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Punjabi Senior Citizens group providing free weekly meals to the needy in Tarneit

Every Wednesday, some senior citizens get together at Tarneit Gurudwara Sahib, and prepare langar... some of it, is used to feed homeless or needy ..

  • Upload09 Oct 2015

  • Duration07 Minutes

  • Download4MB

VIRSA 2015

Rooh PUnjabi Di is always on forefronts to imbibe our rich Virsa in our youth who are our future. Ranjit Khera ji tells us about its oncoming programs and other activities. Virsa 2015 will have more than 160 participants and approximately 24 teams of all ages i.e. from 4 yrs to no limit. Now they are intending to start seminars / talks on domestic violence, drugs issues etc.

  • Uploaded09 Oct 2015

  • Duration12 Minutes

  • Download6MB

Hira Singh ‘Rattan’ speaks to SBS about his love for Indian Classical Music

Hira Singh 'Rattan' is a famous Indian classical singer who has established himself as a Kirtaniya (reciting hymns in God's praise). On his first trip to Australia, he wants to promote the study and performance of the classical music of India in order to create stronger cultural ties between nations and their people. Here is Preetinder Grewal in conversation with Hira Singh who also sung multiple forms of Indian classical music…..


  • Uploaded09 Oct 2015

  • Duration24 Minutes

  • Download12MB

Sydney is now the most expensive place to rent a unit in Australia

Here is a news grab from last nights news bulletin (8th Oct). Renting a flat in Sydney will now set you back $510 a week, with the city becoming the costliest place to rent in Australia. Preetinder Grewal reports…


  • Uploaded09 Oct 2015

  • Duration01 Minute

  • Download1KB

Tax Talk - Remember to Lodge

In our monthly segment Tax Talk, an expert nominated by the Australian Taxation Office provides you with general tax information about tax matters, in Punjabi... Our expert in Mr Jagjit Singh, who is a Community Relations Officer with ATO, based in Sydney.

  • Uploaded08 Oct 2015

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB

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