Greatest Race, The

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In celebration of 100 years of the Tour de France's infamous mountain section comes this epic photographic collection, a tribute to cycling’s greatest race. Learn More

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The Tour de France has it all: extremes of ego, temperature and terrain; grazes, bruises and streaks; wrecks, wheels and winding paths. In celebration of one hundred years of the Tour’s infamous mountain section, comes the ultimate tribute to cycling’s greatest race.

World-renowned sports photographer Mike Powell has spent twenty-five years photographing the greatest sports contests around the globe, and has now devoted two years to creating the most epic photographic celebration of the Tour de France ever published: vibrant, compelling and gritty images of the competitors, support crew and spectators beautifully juxtaposed against the breathtaking settings of the Pyrenees, the Alps and the French countryside.

Accompanying Powell’s extraordinary images is a foreword by leading cycling commentator Phil Liggett and a text by bestselling author Lewis Blackwell, illuminating the fascinating history, passions and spirit of the tour.

The Greatest Race
is an epic and stunning tribute to what is indeed ‘the greatest race’.

Barcode: 9781742703534

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