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Vikings returns with another series of battles and betrayals. Starring Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Alexander Ludwig and Alyssa Sutherland.

Vikings Season 4

With Ragnar's fate uncertain at the close of season 3, Vikings returns to see the insatiable king seek vengeance on those that have betrayed him. Who stands to feel his wrath?

Before you embark on an epic voyage into the new season, refresh yourself with a cup of mead and these updates
Catch up on Vikings season 4 as it begins its midseason hiatus – then watch a bunch of other fantastic stuff.
Here’s a checklist to tick off when the second half of this split-season airs.
They both feature plenty of brutal violence, bad behaviour, broad-ranging kingdoms and political mischief backed by blades – but how do TV’s best sword’n’board...
Don’t wear your monocle while you’re watching “Portage” (unless you have monocle insurance).

"You don't become a legend without a fight"

Interviews, recaps and more...

Creator and writer of Vikings Michael Hirst talks about Ragnar's existential struggle in season four, going toe-to-toe with a Swedish professor at Harvard over...
Whether you’re already a fan or you want to be one, here’s a crash course in Vikings…
The first three series of Vikings have functioned as a massively awesome trilogy – the rise of lateral-minded Ragnar from jarl-spurning raider to actual King of...
A slave, a king and a guy with a serious face tattoo – you’re going to want to keep an eye on these characters…
Bring your bib, because this is going to get messy.
The new season premieres with a double episode on Wednesday 24 February at 8.30pm on SBS.

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