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Eat Your Kimchi radio is live 7pm (AEST) every MONDAY. 

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SBS PopAsia is streaming live 24/7 on digital radio. Catch Eat Your Kimchi's radio show at 7pm (AEST) every Monday.

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Sat 10am New York


Sat 7am LA


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Sunday 6 pm

Sun 9am London


Sun 3pm Indonesia & Thailand

Sunday 9pm

Sun 12 noon London


Sun 6pm Indonesia & Thailand

Monday 4pm

Mon 7am London

Monday 10pm

Mon 7pm Indonesia & Thailand


Mon 1pm London

Tuesday 4am

Monday 7pm London

Tuesday midday




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Tuesday 27 Jan 2015

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 34.

Eat Your Kimchi come to you direct from Kobe in Japan!
EYK's Simon and Martina are venturing around the city of Kobe in Japan. Here's what they discover this week...- What are some of the cultural differences between Korea and Japan?- What's the exposure like for J-pop & K-pop artists eg. in...
Tuesday 20 Jan 2015

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 33.

It's been a controversial month already in K-pop for 2015, Simon & Martina explain...
What's been happening in the world of K-pop to kick off 2015? Controversy that's what! Here's what topics Simon & Martina delve into this week...- BTS are in Germany are ran into some trouble after fans noticed some photobook photos were in...
Thursday 8 Jan 2015

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 32.

Simon and Martina are back for their 1st show of 2015! What does this new year hold for them?
It's Simon and Martina's first show of the year! What's in store if you're born in 2015 - the year of the sheep? Here's what the Eat Your Kimchi crew discuss this week...Being born in the year of the sheep is considered undesirable in China ...
Tuesday 23 Dec 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 31.

It's Simon & Martina's LAST show of the year! NOOOOoooooo. Ahem. Get your final fix...
Simon and Martina bring you their last show of 2014 this week before they take a well earned break for 2014. Those guys are bizz-aaay. This week the guys discuss:Skrillex's new MV feat Diplo, GD & CL "Dirty Vibe"Simon & Martina do a song...
Tuesday 16 Dec 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 30.

This week Simon & Martina get serious, discussing Ladies Code's manager being sentenced and smoking in South Korea.
Simon and Martina are almost ready to break for Christmas BUT there is still so much to talk about and this week they discuss some of Korea's more serious issues...- Ladies Code's manager being sentenced- Will there be a change in the attitudes of...
Tuesday 9 Dec 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 29.

Simon & Martina break down all of the goss from the MAMAs (Mnet Asian Music Awards)
Everyone is talking MAMA Awards! Let Simon and Martina break down all of the latest news and gossip from the night, including:What is the “Asian style" award”?Why do K-pop groups come dressed in all of the same outfits – aren’t they allowed to be...
Wednesday 3 Dec 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 28.

Simon & Martina discuss the important issues this week - money and love in K-pop.
This week on Eat Your Kimchi radio Simon and Martina discuss some serious issues brought to light recently:G-Dragon & Taeyang's new release "Good Boy" and how an interviewer probed G-Dragon about his relationship. Taeyang had something...
Tuesday 25 Nov 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 27.

Find out the real difference between Korean Hip Hop guys vs American Hip Hip guys...
This week Simon and Martina get down and dirty with:- The real differences between Korean Hip-Hop guys vs American Hip Hop guys- What happebed to the highly anticipated Pikachu Parade?- & TECH NEWS: A South Korean telco is offering a new app...