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    Wild Arabia

    Huge changes have swept across Arabia since the discovery of oil and the Arab relationship with nature has changed too. This is summed up by the changes to camel racing, now an ultra hi-tech sport. Arabia's animals live alongside a very modern society but Arabia's people are now using technology to protect nature.

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    The quality of Danish bacon is called into question as Birgitte's English boyfriend, Jeremy, falls ill after eating pork. At the same time, the government are trying to relax the rules applying to Danish pig farms. Birgitte appears on TV1 where she argues for protecting citizens, not the industry.

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    When Jeff introduces an element of randomness into Troy and Abed’s housewarming party, reality splits into six timelines in which the group’s complicated relationships play out in different ways.

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    Who Do You Think You Are? Lisa McCune

    Actor Lisa McCune has a successful career on screen and stage, but the McCune name she’s made famous does not feature in her biological family tree. Lisa embarks on a quest to find out about her biological grandfather, the mysterious George Bloomer.

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    Cronulla Riots: The Day That Shocked the Nation

    In an online exclusive, this is the story of the Cronulla Riots, told through the eyes of the people who were there. This documentary investigates simmering tensions between groups of Australians that led to racially motivated violence at Sydney’s Cronulla beach one hot day in December 2005.


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