Venezuela's constitutional authority takes power from the legislature in a move which tightens President Nicolas Maduro's hold on power.
At least 37 people died in an hours-long jail riot in Venezuela's southern state of Amazonas, officials said Wednesday.
The United States vowed Monday to stop Venezuela from becoming a 'failed state,' as it rallied Latin American allies after President Donald Trump warned of...
Donald Trump describes Venezuela as a 'very dangerous mess' as he reveals he is considering a military intervention against President Nicolas Maduro.
The United States imposed new sanctions on crisis-hit Venezuela on Wednesday, targeting members of a controversial, all-powerful, loyalist assembly installed last...
Venezuela's constitutional assembly has declared itself superior to all other branches of government, while a regional bloc has vowed not to recognise the body.
The United Nations has slammed Venezuela's use of "excessive force" against protesters, amid worsening tensions and fresh moves against the opposition.
As unrest continues over Venezuela's controversial new assembly, authorities are searching the country for men who attacked an army base and fled with weapons.
The powerful military in riot-torn Venezuela has sworn "unconditional loyalty" to the leftist government of embattled President Nicolas Maduro. It is a key player...
Venezuela's military says it repelled a "terrorist" attack on a base in the city of Valencia and was hunting some of the assailants who made off with pillaged...
Venezuela's Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez is back at home under house arrest after being taken by authorities to a military jail nearly a week ago.
Police and army troops target five favelas in Rio de Janeiro during a pre-dawn crackdown on criminal gangs.
Venezuela's new Constituent Assembly sacks attorney general and vocal critic of President Nicolas Maduro, Luisa Ortega.
Venezuela's embattled government is moving swiftly against critics, ousting a defiant chief prosecutor, amid a fast-moving political crisis.
Despite condemnation from its neighbours, the US and the EU, Venezuela has inaugurated its new legislative superbody that many fear will undermine democracy.

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