism against women in public office during a live question and answer session on social media.
While there have been attempts to negotiate an end to the conflict, the violence has only gotten worse. But it's Gaza's young and ambitious who stand to lose the...
It's not always easy to imagine just how big the other planets are. Here, a space artist's thought experiment turns into a lesson in Earth's relative size.
Do you have a talent? If not, just practice. A popular theory suggests that practicing any skill for roughly 10,000 hours is enough to make you an expert. But is...