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Director of Sales - Andrew Cook

National Agency Sales Manager - Adam Sadler

National Brand Partnerships Manager - Jane Palfreyman

National Digital Sales Manager - Hayley Cameron

National Manager, Radio Sales and LOTE media - Julie Newton-Werro

National Manager, SBS In Language - Michael Smith

National Business Manager - Martin Jones


State Manager - Matt Stephens
NSW Contact - 02 9430 3490
State Manager - Sam Spark
VIC Contact - 03 9949 2248
State Manager - Nick Beloff
QLD Contact - 07 3844 0207
State Manager - Barney Habel
SA Contact - 08 8332 3029
State Manager - Marnie Glasson
WA Contact - 08 9220 2907
SBS In Language
NSW Contact - 1300 305 727
VIC Contact - 1300 859 727
SBS, 14 Herbert Street, Artarmon, NSW, 2064
SBS, Level 2, Alfred Deakin Building, Federation Square, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Who we are

SBS Media is the team responsible for advertising sales at SBS. The team is comprised of Agency Sales, Direct Sales, Brand Partnerships, Sales Operations and In Language Sales. The team maximise advertising opportunities for clients through our TV, online, radio, mobile, magazine and In language services. Working closely with clients; tailored advertising solutions are created across these platforms for campaigns whether the budget is large or small.

Why Advertise with SBS

Advertising with SBS opens up brands and clients to the unique and high value audience SBS has to offer. Our audience is hard to reach on other networks and is diverse. SBS Media’s tagline is diversity works as the diversity of our audience, content and platforms allows clients to connect with people hard to find on other networks.

Find out more on Diversity Works –

Our Teams

Agency Sales

Agency Sales work closely with top agencies to bring the benefits of SBS to them. Ensuring a smooth process in executing campaigns whether small or large across one or all of SBS’s platforms. Access to all SBS has to offer is provided by having to deal with just one representative from the SBS Media Agency Sales team.

Brand Partnerships

The SBS Brand Partnerships team work on cross platform integrated campaigns for SBS Media clients. The team develops and delivers integrated ideas and strategies connecting brands with the unique SBS environment and audience across SBS Media’s various touchpoints – TV, online, print, magazine, radio and mobile.

Direct Sales

The Direct Sales team caters to the needs of clients from many different industries from small to medium enterprises. From enterprises looking at advertising locally or state based businesses to large corporations and public listed companies advertising nationally. In 2012 the Direct Sales team engaged with over 220 clients who booked advertising with SBS & 15 local advertising agencies who booked advertising on behalf of their client. Many of our radio clients are small business operators who are targeting specific communities with their products & service. Our TV & Online advertisers frequently favour the diverse & engaging programming & content for which SBS is known.

In language

SBS In Language connects clients with SBS’ unique multicultural expertise; SBS In Language offers one of Australia’s most professional and comprehensive translation facilities. Our team is dedicated to accuracy, efficiency and authenticity. Each member of the team has built upon many years of experience with languages and interpreting the needs of clients. Services include production of print, audio and video content in over 70 languages. Our team of specialist producers are located in Sydney and Melbourne and work with over 250 language contractors to deliver projects to government, corporate and agency clients, as well as internal SBS departments. We are responsible for managing over 1000 projects per year ranging from translations for brochures through to full TVC production services.


SBS has a network of websites, mobile applications and platforms that showcase our great content. SBS audiences can choose to watch our programs on 21 different platforms from smart TV’s to gaming consoles and set top boxes. SBS reaches a unique audience of over 1.5m people each month and our apps have been downloaded over 2.8m times.

Advertisers can place video or display media onto our sites or sponsor a variety of programs, content or newsletters across our key verticals of Food, Movies, News, Documentary, Football and Cycling.

SBS are now delivering over 8m monthly video views.




Advertise on SBS Radio

This year SBS celebrates 40 years of Radio. From humble beginnings and broadcasting in a handful of languages to help promote Australia's new health care system Medi-Bank, SBS Radio has grown up with multicultural Australia and is now the world’s most linguistically diverse broadcaster, a bridge linking to the 4 million Australians who speak another language.

SBS Radio is known for its award winning content; broadcasting thought provoking bespoke content, entertainment, impartial news and information all produced from a uniquely Australian perspective.

More people than ever in Australia speak a language other than English at home, increasing by 40% since 2001. Australia’s LOTE community now makes up over 23.3%** of the Australian Population.

Advertising on SBS can connect your business and Brand with our valuable listeners. SBS broadcasts programmes in over 70 languages, from Australia’s largest growing languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Punjabi, Vietnamese and Korean to unique High needs and emerging languages such as Pashto, Malayalam, Tigrynia and Hmong. SBS Also broadcasts 4 music stations targeting Australia’s Youth audience, Pop Asia, Pop Araby, Pop Desi and SBS Chill.

Your radio advertising campaign can be targeted to specific Metropolitan markets as well as nationally and we can assist with all aspects of producing “In Language” radio commercials.

To find out more about promoting your business to our highly engaged audience email us on; or contact one of the below.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics 2001-2011 Census of population and housing
**As above

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