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  • Flash Marquee

    Wild Brazil

    This intimate journey to the heart of a Brazil continues, following the animal families as they face the formidable monsoon rains. Otters, coatis and monkeys must learn some clever survival skills fast, before their world disappears underwater.

  • Flash Marquee

    24 Hours In Emergency

    This week’s episode focuses on the different ways that people deal with pain and how the care and support of friends and family can help you get through almost anything. Richard, a 23-year-old motorcyclist, is rushed into Emergency by helicopter, having collided with a parked car at speed.

  • Flash Marquee

    American Ninja Warrior

    American Ninja Warrior is the ultimate obstacle course. Watch each week to see who earns a chance to win $500,000 cash.

  • Flash Marquee

    Who Do You Think You Are? Jacki Weaver

    Actress Jacki Weaver has one of the most successful careers in the history of Australian stage and screen. Ever since Jacki became a grandmother, she has had a burning ambition to find out about her beloved father’s biological mother. She uncovers a family secret that has been buried in shame.

  • Flash Marquee

    Real Humans

    In this second episode, Bea keeps searching for the code that makes machines human. In her search for the scientist David Eischer’s clone, she seeks out David’s mother. The Engman family receives a package containing their Granddad’s clone.


    • Who Do You Think You Are?
    • Drunk History
    • From Dusk Till Dawn
    • Real Humans

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