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Asian Leadership Conference 2014

Asian Leadership Network Conference was held at Melbourne's immigration museum where almost 40 leaders from all walks of life shared their views. T..

  • Upload19 Sep 2014

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB

Rajvir Kaur Health updates - Amar Singh

Here is the interview with Amar Singh who tells us about young student Rajvir Kaur who had developed severe food poisoning after eating mushrooms bought from a supermarket store in Canberra. She has almost got her second birth by undergoing massive surgeries and organ transplants. Punjabi community has been a leader in taking care of this very young and not so well off student both financially and morally.

  • Uploaded19 Sep 2014

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB

Are migrants happy in Australia?

In this segment, SBS Punjabi Team member Preetinder Grewal talks about a recent AMES survey that has showed some statistics related to the migration trends in Australia. The survey tries to addresses the question if the new migrants are happy with their decision to move to Australia.

Give us your thought - what you think Is Australia a dreamland for you, and are you able to gain whatever you desired for?


  • Uploaded18 Sep 2014

  • Duration08 Minutes

  • Download4MB

Punjabi Virsa- Dhamaan

Our team correspondent Parminder S Tiwana presents this regular feature "Virse di baat", where he tells us all about Punjabi Virsa.

In this episode, he is telling us about "Dhamaan"- a ceremonial function at the birth of a new baby.

  • Uploaded17 Sep 2014

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Melbouren CBD can soon have Bike cabs/ Rickshaws

We have talked to Suraj varma, one of the team members behind the idea of Melbourne Bike cabs.

The team has lodged an application with Melbourne City Council to operate as many as a dozen of the pedal-powered machines.

It is hoped that the bike cabs will ease congestion and prove a drawcard for tourists. Suraj varma tells us more about the plan and the benefits from it.

  • Uploaded17 Sep 2014

  • Duration08 Minutes

  • Download4MB

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