Brazil's president is trying to reassure importers the country's meat is safe after allegations meat packers bribed inspectors to keep selling rotten meat.
Heavy rains have caused avalanches, mudslides and extensive flash flooding in recent days.

75 Dead in Peru flooding

Seventy-five people have died, 263 have been injured and 20 are missing in Peru's devastating floods.
A 14-year-old Bolivian boy has built his own robotic hand using a 3D printer.
The death toll from flash flooding and mudslides stands at 72 people after weeks of heavy rains swept the coastal areas of Peru and Lima.
A landslide in northern Peru has killed at least seven people, while hundreds of residents of the capital Lima have been trapped by floodwaters.
Rescuers use helicopters, trucks and zip lines to evacuate residents after torrential rain triggered flash flooding in the Peruvian capital Lima.
The Tsimane, a society of hunter-gatherers in the Bolivian Amazon, have the lowest-ever recorded levels of clogged arteries among any population studied.
A Peruvian woman has escaped a deadly mudslide south of Lima as unusually heavy rain continues to wreak havoc in the South American country.
Dramatic footage shows a woman in Peru fighting to climb free of a mudslide, which was thick with debris.
A bus speeding away from a hit-and-run accident plowed into dozens of street musicians in northern Haiti on Sunday, killing 38 people, officials said.
A fugitive Italian mobster who had been living in Mexico under a false identity was behind bars Saturday after being tracked down on Facebook, police said.
As the death toll from a Guatemalan shelter fire continues to rise, a parent of one of the victims claims it was lit in protest by girls staying there.
Tree cultivation by humans long ago still dominate the Amazon wilderness, a study has found.
The Chilean authorities worked Monday to restore water to some 4.5 million people in the capital Santiago, whose supply had to be cut after deadly floods...

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