Venezuela accused the United States of "psychological terrorism" designed to bring down the government after it was included in a list of eight countries targeted...
Brazilian authorities deploy almost 1,000 soldiers to the Rocinha favela in an attempt to restore order after days of unrest.
Venezuela’s government this week urged citizens to see rabbits as more than 'cute pets' as it defended a plan to breed and eat them even as the opposition says...
A ballet dancer in Peru who hid the Shining Path rebel leader in her apartment has been freed after spending 25 years in jail.
Brazilian authorities are investigating reports about 10 members of an uncontacted Amazon tribe were killed in a massacre after gold miners were heard 'boasting'...
The massive earthquake off southern Mexico on Thursday night that killed at least 90 people damaged tens of thousands of homes and afflicted upwards of two...
Pope Francis on Saturday visited Medellin, epicenter of Colombia’s narco wars of the 1980s and asked that God convert the hearts of the 'drug assassins' who cut...
Pope Francis on Saturday travels to Medellin, once notorious as the stomping grounds of drug lord Pablo Escobar, to find a city transformed since his predecessor...
Officials warn the toll from Mexico's largest earthquake in a century is set to rise further after 61 people were confirmed dead.
Reconciliation is the central theme of the Pope's five-day visit to Colombia as he heads to an area once besieged by leftist rebels.
Pope Francis is visiting Colombia for the first time in 30 years to promote peace after decades of war that has displaced 220,000 people.
A Colombian nun-turned-rapper in sports sneakers will perform for Pope Francis when he visits her country this week.
Former Brazil presidents Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rouseff are among eight people charged with forming a criminal organisation.
Former chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega becomes the subject of embezzlement accusations launched ed by Venezuela.
Some 200,000 troops from the National Bolivarian Armed Forces and 700,000 reservists carry out two days of military exercises in defiance of US sanctions imposed...

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Australia's oldest known human remains are on their way back home to be buried on country. It comes after more than 40 years since the remains were discovered at...
Research by Deakin University says multiculturalism must focus less on celebrating minorities and more on inclusion.
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