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Sunday 24 Aug 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 13.

This week Simon and Martina weigh in on the 2nd generation of K-Pop bands and their future...
It's all about music this week as Simon and Martina delve into the controversial topic of 2nd generation K-pop bands:- What does the future have in store for artists like Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Wonder Girls, KARA, 2NE1 and BIGBANG?- Whose...
Sunday 10 Aug 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 12.

EXO-L is EXO's new official fan name. Simon and Martina take a look at some of the others & discuss Red Velvet's rough start.
There's been a lot happening in the world of k-pop this week and it's time for Simon & Martina to get in on all the goss. This week they talk about:EXO news: - EXO’s new fangroup name – EXO-L - “L” sign and its meaning in the West......

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 11.

Simon and Martina are back from Sweden! Hear about their recent adventures...
What's in this week's episode of Eat Your Kimchi radio...Simon and Martina went to Sweden for NARCON, an anime/manga conventionSimon cosplayed as Honey Senpai from Ouran High School Host ClubMeanwhile in Korea, amazing (comical) cosplay from...
Monday 4 Aug 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 10.

It's monsoon season in Korea... and it's always a verbal monsoon with Simon & Martina...
Simon and Martina are are fairing the monsoon weather in Korea to bring you this week's delights:- WARNING: Heavy rain will ruin your nice shoes.- Don’t trust your weather apps – Koreans seem to predict the unpredictable rain (psychic grandmothers...
Sunday 20 Jul 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 9.

This week, Simon & Martina talk about hanging in Hangang park and a new Korean hip hop rapping reality TV show!
Simon and Martina give us a really interesting insight into life in South Korea. They talk about:- Hangang Riverside Park, a parkland that runs all along the Han River great for picnics, biking, etc. They talk about Korean camping style and also...

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 8.

Simon and Martina talk about the shocking "toffee storm" the Korean football team received upon returning home.
Whaaaaaaat is happening this week in the world of Simon and Martina... - Normally the guys don't ratlle on too much about the specifics of comeback MVs, but this one was worth the air time. Oldschool kpop legends GOD from late '90s-early '00s...
Sunday 13 Jul 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 1.

Catch up on Simon and Martina's 1st ever radio show for PopAsia!
Eat Your Kimch radio is live every Friday at 7pm (AEST). Catch up on the 1st ever episode right now... Topics include: - EXO's Kris and SM Entertainment contracts  - Would you recognise a kpop star on the street if you saw one?  -...
Sunday 6 Jul 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 7.

Simon and Martina are back for episode 7. of Eat Your Kimchi radio, this episode being “The Bomb Show”… so many news bombs!"The Bomb Show" features:The Inkbomb tattoo convention Simon & Martina were supposed to attend was shut down by police....