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Why a Taliban fraction decided to give up weapons?

As a group of Taliban in Pakistan surrenders weapons and focuses on preaching through peaceful means we spoke to militancy expert Hasan Abdullah on..

  • Upload17 Sep 2014

  • Duration08 Minutes

  • Download4MB

Cup cakes with UK and Scotland flag ahead of referendum

Scotland referendum and impacts on Australia

Scotland is going to vote during a referendum to decide whether the country should remain part of the United Kingdom or not? Why is Scotland going to the referendum and how it would affect Australia if it decided to separate from the UK? Dr Ben Wellings from Monash University explains…

  • Uploaded17 Sep 2014

  • Duration06 Minutes

  • Download3MB

Flood survivors

Updates on Pakistan flood

Recent rains and floods in Pakistan have claimed more than 300 lives and affect close to 3,000 villages. Spokesperson of National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan Ahmed Kamal talks to SBS Urdu and updates about the relief efforts…


  • Uploaded17 Sep 2014

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB

Public Health

Public Health Association of Australia -CEO Michael Moore

The Public Health Association of Australia Incorporated (PHAA) is recognised as the principal non-government organisation for public health in Australia and works to promote the health and well-being of all Australians. We spoke to CEO of PHAA who informed about agenda and topics of 43rd Annual Conference of the Public Health Association of Australia is beginning in Perth from 17th. September. He talked about health issues having potential of directly impacting sections of Public health including GP co-payment, Asylum seekers in offshore detention centers are few to count on.


  • Uploaded14 Sep 2014

  • Duration07 Minutes

  • Download4MB

Urdu Poet and critic

Poet and critic Ashfaq Hussain visiting Australia

Ashfaq Hussain is visiting Australia to attend various literary evenings. He is a leading modern Urdu poet and an author of more than 10 books of poetry and literary criticism. He is considered by many as the foremost expert on the life and works of great Urdu poets Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ahmad Faraz and also on Progressive Writers Movement. For his contributions to Urdu literature, Hussain was awarded the Presidential Pride of Performance from the government of Pakistan.


  • Uploaded14 Sep 2014

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB

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