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    SBS Shop - Prisoners of War (DVD / Digital Download)

    ... Special Offers; Newsletter; FAQ. Prisoners of War (DVD / Digital Download). Director: Gideon Raff (iTunes, Apple, Google, Play, Android). ...
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    SBS Shop - Prisoners of War, Series 2 (DVD / Digital ...

    ... Prisoners of War, Series 2 (DVD / Digital Download). ... Read More. Prisoners of War, Series 2 DVD, Product details: DVD. Product Type: Drama Series. ...
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    SBS Shop - Long March to Freedom, The (DVD / iTunes ...

    ... Get it on Google Play In the final brutal winter of WWII, 100,000 Allied Prisoners of War are force-marched away from liberating Russian forces. ...
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    SBS Shop - Taxi to the Dark Side

    ... Donald Rumsfeld, together with the White House legal team, were able to convince Congress to approve the use of torture against prisoners of war. ...
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    Secret Australian WWII interrogation cells for sale | SBS News

    ... Tweet. Japanese and German prisoners-of-war were questioned and enemy documents decoded at the once top-secret defence department site in ...
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    More controversy for Trump's campaign | SBS News

    ... Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has dismissed the military credentials of US Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war. ...
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    Bloodlines (Part 2) | SBS News

    ... the things my father did believe was that facing up to his fourth winter as a prisoner of war in Japan, that he and none of the other prisoners he was ...
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    Tom Uren, the fighter who loved | SBS News

    ... Tom Uren was a fighter - in the boxing ring, the prisoner of war camp and as a long-term advocate of socialism and peace. ... Prisoner of war. ...
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    Serbian war crime accused extradited | SBS News

    ... It is alleged he ordered the killing of prisoners of war and led an assault on a village where civilians were killed during the 1990s Balkan war. ...
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    World News Update, What you need to know | SBS News

    ... A defiant Donald Trump has refused to apologise for dismissing the military record of Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war. ...
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