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Interview with Dr Negede Gobeze – Pt 2

Dr Negede Gobeze, talks about his new book "ይድረስ ለግንቦት ከየካቲት.


  • Upload22 Sep 2014

  • Duration14 Minutes

  • Download7MB

Interview with Singer and songwriter Anbessa Girmay – Pt 1

Singer and songwriter Anbessa Girmay, talks about his personal life and Tigrigna music.


  • Uploaded22 Sep 2014

  • Duration18 Minutes

  • Download9MB

Black beauty: is Australia ready?

Is a country that once prided itself on a policy of White Australia ready to see black as beautiful?


It's a question that arises as Australia's modelling world, like its entertainment and sporting worlds and like the country itself, slowly evolves.

Feature by Ron Sutton and NITV’s Awaken  

  • Uploaded22 Sep 2014

  • Duration05 Minutes

  • Download3MB

Interview with Dr Negede Gobeze – Pt 1

Dr Negede Gobeze, talks about his new book "ይድረስ ለግንቦት ከየካቲት".


  • Uploaded19 Sep 2014

  • Duration19 Minutes

  • Download9MB

Security at Parliament House to be stepped up

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says security at Parliament House in Canberra is being expanded amid reports of a planned terrorist attack.


Mr Abbott has confirmed spy, police and counter-terrorism agencies have intercepted information regarding a possible attack on Parliament House.


There are concerns the Prime Minister and other senior officials could be targeted.


Mr Abbott's comments come as the Government prepares to introduce new laws giving Australia's intelligence services greater powers to deal with terrorism threats on Monday.



Feature by Amanda Cavill


  • Uploaded19 Sep 2014

  • Duration06 Minutes

  • Download3MB

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