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Can we save our planet? Focussing on four environmental hotspots Eco House Challenge sees two suburban, Australian families finding out what it really takes. Read More

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  • 18th July 2007
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What would you do if your energy and water supplies were turned off at the mains? How would you survive if your bins were locked, your vehicles clamped and, without warning, your family was forced to live for 24hours in an "eco shutdown"? On Eco House Challenge two suburban, Australian families are about to find out what it takes to help save the planet.

Over several weeks, while still living their normal lives, the families must radically reduce consumption in four eco hot-spots, Energy, Water, Transport and Waste - or face the consequences we all face.

The challenge starts with a bang. No energy, no water, no vehicles and no waste removal. After twenty-four hours one eco hotspot will be returned and a consumption level will be set based on what scientists say will help save the planet. Once that level is maintained another hotspot will be returned. The families will not get their lives back until they drastically reduce their consumption, have all the hotspots balanced and learn to live sustainably.

Episode 1: Stop Your Gassing!
Episode 2: Water Torture 
Episode 3: Emission Impossible
Episode 4: Driving Me Crazy
Episode 5: Waste Not Want Not
Episode 6: Final Countdown

Special Features:
  • A look at Eco Friendly products
  • Tanya's Tips
  • Shauna Shepherd's star signs come true
  • A little quiet time with Spike Edwards
Language: English
Barcode: 9322225059597

Product Reviews (2)

22 Aug 2011 17:03 AEST
from: VIC

I have had to watch this for school georgraphy and environmental issues, and I acctually quite enjoyed it. After finnishng the series in class I asked my mum to get it for the family and now we are living similar to the sheppards and edwards too! Not only have we become an eco friendly household , but we have also saved a lot of money on cutting down our bills! :-}

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04 Jun 2010 19:42 AEST
from: Tintinara SA

I have seen this movie and have found it to be very intresting becuse it shows you how much water and enery your household could be using. It also has lots of useful tips that can help you be more eco friendly too!

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