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    Alexander's Lost World

    In the time of the ancient Greeks, the land of Bactria was one of the richest kingdoms in the Persian empire. For Alexander the Great, taking control of the mighty Bactrian capital was of major strategic importance in the fight against his Persian enemy. 

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    Neil Armstrong: The Enigma Explained

    On the 21st July 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on another world. His historic first step onto the Moon not only signaled a change in human history, but in his own life as well. This is the story of Neil Armstrong, by those who loved, lived and worked with 'the first man on the Moon'.

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    Urban police officer Salmander - a second generation Pakistani immigrant - who, after somewhat accidentally killing his police horse in front of thousands of children, gets relocated to the location farthest north in Norway: Hellfjord. 

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    Greeks Of The Sea

    In Naxos, Nikos meets the flamboyant local harbour master and a billionaire property tycoon with a magnificent cruiser. He tries his hand at windsurfing and spends 24-hours on the party island of Ios. Nikos travels to Amorgos to dive for pirate treasure and learns why the seamen of Greece have a special spirituality.&n...

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    A Short Stay In Switzerland

    After losing her husband to a fatal neurological condition, Dr Anne Turner is diagnosed with a similar illness. So she plans to end her life. On her way to Switzerland for her final months, Anne flashes back to various times in her past. Winner of the 2009 International Emmy Award for Best Actress (Julie Walters).


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