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Simon recaps on the biggest news of the year so far. There was Minzy, Luhan and Conan O'Brien! 


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Monday 25 Jul 2016
This week, Eat Your Kimchi comment on Zico's tattoo controversy.
So what's got the netizens riled up?ZICO’s brother appeared on a show & mentioned that ZICO has a tattoo of his mother on his chest. Zico and his mum have become target for jokes!Produce 101’s producer controversy! : Producer quoted...
Monday 18 Jul 2016
Everyone's talking about Pokemon Go! So why wasn't it available in Japan & Korea initially?
Why didn't Japan & Korea get "Pokemon Go" when Australia did?How is the game changing lives so far?Where is the one location in Korea all the Pokemon Go players are flocking to?Why are people going to Japan over South Korea?Hit the audio tab...
Monday 11 Jul 2016
Eat Your Kimchi talk about THAT controversial restaurant that mixes nudity with noodles ><
Summer in Japan!What's biting the duo?Japanese naked restaurant controversy over strict rules for patrons!Japanese lingerie company illustrating importance of bra support! Animals are used as examples!Only in Japan: a crowd funding project to...
Monday 4 Jul 2016
Eat Your Kimchi are back from Norway!
The duo is back in Japan!Why did they have to to go Korea? Late night eats in Korea! - drools- Going to YouTube events!Accidentally crashed a video film by Korean YouTuber Buzzbean & SNL Korea cast member Ahn Young-mi!EYK’s project...
Monday 27 Jun 2016
Eat Your Kimchi are in Norway for a cosplay convention!
The duo are in Norway for an anime/cosplay convention!Simon and Martina’s favourite cosplays from the conventionHosted a panel at the convention!Issue of personal space – Norwegians afraid of people sitting next to them in public transport, making...
Monday 20 Jun 2016
Eat Your Kimchi takes on Disneyland!
The duo spent their 9 year anniversary at Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea!So what went down at Disneyland?How to do Tokyo Disney Sea/Disney Land properly!Disney Sea looks better than Disney LandAmusement parks vs theme parks – thrill rides vs...
Wednesday 15 Jun 2016
Simon and Martina realised they are more Korean than they thought.
That moment when Eat Your Kimchi duo realised that they are Koreans now ><Visitng Koreatown in JapanMartina had to make ddeokbokki for a video they filmed with a Japanese YouTuberThe ‘perfect’ bibimbap does not exist!Eating naked and in...
Monday 6 Jun 2016
Chonny came by to visit Simon and Martina!
Chonny was in town!Eat Your Kimchi took Chonny to their favourite izakayaMartina is back from Canada – reverse culture shock!Driving around the quiet suburbs, hearing boring songs on the radio, making small talk with strangersHokkaido tourist...