Spice Kitchen (Cookbook)
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Ragini Dey

Delve into the decadent world of Spice Kitchen, a beautifully crafted collection of regionalrecipes from India. Learn More

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Spice Kitchen is filled with the flavours of India: from popular snacks and street foods to coastal delicacies and signature curries. These recipes celebrate the traditional and modern dishes that have made India the incredible food nation of today.

Create your own Indian feast by mixing and matching robust curries, delicate biryanis and nourishing dals with flavourful chutneys and salads, breads and pappadums, before moving on to India’s finest desserts – sweet enough to satisfy anyone.

Enter the fragrant world of Spice Kitchen and sample the diversity and flavour of regional Indian cuisine.

Ragini Dey was born in Mirzapur, Northern India. During her childhood her family travelled extensively through India, sampling regional cuisines and learning traditional recipes. After moving to Australia in the early 1980s, Ragini opened Spice Kitchen, a restaurant dedicated to the wonderful dishes and flavours she experienced in her homeland. Ragini regularly shares her passion for Indian food through community-based cooking classes and her unique recipes have been presented on television.

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28 Jan 2015 22:54 AEST
from: Hope valley

I love this book and my family and friends love it when I cook from this book . Thanks Ragini

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