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The Killing S3 Ep10

Aired on 29 October 2014 on SBS ONE Expires on 12 November 2014, 2:25am.

In tonight's final, it's election day and the Prime Minister has everything to gain, as long as Emilie's fate remains uncertain. Kamper is still haunted by personal demons, and issues of loyalty from within his own ranks rear their ugly heads once again. Meanwhile, as Lund and Borch start to look ahead, police are led to an undisclosed location in a last ditch attempt to find Emilie before it's too late. They are followed by a now dangerously tense Robert Zeuthen. Will the operation succeed in bringing the girl to safety? Stars Sofie Grabol, Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Morten Suurballe. (Series 3, episode 10) (From Denmark, in Danish) (Drama Series) (Final) M(V) CC