Lee Lee


Favourite Asian Pop Track – Um... how does one even choose? It's so hard to pick a favourite but right now, I'm currently loving “Dope” by BTS. 

Favourite Asian Pop Band – Why must you torture me with these questions?!?! SHINee but DB5K will always hold a special place in my heart.

Favourite Anime Character – L from Death Note. 

Favourite Asian Pop Star – Onew. He can bust out hardcore SHINee choreography like it's nothing and yet somehow always trips over his own feet just walking down the street. Such a dork but so talented. 

Favourite Dance Move – What I call "The Lucifer Spazz" - basically making your body shake as though you've been zapped. 

 Here's my attempt of looking like I just got electrocuted by SHINee feels.

Favourite Food – Ice Cream. Especially black sesame, green tea, coconut, chocolate, salted caramel, cookies and cream, pistachio and hazelnut. I scream, you scream, gimme gimme that ice cream. *fists pumps up in the air like Red Velvet*

Favourite Movie – Rush Hour. The first Jackie Chan movie I ever watched. Still makes me laugh. 

Favourite Guilty Pleasure – Binge marathons of Asian dramas. The real reason behind my panda eye bags.

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