Undressed stories

Unbutton, make yourself comfortable, and get to know Undressed.

How did getting it on come to seem like a chore, asks middle-aged dad, Ian Rose. Is testosterone to blame, or is it all in the mind?
Faced with watching performers date on screen, Ben Pobjie is reminded that he doesn't have skills that could be shown off on a date.
Are you willing to take part in this social experiment to find your match? We are casting for Series 2 of this matchmaking experiment which will pair you with a...
Culture writer Ben Pobje is a modern gentleman who tries to keep an appropriate gaze. But even he's not entirely sure how he'd handle the confronting nature of...
The first four episodes of the new SBS reality dating show Undressed are streaming now on SBS On Demand.
Could 'circular dating', dating at least three people at the same time, really help you find true love with one person?

A shared Australian identity

A shared Australian identity

Join SBS and NITV as we explore Australia's rich Indigenous history, cultures and achievement together.