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As Australia gears up for Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine next month, Australia's entry wants to use his time on the world stage as a platform to inspire Indigenous...
The Eurovision Song Contest will not be shown on Russian television after Ukraine banned Russia's singer from entering the country to perform.
It is the big show before the BIG show.
Cast your minds back to the year 2006. Hari Mata Hari had been selected to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest in Greece, with the song ...
Commenting on Ukraine's recent controversial ban on SBS Russia's 2017 entrant, spokesperson for Eurovision's broadcaster in Kyiv, tells SBS Russian, "We still...
Ukraine on Saturday hit back at 'unprecedented and unacceptable' calls from the Eurovision Song Contest's organisers for it to lift an entry ban on Russia's...
Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey are the new Australian hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Isaiah Firebrace

The artist representing Australia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Here are the performers who shaped our Eurovision hero.
In the lead-up to Eurovision, have a listen to the songs he’s nailed.
Isaiah has the right credentials for modern day Eurovision contestants - he won a reality TV talent show.
The singer will represent Australia, performing his song Don’t Come Easy.

Music and Culture

The colourful culture and the politics that surround the Eurovision Song Contest.

Isaiah Firebrace is proving to be a real contender this year. He's the latest Australian to make a serious mark on the Eurovision Song Contest.
Sarah Ward caught the Eurovision bug during a work trip to Germany, where she found herself engulfed by the pop music of the 80s and 90s. Finally, she understood...
Winning Eurovision is a huge thrill and privilege for any artist, but how many of the acts that win endure beyond the big night?
Not everyone can be a winner – but these Eurovision Song Contest entrants deserved to be.
Catch up with some former contestants whose lives have gone in unexpected directions.
Eurovision is known just as much for its fashion as it is the music. We invited stylist Gemma Williams to break down the fashion of some of the more memorable...
Some Eurovision contestants just can't stay away from the competition.

Eurovision Politics

The fiery politics of Eurovision are often just as compelling as the music itself.

Who votes for who and why...
Why did Gigliola Cinquetti find herself banned in 1974?
While the music is a blast, the real tension in Eurovision is the voting.
At Eurovision, the voting may be fierce, but the relationships between the artists are usually loving and supportive. Regular Eurovision attendee Blair Martin...
Eurovision watchers know that there is just as much tension behind the scenes, in the build-up to the event, as there is on stage.

Artist Spotlight

So many Eurovision artists have a great story to be told. 

'In Too Deep' by Tijana Bogicevic is a modern song, full of energy, something different and unexpected from Serbia.
'The Voice' winner is representing Denmark - and is a good bet to receive Australia's highest score.
The handsome Israel entrant has a song that will set him apart from the ballads dominating Eurovision this year - Can IMRI win over the Eurovision judges?
Slovenia's artist with a punk rock style has been dismissive of Eurovision in the past, but is giving it his all as he competes for the second time at the song...