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Monday 29 Aug 2016
From Korean Liberation Day controversies to upset YG fans, there's a lot to talk about this week!
So what has got netizens upset in the past week or so?Girls' Generation's Tiffany posted up a Japanese flag on Korean Liberation Day - and it sparked a major uproar from Korean fans!Poor Tiffany copped a heap of backlash and...
This week, Eat Your Kimchi brave Japan's terrible weather and offer up their thoughts on CL's new single "Lifted"!
It's all about CL (and a bit on the weather) this week!A massive typhoon has hit Japan! (Scary...)CL's new single "Lifted" is here - and the duo don't like it!The "Lifted" MV is pretty bad - A bit misguided? Too hard to be cool?Martina...
Monday 22 Aug 2016
Since the Olympics are on, Eat Your Kimchi talk about some of the more interesting stories that have come out of the world's biggest sporting event!
It's Olympic time!Since the Obon Festival is on, Tokyo is pretty quiet this week!The Olympics are on and there's lots of interesting things coming out of Rio!Everyone is in love with Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui - including...
Monday 15 Aug 2016
This week, Eat Your Kimchi talk Japan's most eligible bachelor employees, next-level onions, and zombie museums!
Reporting from Japan, Simon and Martina have a lot to talk about:Survey: The most eligible bachelor employees in Japan!The top 5/worst 5 companies a potential Japanese husband can work for - your place of employment gives off a big impression...
Tuesday 9 Aug 2016
Eat You Kimchi talk about renting companions, and the fine line between business acquaintances and friends!
The duo get deep about the nuances of friends and companionship in Japan and Korea.No friends in Japan? No worries, you can go hire one!Because of Japan's social and cultural structures, talking with another person is a lot more complicated than...
Tuesday 2 Aug 2016
This week, Eat Your Kimchi comment on Zico's tattoo controversy.
So what's got the netizens riled up?ZICO’s brother appeared on a show & mentioned that ZICO has a tattoo of his mother on his chest. Zico and his mum have become target for jokes!Produce 101’s producer controversy! : Producer quoted...
Monday 18 Jul 2016
Everyone's talking about Pokemon Go! So why wasn't it available in Japan & Korea initially?
Why didn't Japan & Korea get "Pokemon Go" when Australia did?How is the game changing lives so far?Where is the one location in Korea all the Pokemon Go players are flocking to?Why are people going to Japan over South Korea?Hit the audio tab...
Monday 11 Jul 2016
Eat Your Kimchi talk about THAT controversial restaurant that mixes nudity with noodles ><
Summer in Japan!What's biting the duo?Japanese naked restaurant controversy over strict rules for patrons!Japanese lingerie company illustrating importance of bra support! Animals are used as examples!Only in Japan: a crowd funding project to...