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Wednesday 15 Oct 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 21.

Simon and Martina are in Sweden! Find out what the cultural differences are between Stockholm and Seoul... interesting stuff.
Simon and Martina are on tour around Europe! Those lucky guys are recording from Stockholm, in Sweden and getting a “reverse culture shock” in the process.Stockholm is a much quieter city compared to Seoul – noise pollutionThere’s less apparent...

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 20.

It's only been one of the biggest week's in K-pop news with Girls' Generation's Jessica leaving the group - of course Simon & Martina are going to weigh in on it!
BIG NEWS! Girls' Generation's Jessica has left the building! And the group.You can catch up on that full story right here, but otherwise Simon & Martina guide you through some of the reactions of Koreans on the home front.  They also...
Tuesday 7 Oct 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 19.

From international YouTube festivals to the front line of the South Korean snack price war, Simon & Martina have got you covered.
Simon & Martina have had yet another busy week... YouTube Fan Fest was held recently in Korea recently which gave Simon & Martina the chance to meet a whole bunch of fans as well as fellow local and international YouTubers. They...
Sunday 28 Sep 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 18.

Seoul is finally cooling down, but some new trends are just heating up in South Korea. Simon & Martina let you in on them.
Simon and Martina talk couple clothing trends in Korea this week as the Seoul summer finally comes to an end.  Couples dressing the same – same shirts/pants, even matching accessories/bags/hats - it's out of control!Friends matching clothes...
Sunday 21 Sep 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 17.

The guys talk about a K-drama they've recently got into and how it compares to real life in South Korea...
This week, Simon and Martina are still recovering from excess deliscious food consumption over the Chuseok holiday. Soo Zee's mum made some special treats for them. But what else has been going down..?Simon & Martina have just started to get...
Sunday 14 Sep 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 16.

Find out what Chuseok holiday means to Koreans... and the yummy food involved.
What have those two Canadian critters Simon & Martina been up to this week? They've dipped their toes (and beards) in at a few Korean water parks of late, and boy do they have different rules! The guys talk about how different it must be...
Monday 1 Sep 2014

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 15.

Simon and Martina went on a South Korean road trip this week! Find out what they got up to...
It's road trip time!!! What did Simon and Martina discover on their South Korean journey...You'll have to listen to find out... they did aquire some interesting injuries in their travels though.  - What about trends emerging among idols...

Eat Your Kimchi radio - Episode 14.

Simon and Martina head to the SM Town concert! Want to know what EXO were like?
What to know what it's like to go to an SM Town concert? Simon and Martina take you on the full journey this week...Did you know there are special queues for members of official fan clubs? Cool huh!Here's what went down:All current SM groups...