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Interview with Dr Girma Awgichew Demeke

Dr Girma Awgichew Demeke, talks about Habesha and Habeshanism. Dr Demeke is a Researcher and author of The Origin of Amharic book.



  • Upload29 Jun 2015

  • Duration27 Minutes

  • Download13MB

Australia and Singapore strengthen partnership

Australia and Singapore have committed to greater bilateral ties signing an agreement which elevates the partnership to strategic levels.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong have committed to a comprehensive partnership aimed at strengthening economic, security and defence co-operation.


Feature by Amanda Cavill


  • Uploaded29 Jun 2015

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Interview with Dr Awol Kassim Allo

Dr Awol Kassim Allo, talks about the significance of Magna Carta to the rights of ordinary citizens today. Dr Allo is the London School of Economics and Political Science Fellow in Human Rights at the Centre for the Study of Human Rights and Department of Sociology.


  • Uploaded26 Jun 2015

  • Duration19 Minutes

  • Download9MB

Quit campaign targets newly arrived communities

A new campaign is highlighting the Muslim religious period of Ramadan as a good time to quit smoking.


Anti-smoking campaigners hope those who cease smoking cigarettes, shisha and other tobacco products during Ramadan may be encouraged to kick the habit for good.

Feature by Sarah Abo


  • Uploaded26 Jun 2015

  • Duration03 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Interview with Singer Vahe Tilbian – Pt II

Singer Vahe Tilbian, talks about his professional life and music. Tilbian is an Ethiopian-Armenian Singer, songwriter, and dancer.


  • Uploaded22 Jun 2015

  • Duration25 Minutes

  • Download12MB

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