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    The British: People Power

    This gripping seven-part series is about the history of the British Isles.The Norman Conquest of 1066 transformed Britain, as William the Conqueror sought to assert his power over the whole of England. We discover the human cost of his campaign and the lasting legacy of the social structures established.

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    The Spice Trip: Chillies

    Chef Stevie Parle and spice blender Emma Grazette embark on a vibrant, colourful and spice-filled journey around the world In the first episode, Stevie and Emma head to Oaxaca, Mexico, where chillies go back thousands of years and every local is an aficionado. 

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    14 Diaries Of The Great War

    This moving series retells the story of the greatest war mankind had ever seen in a unique way. In March 1917, Marina Yurlova, who is now 17 years old is serving as an adjutant in the Caucasus. She experiences both Russian Revolutions, the insurrection of her company and the death of her captain.

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    Destination Flavour Down Under

    Expect the unexpected on this tour of the Northern Territory. Starting off at the heart of Australia, Uluru, Adam visits a Vietnamese garden oasis in the desert, calls in on a butcher who fishes for perch in his backyard, and meets an outback chef who makes him a special set of knives with the steel forge in his backya...

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    Masters Of Sex

    As Johnson keeps up the pressure to be hired as his research assistant at Memorial, Masters is distressed to learn that she’s been forced to sell diet pills in order to make ends meet and he insists he’s doing everything he can to bring Johnson on board.


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