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The Killing is an innovative thriller from Danish Radio TV Drama, which tracks the consequences of a heinous crime as it unravels and impacts throughout Copenhagen. Read More

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The Killing, Series One, Volume 1 (Episodes 1-10)

As the police investigation unfolds the Danish capital opens up like a Chinese box, full of secrets and power struggles.

It all starts as the head of investigations in the police homicide department has her last day at work before embarking on a new chapter in her life. An all but normal family are going about their everyday life when the parents are suddenly thrown into their worst imaginable nightmare.

At the same time a top politician is involved in a ruthless but promising election campaign. They all become part of the same story as police follow the leads in a homicide case and their hunt for the perpetrator. In the course of 20 intense days in November their lives change forever.

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13 Feb 2013 20:31 AEST
peter montgomery
from: St.kilda

Fantastic series from start to finish. My wife and I were hooked and watched one maybe two episodes per night. The acting, script, story and directing was first class. Highly recommend.

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17 Mar 2012 8:39 AEST
Karin P
from: Sydney

"The Killing" (original danish version) is sophisticated drama which is driven by a crime, but is a layering of stories about people. Frustrated by the usual blood and gore - I nearly didn't make it past the opening sequence. Very glad I kept going. Forbrydelsen, (meaning The Crime) is marketed in english as "The Killing" There is an American "copy" (OK they bought the rights) set in Seattle. Not the same, nowhere near as good. in fact I thought the end was a complete disappointment. The Americans can rarely manage the complexity of this quality drama. the simplistic good guy bad guy plots? Life is more complex than that. We live. we make misjudgements and mistakes about situations and about people. But each to their own. Forbrydelsen, - is a welcome change Great to see people dealing with situations that make me reflect. Entertainment which offers insights into life. This series wins because every aspect is the best of TV drama - subtle things such as clothing, locations, and a brilliant score which you don't really notice but builds atmosphere. And of course the script, direction, lighting, locations and such a great line up of actors. Congratulations Danish TV for a rewarding 20 hours of TV and to SBS for subtitling it. but i too share the frustration about the decision to package this into two DVD sets which gave the impression there were two different series. 20 hours of TV. Money well spent. am watching it again and will lend it over and over. For fans - there is a series two screening in Denmark now and a series three which will screen in Denmark later this year.

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16 Jan 2012 11:46 AEST
from: Artarmon

Hi Barry, don't worry you are only half way through the Series :) SBS has screened Series 1 of The Killing. This is available on DVD as follows: The Killing, Volume 1 (Episodes 1-10); The Killing, Volume 2 (Episodes 11-20); The Killing, Complete Series 1 Box Set (Volume 1 and Volume 2). Please use the green shop search bar above to find the products you need.

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27 Dec 2011 9:09 AEST
Barry Hugg
from: Stirling ACT

Loved the show, but a bit disappointed in the ending. I don't believe it... The show ended too abruptly for me. AND, i AM CONFUSED - what is this talk of Series 1 and Series 2. I thought I was watching Series 1, in fact the DVD set I purchased is labelled Volume 1 - it comprises three discs and ten episodes. Is there more? And if there is a Series 2, does it continue the same plot?

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03 Jul 2011 2:23 AEST
from: North Lambton

First 18 hours are great, The last two let it right down with an absolutely unsatisfactory ending. The author tries to be so clever and twisty that when you finally get to the end it doesn't make much sense and is foll of plot holes. Do not watch it, let alone buy it.

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28 Apr 2011 12:19 AEST
Paul Marshall
from: Nedlands WA

Quite simply the best crime thriller I have ever watched. The quality of the writing and the acting is outstanding. In particular the two actors who play the grieving parents have delivered a stunning oerformance. The depth of emotion, the complexity of character and the subtlety of their roles is amazing.

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26 Apr 2011 13:52 AEST
from: Mooroolbark

Thoroughly enjoyed "Lund" and "Meyer" solve this crime.

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23 Apr 2011 18:05 AEST
from: Mapleton

I don't own a TV, for TV entertainment, I selectively seek out DVDs to obtain only the best and none of the rest. I have to say, this is great TV. This is great crime TV (a genre I can ignore usually). Buy the DVD and enjoy its subtlety and difference time and again.

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12 Mar 2011 16:26 AEST
from: Adelaide

Best crime show I have seen in a decade....Hopefully SBS will buy rights to screen series 2 so we can enjoy Sarah Lund in action again

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31 Jan 2011 19:40 AEST
Michelle Read
from: Davidson

I bought the Vol 1 and 2 as a Christmas gift for my husband after catching a couple of early episodes on SBS. What can I add to the rave reviews already written here? Nothing. I am now looking for a DVD copy of Forbrydelser 1 (Crimes) which was made before "The Killing". Looking forward to Forbrydelsen III which I believe will be out in 2012! Sarah Lund is like a dog with a bone!

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