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Family to receive rights to legendary artists work after decades of injustice.
Greens MP and Aboriginal Justice spokesperson, David Shoebridge, has put the New South Wales and Federal Government on notice. Speaking in Parliament today, he...
Nicole Chapman spoke exclusively to NITV News about what happened leading up to the incident, which resulted in a police officer being investigated by the...
History was made when the New South Wales Government passed the nation's first Aboriginal languages legislation.
Countless First Nations men and women have served our country in wars. But unlike non-Indigenous soldiers, their battle continued when they returned home. They...
The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has approved $1.1 million to a birthing program aimed at expecting Indigenous mothers in Queensland.
Fashion label Wild Barra has made a name for itself by using Indigenous-inspired designs featuring art and wildlife and for its prominent use of models from...

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The disease is a severe bacterial infection that can cause death within hours if not diagnosed and treated in time.
The native chief for the Ysleta de Sur Pueblo people told local reporters many elders had called him distressed over the vandalism of their spiritual statue.
The famous Indigenous model has had enough and took to Instagram to speak out against the continuous racism she faces on social media.
The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), this year’s Noble Peace prize winner, has worked extensively with First Nations survivors of nuclear...
The head of the ACT police has blamed recidivism, not police bias, for a surge in apprehensions and arrests of Indigenous people in the territory.
EXCLUSIVE: Elijah Doughty’s family are upset after they were given the wrong number by police for a 24-hour hotline for Indigenous prisoners after a family member...
Targeting of first Australians by ACT Police “is not policy” according to the ACT government after figures revealed a 64 per cent jump in Indigenous arrests.
NITV News has sighted a number of photographs taken by Tane Chatfield's family while he was in hospital, revealing numerous injuries.
The first ever Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander national drag competition has been held in Darwin.
Two Indigneous entries have appeared in the annual culture power list.
A portrait of the Indigenous actor wins People's Choice award at Archibald's 2017.
Peter Clark, a 69-year-old Melbourne pensioner, felt compelled to help a Noongar mum, after reading about how she had been arrested for unpaid fines after calling...
A new fund financed by governments and philanthropy has been set up to try and help the fight for landrights by Indigneous people on a global scale.
From slave labour to oppressive government policies, a new art exhibition is painting some uncomfortable truths about Australia's colonial past.
Youth Justice Advocate Dylan Voller has been released and given a $435 fine in Alice Springs, after being arrested in what was said to be a peaceful protest to...
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