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Journalist Jaspal Sidhu and Lawyer Navkiran Singh talk about 1984 Sikh atrocities

As mentioned by a few commissions and books The 1984 Sikh Massacre were a series of pogroms directed against Sikhs in India, by anti-Sikh mobs, in ..

  • Upload30 Oct 2014

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB

Camden Hospital installs a plaque in the name of Bud Singh - A Punjabi Hawker

In this segment, we talk to Baljinder Singh who provides some information about Bud Singh - a Punjabi hawker who had a big heart for charity. After more than 100 years, Camden Hospital /NSW plans to acknowledge the role of the first Punjabi people who arrived in Australia, through the installation of a plaque in the name of Bud Singh to mark the good work and donations he made not only to the hospital but a few other organisations as well.

Manpreet K Singh reports………..


  • Uploaded30 Oct 2014

  • Duration07 Minutes

  • Download4MB


Interview with Detective Senior Constable Sean Schimizzi (whos mentioned in the attached media release) about a spate of burglaries in Melbournes south eastern suburb of Vermont. Many people of Indian origin seem to be the victims, because expensive Indian jewellery has been stolen, at times upto the value of $50,000. Hes given basic tips + warning in the short interview:



  • Uploaded30 Oct 2014

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Khabarsaar Lehnde Punjab Di

Here is a link if you missed our 'Khabarsaar Lehnde Punjab Di' in last night's program as presented by Masood Mallhi:

  • Uploaded30 Oct 2014

  • Duration05 Minutes

  • Download3MB

Sikh Temple vandalised in Bennett Springs, Perth

A Sikh Temple in Bennett Springs has been vandalised and the word Go Home has been scrawled on its walls in an apparent hate crime. There were a few other racial slogans that were spray-painted around the newly built Gurdwara complex. The vandals have been captured on CCTV spraying anti-Muslim graffiti at around 1.30am last night. The graffiti included swear words and offensive language including "go home", "Arab f..ks" and "Aussie pride". The incident follows the targeting of two Perth mosques and an Islamic school 10 days ago, which were painted with slogans including "ban Islam".

In this interview, Preetinder Grewal from SBS Punjabi talked to Harry Gill, a committee member for Bennett Springs Sikh temple. Harry mentioned that building for this multi-million dollar is to be completed in February. According to him this is one of a kind event otherwise Sikhs are very well respected in Perth region. None of any other Gurdwaras in Perth have seen any hate crime such like this.


  • Uploaded29 Oct 2014

  • Duration07 Minutes

  • Download4MB

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