As Australia’s National in-language broadcaster with more than 35 years of experience, SBS Radio enjoys a unique position of trust with culturally & linguistically diverse(CALD) communities.

Throughout Australia the CALD communities represent over 3 million people.
SBS Radio is one of their lifeline brands, representing a treasured part of their media consumption.

Broadcasting in 68 languages, SBS is the world’s most linguistically diverse radio network and this diversity allows SBS radio to reach up to one million CALD listeners each and every week.

What’s more, SBS broadcasters are respected individuals within their own CALD communities offering tangible and credible connections to home by providing relevant and topical programming including homeland news, local news in-language, music, sport and vital information.

Without doubt this represents a huge opportunity to harness a unique market and its spending power.

The true scope of this opportunity however lies in neither its size nor its spending power.  It is in fact that the CALD market is both under-serviced and under-targeted by English-Language media who, because of language barriers and cultural differences, cannot effectively engage these communities.

A Simple Solution

The SBS radio signal reaches 88% of the CALD Communities Australia-wide.  This makes SBS Radio the single most effective media for CALD audiences in this country.  As a network, SBS radio offers a full inventory of radio options including spots, sponsorships, live-reads, competitions and outside broadcasts allowing sponsors and advertisers to build campaigns that effectively activate these communities.

SBS Radio also makes multicultural campaigns easy to plan and book.

Advertising campaigns can be targeted to specific “In-language” programmes and spots can be bought by language, by city (Sydney and or Melbourne) or nationally.

SBS can effectively activate clients’ campaigns with true in-language integration

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