Assange welcome to stay: Ecuador

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can stay in the Ecuador embassy in London for "as long as necessary," the country's government says.
Of course, all this do-gooding is self-reported, so it’s possible that people are making themselves sound better than they are.
A Brazilian artist is blazing his way through the art world with weed paintings created by blowing cannabis smoke.
Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto denounced Saturday the violence at protests over 43 young men who are missing and feared to have been massacred.
A whale stranded on a Pacific coast beach in Nicaragua has died despite 300 locals trying to push the mammal back into deep waters, officials say.
Thousands of teachers and students took to the streets in Mexico on Friday to demand justice for 43 young men feared to have been massacred by drug-gang hitmen...
Mexicans furious at the presumed massacre of 43 students torched the ruling party's Guerrero state headquarters and briefly took a police commander prisoner as...
Furious protesters burned several vehicles and threw firebombs at a southern Mexican state's headquarters Saturday after authorities indicated that gang hitmen...
Mexico's National Palace has been attacked by protesters angry over the massacre of 43 students.
The appearance of thousands of dead fish, and the foul stench of their rotting carcasses, has attracted further scrutiny of the 2016 Olympic sailing venue.
A blast at a chemical factory in the Argentinian city of Cordoba has injured 66 people.
A Colombian man has been rescued after spending two days adrift at sea.
According to the preview for 'Eaten Alive', naturalist and wildlife film-maker Paul Rosolie will don a “custom-built snake-proof suit” and “enter the belly” of a...
Investigators looking for 43 missing Mexican students have detained a fugitive ex-mayor and his wife, who has been linked to a local drug gang.

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