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The Lost Generation - Part 4

In the fourth part of of our series "The Lost Generation", Shamsher Kainth talks with former DGP of Punjab Police, Mr Shashikant who has been activ..

  • Upload24 Apr 2015

  • Duration13 Minutes

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Gallipoli is sacred land, every inch is soaked in history

The Gallipoli peninsula is all set to host the centenary of the landing of Anzac troops. Representatives of government from Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and Britain will be joined by thousands of Anzac "pilgrims", who have travelled to participate in the dawn service of April 25.


SBS Radio reporter Erdem Koc is also in Gallipoli and spoke to SBS Punajbi's Manpreet K Singh about the preparations - and also about the possible involvement of Indian officials/ visitors. Here is a podcast of this interview.


To see many photos related to Anzac Day commemorations, please visit the SBS Punjabi FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/SBS-Punjabi/368329703192018

  • Uploaded24 Apr 2015

  • Duration05 Minutes

  • Download3MB

Indian community preparations for Anzac Day in Adelaide, Perth and Sydney

As April 25 draws closer, the Indian community settled in all of the major cities of Australia, has stepped up its preparations for participation at the Anzac Day marches. Since this year also marks the centenary of the landing of Anzac troops at Gallipoli, there is greater fervour for participation within the Indian community (and especially the Sikh community) of Australia.


Here are interviews with Maj Gen Vikram Madan, Kuljit Kaur Jassal and Deputy Mayor Gurdip Singh, who tell us about the preparations in their respective cities - Adelaide, Perth and Sydney.


To see more photos of the preparations, please visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/SBS-Punjabi/368329703192018

  • Uploaded23 Apr 2015

  • Duration11 Minutes

  • Download6MB

India Diary April as presented on 23, 2015

This week's India Diary focuses on the stalemate in New Delhi, due to the Land Acquisition Bill, and subsequent statements made by leaders from all major parties. YOU will also hear the latest from Punjab...


To hear more presentations from SBS Punjabi team, please visit www.sbs.com.au/punjabi

  • Uploaded23 Apr 2015

  • Duration06 Minutes

  • Download3MB

The Lost Generation-Part 3 Those who died young

In The Lost Generation-Part 2 we brought you the story of Dr. Abhimanyu, who fell into the drug net, and then managed to successfully come out of it.

But, not everyone is lucky enough to have a second chance, and at times, the lives that this scourge snuffed out, were really young. Sahil died just a couple of months short of turning 17. His mother, Seema tells us Sahil was not an addict, someone injected him with some drug. Doctors told her he died of drug overdose. Since the tragic death in June last year, with very limited resources and strength to fight for justice, she has been waiting the police to take action and arrest those responsible for death of her son.



  • Uploaded23 Apr 2015

  • Duration09 Minutes

  • Download5MB

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