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Tuesday 17 May 2016
Welcome to Japan where there are stores selling.....sticks.. Only $
What has Simon & Martina been up to?Checking out shops that sell sticks >< And that's just the beginning!Plus there is cat group that covers SHINee songs !Plus, you won't believe what is banned in China! Hit the audio tab above ^ to...
Tuesday 10 May 2016
Why are people not watching K-dramas?
Why has Martina stopped watching K-dramas? Has she changed or have the dramas just gone down in quality?2015 + 2016 = worst ratings for Korean dramasBut then there was DOTS!!!  – Descendants of the Sun. Why was this drama SO MUCH BETTER than...
Monday 2 May 2016
EYK were back in Seoul for the weekend!
Eat Your Kimchi duo were in Korea for the weekend. What was it like being a tourist in a place they used to call home?!Plus, whys is "Produce 101" and "Unpretty Rapstar" getting so much hate?! XD You know it's an issue when the Free Trade...
Monday 18 Apr 2016
Spring is coming to an end!! And unfortunately tour buses are not helping ><
With cherry blossoms come.... Chinese tourists! In Japan, tourists are making news for some rowdy behaviours! at Osaka castle climbing the trees, hanging off branches, kicking the trees to make petals fall.Should there be a Chinese tourist...
Monday 11 Apr 2016
Eat Your Kimchi talks Conan O'Brien
You know who's bigger than Eat Your Kimchi? Conan O'Brien! And he was in Seoul!Conan and JYP collaborated on a song! So who brought the bigger laughs?! The video is so great! There were Wonder Girls, Steven Yeon and Twice too! Oh...
Tuesday 5 Apr 2016
From where to go see cherry blossoms to an island 5 hours away from Tokyo, Eat Your Kimchi travels far and wide!
In the latest episode, the duo are enjoying all that Japan has to offer in the spring time!Local park: one of the go-to spots for cherry blossom sight-seeing. Why would you go anywhere else?April Fools' Day fails. Simon teaches us how...
Monday 28 Mar 2016
Simon and Martina talk farts and money.
Who's been farting on TV? Who's coming back? Eat Your Kimchi tells all!Real Men Female Special – After School’s Nana repeatedly ________ on the showNetizens criticising her saying she’s trying to shed her ‘pretty/flirty’ imageSu-Ju-M Henry was...
Monday 21 Mar 2016
The war is on in the streets of Myeongdong, between the food vendors!
Never a dull moment with these two. The duo serves you the latest on:The war of the street food vendors! Myeongdong street food warsRestaurant owners claiming that street food vendors are taking away businessStreet food vendors doing their...