Police in Brazil have arrested two people in a gang rape case, but say they are yet to prove that 30 men were involved.
A Mexican newspaper reports drug boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's lawyers have filed a legal challenge against his extradition to the US.
Colombia's National Liberation Army rebels have released three kidnapped journalists.
Brazil's president has called an emergency meeting to consider gender-related crime after a 16-year-girl was gang raped by more than 30 men.
Peru has declared an emergency in one region after tests found people, rivers and fish had been contaminated with mercury from illegal goldmining.

Man mauled by lions in Chile zoo

Zookeepers in Chile have been forced to shoot dead two lions which mauled a naked man who broke into their enclosure.
The president deployed troops this weekend claiming the US threatens to invade, as tensions escalate in the Latin American state.
Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra has emerged as a candidate for Secretary-General of the United Nations.
An Argentinian prosecutor says top lawyer Alberto Nisman, who was found shot dead in his home last year, may have been forced to kill himself.
Anti-government protesters have clashed with police in Venezuela.

One dead in Ecuador's two quakes

A person has died after Ecuador was struck by two earthquakes in the same region where a tremor last month killed 650 people.
The Venezuelan parliament has rejected a decree granting President Nicolas Maduro and the army special powers, saying it would annul the constitution.
The government of Colombia and FARC rebels have agreed on moving a small number of children out of the group's camps.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has gone on TV to threaten that if any factories stop production they will be 'occupied by the people'.
Brazil's new interim leader Michel Temer has called for unity and promised to improve the economy, as outgoing president Dilma Rousseff vows to fight on.

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