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    Greeks Of The Sea

    In Naxos, Nikos meets the flamboyant local harbour master and a billionaire property tycoon with a magnificent cruiser. He tries his hand at windsurfing and spends 24-hours on the party island of Ios. Nikos travels to Amorgos to dive for pirate treasure and learns why the seamen of Greece have a special spirituality.&n...

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    A Short Stay In Switzerland

    After losing her husband to a fatal neurological condition, Dr Anne Turner is diagnosed with a similar illness. So she plans to end her life. On her way to Switzerland for her final months, Anne flashes back to various times in her past. Winner of the 2009 International Emmy Award for Best Actress (Julie Walters).

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    Duck Quacks Don't Echo

    Duck Quacks Don’t Echo is a comedy entertainment show about amazing facts and trivia. The point of the show is simple: Who has the best fact? They all believe that their fact is absolutely true and they’ll all argue passionately for why it should win. 

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    Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure: Japan

    Japanese is the Hairy Bikers’ all-time favourite food. They discover the ultimate sushi at Tokyo’s famous fish market, join a Miso-making class, enjoy a night out with some of Tokyo’s hard-working salarymen and have the rare privilege of spending time in a Sumo stable, where they take part in a wrestling bout.

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    David Suchet In The Footsteps Of St Paul

    Actor David Suchet sets out on a personal journey around the Mediterranean to uncover the story of a man he has longed to play - the biblical Saint Paul. Along the way, Suchet visits ancient and modern locations, interviews expert witnesses and deciphers new evidence from the latest archaeological research.


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