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Unpaid internship: Is it worth the hassle?

With reports that half of the Australians who undertook internships in the last five years were unpaid, we talk to a business owner, teacher and in..

  • Upload18 Jan 2017

  • Duration09 Minutes

  • Download5MB

Hijab billboard controversy sparks fresh questions

University of Canberra academic Dr Tahmina Rashid questions whether the billboard is true representation of Australian diversity and, more importantly, diversity among Muslims.


  • Uploaded18 Jan 2017

  • Duration14 Minutes

  • Download7MB

Prof Sajid Anwar

Changes to the oversight of parliamentary entitlements - Will it work?

Several high-profile Australians have signed an open letter calling for the immediate establishment of a federal anti-corruption watchdog. It follows the resignation of Sussan Ley (lee) as health minister after an investigation into her parliamentary travel claims. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced changes to the oversight of parliamentary entitlements including a new independent agency to manage MPs' expenses claims. Professor Sajid Anwar is professor of finance in sunshine cost Queensland and sharing his views about the accountability, entitlements and need of a federal watchdog.

  • Uploaded15 Jan 2017

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB


Fana Fi Allah - Sufi qawwali group from the west

Born in Nova Scotia in Canada, Tahir Husain Faridi Qawwal left as a teenager on a spiritual search that took him to Pakistan and India. In last twenty years his team has performed across in east and west across the globe. His Qawwalli group Fana Fi Allah participates and performs in all famous annual sufi festivals of indopak including shrines of Khwaja nizam uddin, Data Gunj Bakh, Sehwan Sharif, and Shah latif Bhattai. Tahir studied classical music but he discovered the musical from known as qawwali, which he has pursued for almost 20 years. Tahir is married to Australian and his three year old daughter also enjoys qawwalli. He is currently touring Australia and attracting large number of sufi music lovers in all capital cities with his team. Listen a very personal talk of a sufi qawali singer from the west.


  • Uploaded15 Jan 2017

  • Duration12 Minutes

  • Download6MB

Pakistan civil society members condemn missing of activists Salman Haider

Activists' abduction in Pakistan and freedom of speech

The recent abduction of some activists in Pakistan has once again stirred the debate around freedom of speech. Media researcher from RMIT Majid Khan ties everything to a weak judicial system, terming it "the mother of all evils".


  • Uploaded11 Jan 2017

  • Duration12 Minutes

  • Download6MB

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