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Monday 23 Nov 2015
Eat Your Kimchi talks about CL's latest song.
It's the song everyone's talking about. Eat Your Kimchi duo talks about CL's new song.The duo breaks down the music video too.Plus, the duo talks about EXID's manager working without pay -- is that what is expected in the industry?What is the...
Monday 16 Nov 2015
The duo hit up Tokyo & the IU controversy.
The guys are in Tokyo for a YouTube event. Good times! The guys sympathise with Korean high school students taking the most important test of their student lives.They explain the superstition and traditions that go on during this week...
Monday 9 Nov 2015
Eat Your Kimchi were in Taiwan!
It's a good week when you are in Taiwan, trying all the delectable dishes that Taiwan has to offer. Simon & Martina admit they weren't expecting it to be THAT good! So what can you expect to eat in Taiwan?The duo delves into the...
Monday 2 Nov 2015
This week the duo dissects the cultural stigmas that's affecting the young people of South Korea.
It seems like Seoul is stepping it up with a  new slogan: “I. Seoul. You”The problem?No one likes it. Foreigners and locals alike have been making fun of it – what does “Seoul” mean as a verb?A runner up slogan “Seoul Mate” could have...
Monday 26 Oct 2015
What's it like being sick in Korea? Will TWICE be as big as Miss A? Find out!
With the turning of leaves, it's yellow dust season in Korea. Poor Simon & Martina have been feeling the dust.In case you wanted to know, the duo offers you some advice on what to do when sick in South Korea.- Ever heard of a "magic needle"...
Monday 19 Oct 2015
Eat Your Kimchi serves you the latest in K-pop and K-drama.
First things first, Simon and Martina offer their 2 cents on BIGBANG's arrival in to Sydney. Who was wearing their PJs? And what's this about someone from the band showing off their butt to fans? hmmmm..Then they move on to other topics:- ...
Monday 12 Oct 2015
Eat Your Kimchi are back in Seoul and discuss the latest controversies in K-pop.
The guys are finally back from Japan. But wait, they have stories.They found a BIGBANG café in Osaka. Just what goes on at a BIGBANG cafe?  Maybe some D-lite?  Tune in.On the topic of BIGBANG, what's with T.O.P interacting with...
What happens when the Eat Your Kimchi duo travel to Japan? A whole lot of kawaiiiiiii
Coming live from Osaka, Simon and Martina talk about K-pop, J-pop and all things Kawaiiiiii!The duo recenlty discovered BABYMETAL and love them!News has travlled far and wide about BTS's disastrous North American Tour. What do the pair...