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Skins: The Final Series Ep6 - Rise: Part Two

Aired on 12 June 2014 on SBS TWO Expires on 24 July 2014, 12:00am.

Rise: Part 2 - In the final episode of Skins ever, having fled Manchester, Cook, Emma and Charlie have been driving for hours in silence, and eventually arrive at the holiday home of Emma’s parents in the Midlands. Unfortunately it isn’t long before Louie catches up with them and they’re forced to go on the run into the snow covered woods. As twist follows twist layers of the new controlled Cook are peeled away. Propelled into a world of savage revenge, Cook must face his own violent past. Cook has nothing left to lose, he doesn’t fear death, and in fact is happy to taunt it. (Final)(From the UK) (Drama Series) MA(V)


    Last Chance