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Masood Mallhi interviews Pakistani Punjabi Poet Mushtaq Alam Goga

Here we present an interview with Mushtaq Alam Goga, a Pakistani Punjabi poet who discusses social problems in a funny poetic manner…


  • Upload21 Nov 2014

  • Duration14 Minutes

  • Download7MB

Moti Visa - a Liberal MLC candidate in the Victorian Elections

Victoria goes to the polls on November 29, and the Liberal party has fielded Mr Moti Visa as an MLC candidate for the Outer Eastern Metropolitan Region.


Mr Moti Visa spoke to Manpreet from SBS Punjabi, and explained how campaigning as an MLC candidate is quite different for him, since he doesn't represent an electorate... Here is our interview.

  • Uploaded21 Nov 2014

  • Duration07 Minutes

  • Download4MB

Hopes and reservations about Mr Modi's reception in Australia

In this collage of views, we hav einterviews with:

1. Gurpreet Singh Badwal from Sydney, a volunteer who was organising a SIkh community protest against Mr Modi, at Sydney Olympic Park

2. Sanjeev, a volunteer for IACF, who had organised the huge community reception for Mr Modi at Allphones Arena (Sydney)

3. Interviews with excited people who were on the Modi Express, travelling from Melbourne to Sydney. The train was flagged off by Vic Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Mr Matthew Guy - who also spoke to SBS

4. Short interview with Kashmiri protestors outside NSW Parliament House


To hear more perspectives about Mr Modi's visit, pl go to www.sbs.com.au/punjabi

  • Uploaded21 Nov 2014

  • Duration22 Minutes

  • Download11MB

SBS Punjabi listeners share thier views about Mr Modi's visit

Many SBS Punjabi listeners shared their views about the hype surrounding Mr Modi's visit to Australia; some expressed support, some expressed indifference, and yet others appealed for unity and calm. Here are the perspectives, as shared by Garry, Sumit, Ramesh and Manjot. We apologise for the poor audio quality of the recording with Manjot (because of which we couldn't broadcast the interview on the radio).


To hear more perspectives, visit www.sbs.com.au/punjabi

  • Uploaded21 Nov 2014

  • Duration13 Minutes

  • Download6MB

More perspectives about Mr Modi's visit to Australia

Continuing our effort to present various perspectives about Mr Modi's visit Down Under - we're presenting views from some more people in the Australian Indian community -

Mr Harmohan Walia (Gopio International), shares his wishlist of aspirations;

Dr Surinder Singh (Australian Sikh Association) tells us why ASA withdrew their name as a reception partner for Mr Modi's felcitation in Sydney;

Dr Yadu Singh (Indian Assocition of NSW) tells us what can be achieved for Australai - India during G-20.


They are all in conversation with Manpreet K Singh.

  • Uploaded21 Nov 2014

  • Duration13 Minutes

  • Download6MB

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