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Jerneja Svetičič, president of the Slovenian Cultural Association in Queensland

Jerneja Svetičič is the president of the recently established Slovenian Cultural Association in Queensland. She also teaches Slovenian on the..

  • Upload23 Sep 2016

  • Duration06 Minutes

  • Download3MB

Dr Tony Lenko, predsednik Kluba Lipa na Zlati Obali

Tony Lenko, president of Lipa Club, Gold Coast

Dr Tony Lenko, president of Lipa Club on the Gold Coast says that their organisation is very active and that they have alot of younger members who also attend their events, as well as being involved in the running of the club itself. Lipa Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with a special celebration being planned in November.

  • Uploaded23 Sep 2016

  • Duration03 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Tone Brožič, president of Slovenian Club Planinka in Brisbane

Tone Brožič, president of the Slovenian Club Planinka in Brisbane laments the fact that the younger generation Slovenians aren't getting involved in the running of their organisation. In this interview, he tells us that their door is always open to anyone who wishes to join their club, which was established over 60 years ago.

  • Uploaded23 Sep 2016

  • Duration07 Minutes

  • Download3MB

Mozaik Blaženega Antona Martina Slomška v Slovenski Cerkvi, Svetih Bratov Cirila in Metodu v Kewju

September 24th, feast day of Blessed Anton Martin Slomšek

September 24th is the feast day of Blessed Anton Martin Slomšek. Father Darko Znidaršič, who leads the St Raphael's Slovenian Mission in Merrylands spoke to us about the importance of this prominent figure in Slovenian religious and cultural life who is awaiting canonization by the Catholic Church.

  • Uploaded23 Sep 2016

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Losos z česnom

What is most important for a healthy heart?

The 29th of September is World Heart Day. This reminds us how important it is to look after our health, particularly our heart. In this feature, Dr Belovič elaborates on what is most important for the healthy working of our heart.

  • Uploaded23 Sep 2016

  • Duration05 Minutes

  • Download3MB

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