French Film Season



Saturday 2200

In July and August 2010 SBS is running a 5 week French Film Season featuring some of the most entertaining and successful French films in recent years.

The line up includes the Edith Pilaf biopic 'La Vie en Rose' which won lead actress Marion Cotillard an Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe.

Other films in the line up include the Oscar nominated 'A Very Long Engagement', the Audrey Tautou comedy Priceless, Sophie Marceau thriller 'Anthony Zimmer' and a fictional look at famour playwright Moliere.

SBS Saturday nights continue to deliver audiences with its strong entertainment line up including Iron Chef, RocKwiz and film. There is a strong audience flow between all of the programs in the line up setting up the French Film Season to achieve audience success.

The recent  Summer Blockbuster Movie season grew audiences up 15% in summer with audiences tuning in weekly for a new movie.

Program Highlights

Modern Masters

A strong line up of films from internationally acclaimed directors

Call To Action

Kung Fu Season

Exciting line up of films featuring films stars including Jackie Chan and Jet Li

Red Riding Trilogy

Engaging series based on the novels by David Pearce

TV Ratings

Time Show Met. Reg.

Sunday, 26 June 2011, Ppl 25-54

18:00 Thalassa Rpt 22K 19K
18:30 World News Australia 73K 31K
19:30 Who Do You Think You Are? 119K 59K
20:30 Dateline 57K 39K
21:30 How Long Is A Piece Of String? 68K 30K
22:30 The Moving Earth Rpt 22K 21K
23:30 The Wedding Day Rpt 5K 9K
23:30 Fifa Women's World Cup 2011 Live 0 3K

Sunday, 19 June 2011, Ppl 25-54

18:00 Thalassa Rpt 22K 25K
18:30 World News Australia 66K 42K
19:30 Who Do You Think You Are? 123K 56K
20:30 Dateline 62K 38K
21:35 Nuclear Meltdown 91K 29K
22:30 The Price To Pay 50K 11K

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