• On the Sinhalese program, you can hear a full round-up of homeland and other international news followed by in-depth reports from our correspondents in Sri Lanka.

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Latest Episodes

“SBS Sinhalese Book Review of the Month” – “Apuru Charika 1&2” by author Vineetha Wijerathna

SBS Sinhalese monthly literary discussion reviewed the Apuru Charika 1&2 - The book consists the information of buddhist historical places in Sri L..

  • Upload27 Jun 2017

  • Duration22 Minutes

  • Download11MB

Vinivida June discussion on proposed Aus Citizenship changes

Vinivida June 2017 discussion on proposed changes to Aussie Citizenship laws.

  • Uploaded27 Jun 2017

  • Duration18 Minutes

  • Download9MB

Weekly political highlights from SAri Lanka

Weekly Sri Lankan political highlights - The comprehensive wrap up of the highlighted political incidents in Sri Lanka…..

Senior Journalist - News and current affair, Mr: Manoj Udatiyawala reports from Sri Lanka


  • Uploaded26 Jun 2017

  • Duration32 Minutes

  • Download16MB

What are the common mistakes, which you are doing in your annual Tax Claim?

SBS Sinhalese discuss with Mr. Chanaka Gunawardhana, Professional Tax Accountant in Melbourne about the common mistakes, which tax payesr are doing in their annual tax claim.


  • Uploaded26 Jun 2017

  • Duration08 Minutes

  • Download4MB

ISIS has left the battle against getting Mosul back. Suspicion over ISIS Leader Abu Bakar is still alive or not

Head of AFP - Sri Lanka, journalist Mr Amal Jayasinghe joined SBS Sinhalese to talk about the significant issues happened around the world.


  • Uploaded23 Jun 2017

  • Duration17 Minutes

  • Download8MB

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