Uruguay denies it is delaying in transferring six detainees from the US military prison at Guantanamo, saying no date for the removal had been set yet.

Rescued Nicaraguan miners hunt for 8

The 20 rescued Nicaraguan gold miners are helping look for eight other workers still missing after a cave in at the unlicensed pit.
The death toll from a tourist bus crash in Bolivia has risen to nine.

20 miners rescued in Nicaragua

Rescuers in Nicaragua have rescued alive 20 miners who had been trapped deep underground for more than 24 hours after a cave-in at an unlicensed gold mine, but...
A prison takeover in Brazil that cost the lives of five prisoners has ended after authorities reached a deal with inmates to transfer hundreds other jails.
Four inmates have been killed - two decapitated - in a Brazilian prison riot, which officials blame on rivalries between competing prison gangs.
Three suspected rapists have been killed by an enraged mob in Guatemala, burning them alive.
Four inmates have been killed - two decapitated - in a riot at a Brazilian prison, with officials saying drug trafficking factions could be involved.

Strong earthquake jolts Chile

A strong 6.6-magnitude earthquake has jolted central Chile, about 108km northwest of the capital Santiago.
Bolivian health authorities say they are investigating a potential case of Ebola in a patient who has just returned from Africa.

Galapagos giant tortoise dies

A giant tortoise known as "Pepe the Missionary" has died, aged about 100.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of wanting to "eliminate all the children of Palestine".
In Brazil, where nicknames are everything, voters can now opt for a congressional candidate who goes by the name Barack Obama.
Police say a Brazilian inmate on supervised release put his electronic monitoring bracelet on an unsuspecting rooster and absconded.
Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, a contender to unseat President Dilma Rousseff in October elections, is among seven people who died when his jet...

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