Day in the World, A

Beautiful and captivating images show one day of life on Earth in a unique and visually spellbinding record of our time. The largest single-day photographic documentation of humankind to date. Learn More

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  • 1st November 2012
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A Day in the World is an amazing journey around our planet. It is the culmination of, the largest single-day photographic documentation of humankind that has ever taken place.

Photographers in every corner of the world – professionals and amateurs alike – have used the power of the photograph to share their everyday lives. Almost a hundred thousand pictures from more than 160 countries were submitted and the thousand best have been selected for this book by an international panel of experienced photo editors. The result is a magnificent tale of life on Earth in one day – a unique and visually spellbinding record of our time.

“An historical document but also a great narrative for the overwhelming diversity of life.”
- Richard Branson (from the Foreword)

“Every picture has added to my experience – my comprehension of life is suddenly richer.” - Desmond Tutu (from the Introduction)

Special Features:
    On 15 May 2012, created the most comprehensive photographic documentation of daily life made to date. During one single day, people in countries around the world picked up their cameras to picture their daily life. Hundreds of thousands of photographers took part and shared their perspectives.
Barcode: 9781742704494

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