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Simon recaps on the biggest news of the year so far. There was Minzy, Luhan and Conan O'Brien! 


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Tuesday 6 Dec 2016
From Final Fantasy 15 to tips on being cool in Japan, Simon and Martina cover quite a bit of ground on this week's Eat Your Kimchi!
What do Simon and Martina have to chat about this week on Eat Your Kimchi?Final Fantasy 15 is finally released - and Simon is excited!The duo visit a place called Spa Land!How to be cool in Japan - a heap of tips, all of which may (or...
Monday 5 Dec 2016
Simon and Martina are in Kyoto for this week's Eat Your Kimchi - so what do they think about the place?
What do Simon and Martina have to chat about this week on Eat Your Kimchi?This week the duo are in Kyoto!What's it like riding on the Bullet Train - Impressive, super punctual, and unique bento boxes depending on what city you're in!1st...
Monday 28 Nov 2016
From a discussion on the themes in K-pop to the elderly driving in Japan, Simon and Martina have a lot to talk about this week on Eat Your Kimchi!
What do Simon and Martina have to chat about this week on Eat Your Kimchi?One of Simon's favourite artists returns after 18 years - American hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest, who are renowned for having political and social themes in their...
Monday 21 Nov 2016
From the new "Ghost in the Shell" trailer to foodie adventures, it's been a big week for Simon and Martina!
So what do Simon and Martina think about the upcoming "Ghost in the Shell" movie?Attended the "Ghost in the Shell" event trailer release party in Tokyo!Lots of "Ghost in the Shell" talk, including why the trailer is cool, explanations of the...
Monday 14 Nov 2016
It's Christmas time in Japan and the Eat Your Kimchi duo have some big stories for us this week!
As we inch closer to the holidays, what stories do Simon and Martina have for us this week?Christmas time in Japan - Traditional holidays celebrated differently in various parts across the world!BEAST may not be called BEAST again - The...
Monday 7 Nov 2016
Simon and Martina talk Japanese Kappas and onsens before diving into the weirder stories of the week, such as the Tawawa Challenge and getting stuck in elevators!
What wonderful and weird stories do Simon and Martina have for us this week?Halloween means talk of the Kappa - a scary monster in Japanese folklore who are as mischievious as they are horrible!For those who need it, official guides...
Monday 24 Oct 2016
From going on a rural Japan train adventure to visiting a traditional Edo town and getting swept up in the Final Fantasy craze, Simon & Martina have had a busy week!
So what have Simon and Martina been up to this week in Japan?Big rural Japan train adventure - train culture is quite a big thing in Japan!Simon talks about the "greatest train station in the history of train stations" - station master is a...
Monday 17 Oct 2016
Simon & Martina are back from Hawaii - so what did they get up to over there?
What Hawaiian shenanigians did Simon and Martina get up to?Back from Hawaii - not as relaxing as expected!Always got Korean taxi drivers in Hawaii (for some reason) - mixed bag of personalities!Lots of Hawaiian food - Asian cuisine...