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    Wild Brazil

    This intimate journey into the heart of Brazil concludes with a fierce drought, culminating in huge and ferocious fires. The capuchin monkeys, giant otters, coatis and jaguars are proving their extreme survival skills while racing to breed to ensure that the next generation are born just as the good times arrive again....

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    24 Hours In Emergency

    This award-winning series continues with an intense and emotional episode. A young man has had a severe reaction to the recreational drug GBL. As he’s wheeled in by paramedics, accompanied by police, his limbs are flailing and he’s spitting at the staff. The team have to calm him down so they can treat him.

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    This critically acclaimed comedy series about higher education - and lower expectations – returns with a new season. As Jeff tries to keep Pierce from rejoining the study group, Dean Pelton faces off with Vice Dean Laybourne (guest star John Goodman) for control of Greendale.

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    Who Do You Think You Are?

    Celebrated Australian actor Richard Roxburgh discovers his family’s footprints in an unexpected corner of the world in the new series of Who Do You Think You Are?. Learning of two ancestors caught up in the bloody battle over slavery, Richard’s journey takes him first to Trinidad and Tobago, and then to Jamaica.

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    From Dusk Till Dawn

    In the fifth episode, Seth leads the Fuller’s RV to the border crossing after a daring escape from the motel. As an irrational fear takes hold of Richie, Jacob fuller takes control of a volatile situation, determined to get his children safely across the border.


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