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Sun, sport and the SCG: Lisa Sthalekar's memories of Australia

Lisa Sthalekar is one of Australia's finest cricketers.


She represented her country for 12 years and sealed Australia's World C..

  • Upload28 Jan 2015

  • Duration03 Minutes

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Si Suresh Rajan

Veteran migrant advocate reflects on 40 years in Australia

Shortly after the twin towers fell in New York in 2001, a new head of the Ethnic Communities Council of Western Australia was appointed.


Suresh Rajan led the council during a time when fear and misunderstanding of Islam and Muslim people began to skyrocket in WA.


Although now retired from the role, Suresh Rajan is still advocating for ethnic groups in Western Australia.

  • Uploaded28 Jan 2015

  • Duration03 Minutes

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Si Akram Azimi

So pale, I thought they were all sick," Akram Azimi's first day in OZ.

When ten-year-old Afghan refugee Akram Azimi walked through Perth airport for the first time and saw Australian faces - he was very concerned.


He thought they were all sick because, compared to the kind of people he'd seen all his life, they looked very pale.


But he soon learnt he was the one who "wasn't right" in this new country.


However, it's a country that he has come to love and one that appointed him as young Australian of the Year in 2013.

  • Uploaded28 Jan 2015

  • Duration04 Minutes

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Kalagayang pang-emerhensiya, itinaas sa syudad ng New York

US Northeast Brace for Blizzard

In the United States, a state of emergency has been declared in several states as a huge snowstorm approaches the north-east of the country.


Heavy snow and winds of more than 120 kilometres per hour are forecast, and people are being warned to stay indoors and off the roads.

  • Uploaded28 Jan 2015

  • Duration02 Minutes

  • Download1MB

Ministro sa Trabaho, Eric Abetz

Australians invited to have their say on Workplace Issues.

ustralians are invited to provide feedback to the Productivity Commission over upcoming weeks, as the agency conducts a wide-ranging Industrial Relations review.


The Commission is to examine penalty rates and minimum wages as key areas of its inquiry.


The agency says it is keen to hear fresh ideas from business owners and workers before a final report is presented in November.

Unions have criticised the inquiry as heralding an attack on the living standards of working Australians, while employers argue it will create more jobs and enable businesses to grow.

  • Uploaded28 Jan 2015

  • Duration02 Minutes

  • Download1MB


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