Cuba's parliament on Friday unanimously ratified a deal reached between Havana and Washington normalising relations after a half-century of hostility.

Colombia's FARC rebels declare peace

Colombia's FARC guerrillas have decided to give peace a chance after 50 years of conflict which has killed 220,000 people and uprooted 5.3 million.
Thirteen people have been killed and a dozen more injured in a tunnel collapse at power plant under construction in Ecuador.
United Nations members have reached an agreement to tackle climate change after marathon negotiations in Peru that ran over by more than a day.

Nations postpone climate final day

The conclusion of climate talks in Peru has been postponed as negotiators try to wrap up a deal on curbing greenhouse gases.
US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged developing nations to curb carbon emissions even if they feel it is unfair as the climate talks hit a logjam.
Thousands of Peruvians have marched through the streets of Lima in support of policies to limit greenhouse gases as climate talks grind on.
Peru has vowed to prosecute Greenpeace after the environmental group allegedly damaged a millenia-old archaeological site while displaying a protest banner.
Colombian comedian Jose Ordonez has set a new record for the longest broadcast of jokes, performing for 86 hours.
United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon says there's still a chance to limit global warming to safe levels but the world needs to act fast.
Negotiators remain deeply divided on a deal to curb global warming with Australia wanting responsibility to be shared by heavy emitters like China.
Filipinos have urged world leaders to act urgently on climate change during global talks, as the Philippines deals with its third typhoon in as many years.
A UN report has warned that the developing world may need annual $US500 billion by 2050 to tackle climate change.
An army general who has been held by FARC guerrillas for the past two weeks has been freed.
Origami, male-child cleansing rituals in Uganda and practices of joking relationships in Niger are on this year’s UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

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