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Are Migrants Caught in domestic Violence Culture Trap?

(Last of a 3-part series) A lack of cultural awareness may be leaving domestic violence victims in ethnic communities trapped in violent households..

  • Upload25 Oct 2014

  • Duration05 Minutes

  • Download3MB

Mga Lider ng Pilipinong Komunidad sa FILCCA Conference

Filipino community leaders gather in national conference

Filipino community leaders gathered in Western Sydney for the National Conference of the Filipino Communities Council of Australia. Here is Kate Andres, who represented New South Wales, Mena Edmonstone, spokesperson for the Filipino community in Queensland, and Liz Garrett, who represented Filipinos in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). They explore issues such as the 457 visa, domestic violence, and others that require the effort of the whole community to solve.

  • Uploaded25 Oct 2014

  • Duration09 Minutes

  • Download4MB

Aida Garcia (pangatlo mula sa kanan) kasama ng mga lider sa komunidad

FILCCA Head Pushes for Development

Under the theme "Facing the Future", the President of Filipino Communities Council of Australia Aida Garcia addressed the avenues of development for Filipino-Australians in a national biennial conference in western Sydney.

  • Uploaded25 Oct 2014

  • Duration06 Minutes

  • Download3MB

Vincent Lingiari at Gough Whitlam noong 1975

Politicians Past and Present Pay Tribute To Gough Whitlam

Whether you agreed or disagreed with his politics, Gough Whitlam certainly left his mark on Australian politics.


Today leaders across the country remembered the former Prime Minister as a generous man with visionary ideas that shaped Australia.

  • Uploaded25 Oct 2014

  • Duration06 Minutes

  • Download3MB

Lalaking naninigarilyo ng shisa/hookah

Health Groups Take on the Shisha

You can't smoke a cigarette inside restaurants, cafes or hotel lobbies.



Smoking is even banned in some al fresco areas.

But in one state, if you want to inhale tobacco from a waterpipe 'inside' those public places, you can... and a coalition of health groups is trying to change that.




  • Uploaded25 Oct 2014

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

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