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Sunday 9pm

Sun 12 noon London


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Monday 4pm

Mon 7am London

Monday 10pm

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Mon 1pm London

Tuesday 4am

Monday 7pm London

Tuesday midday




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Tuesday 7 Jul 2015
It's fashion week (not officially) but Simon & Martina are talking nothing but fashion trends in South Korea this episode...
Eat Your Kimchi's Simon & Martina are on summer fashion alert this week!South Korea seems to be ahead of the fashion game right now – current Summer fashion trends that will probably go international soon... but have we seen them all before...
Tuesday 23 Jun 2015
Get Simon & Martina's thoughts on G-Dragon's comment on SHINee & EXO...
Simon and Martina are back home in Korea and ready to offer their opinions on the latest news. What do the guys think about:The G-dragon news room interview – BIGBANG vs EXO/SHINeeThe reporter sprung a question on GD during the interview...
Tuesday 16 Jun 2015
Simon & Martina are broadcasting from Bali this week... working on holiday!
This week Simon & Martina are broadcasting from Bali! Working on their holiday *fist bumps*They have limited electricity, but they've managed to eat a lot of street food AND discover some Indonesian pop music! Also in this week's episode:K-pop...
Tuesday 9 Jun 2015
Simon & Martina talk about living in Korea for seven years now + how the internet is monitored there... scary stuff.
Simon & Martina have been living in Korea for 7 YEARS as of this week!- They talk about all the food they now love and all the food they... still don't like. - A new app that is 'required' on phones for kids, it monitors key words and...
Tuesday 2 Jun 2015
PSY is going in to the coffee shop business and Summer is almost here!
Simon & Martina are back in Seoul! The couple have now been living in South Korea for seven years can you believe!See what they got up to this week...Summer is coming!Seoul continues to change – small and independent businesses being squeezed...
Monday 25 May 2015
Simon & Martina get 'outswagged' by Korean senior citizens.
Eat Your Kimchi's Simon & Martina are in Busan for this week's episode getting 'outswagged' by Korean senior citizens. Here's what they discuss... Busan - getting there is half the fun!Have you seen a K-Pop music video? You’ve seen Busan...
Friday 22 May 2015
Simon and Martina go to Jeju Island!
This week on EYK radio, Simon and Martina took a ferry to Jeju Island!They discuss: The EYK crew being mistaken for rap stars by highschool students!Jeju Island and how it differs from Seoul and other cities in South KoreaA new drama to watch...
Tuesday 12 May 2015
Simon and Martina take on the most controversial K-pop topics of last week...
This week on EYK radio, Simon and Martina take on the most controversial K-pop topics of the past week. They discussThe massive TMZ/EXID controversy - was this a case of racism?When K-pop stars make fun of other people’s accents.Their...