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    An Education

    London, 1961. Smart, attractive 16-year-old Jenny finds her traditional education replaced by something slightly more sinister when an older, more worldly suitor sweeps her off of her feet while placing her future in jeopardy. Nominated for three Academy Awards in 2010, including Best Picture. Starring Carey Mulligan.

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    Sri Lanka — Elephant Island

    Sri Lanka, the tropical island lying off the southern coast of India, is home to its own special elephants. A sub species of the Asian elephant, they have their own unique characteristics. In this programme, award winning wildlife cameraman Martyn Colbeck travels to Sri Lanka to try and get to know them. 

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    Animal Underworld With Henry Rollins

    Investigating the role animals play in religion, Henry witnesses a desert ritual in which spiritual seekers illegally smoke the poisonous skin of a Sonoran toad. And, in the snake-handling churches of Appalachia, he finds even Christianity has room for a surprising role for dangerous animals. 

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    The Spice Trip: Zanzibar

    Stevie and Emma travel to Zanzibar to rediscover the magic of cloves. They make a mulled wine oxtail stew, and orange, clove and polenta cake, and grilled fish with hot fruit salsa. On the island of Pemba, they find plantation workers who harvest their crop forty feet in the air in the company of fierce biting ants.&nb...

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    The British: Revolution

    During the reign of the Tudor and Stuart monarchs England became one of the world's leading naval powers and Henry VIII's began his feud with the Catholic Church. Contributors including Helen Mirren and Ben Kingsley discover how literature from the period sowed the seeds of revolution.


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