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Heena Art-Hobby to Earnings

From the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt to modern-day wedding parties, from Morocco to India/Pakistan, Bangladesh, henna has enjoyed a variety of applic..

  • Upload05 Jul 2015

  • Duration07 Minutes

  • Download4MB

ChandRaat Eid festival

Chand Raat Eid Festival spreading the wings in Australia

Celebrating its 17 year, Chand Raat Eid Festival is bringing again the biggest multicultural events in celebrations of ending of Ramadan and Eid festivities in July 2015.Chand Raat Eid festival is a regular feature in Sydney and Melbourne and now spreading its wing to Western Australia.

SBS Radio Urdu team will be joining the event in Sydney and Melbourne. Listen interview of CEO of the Festival Syed Atiq Ul Hassan.


  • Uploaded05 Jul 2015

  • Duration11 Minutes

  • Download5MB

Abdul Sattar EDHI

Abdul Sattar Edhi and family - Working for poors

Abdul Sattar Edhi is the founder and head of the Edhi Foundation, the largest non-profit social welfare organisation in Pakistan. He is over ninety years of age. He, his wife Bilqis Edhi and son Faisal Edhi are talking about the hardship currently face by his organisation. Listen full interview of three members of Edhi family taken by Mohammad Faraz

  • Uploaded05 Jul 2015

  • Duration09 Minutes

  • Download4MB

Iqbal Azeem

Iqbal Azeem-A passionate Naatgo Poet

Professor Iqbal Azeem was one of the finest poets of Urdu Literature. He acquired his education from Lucknow and Agra and after Partition, he settled in East Pakistan. He has more than dozens of books on his credit. Mizrab and Lab Kusha are two Ghazal collections of Iqbal Azeem where as Kab-e-Qosain is the book of naats. He lost his eye sight and that reflects in his entire poetry. His poetry is full of passion with love of prophet (PBUH). Listen some beautiful piece of his poetry work.


  • Uploaded05 Jul 2015

  • Duration12 Minutes

  • Download6MB

He is also a teacher

Beyond Conventionalism - Faraz Rana Exploring Art

He believes experience and observation, not technology, bring the best out of an artist.


  • Uploaded01 Jul 2015

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB

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