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Cebu Politicians Asked to Take "Ice Bucket Challenge"

Balitang Bisaya. This week, a judicial forum discusses the decongestion of prison facilities in Cebu; Talisay residents were advised to leave the..

  • Upload02 Sep 2014

  • Duration07 Minutes

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Isang busing Flinders Street sa Melbourne

Women, Health and Confidence

This week women around Australia are encouraged to prioritize their health and ensure that they have proper health checks. This year, Jean Hailes Women's Health highlights the significance of confidence to women's lives.


Dr Mandy Deeks tells us more.


  • Uploaded02 Sep 2014

  • Duration08 Minutes

  • Download4MB

Julie Bishop at Marty Natalegawa sa Bali

Strained Relations Patched Up in Bali

Australia and Indonesia have pledged not to harm each others interests as they patch up strained relations after a damaging spying row.


They have signed a Code of Conduct that also paves the way for more intelligence sharing to tackle the threat posed by home grown extremists and foreign fighters.



  • Uploaded02 Sep 2014

  • Duration03 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Isang eroplano ng Malaysia Airline lumalapag sa Kuala Lumpur

New Search Looms as Airline Faces More Problems

Australia and Malaysia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further strengthen their cooperation in the search for the missing Malaysian airliner MH-370.


New information has prompted crews to focus on the southern part of the existing search zone.


It comes as the airline prepares to announce major changes -- including thousands of job cuts.



  • Uploaded02 Sep 2014

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Pagmimina sa Queensland

Uranium Mining: On or Not

Japan's Prime Minister during the 2011 Fukashima nuclear meltdown has called on the Queensland government not to resume uranium mining near Townsville.


Locals fear a mine could contaminate the regional water supply, by accident or through natural disaster.


The visit and debate comes as Prime Minister Tony Abbott prepares to head to India to seal a yellow cake export deal.


  • Uploaded01 Sep 2014

  • Duration06 Minutes

  • Download3MB

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