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Simon recaps on the biggest news of the year so far. There was Minzy, Luhan and Conan O'Brien! 


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Monday 27 Jun 2016
Eat Your Kimchi are in Norway for a cosplay convention!
The duo are in Norway for an anime/cosplay convention!Simon and Martina’s favourite cosplays from the conventionHosted a panel at the convention!Issue of personal space – Norwegians afraid of people sitting next to them in public transport, making...
Monday 20 Jun 2016
Eat Your Kimchi takes on Disneyland!
The duo spent their 9 year anniversary at Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea!So what went down at Disneyland?How to do Tokyo Disney Sea/Disney Land properly!Disney Sea looks better than Disney LandAmusement parks vs theme parks – thrill rides vs...
Wednesday 15 Jun 2016
Simon and Martina realised they are more Korean than they thought.
That moment when Eat Your Kimchi duo realised that they are Koreans now ><Visitng Koreatown in JapanMartina had to make ddeokbokki for a video they filmed with a Japanese YouTuberThe ‘perfect’ bibimbap does not exist!Eating naked and in...
Monday 6 Jun 2016
Chonny came by to visit Simon and Martina!
Chonny was in town!Eat Your Kimchi took Chonny to their favourite izakayaMartina is back from Canada – reverse culture shock!Driving around the quiet suburbs, hearing boring songs on the radio, making small talk with strangersHokkaido tourist...
Monday 30 May 2016
Simon recaps on everything that made year 2016 great!
Flying solo, Simon recaps the biggest K-pop news of the year!Minzy leaving 2NE1Simon and Martina had their suspicionsConan O’Brien in Korea – JYP collaborationBest songs from this year so far? BgA debutBABYMETAL huge success internationally...
Tuesday 17 May 2016
Welcome to Japan where there are stores selling.....sticks.. Only $
What has Simon & Martina been up to?Checking out shops that sell sticks >< And that's just the beginning!Plus there is cat group that covers SHINee songs !Plus, you won't believe what is banned in China! Hit the audio tab above ^ to...
Tuesday 10 May 2016
Why are people not watching K-dramas?
Why has Martina stopped watching K-dramas? Has she changed or have the dramas just gone down in quality?2015 + 2016 = worst ratings for Korean dramasBut then there was DOTS!!!  – Descendants of the Sun. Why was this drama SO MUCH BETTER than...
Monday 2 May 2016
EYK were back in Seoul for the weekend!
Eat Your Kimchi duo were in Korea for the weekend. What was it like being a tourist in a place they used to call home?!Plus, whys is "Produce 101" and "Unpretty Rapstar" getting so much hate?! XD You know it's an issue when the Free Trade...