Brazil's government is enlisting the help of the armed forces in resolving a serious crisis in the nation's prisons.

Study to unlock mysteries of sun

A group of scientists in Chile are pointing radio telescopes towards the sun in a bid to unlock its mysteries.
A shooting erupted during an electronic music festival at a Mexican beach resort early Monday, leaving five people dead, including one in a stampede as revelers...
Twenty-seven inmates have died in a riot in a Brazilian jail sparked by a war between rival drug factions.
Dracula is getting some competition from the Dyphilla ecaudata bat in northeastern Brazil.
The latest in a string of brutal prison massacres involving suspected gang members in Brazil is thought to have killed more than 30 people, including some who...

19 dead in Ecuador bus crash

School children are among the dead after two buses collided near Ecuador's Pacific coast.
Another prison riot has erupted in Brazil with four confirmed dead thus far.
A new prison uprising in Brazil's Amazon region has left 31 inmates dead just days after 56 prisoners were killed in a riot at another jail.
A total of 222 homes have been destroyed by a forest fire that started on the weekend and is affecting the upper portion of the Chilean city of Valparaiso.
A wildfire has ravaged woods and burned 100 homes in the hilly Chilean port city of Valparaiso, where authorities evacuated hundreds of people on Monday.
About 400 people have had to be evacuated after a large fire cut through at least 100 hoes in the coastal Chilean city of Valparaiso.
Rioting inmates decapitated their rivals in brutal fighting between two gangs in a Brazilian jail that left 56 dead, while 144 prisoners escaped, officials said...
A violent prison riot in the Amazon jungle city of Manaus sparked by drug gang rivalry has left 56 people dead.
A former presidential candidate and several student activists jailed during anti-government protests in 2014 have been released by authorities.

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